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Rizal National High School

Fourth Periodic Test

Research 7

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE.Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1.What component of research process describes the procedure to be done?

a. conceptual framework c.methodology
b. hypothesis d. research design
2.Part of a scientific investigatory project that briefly summarizes the study and serves as the show
window is the _____________.
a.abstract c.review of related literature
b.conclusion d.title
3.The first part of the research paper is the __________.
a.abstract c. related literature
b. methodology d.title page
4.It refers to intelligent guess based on observed facts.
a.abstract c.conceptual framework
b.hypothesis d.theoretical framework
5.What section in the research paper includes the coverage of the study, subjects, instruments and
a.theeoretical framework c.significance of the study
b.review of related literature d.scope and limitation
6.Part of research study that contains the references,books journals and other reading materials used in
the study?
a.appendix c.instrument
b.bibliography d.table of contents
7.It is an activity designed to provide answers to questions, even simple ones that relate to day-to-day
a.Study b.Research c.Framework d.Procedure
8.Which type of scientific research done mostly to test or prove a theory and it is also called as pure
a.Basic research b.Applied Research c.SIP d.Research and Development
9.What scientific research is conducted in a fully equipped laboratory,where artificial or controlled
conditions are created?
a.Laboratory research c.Field research
b.Library research d.Environmental research
10.What is the type of research that gives you the sense of continuity of past to the present?
a.case study c.experimental
b.descriptive d.historical
11. Gab performed his research study in a careful way and started his research study at the right in the
right place. What characteristic did Gab possess in doing his research study?
a.prudence c.intellectual honesty
b.healthy criticism d.intellectual creativity
12. Jose wants to find out how to make unique and original improvised vacuum cleaner. Jose possesses a
characteristic of being _________.
a. creative b.curious c.honest d.prudent
13. A group of students was tasked by their teacher to gather data on how effective is malunggay in
treating cough. They gathered their data in honest way to gather correct results. What characteristic of
researcher doo group of students possess?
a.intellectial creativity c.intellectual curiosity
b.intellectual creativity d.prudence
14. What do you call to the characteristic of research problem that is specifically and briefly stated?
a.attainable b.measurable c.specific d.realistic

Read the research situation and identify the dependent, independent, control and experimental
variables in the following study.
15-18. A researcher is studying the effect of sleep on aggression, thinking that less sleep will lead to
more aggression. She has some people sleep 6 hours per night and some people sleep as much as they
want. She then monitors aggressive behavior during basketball games among participants.

19-22. A researcher is curious to find out what effect classical music has on people’s level of relaxation
(as measured by heart rate). He suspects that listening to classical music will make people feel more
calm and relaxed. He lets one group listen to classical music for one hour. He lets another group sit in a
quiet room for one hour (i.e they hear no music). After one hour, he monitors the heart rate of each
participant to measure their level of relaxation.

23-26. An investigator thinks that a special juice will increase the productivity of workers. He creates
two groups of 50 workers each and assigns each group the same task (in this case, they're supposed to
staple a set of papers). Group A is given the special juice to drink while they work. Group B is not given
the special juice. After an hour, an investigator counts how many stacks of papers each group has made.
Group A made 1,587 stacks, Group B made 2,113 stacks.

Read the following paragraph. Then in the chart below, classify each of the underlined observations
into the appropriate column, either quantitative or qualitative. There are total of 12 observations.

A group of scientists were examining a rock from the planet Zarluke. They ran several tests on it and
made many observations. First of all, they saw that the rock was deep purple in color. The mass of the
rock was 17.24 grams. It was very hard. The rock was about 9 cm long. It was also had thirty-two tiny
pits in it. The texture of the rock was very rough. It also had a really bad odor. It was definitely
flammable because parts of it caught fire as one scientist accidentally placed the rock next to a heat
source. The rock had a volume of 152 cm3. Interestingly, the rock was always very hot. This Zarlukian
rock was strange.

Qualitative Observations Quantitative Observations

27. 35.
28. 36.
29. 37.
30. 38.
31. 39.
32. 40.
33. 41.
34. 42.
43-47. Look at the picture below and write 5 good observations about it.

48-50. You observe that someone is sweating, what could you infer from this observation?
Make 3 inferences from the situation below.

Good Luck!
“Success is not achieved overnight, rather through
hardship and perseverance”

Prepared by:
Ma’am Den