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agents THE
13 th
night's black agents
1. The Storm from Below5 Investigative Abilities20
The Erupting Storm 6 General Abilities 20
Through the Maelstrom 6 Cherries21
Riders on the Wind 6 Chases21
Flapping Thing 7 Combat 21
Aground!7 Health & Stability 21
2. The Unexplored Shore7 Cover, Network & Preparedness 21
The Missing Crew 7 Refreshes21
The Ship 7 Ability Quick Reference 21
Exploring the Island 7 Heat 22
Into the Woods 7 The Supernatural 22
3. The Treasure Hunter7
Kayls’s Tale 8
Splitting the Party 8 1. the marrakesh extraction 24
Removing the Curse 8 What’s Going On? 24
Fighting Kayls 8 Finding Olivia Liu 24
Kayls of the Debatable Luck 8 Getting Into the Hotel 24
Skeletal Minion 8 Hotel Room Fight 25
The Tower of the Golden Mask9 Searching the Room 25
Entering the Tower 9 The Chase 25
The Stairs 9 Ending the Chase 26
Level 1: Room of Eyes 9 The Special Operatives 26
Level 2: Temple Guardians 9 Debriefing Liu 26
Temple Guardian 10
Pile of Eyes 10
2. the gibraltar triangulation 27
Level 3: The Mask 10 3. the london connection 28
The Golden Mask 10 Making Contact 28
The Final Crew Member 10 It Is the Man Himself 28
The Ill-made Beast10 The Kill Team 28
Encountering the Beast 10
The Ill-made Beast 11
4. the romania exhumation 29
The Dungeon’s Enmity 11
The Excavation 30
Escaping the Beast 11
The Blood Is the Life 30
Escaping The Island11
The Ill-made Beast Lives!11
The Dungeon Rises! 11
Escaping the Dungeon 12 Morgan31
character sheets Burroughs33
Dark Elf Paladin 13 Ali34
Half-orc Rogue 14 Varoutte35
Human Fighter 15 Henley36
Dwarf Wizard 16
Human Commander 17
Halfling Sorcerer 18


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Lee Moyer, & Aaron McConnell

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13 th age - at land’s edge

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13th age - at land’s edge

This is an adventure for 13th Age, designed to introduce • +1 Inspiring Weapon: When you crit with a natural 20, any one
gamemasters and players to the improvised, player-driven, free- nearby ally may roll a save against an ongoing save ends effect.
rolling style of the game. You don’t need a copy of 13th Age to • Belt of Vitality: Increase your maximum number of recoveries
run this introductory adventure if you’re familiar with the rules by 1, and gain an extra +2 hit points worth of healing when
conventions of any of the recent generations of d20-based class- you use a recovery.
and-level fantasy games. You may also wish to check out the • Boots of Water Walking: +1 to disengage tests, and you can
Archmage Engine System Reference Document that the game’s walk on water.
based on—it’s available freely online at www.pelgranepress.com • Helm of Thunder: +1 MD, and you can magnify the volume of
under the Open Gaming License. your voice at will up to that of a giant.
“At Land’s Edge” is for 3rd level player characters. Pre- • Thief ’s Eye Ring: Close your eyes; you can now “see” through
generated characters are on pages 13–18—they’re missing some the ring on your finger, and can use it to spy around corners,
key features that the players can fill in at the start of play. peer into small objects, and so on.
The adventure casts the players as travelers onboard a ship • Potion of Healing: Use a recovery.
crossing the Midland Sea, whose journey is interrupted by a
terrifying storm and the appearance of an impossible new island. Ship Upgrades
They must face the dangers of this sudden island and the living • Archmage: It’s a flying ship. It’s still going to get caught in
dungeon that vomited it up from below. the storm and crash on the mysterious island (spoilers!), but
“At Land’s Edge” is also a prequel to the 13th Age there’s no danger of drowning in the ocean, and it’ll make
megadungeon campaign pack, Eyes of the Stone Thief, where the their eventual escape easier.
player characters embark on a mission of vengeance and hunt • Crusader / Dwarf King / Emperor: The ship’s sailors are
down the elusive living dungeon that makes a cameo calamity in trained soldiers. In a fight, they’ll aid the player characters
this adventure. when they can. Once per battle on the ship, each player
character may reroll an attack, save, or skill check thanks

to the crew’s aid. The player must describe how the crew’s
stalwart bravery helped out.

• Diabolist / Elf Queen: The ship’s blessed (or cursed) with
unnatural good fortune. Each character may reroll a die once
during the game.
The player characters are an adventuring party, traveling across • Great Gold Wyrm: This is an old ship, and it was once part of
the Midland Sea by ship. the Golden Order’s navy. Something of that holiness lingers,
Have the players fill in their one unique things, backgrounds, giving prophetic dreams and warnings to those on board.
and icon relationships. They’ve been sent out to sea by one of That’s worth a +4 bonus to Initiative while on board, and the
the more mystical icons (the Archmage, Priestess, Elf Queen, GM can drop the occasional hint when needed.
Diabolist, or the Great Gold Wyrm all work—pick whichever • High Druid: The ship carries its own winds with it, thanks to
one the players have a relationship with). Their actual mission the High Druid’s blessing. It’ll still get stuck on the island, but
is a mystery—no doubt there’s some mysterious prophecy or the first encounter will be easier. Give a +4 bonus to any skill
confluence of magical energies in the offing. checks made on board.
Roll icon relationships now—if any players get a 5 or 6, let • Lich King: Thanks to the Lich King’s … let’s be safe and call
them choose a magic item from the list below, either spoils of the it a blessing, anyone who dies on board the ship comes back
previous quest, or a gift from one of the icons (or from some ally as a zombie. The zombies can’t leave the ship, but make fine,
who shares an enemy icon with a PC). Alternatively, one player uncomplaining (if bloated and waterlogged) crew.
can upgrade the ship instead, benefiting everyone. • Orc Lord: This was one of the Orc Lord’s warships before it
Note if any 5s get rolled—they’ll come back to bite players was captured by the Empire, and it’s still got a giant ballista
later on. mounted on the prow. The PCs can use this ballista in combat
while on board ship (treat it as a normal ranged attack, but
Magic Items upgrade the damage dice to d12s).
• +1 Inimical Weapon: When you hit with this weapon, you can • Priestess: The Priestess promised that no one who sailed on
deal +1d10 damage to that enemy, but, if you do, you also take this ship would perish needlessly. Once per game, each PC
that extra damage. may heal with a recovery as a free action.
• +1 Bloodthirsty Weapon: When you crit with a natural 20, you • Prince of Shadows: There’s a smuggling compartment on
deal crit damage instead of normal damage if you hit with this board. At some point in the game, the player who chose
weapon again during your next turn. this benefit can reveal what’s in the compartment. It has to
be plausible—it’s not carrying a siege engine or an army of

13 th age - at land’s edge

mounted paladins—but it could be anything from a magic 2: Terrified crew!—The sailors are demoralized and overwhelmed
item to a cache of alchemical explosives to a treasure hoard. by the terrible storm and the monstrous dungeon. A DC 20
• The Three: One of the crew is secretly an agent of the Blue skill check rallies them; failure raises the DC of any other
Dragon. This disguised crew member is a trained assassin. At checks made in this section by 4.
any point in the game, the player who chose this benefit can 3: Sudden reefs!—The waves push the ship toward a line of rocks
have the assassin reveal herself—as an attack, treat her as a that rises like the spines of some monster beneath the surface.
one-shot +10 attack vs. AC dealing 4d8 damage, but she could Someone has to wrestle the tiller and guide the ship through.
also show up to, say, deliver a vitally needed healing potion or That’s a DC 20 skill check. Failure means the ship is wedged
free a trapped PC. solidly until the crew can prize it free after the storm—which
Let the players name the ship, and her captain too for that matter. will cause complications later on in the adventure.
Ask two players to each describe one memorable conversation or 4: Oh—if it’s a flying ship, then the winds threaten to destroy the
incident involving the captain. enchanted vanes and elemental skyhooks that keep it aloft!
5: Onto the rocks!—The ship’s in danger of running aground!

The Erupting Storm Someone needs to wrestle it away from those rocks with a
DC 20 skill check. Failure means the ship is damaged and will
Something’s wrong. The skies are clear, the wind is fair, and the need to be repaired.
magically tamed waters of the Midland Sea are as placid as ever 6: Tangled in the rigging!—A flailing line catches one of the crew.
in the distance—but something’s very wrong. The water directly Someone needs to climb up into the rigging (DC 20) and cut
below the ship is bubbling and churning. Are those lights in the the unfortunate crew member free before he perishes.
depths, like flashes of lightning or maybe the red glow of lava? 7: Crashing waves!—A huge wave crashes over the ship. All
With terrifying speed, the storm grows. The skies blacken. Bolts the player characters must make DC 15 skill checks or lose
of lightning leap up from the seas to crackle across the clouds a recovery.
above. There’s a hideous grinding noise, deeper than the seabed
and louder than thunder. Through the boiling fog that rises from
the bubbling seas, the characters glimpse a small wooded island
Riders on the Wind
off to the west, and they see it crack as something bigger than any While the ship rides out the unnatural storm, the Stone Thief
whale rises from below. rises from the seafloor. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on
It’s a living dungeon. These chaotic abominations of between the flashes of lightning and the crashing waves, but
animated stone swim through the underworld, seeking to reach there’s something that sounds halfway between a landslide and
the surface to visit horror upon the sunlit lands. This one—the a giant belch, and then an even bigger wave hammers the ship as
fabled Stone Thief—is an especially old and terrible example of the sea quakes. Moments later, the PCs hear shrieking voices on
the breed. Right now, though, it looks to be in pain. It thrashes the wind. They’re under attack.
and writhes through the seabed, sending huge waves and howling The things on the wind are undead horrors released by
winds crashing onto the ship. the Stone Thief. They look like sewn-together flocks of dead
seabirds, hundreds of bodies in a central mass surrounded by

Through the Maelstrom a frill of countless mismatched flailing wings. Humanoid arms,
clearly salvaged from some other corpse and attached to the
Throw one of these complications at the players now—and use sides of that central mass, carry rusted weapons like swords and
the rest during the “Riders on the Wind” fight, forcing the players hooks. The things scream in unison, but it’s impossible to tell if
to choose between helping the ship and battling flying monsters. they’re crying out in hatred or self-loathing. Either way, killing
While we’ve suggested skill check DCs for all these these monsters can only be a good thing.
challenges, players may come up with more creative solutions Before the player characters can stop them, some of the
involving icon benefits, spells, or other abilities. Remember, for flapping things grab several crew members off the deck of the
a skill check, the player rolls 1d20 + ability score modifier + level ship and carry them away into the fog.
+ any applicable background. Ideally, the player should explain There’s one flapping thing per player character. With their
how that particular background helps out in this case. sword swipe attack, they can make multiple attacks every round
1: Overboard!—One of the crew is caught by the wind and waves. until they get stuck in an engagement, while their many hungry
The nearest PC may make a DC 20 skill check involving some beaks mean that only heavily armored PCs can survive being
suitable athletic or nautical background to grab her and pull engaged with the monsters for long.
her back on board before she drowns. Failure raises the DC of
any other tests made in this section by 4.

13th age - at land’s edge

Flapping Thing The Ship

4th level troop [undead] Depending on how the player characters handled the challenges
Initiative: +8 in the first scene (and the icon benefits, if any, they picked for the
ship), they may need to help the crew do some repairs.
Sword swipe +9 vs. AC—9 damage
If the ship’s stuck … then the crew members can free it from
Natural even hit or miss: The flapping thing may immediately
the reefs by brute force, but they’ll have to wait until high tide to
attempt to disengage. If successful, it may move again as
refloat it (or, if it’s a flying ship, until the aetheric forces align).
a free action and make another sword swipe attack on a
That means waiting a few hours.
different target.
If the ship’s damaged … then someone’s going to have to
Many hungry beaks: If a creature is engaged with a flapping thing march across to that forest and bring back some timber. The
at the start of its turn, it takes damage equal to 25 minus the crew members can handle the tree-cutting and the carpentry, but
creature’s AC (so, AC 15 = 10 damage, AC 21 = 4 damage, and they need the adventurers to guard them while they work.
so forth). If the crew is diminished … either through death, injury,
or terror, then the survivors are fearful, and grumble that they’re
Sewn together: Flapping things are always vulnerable—they suffer
all going to die on this island. The ship’s stuck, there’s a living
a critical hit on a roll of 18–20.
dungeon circling like a shark under the ground, and who knows
AC 19 what else is out there? Better to give up now. The characters need
PD 14 HP 50 to rally them. Again, an inspiring speech might work—but so
MD 16 might the head of a giant monster as a trophy.

During the fight, whenever the escalation die is odd (1, 3, 5),
throw a complication from the list above at the players. Whenever Exploring the Island
the escalation die is even (2, 4, 6), if a flapping thing is unengaged
Trekking across the beach turns up a few traces of the missing
at the start of its turn, it flings a crew member overboard before
crew. A knife dropped from a great height (still sticky with the
attacking the PCs.
black ichor of the flapping things). A boot stuck in the wet sand.
There are a few footprints, half erased by the shifting of the ground.
Aground! Soon, the PCs come across a strange trail in the sand.
Something very large and monstrous emerged from the ocean,
If the ship’s not already stuck, then just as the last flapping thing
crawled across the sands, and entered the jungle. It’s clear that
falls, there’s a sudden convulsion of land and sea as the Stone
whatever-it-was emerged from the living dungeon just before it
Thief smashes against the island from beneath one last time. The
submerged. From the look of the confused tracks, the adventurers
ship runs aground—or maybe it would be more accurate to say
guess that the monster encountered the missing crew members
the ground runs a-ship, as a sandbar that was several fathoms
and chased them into the forest.
below the keel is suddenly pushed upward, seemingly deliberately
by the dungeon below. The ship is stuck!
Into the Woods
2. THE UNEXPLORED The forested heart of the island is almost impossible to navigate.
There are chunks of dungeon vomit everywhere. There, an ancient

SHORE tree has been crushed beneath a torrent of paving stones and
chunks of some bridge. There, a forest stream pools as it tries to
find its way past the sudden dam of a fallen marble pillar. Rabbits
As the fog clears, the adventurers can get a better look at the
graze and hop amid gravestones stolen from some distant cemetery.
island that’s their temporary home. According to the ship’s
There’s no trail or other obvious way for the adventurers to
charts, it’s a small wooded island, surrounded by wide sandy
find the missing crew. As the players consider their options, a
shallows, usually uninhabited—but that was before a giant
figure emerges from her hiding place amid the tree roots. She’s
living dungeon vomited all over it. Now, there are half-digested
Kayls of the Debatable Luck.
buildings and outcroppings of twisted stone throughout the
forest, paradoxically fresh ruins rising out of the trees. Small fires
still smolder where the dungeon’s fires set the woods alight.
The Missing Crew HUNTER
Those flying horrors abducted several members of the crew;
Kayls of the Debatable Luck is infamous—she gets her nickname
others may have been washed overboard by the storm. The
from being the sole survivor of expeditions and adventuring
captain hopes against hope that some have survived, and asks
parties a little too often. One or more of the players recognize
the adventurers to search the island for any survivors while the
her immediately. Pick someone with a background that suggests
ship is repaired.

13 th age - at land’s edge

a connection to the criminal underworld or a veteran adventurer,

or a relationship with the Prince of Shadows or the Three.
Splitting the Party
• If a player has an outstanding benefit with the Prince or the If some of the PCs accompany Kayls, then switch back and forth
Three they haven’t cashed in yet, then Kayls owes that player between them and the rest of the party at the tower. The PCs
character a favor—she’ll offer to cut that character in on the looking for the missing crew can run into the Ill-made Beast; the
Golden Mask deal. ones at the tower will have their own problems to deal with!
• On the other hand, if a player rolled a 5 on a Prince of Shadows
or Three relationship roll at the start of the adventure, then
that characters owes Kayls. Let the player decide on the
Removing the Curse
nature of the debt—did she help them once? Do they owe her The curse can be removed by a spellcaster with a ritual, but it’ll
money? Or their life? take a full day and a night for the brand to fade, so Kayls still can’t
She’s not obviously wounded, but has clearly been blasted by accompany the adventurers into the shrine.
some dark magic and can barely walk. There’s a glowing rune
branded across her forehead—doubtless the mark of some recent
magical battle. She’s dressed in dark leather armor and her short
Fighting Kayls
hair is tied back with a silver pin that’s obviously magical. There Kayls prefers to fight only when she has the advantage—if the
are specks of blood (probably not hers) on her gloves and boots. adventurers are at full strength, she won’t risk a confrontation.
She has two useful magic items—her hairpin, and a bag of

Playing Kayls dragon’s teeth that conjures a gang of skeletal warriors (one per
adventurer). If she can manage it, she’ll avoid a fight entirely, but
She’s an opportunist rogue—not inherently villainous, but out for here are her stats just in case.
herself. For example, if the players mention they were sent here
by one of the icons, she’ll claim that she’s retrieving the mask for
just that same icon (what a miraculous stroke of good fortune
Kayls of the
the PCs found her when they did). She won’t fight the PCs unless Debatable Luck
she has to—she’d prefer to use them as her dupes. No doubt the
Double-strength 4th level spoiler [Humanoid]
players will suspect a betrayal, so undercut this suspicion by
Initiative: +10
having Kayls be genuinely helpful until the end of the adventure.
Kayls’s real purpose is to recover the mask for a rival icon— Wicked dagger +9 vs. AC (2 attacks)—12 damage
pick an icon that one of the PCs has a negative relationship with, Natural 16+: 5 ongoing damage (save ends).
or one that’s opposed to their existing patrons. She’ll work with
Debatable luck: Twice per battle as an interrupt, Kayls may steal
the PCs to get off the island.
a d20 rolled by an enemy. Kayls may use the value rolled on the
d20 for her next attack or save; the enemy must reroll the die
Kayls’s Tale and use the new result.

Kayls explains that she’s in pursuit of a treasure possessed by a Dodge and weave: If one or more of her allies are engaged with
dungeon-worshipping cult. It’s a magical mask of great power, the same enemy as Kayls, then that enemy needs to roll a 16+ to
and the cult intends to feed it to the Stone Thief. Up until recently, target Kayls with an attack. Otherwise, the attack is redirected
it was kept in a secret tower in the Red Wastes. She found the to one of Kayls’s allies.
tower, but so did the Stone Thief. She and the tower and mask
Magic hairpin: The first time Kayls becomes staggered, she gains
were all swallowed by the living dungeon. She managed to stab
a +2 bonus for the rest of the fight to whatever defense (AC,
the dungeon in a sensitive spot, and it vomited out everything it
PD, or MD) was last targeted.
had eaten. That cataclysm was what the adventurers saw earlier,
before they ran aground. AC 21
One of the cultists struck Kayls with some sort of curse PD 16 HP 70
spell. She can’t return to the tower without getting blasted by its MD 16
magical defenses. Now that the adventurers are here, they can
get the mask before the dungeon recovers and comes back for it.
She hasn’t seen the crew, but there’s a monster roaming the
Skeletal Minion
island—probably another escapee from the dungeon. She offers 3rd level troop [Undead]
to sneak around and find the crew if the PCs get the mask from Initiative: +9
the tower. Vulnerability: holy

Shortsword +8 vs. AC—10 damage

AC 19
PD 13 HP 45
MD 13

13th age - at land’s edge

As the adventurers enter, one floating eye swivels around
to stare at them. Pick one unlucky character, and roll +10 vs.


that character’s Mental Defense. On a hit, the eye blasts that
PC with a psychic assault dealing 1d6 damage for every positive
or conflicted relationship that character has with the Emperor,
The tower looks like it was once part of a much larger castle or Archmage, Priestess, Great Gold Wyrm, Elf Queen, or Dwarf
temple, but now all that remains is this lonely spire, perched at King (the cult that made this grisly collection hated the icons
an angle on the hilltop. aligned with the Dragon Empire). The eye keeps attacking until
one of the adventurers smashes it. (If the players are paranoid

Entering the Tower enough to start smashing all the eyes, then have the temple
guardians from level 2 come down the stairs.)
The front door bears a magical sigil, which any magically
sensitive character can tell is part of a warding spell. If the wrong
person tries to enter that door, the spell will blast them. However,
Level 2: Temple
there aren’t any burn marks or spell-blasted corpses nearby, so a Guardians
successful DC 15 skill check using an arcane background (or the
This level of the tower contains a dark altar—stained with the
simple expedient of opening the door) reveals that the warding
blood of many sacrifices, dread runes, you know the type—and
spell wasn’t made to blast any intruder—only those who met some
several humanoid statues of armed warriors. There’s one statue
particular criterion. (This is the spell that keeps Kayls out of the
per two player characters. The statues all have empty hollows
tower—if she passes the sigil, she gets blasted for 100 damage.)
where their eyes should be.
Should an adventurer try to continue up to the third level,
The Stairs or meddle with the altar, the statues come to life and attack. At
the same time, there’s a rattling, hopping clatter from the level
Inside, a narrow spiral staircase runs up through the three levels
below, as all those eyes spring into action and start clambering up
of the tower. A carved frieze follows the stairs, depicting hooded
the stairs. Treat the mobile piles of eyes as mooks—if any of the
figures offering glowing relics and magical treasures to the living
pile of eyes mooks get past the adventurers and touch one of the
dungeon. With each twist of the staircase, the images of the
temple guardian statues, then two of the eyes roll into the empty
dungeon grow larger and more terrifying.
eye sockets. The eye pile then collapses, but the statue becomes
a much more dangerous foe.
Level 1: Room of Eyes There are two eye piles per player character.

The first room is full of eyeballs. Hundreds, perhaps thousands,

of eyes from all different sorts of creatures. Big eyes, little eyes,
glowing eyes, dragon eyes. They’re all encased in individual
crystals. Some are embedded in the walls or floating in the air, but
most are just rolling around the floor. They’re all, clearly, still alive.

13 th age - at land’s edge

Temple Guardian If a character dares put on the mask, they must make a DC
25 skill check to control it. Fail, and suffer 4d8 psychic damage.
5th level blocker [Construct] The mask gives a +2 bonus to Mental Defense, and at start of
Initiative: +7 battle as a free action, the mask’s wearer may roll Charisma +
level against a chosen enemy’s Mental Defense. On a hit, that foe
Stone fist +6 vs. AC—20 damage
becomes vulnerable to the mask-wearer’s attacks (attacks crit on
Natural 16+: The target is dazed (−4 to attacks), save ends.
an 18–20). The quirk—megalomania.
Blocker: Attempts to disengage from a temple guardian suffer a If any players rolled a 5 on their icon relationships at the start
−5 penalty. of the adventure, and you haven’t yet hit them with a drawback,
then point out to them that their icon patron seeks that mask,
Enrage: The first time the temple guardian becomes staggered, it
and that retrieving it from this shrine would be a worthy deed.
may immediately make a free stone fist attack.
(Some icons might want to use the mask, others to destroy it.)
Eyeless: The first time a pile of eyes reaches a temple guardian,
the pile of eyes is destroyed and the temple guardian gains a
permanent +5 bonus to attacks.
The Final Crew Member
Once the PCs calm him down, he introduces himself as Calder.
AC 23
He explains that he and his companion took shelter in the tower,
PD 17 HP 75
and those statue things captured them and told them to put the
MD 17
mask on, “as a sacrifice to the Devourer.” The two drew straws,
and Gwahid—the dead man—lost. The mask was too powerful
Pile of Eyes for him, and destroyed him.
And as Calder says that, there’s a gurgling roar from
3rd level mook [Construct]
somewhere out there in the woods.
Initiative: +7

Fiery gaze +8 vs. AC—6 fire damage

Treacherous ground +6 vs. PD—4 damage, and the target is

stuck (easy save ends, 6+)

Spilled eyes: When a pile of eyes is destroyed, it may make a free

treacherous ground attack on any foes engaged with it. The creature was bred by the Cult of the Devourer. The cultists
believe that if they feed enough magical power to the Stone
AC 19
Thief, it will become a monstrous god and destroy their enemies.
PD 17 HP 11 (mook)
Rather than feed it scraps of power, one branch of the cult tried
MD 13
to create a monster that could grow fat on magic until it became
Mook: Kill one pile of eyes for every 11 damage you deal to the mob. a suitable offering for the dungeon.
Their creation looks like a hideously bloated cross between a

Level 3: The Mask toad and a gorilla. It’s got dozens of partially melted weapons and
other magical treasures embedded in its hide; instead of teeth,
Resting on a low plinth in the middle of the room is a plain its gums are lined with the jagged shards of broken magic potion
golden mask. Its features seem to change to reflect the player vials. Like the Stone Thief writ small, it’s a patchwork monstrosity.
characters—the arch of an eyebrow recalls the haughtiness of
high elves, but those lines on the chin suggest a dwarven beard.
A glowing shimmer surrounds the mask.
Encountering the Beast
There are two of the missing crew members here. One’s If the players go looking for it, they’ll find it as it crashes through
lying on the floor, dead, his face a blasted ruin. There’s a smell of the forest in search of magic. Otherwise, it attacks them as they
charred flesh. The other’s cowering in the corner. make their way down from the shrine back toward the ship.
The beast could also show up as the crew prepares to depart,

The Golden Mask leaping and loping across the sands toward the ship.

The mask is a powerful and perilous item. In 13th Age, magic

items have their own indwelling spirits that give them personality
quirks. Items need to be used to attain their full power. Carry too
many items, and those spirits start overriding your own desires.
The cult wants someone to wear the mask before feeding it to
the Ill-made Beast (and the beast is to be fed to the dungeon, in
a grotesque arcane food chain) so the mask will be at full power
when it’s consumed.

13th age - at land’s edge

The Ill-made Beast ESCAPING

Huge 5th level spoiler [Aberration]
Initiative: +8

Mighty swipe +10 vs. AC—30 damage, or 15 damage and the

Time to leave!
target loses one magic item of their choice
O wise and valiant Gamemaster, some questions need to be
C: Probing tongue +7 vs. PD (all nearby enemies)—5 damage, answered before the end of the adventure!
and, if that enemy possesses one or more magic items, the Ill- • Is the ship repaired? If not, then they’ll have to put to sea
made Beast may make a free mighty swipe attack on that enemy anyway, and hope they stay afloat long enough to reach safer
R: Leap & crush +9 vs. PD (up to three nearby or far away
• Is the Ill-made Beast dead? If not, then it’s splashing through
enemies in a group)—20 damage, and the Ill-made Beast pops
the surf, determined to retrieve the Golden Mask.
free and leaps to engage any enemies hit by this attack
• Has Kayls betrayed the player characters, or is she still biding
Magic item hunger: The Ill-made Beast can be distracted by magic her time?
items. If an enemy discards a magic item as a standard action, And most importantly:
the beast is dazed (−4 to attacks; normal save ends, 11+) while • Is this a one-shot, or the start of an Eyes of the Stone Thief
it gobbles up the item. The cheap low-grade enchanted items campaign? If it’s a one-shot, you should end on a note of
held by the missing crew work, but the beast recovers with triumph if the players deserve it. If it’s the start of a campaign,
an easy (6+) save. If an enemy discards the Golden Mask, the then that triumph is four levels and dozens of game sessions
beast is stunned (−4 to defenses, cannot take actions, hard save away, and right now the goal is to make them hate the
ends, 16+). dungeon. See the “No Escape” sidebar!

AC 20
PD 14
MD 16
HP 200
The Dungeon’s Enmity
If the Ill-made Beast is still alive, it swims after the ship. The
The PC who slays the Ill-made Beast feels a sudden intense
players need to kill it, but this time they’ve got the upper hand.
chill, a terror that emanates from deep underground. The Stone
Not only do they have any ship upgrades they picked at the start
Thief knows who murdered its pet, and now it hates that player
of the scenario, but the beast isn’t a skilled swimmer and they’ve
character. The adventurer can sense the hatred—it’s like a
got the crew to help. They start with the escalation die at 2.
palpable bond between the two. The living dungeon will come
for the adventurer, sooner or later.
The beast hits the ground—and the ground begins to shake. The Dungeon Rises!
The Stone Thief is angry.
As soon as the Ill-made Beast dies, the Stone Thief rises once
again. The ground shakes and cracks. The tower in the middle
Escaping the Beast of the island topples. The sea boils. A huge chasm opens, and
cracks snake across the sand toward the ship. The maw of the
Instead of fighting it, fleeing or distracting it with a tasty magic
Stone Thief is opening.
item may be a better option. Kayls might pop up to suggest
Kayls recognizes the signs—she was in the tower when the
this to the players (“Throw me the mask, and I’ll lead it away”);
Stone Thief ate it. She knows that the dungeon is coming for her
alternatively, a character with a suitable icon relationship might
and the mask.
realize what the creature wants. (The Archmage, Dwarf King, Elf
However, the Stone Thief might be temporarily satisfied if
Queen, High Druid, Prince of Shadows, and the Three all have
the player character who killed the Ill-made Beast is thrown into
clear connections to magic items and monsters ….)
the dungeon’s maw. If she thinks that she can convince the other
If Kayls does get hold of the mask, she doesn’t feed it to the
player characters (or the crew) to throw the PC overboard, then
Ill-made Beast—instead, she throws her magic hairpin to distract
she shouts that the only way to escape is to make that character
the monster, drops her skeletal minions to slow down the player
a sacrifice. Otherwise, she attacks (her stats are on page 8).
characters, and sprints toward the ship. She hopes to leave the
The dungeon reaches the ship when the escalation die
PCs behind and sail away in their ship!
reaches 5.

13 th age - at land’s edge

Escaping the Dungeon No Escape

In order to escape being swallowed by the dungeon, the PCs need
If you want to go from this adventure into a full
to either:
campaign based around Eyes of the Stone Thief, then
• throw Kayls, the mask, or the marked PC into the
nothing will stop the living dungeon from attacking.
dungeon’s maw
The whole sea gapes open in a giant whirlpool beneath
the ship, sucking it down. The player characters catch
• sail the ship out of the Maelstrom. This is a DC 25 skill
a glimpse of the captain clinging to the mast of his ship
check on its own (DC 30 if the ship is still damaged), but the
as it’s dragged into the dungeon. If you want to level
other player characters can pitch in, using ritual magic, icon
the PCs straight up to level 4, then they get dragged
benefits, or their own skill checks to bring down the difficulty.
in too—they get washed up in the Maw, while the ship
(If the players picked the Archmage Ship Upgrade way back at
ends up shipwrecked in the Sunken Sea level.
the start, they may now take a bow as the ship flies away ….)
Otherwise, the PCs end up clinging to flotsam in
If the roll fails, remember that 13th Age uses “fail forward”—
the middle of the wild and empty sea as both ship and
instead of the ship getting destroyed, ask the players what
island are swallowed by the dungeon. How do they get
sacrifice they think would be a suitable consequence for failing
out of this? That’s next week’s game!
the roll. Do some of the sailors perish? Does Kayls fall overboard
at the last moment? Does the Stone Thief have their scent now?
As they sail away, they see the Stone Thief turn on the island
in its fury. Soon, the dungeon will eat the whole island from
beneath, devouring it and turning it into more corridors and
chambers in the underworld. One day, the cult believes, all the
Empire will be dungeon ….

Name Race Dark Elf

Class Paladin Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
21 14 17
18 12 10 8 14 16

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+4 +1 +0 −1 +2 +3
45 8 3d10+1
+7 +4 +3 +2 +5 +6


Cruel: Once per battle, when you hit a foe,
deal 15 ongoing damage to that enemy
Basic Melee Attack
(save ends). Attack Hit Miss
+7 vs. AC 3d10+4 3
Basic Ranged Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+3 vs. AC 3d8 —

Heavy Armor
Smite Evil: Once per battle, plus three extra
times per day, you may Smite Evil as part
of a melee attack. You get a +4 bonus to
hit, +1d12 to damage and deal half damage FEATS
if you miss.
Smite Evil
Lay on Hands
TALENTS Domain: Justice
Lay on Hands: Twice per day as a quick
action, one person you touch heals using
a recovery, +6.
Bastion: Once per battle, when a nearby ally
is hit, you can take half the damage instead.
Divine Domain: Justice: Once per turn,
when an enemy scores a crit against you
or a nearby ally, or drops you or a nearby
ally, you may give an attack-reroll blessing
to yourself or a different ally. A character
can only have one such blessing at a time.
Once per day, you may invoke
justice as a quick action. For the rest
of the battle, add 6 to the miss damage
of your attacks and the attacks of your
nearby allies.
Name Race Half-orc

Class Rogue Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
17 17 13
14 14 18 14 10 8

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+2 +2 +4 +2 +0 -1
40 8 3d8+2
+5 +5 +7 +5 +3 +2


Lethal: Once per battle, reroll a melee
attack and use the result you prefer.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+7 vs. AC 3d8+4 3
Bleeding Strike (melee attack): +7 vs.
ICON RELATIONSHIPS AC, 3d8+4 damage on a hit, and, if your
natural attack roll was even, your foe
Basic Ranged Attack
takes 3d4 ongoing damage (3d6 against Attack Hit Miss
large or huge foes).
+7 vs. AC 3d6+4 3
Deadly Thrust (melee attack, only usable
against staggered non-mooks): +9 vs.
AC—deal 3d8+4 damage on a hit, 3 on
a miss.
Sure Cut (melee attack, costs momentum,
only usable when you can use Sneak
Attack): +7 vs. AC, 3d8+4 damage on a Light Armor
CLASS FEATURES hit, 3 on a miss. Add your Sneak Attack Daggers
damage on a hit or miss. Shortbow
Momentum: Gain momentum when you
Thief ’s Strike (melee attack): +7 vs.
hit a foe. Lose momentum when you’re
PD—Deal half normal melee damage
hit. Spend momentum to fuel some of
(including any Sneak Attack damage)
your class powers.
to an enemy and roll a save. On an 11+,
Sneak Attack: Once per round, deal +1d6
steal an item from your target that they
damage against an enemy engaged with
are not holding. On a 16+, they don’t
one or more of your allies.
notice you pickpocketed them.
Trap Sense: If you make a skill check to
Roll With It (interrupt): Spend your
spot or disarm a trap, and it’s even, you
momentum to take half damage from a
may reroll it once. If a trap attacks you
melee attack that targets AC.
and its attack roll is odd, you may reroll
Deflection (interrupt): Spend your
it once.
momentum when a melee attack misses
TALENTS you. That attack hits a different enemy
you’re engaged with instead, but only
Murderous: Against staggered enemies,
deals half damage.
you get a +2 attack bonus and your crit
range expands by 2. FEATS
Swashbuckle: Once per battle as a quick
action, spend your momentum to do
something awesome and acrobatic
Bleeding Strike
without rolling.
Thievery: You get a bonus Thief background
at +5 and the thief ’s strike power.
Name Race Human

Class Fighter Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
20 16 13
18 16 14 8 10 12

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+4 +3 +2 −1 +0 +1
55 9 3d10+3
+7 +6 +5 +2 +3 +4


Quick to Fight: Roll initiative twice and
choose the best result.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+7 vs. AC 3d10+4 3
Deadly Assault (flexible melee or ranged
ICON RELATIONSHIPS attack): On a natural even hit, reroll any
1s or 2s from your damage roll and keep
Basic Ranged Attack
the new results. Attack Hit Miss
Carve an Opening (flexible melee attack):
+5 vs. AC 3d8+2 3
On a natural odd roll, expand your crit
range by a cumulative +1. It drops back
to normal when you crit. EQUIPMENT
BACKGROUNDS Heavy Blows (flexible melee attack): On
Heavy Armor
a natural even miss, add the value of the
escalation die to your miss damage.
Steady Now (flexible melee attack):
On a natural even miss, gain 3 temporary
hit points.


CLASS FEATURES Reach Tricks: Once per battle, roll a 6+
Extra Tough on a d20 to do something cool with your
Threatening: When an enemy attempts to long-hafted axe.
disengage from you, it takes a −3 penalty. Strong Recovery: Reroll one of your
recovery dice when using a recovery and
TALENTS use the higher result.
Cleave: Once per battle when you drop a Comeback Strike
foe to 0 hp, make another melee attack as Deadly Assault
a free action.
Heavy Warrior: Once per battle when you
are hit by an attack that targets AC, you
take half damage.
Comeback Strike: Once per battle
when you miss, make another attack
immediately as a free action.

Name Race Dwarf

Class Wizard Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
15 15 16
10 16 14 18 12 8

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+0 +3 +2 +4 +1 −1
45 8 3d6+3
+3 +6 +5 +7 +4 +2


1st Level Spells (3)
Blur (ranged, daily): Targets you or a
Basic Melee Attack
nearby ally. Attacks on that target have a Attack Hit Miss
20% chance of missing.
+3 vs. AC 3d4 —
Acid Arrow (ranged, daily): +7 vs. PD. On
a hit, 4d10 acid damage and 5 ongoing
ICON RELATIONSHIPS acid damage; on a miss, 5 ongoing acid Basic Ranged Attack
damage, and you get the spell back when
Attack Hit Miss
you have a quick rest.
Shield (close-quarters, 1/battle; recharge +5 vs. AC 3d4+2 —
11+): When an attack hits your AC, you can
use a free action to make the attacker reroll.
BACKGROUNDS 3rd Level Spells (4)
Force Salvo (ranged, daily): Targets up to
5 different creatures. Attack +7 vs. PD
against each, 4d10 force damage on a hit.
You can keep targeting the same creature
CLASS FEATURES until you hit with a bolt.
Cantrips: Cast minor spells at will.
Teleport Shield (close-quarters, daily):
Ritual Magic: You can cast spells as
For the rest of the battle, once per round
freeform rituals.
when an enemy engages you, roll +7 vs.
TALENTS PD as a free action; on a hit, teleport them
somewhere nearby. You can place them
Abjuration: When you cast a daily spell,
in combat with an ally, but you can’t place
you gain a +4 AC bonus until the end of
them in an otherwise dangerous situation.
your next turn.
Crescendo (close-quarters, at-will):
Evocation: Once per battle, when you cast
Target one or more enemies engaged
a spell that targets PD, you can make
with you, rolling +7 vs. PD (−2 for two
a quick action to max out the spell’s
targets, −3 for three targets, etc.). If you
damage dice instead of rolling.
hit, 4d6 thunder damage and the target
Wizard’s Familiar: You’ve got a talking
pops free. On a miss, 3 damage.
ground animal of some sort. It gives you
Utility Spell (2/day): Pick one of the
a +1 to saves.
following effects: disguise self, feather
RACIAL POWER fall, hold portal, levitate, message, speak
with item.
That’s Your Best Shot? Once per battle as
a free action after an enemy hits you, heal FEATS
using a recovery by making a roll. If the
Wizard’s Familiar
escalation die is 0 or 1, you only get half the
Utility Spell
normal healing. You cannot use this ability
Force Salvo
if the attack drops you to 0 hp or below.
Name Race Human

Class Commander Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
16 14 17
14 12 8 14 12 18

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+2 +1 −1 +2 +1 +4
40 8 3d8+1
+5 +4 +2 +5 +4 +7


Quick to Fight: Roll initiative twice and
choose the best result.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+5 vs. AC 3d8+2 3
Hit Harder (interrupt): Spend 1 CP to
ICON RELATIONSHIPS let a nearby ally reroll damage. The new
result must be kept.
Basic Ranged Attack
You Are a Precious Snowflake! (interrupt): Attack Hit Miss
Spend 1 CP and roll a d20 when a nearby
+2 vs. AC 3d8+1 —
non-human ally uses a once-per-battle
racial power. On an 11+, they get to use
it again this battle. EQUIPMENT
BACKGROUNDS Rally Now (interrupt): Spend 1 CP (2 if
Light Armor
they’re unconscious) to let a nearby ally
rally as a free action. An ally who has
already rallied this combat must succeed
on a save.
Try Again (interrupt): Spend 2 CP to let
CLASS FEATURES a nearby ally reroll an attack. The new
result must be kept.
Command Points: you start each battle
Basic Tactical Strike (quick action, 1/
with 1 command point (CP), which you
battle, recharge 11+): A nearby ally gets
use to fuel your powers.
to make a basic attack as a free action.
Fight from the Front: if you hit with a
Outmaneuver (quick action, 1/round,
melee attack, gain 1d3 command points.
usable only when you’ve got 0 CP): Roll
Weigh the Odds: as an action, gain 1d4
+7 vs. the nearby enemy with the highest
command points. Once per day, add +4
MD. If you hit, gain a command point.
to the number gained.
Improved Initiative
Battle Captain: if you have 1 or more
Battle Captain
command points left after giving a
Moment of Glory
command, you may use an interrupt
Weigh the Odds
action to command another ally before
the start of your next turn.
Moment of Glory: Roll a d4 when you
roll initiative and note the result. As a
free action in battle, give that result as a
bonus to an ally’s attack roll, save, or skill
check after they roll.
Martial Training
Name Race Halfling

Class Sorcerer Level 3

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
18 17 14
8 16 16 12 10 16

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

−1 +3 +3 +1 +0 +3
45 8 3d6+3
+2 +6 +6 +4 +3 +6


Small: +2 AC vs. opportunity attacks.
Basic Melee Attack
Evasive: Once per battle, force an enemy
that hits you to reroll with a −2 penalty. Attack Hit Miss
POWERS & SPELLS +2 vs. AC 3d4-1 3
1st Level
Burning Hands (close-quarters, at-will): Basic Ranged Attack
+6 vs. PD, targets up to two nearby enemies
Attack Hit Miss
in a group. On a hit, deal 1d6+3 damage.
If you miss, roll damage anyway: if you +4 vs. AC 3d6+3 —
roll a 6, you do 6 damage to that enemy.
BACKGROUNDS Scorching Ray (ranged, at-will): +6 vs.
PD, targets one nearby enemy. On a hit,
1d6+3 fire damage. If your attack roll is Dagger
even, add 1d8 ongoing fire damage. On a Javelin
miss, 3 damage to that enemy.
CLASS FEATURES Resist Energy (ranged, 1/battle, recharge
Dancing Lights: As a standard action, you 16+): You or a nearby ally gain resist
can conjure a number of varicolored damage 12+ to one type of energy attack.
light globes that bloom within 5 to 30
3rd Level
feet of you every two to five seconds. You
Lightning Fork (ranged, 1/battle;
have little control over them.
recharge 16+): +6 vs. PD, targets one
Gather Power: If you spend a standard
nearby enemy. On a hit, 7d6 damage. On
action on gathering power, you deal
a miss, half damage. If your attack roll is
double damage next round when you
even, make another attack with this spell.
cast a spell.
Once per battle, reroll an attack roll with
TALENTS this spell.
Echoing Thunder (ranged, at-will): +6
Spell Fist: You can use ranged spells in
vs. PD, targets one nearby enemy. On a
melee without drawing opportunity
hit, 3d6+3 damage and the first foe to
attacks. And other stuff, already factored
hit you in melee before the start of your FEATS
in to your rolls.
next turn takes 2d6 thunder damage (an
Infernal Heritage: Once per day, as a quick Burning Hands
empowered spell does not double this
action when the escalation die is 1+, you Lightning Fork
aftershock damage). On a miss, 3 damage.
can enter a spell frenzy. While frenzying, Ritual Casting: You can cast spells as
Dragon’s Leap (ranged spell, 1/day): As
roll 2d20 when attacking with spells and freeform rituals.
a quick action, you make a huge leap at
use the higher result. For each die that
your normal move rate. For the rest of the
misses, you take damage equal to twice
battle, roll a d20 at the start of your turn.
the level of the target.
On a 16+, you can leap again this round.
Blood Link: Gives an extra relationship die
with the Diabolist.
night's black agents

Publisher: Cathriona Tobin

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Art Direction: Cathriona Tobin
Cover: Chris Huth
Artwork: Jeff Porter
Layout: Chris Huth
Borus Galkin, Michael Birt, Dara McMahon, Alex “KB” Altman, Boomer,
Edel Ryder-Hanrahan, Neil Kelly, Chris Crofts, Christine Mansell, Mark McCann
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
You live delved a little too deep.You know too much to go Welcome to Night’s Black Agents, the thriller

back into the daylight. game of spies versus vampires. Think

in the shadows. You know about the vampires.You know there
are inhuman monsters pulling humanity’s
Bourne if Treadstone was run by vampires.
This adventure gives you a quick taste
strings from the darkness.You know they feed of the GUMSHOE system that powers
Maybe you were a spy, before you got burned
on the innocent.You know they’re monsters, and the game, and the sort of high-explosive
or turned or just plain burnt out. A criminal,
they have to be stopped. So, with a few others action, cinematic coolness, and creeping
perhaps. A mercenary. Or maybe you once tried
like you that you can trust, you mount your own paranoia you can expect from a campaign.
to bring secrets into the light — you might
shadow war against the undead.
have been a journalist once, or a researcher who

Night’s Black Agents player characters
are called Agents. They’re burned spies,
„„ With Streetwise, you instantly spot
the guy out of place in the dive bar.
„„ “I need to bluff my way into
the morgue — can I spend
ex-criminals, former special forces, and „„ With Accounting, one quick look Forensic Pathology to convince
the like. They have, shall we say, a very at the auction house’s records lets you everyone I belong there?”
particular set of skills. They’re not part trace the buyer of the cursed statue „„ “I’m going to spend a point of
of any organization or agency — in this back to an account in Switzerland. Architecture to find a good
game, you’re on your own against the „„ With Forensic Pathology, you sniper’s nest — could I get 3
vampires. They are, however, very, very find tell-tale scratches on the victim’s points of Shooting for that?”
good at what they do. wrists. Whoever held her down as
There are two sorts of abilities in
GUMSHOE. There are General abilities,
he drained her blood was wearing
a sharp, bulky ring made of iron.
General Abilities 
General abilities work differently. When
things like Athletics and Hand-to-Hand „„ With Architecture, you spot the
testing a General ability, you spend any
and Shooting, where the outcome is secret door in the vampire’s castle.
number of points from your pool in that
uncertain.You roll a die (d6) when using a
GUMSHOE uses these clues to ensure ability and roll a d6. If the d6 result +
General ability.There are also Investigative
that the Agents always have a clear path the number of points spent exceed a
abilities, used for obtaining information
to follow. This is a thriller game, not a Difficulty Number set by the GM, you
and leveraging expertise. Investigative
mystery — you follow the clues into succeed. A Difficulty of 3 or 4 is average;
abilities get the Agents to where they need
danger, dramatically defeat or escape the 5 or more is hard.
to be and let them find out what they need
peril, then beat up the bad guys until they For example, say you’re in a high-speed
to know; General abilities keep them alive
drop more clues. Rinse and repeat as you car chase through the streets of Paris, with
long enough to use that information!
fight your way up the enemy conspiracy. the gendarmes on your tail. You need to
You can also spend points from make a Driving test, and you guess the
Investigative Abilities  Investigative abilities for special benefits, Difficulty is going to be at least 5.You have
Investigative abilities are specialized fields plot twists, or bonuses to General ability rolls. a Driving pool of 8; you spend 3 points
of knowledge and talents. Most people from that pool (so you’ve got 5 points left
„„ “Hey, can I spend a point of
have 0 points in the vast majority of for future Driving tests), and roll a d6.You
Streetwise to be on good terms
Investigative abilities; as a highly trained add the result of the roll onto the points
with the doorman of the bar,
Agent, you’ve got points in a few of them, you spent to work out your result.
so he’ll take my side and back
but not all. That’s why you work as part
me up if there’s trouble?” „„ Climbing a sheer wall topped
of a team.
„„ “Hey, can I spend a point of with broken glass: Athletics
You never roll for these abilities
Accounting to siphon off some „„ Repairing a snowmobile’s engine
— if there’s a clue to be found, you
cash from this gangster’s account? in a blizzard: Mechanics
automatically find it if you have the right
We’ll need to buy more guns later.” „„ Hacking into a secure computer
ability. For example:
server: Digital Intrusion
agents n abilities / combat
„„ Breaking into a guarded „„ Autofire: Spend 3 Shooting to “buy”
Cover, Network & Preparedness

research facility: Infiltration an extra damage roll, assuming your
These abilities work differently to the others.
target’s caught in the open. Vampires
Cherries are never caught in the open.
Your Agent has a number of established
false identities and covers. Spending
Having 8 or more points in a particular „„ Called Shot: Increase your
Cover lets you bring one of these into
General ability grants a special talent foe’s Hit Threshold by +2 to
play. Instead of trying to sneak into the
called a cherry — if a pre-generated boost your damage by +2.
exclusive casino, you spend a few points of
character qualifies for a cherry, it’s on the „„ Jumping In: Spend 3 Shooting /
Cover and declare that you spent a summer
character’s sheet. Weapons / Hand-to-Hand to
undercover as a rich playboy. Instead of
go next in the current round if
Chases you haven’t acted already.
trying to forge a passport, spend Cover
and walk through security at the airport
In chases, the gap between runner and „„ Smash: Spend 2 extra Hand-to-Hand
with a smile.The more points of Cover you
pursuer is called the Lead. It usually starts to slam your foe into a hard surface, if
spend, the better the cover identity stands
at 5. At 0, the runner gets caught; at 10, the there’s one available, for +0 damage.
up to investigation.
runner escapes. Both sides make tests using „„ Technothriller Monologue /
Network lets you bring in contacts
the appropriate ability (Athletics, Driving, Martial Arts: Once per fight, talk
and allies from your old life. Need a
or Piloting usually). If the pursuer succeeds about what awesome martial art
trustworthy arms dealer, or a place to hide
and the runner fails, the Lead drops by 2; if technique you’re using, or lovingly
in Istanbul, or a friend in the Berlin police,
the character trying to flee succeeds and the describe the precise firearm you’re
or an expert in Etruscan archaeology?
chaser fails, the Lead increases by 2. If both cradling like a child. Refresh 3
Spend Network and you can create a
succeed or both fail, the Lead changes by points in the appropriate ability.
suitable contact from your past. The more
1 to favor the character who rolled better;
ties go to the runner. Cool stunts can raise Health & Stability points of Network you spend, the more
useful or reliable the contact is.
the Difficulty for both sides; spending Health measures how much hurt you can
Finally, if you need a piece of equipment
suitable Investigative abilities drops the absorb and keep going; Stability measures
in a hurry — a thermal camera, a zipline,
Difficulty for one side only (“I spend a point mental stress. Damage comes straight off
a bottle of holy water, a few pounds of
of Urban Survival to take a shortcut through Health — if you’re shot for 6 damage,
C4 — then use Preparedness. This works
the pedestrianized market”). reduce your current Health by 6. For
like the other General abilities — spend
Stability, the “damage” depends on the
points and add them to a d6 roll against
Combat  situation. Seeing a supernatural creature
causes a Stability loss of 3; watching that
a Difficulty set by the Director. If you
In combat, the Difficulty to hit a foe is succeed, you always had that item with
supernatural creature kill your loved one is
called the Hit Threshold — it’s 3 for you, ready to be pulled out when needed.
a loss of 7 or 8.You get to make a Stability
most people, 4 if they’ve got Athletics
8 or more, and 5 or more for certain
test against Difficulty 4 to resist the loss,
so you can get lucky and come through a
supernatural creatures. Cover can also Athletics, Driving, Hand-to-Hand,
traumatic event without losing Stability.
boost Hit Threshold by +1. Piloting, Shooting, and Weapons refresh
Both Health and Stability work the same
Attack with Shooting for firefights; with to full after 24 hours of game time. Other
way.You’re functional until you hit 0 in that
Hand-to-Hand for, well, hand-to-hand General abilities and Investigative abilities
ability. From 0 to −5, you’re in trouble: all
combat, and Weapons for knives, swords, refresh at the end of a scenario.
your Difficulty Numbers increase by 1, and,
stakes, frying pans, rolled-up newspapers,
if it’s your Health, then you’ve got to make a
and other lethal implements.
On a hit, roll 1d6 for damage and add a
Health test to stay conscious.The Difficulty Ability Quick Reference 
is based on your current Health score — if Most of the abilities are self-explanatory—
modifier based on the weapon, adding +2
you’re at Health −3, then it’s Difficulty 3. you know what Archaeology or Shooting
for firearms attacks at point-blank range.
For Health or Stability tests, you can does.A few deserve a little extra explication.
„„ Fist, kick: −2 spend points from the relevant ability to Diagnosis: Assessing injuries,
„„ Knife, baton, improvised weapon: −1 boost your die roll. identifying medical conditions and
„„ Heavy club, machete, From −6 to −11, you’re either too ailments, acting as a doctor. It overlaps
small firearm: +0 badly hurt to move, or too shattered to act, a bit with Forensic Pathology, which
„„ Sword, axe, shotgun, 9mm pistol but you might recover. At −12 or below, specializes in analyzing crime scenes and
or other heavy firearm: +1 you’re either dead or incurably insane. conducting autopsies.
„„ Sniper rifle or other very Most NPCs are taken out when they Human Terrain: Practical
heavy firearm: +2 hit 0 Health; monsters and significant anthropology; the study of social
bad guys might work like Agents at the structures and the power dynamics that
Special Combat Moves Director’s discretion. underlie them. You’ve studied different
Only available if you’ve got 8+ in the Every point of Medic spent restores 2 religions and cultures, and can determine
appropriate ability. Health; Shrink does the same for Stability. what strings to pull to manipulate people.
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
Languages: Having 1 point in Languages Data Recovery: Extracting data

gives you two extra languages that you’re from a hard drive or other media. Use The Dracula Dossier 
fluent in, while 2 points gives you five extra it to find traces of deleted files, to get a
“The Harker Intrusion” works as a short
languages.You don’t need to decide on these crystal-clear image of a face from blurry
introduction to the upcoming Dracula
in advance — you can declare you speak security camera footage, or a voice sample
Dossier campaign.
Serbo-Croat when you run into a Croatian from a crackling telephone recording,
Bram Stoker’s classic novel isn’t a novel
assassin and need to taunt him in his native or to rapidly pull all the important
— it’s the heavily redacted after-action
tongue, or reveal your secret mastery of documents from a server before you’re
report of an attempt, called Operation
Ancient Etruscan when you open the tomb discovered. It doesn’t cover actually
Edom, to recruit Dracula as an asset in
of the ancient Etruscan demon. gaining access to the computer (that’s
1894. After that plan went disastrously
Occult Studies: You’re an expert Digital Intrusion or Infiltration,
wrong, they had Bram Stoker write up
in religious and magical beliefs from depending on how you do it) or making
their case notes, and released a version
around the world. You can identify the recordings (that’s Photography or
of those notes as disinformation. The
objects and rituals connected with those Electronic Surveillance).
original, complete notes they kept, and
belief systems. This doesn’t give you any Electronic Surveillance: Planting
subsequent generations of analysts added
supernatural powers, nor are you certain listening bugs, phone taps, hidden cameras,
more notes as Edom tried again and
at the start of the campaign what’s real and and other surveillance gear — as well as
again to gain control of Count Dracula. In
what’s nonsense. finding and countering such devices.
1940, they tried to deploy Dracula against
Vampirology: The study of vampires Traffic Analysis: This ability lets you
the Nazis. In 1977, they discovered that
— both real ones and their Hollywood discern patterns in data — you could, for
Dracula had his own networks of agents
shadows. You can identify the signs of a example, intercept encrypted radio traffic
and spies. And in 2011, they finally
vampire attack, you’ve studied vampire and guess what an enemy organization is
managed to turn Dracula into a deniable
lore from around the world, and you know doing based on their communications
weapon in the fight against terror — but
the methods and tools traditionally used to activity, or cross-reference a serial
is Edom really in control of the vampire,
hunt them. Like Occult Studies, though, killer’s attacks with phases of the moon,
or has Dracula turned his former enemies
most of what you know is just theory and or determine gaps in a security team’s
into unwitting minions?
folklore that you’ve never tested in battle. patrol schedule.
In the campaign, the player characters
Actual vampires may not match the myths … Urban Survival: Knowing how to
obtain an un-redacted copy of Dracula,
Bullshit Detector: The ability to move in a city — spotting short cuts or
and use it as their map to taking down
read body language and other clues to tell escape routes, noticing when things are out
both Operation Edom and the Count’s
when someone’s lying. It’s not infallible, so of the ordinary, reading the movements of
conspiracy. This prequel adventure
expert con artists or other rare individuals crowds, finding good places to hide.
explains how they got that copy.
can fool you, as can those brainwashed by
vampires, but it works on most people.
A spend lets you guess at why they’re
lying — running a scam, trying to cover
Heat tracks how aware local law
enforcement is of the Agents. The Agents
The Supernatural 
something up, or external coercion? Night’s Black Agents gives the Director a
start at Heat 1. Committing crimes and
Cop Talk:You know how to talk to cops toolkit for making supernatural monsters,
drawing attention (usually by blowing
— you can appear to be a trustworthy, as well as a blasphemous selection box of
things up) raises Heat. Minor crimes like
reliable citizen, or fool them into thinking preconstructed undead types. Want classic
assault, car theft, fleeing arrest, or being
you’re a cop (although you’ll have to Count Dracula–style vampires? We’ve got
caught using false documents raises Heat
use Cover or Forgery if you need you covered. Want weird mutant monsters
by 1. A car chase, explosion, or shoot-out
documentation). You can talk your way infected with a genetically engineered variant
in a dangerous part of town raises Heat by
out of minor infractions. of the Marburg virus, or blood-drinking
2. Causing the same sort of trouble in a
High Society: You know how to alien stones?Want Renfields, ghosts, ghouls,
business or tourist district raises Heat by 3
appear wealthy, and can bluff your way werewolves, zombies, and Mayan death
or 4, as does killing a police officer.
into exclusive events and parties. You can bats? They’re all in the rulebook.
Heat drops when the Agents lie low for
be impeccably dressed or glamorous with In this adventure, we’re using something
a while, or when they change jurisdiction
a moment’s preparation. You also know closer to the popular conception of
(moving from, say, Morocco to London
how to blend in with such company. vampires, but we’re going back to Bram
drops Heat by 2).
Tradecraft: You’re a trained spy, Stoker’s novel for inspiration. There,
Having too much Heat causes problems,
and know all the tricks and lingo of for example, daylight didn’t hurt Count
turning the Agents into wanted fugitives.
international espionage. You can arrange Dracula; it merely stopped him from using
It causes contacts to switch sides or sell the
covert meetings, use dead drops and cut- some of his supernatural powers.
Agents out, it makes getting illegal items
outs, and gather rumors.You’re at home in
harder, and it means that the bad guys
the clandestine world, and know too many
aren’t the only ones hunting the player
secrets for anyone’s comfort.
characters. Heat is bad.
the harker
the harker intrusion n headers on this page

This short Night’s Black Agents demo gives
a taste of how a larger mission plays out.
We kick off in the middle of the action —
there’s an American freelance journalist,
(If the players — being paranoid spies —
do a little digging, then Traffic Analysis
It’s also a lead-in to the epic Dracula Dossier Olivia Liu, who’s on the run from the works out that the email comes from
campaign if you want to go down that bad guys. They’re going to get to her first. London. Cryptography suggests that
dark, vampire-haunted labyrinth. And she’s in Marrakesh. it’s using civilian-grade encryption —
The player characters are the usual mix Summarize the following points to pretty good, but not great. Tradecraft,
of burned spies, ex-criminals, and other your players: Criminology, or Vampirology
shady types that populate the underworld. confirms that the little bits of intel in
„„ You all know and trust each other
the package are genuine, but it’s clearly
„„ Morgan, ex-mercenary wet worker — to one degree or another.
chicken feed, just enough to prove the
„„ Burroughs, ex-MI5 wheel artist „„ You know there’s a conspiracy out
mysterious contact knows what he or she
„„ Ali, ex-Turkish asset handler there in the underworld. You don’t
is talking about. There’s no time to dig in
„„ Green, ex-MSF medic know how big it is, other than big.
further, though, without putting Olivia
„„ Varoutte, ex-DCRI black bagger You don’t know exactly how old
Liu’s life in further jeopardy.)
„„ Henley, ex–Scotland Yard bagman or how well connected it is, and
you don’t know who’s running it.
The characters are built on 20
Investigative points. If you have fewer
You do know, though, that they’re Guns in Morocco 
bad guys, and that some of the
than five players …
conspiracy’s leaders aren’t human. If they’re flying in, then they probably
additional „„ A few days ago, someone sent you a won’t be able to bring any illegal items
number of investigative packet of information by encrypted like firearms through customs (they
players points for each email — enough to show that could try a Difficulty 4 Conceal test
the source knows more about the to smuggle a handgun through, or spend
4 +2 conspiracy than you do, and is willing a point of Streetwise to bribe a
to work with you, if you prove that security guard), so, if they want weapons,
3 +4
you’ve got the skills needed. they’ll need to find a dealer in Morocco
2 +12 „„ There’s a journalist named Olivia or improvise. If they come in another
Liu. She’s on the run in Marrakesh, in way (across from Spain in a speedboat,
As it’s a one-shot, each PC has reduced
Morocco, and the bad guys are after or by land from North Africa), then
Cover and Network.
her. You’ve got to get to her first. they can carry more gear. The Agents
are experienced spies, so getting a
basic pistol is trivial. Bigger, more exotic
weapons require more effort.
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
I  the marrakesh extraction

lead-outs: TheGibraltar Triangulation, Morocco, a hired assassin or one of suggesting he only just arrived in
The London Connection, their own operatives. They won’t use a Morocco, and he’s wearing an earpiece.
The Romania Exhumation local hitter. So, look for someone out He’s obviously running the show on the
of place — they might be the assassin. ground here. This guy is Hartness. He
Marrakesh, Morocco. Narrow medieval
„„ That said, they’re probably using flew in from England earlier that day.
alleyways, covered souks selling
locals to find and track her.
everything from Berber carpets and „„ The players could use Filch to steal
spices to computers and electronics, The Agents can easily track Olivia Liu’s Hartness’ radio. It’s Difficulty 6,
taxis and trucks careening at breakneck hotel — the Riad Rouge (a riad is a large reduced to 3 if they spend a point
speeds through the crowds, the smells house built around a courtyard; many of of a suitable Investigative ability
of sweat and hashish and meat from the them have been converted into hotels). like Flirting. Or, of course, they
street-food stalls. Entertainers in brightly Let them suggest how they find the place. could just beat him up with Hand-
colored robes performing for tourists. Possible options include: to-Hand (Difficulty 4) and grab
Faces peering down and laughing from the radio, but that’s going to attract
„„ Streetwise or creating a 1-point
high windows above the little streets. The both Heat from the Moroccan
Network contact to hit the streets.
echoing call of the muezzin, summoning authorities and more bad guy goons.
„„ Cop Talk: She complained to the
the faithful to prayer. Hartness isn’t combat trained, so the
tourist police when some local
Tell the players that they’ve traced Liu Agents can take him down easily.
youths were following her. The
to the tourist area around Jemaa el-Fnaa, „„ With the radio, the Agents can
police took her details, including
the great market square in the heart of the eavesdrop on the enemy with Traffic
the address of her hotel.
city. There are plenty of cheap hotels and Analysis. Using Interrogation on
„„ Urban Survival / Tradecraft:
hostels in the streets near there.The area is Hartness gets the same information —
Reading the flow of the crowd. That
crowded with both locals and tourists, and Liu left the hotel a few minutes ago,
guy over there is obviously watching
there’s a heavy police presence. and is heading toward the old Jewish
the street; those two there are
quarter, the Mellah. They’re going to
working together. They’re keeping
What’ s Going On? that riad under surveillance.
eliminate her before she gets there.
hh Offer the PCs a choice — they
As the game begins, the bad guys are closing
Alternatively, lurking at the Marrakesh can keep interrogating Hartness,
in on Olivia Liu. She’s just left her hotel,
airport with Tradecraft or Notice lets or go after Liu. If they keep
and is going out to meet a contact of hers,
the Agents spot the Special Operatives interrogating Hartness, he says that
a Turkish fixer named Hasan Safet, who’s
(p. 26) when they arrive. They could the Gibraltar station authorized
going to smuggle her out of Morocco. The
also anticipate their arrival by hacking the snatch operation — Liu is a
bad guys have her under observation, and
into airlines with Digital Intrusion, journalist who’s in contact with
intend to capture her once she’s off the
and using Data Recovery or Traffic a secret source, and someone
streets. They intend to force her to reveal
Analysis to spot the passengers traveling within MI6 wants that source. The
her source — the same mysterious person
from Bucharest via London, and whose Agents can follow this core clue
who just sent the Agents that data packet.
tickets were purchased that morning. Once to “The Gibraltar Triangulation”
To save her, the Agents need to intercept
they’re on the trail of the Operatives, the (p. 27). However, this delay
her before the bad guys take her out.
Agents can trail them as they hunt Liu down. raises the bad guy’s Lead in the
The game starts in the late afternoon. It’ll
Once they find the Riad Rouge, anyone chase scene by 2 (p. 25).
be sunset before long — and once the sun
with Urban Survival spots two young
goes down,theAgents lose their best weapon
against the Special Operatives (p. 26).
Moroccans sitting on motorcycles across Getting Into the Hotel
the street from the main entrance. They’re Openly: If the Agents head through
clearly local hired goons, watching the front the front door, they can get Liu’s room
Finding Olivia Liu door. There’s a third motorcycle next to number from the clerk with a quick bribe
Give any of the player characters with theirs. Meet Adil and Ibrahim; the third (a 1-point Negotiation or Streetwise
Criminology or Urban Survival the member of the team, Jalloun, is inside spend) or by distracting him and checking
following information for free: breaking into Olivia Liu’s hotel room. the registry. If they bribe him, he’ll shut
Offer the players a bonus clue if they the door and prevent Adil and Ibrahim
„„ The Moroccan police are notoriously
make a 1-point Notice spend. If one of from following the PCs; otherwise, the
tough on anyone who threatens the
them accepts, that Agent spots a third two goons from outside follow the Agents
vital tourist trade. If the conspiracy
watcher in a cafe at the end of the street; in, leading to a fight scene in the corridor
is about to kidnap or eliminate Liu,
this third man is white and untanned, outside Liu’s room.
they’ll bring in someone from outside
the harker intrusion n the marrakesh extraction

Covertly: Alternatively, the Agents can „„ grabbing the blanket off the bed knows some very bad people.
use a 1-point Architecture or Urban and tangling someone up in it „„ Travel documents and other
Survival spend to get into Liu’s room „„ pulling the towel rail off the wall pocket litter, like receipts and
before Jalloun gets there; this lets them and using it as an improvised ticket stubs from Romania.
search the room and ambush Jalloun weapon (−1 damage) „„ (Core Clue) Information about
without anyone noticing. „„ kicking someone off the balcony so a new industrial mining project
they fall into the central courtyard in the Carpathian Mountains, and
Hotel Room Fight „„ throwing a handful of photographs of what looks like a
Liu’s hotel room is small, cool, and dark; cockroaches into a foe’s face construction site. With Research
cockroaches scuttle away into the shadows „„ using that sturdy suitcase as or Data Recovery, the Agents
when any light gets in. If the Agents are a bludgeon (−1 damage) can work out the location of this
the first people here, they can search it dig site in Romania, leading to “The
If they grab one of the trio, they can
before Jalloun shows (plus possibly Adil Romanian Exhumation” (p. 29).
Interrogate him into talking. They’re
and Ibrahim, if they saw the Agents enter). „„ More printouts of documents about
working for Mr. Hartness; Jalloun was
If they’re not the first people here, then vampire folklore, buried bodies, and
hired in Gibraltar two days ago — not by
they need to take Jalloun down first. Wallachian warlords. The format of
Hartness, by some other Englishman —
He’s a street thug hired by the bad guys, these files looks familiar — they came
and recruited the other two when he came
and thinks he’s a lot more badass than he from the same mysterious source that
home to Marrakesh. This is a core clue
actually is. sent the PCs here to rescue Liu!
pointing to “The Gibraltar Triangulation.”
Adil and Ibrahim, if they show up, are
better armed. Adil has a knife; Ibrahim’s a
Searching the Room The Chase
black belt in Muay Thai kickboxing. Right now, Olivia Liu is making her way
A quick search of the room reveals
through the streets of Morocco to Hasan
general abilities: Athletics 4, the following:
Safet. All around her, unseen, the agents
Driving 3, Hand-to-Hand 4
„„ Ascribbled note with the address of the conspiracy close in. The technique
(Ibrahim: Hand-to-Hand 8),
here in Marrakesh for someone is called a “floating box” — they’ve got
Health 6, Weapons 4
called Hasan Safet. It looks like it was a dozen pairs of eyes on her, ahead and
(Adil: Weapons 6)
written hastily, as if someone dictated behind, watchers trading off with one
hit threshold: 3
the address to Liu over the phone and another so she never realizes she’s under
alertness modifier: +0
she then left in a hurry. It’s the only surveillance. They’re waiting for the right
stealth modifier: −1
lead the PCs have for finding her. moment to unleash the inhuman operatives
damage modifier: −2 (fist),
hh A 1-point Streetwise spend who are actually going to capture her.
−1 (knife). Ibrahim can use called
(or taking Safet as a Network This works as a chase scene — the Agents
shots to try for extra damage.
contact) means the Agent recognizes are pursuing the bad guys. Unlike a regular
Encourage the players to avoid killing. the name. Safet’s a fixer — not chase, though, it’s not a direct contest of
Killing means corpses; corpses draw necessarily a criminal, but he can speed. The bad guys are trying to sneak,
more Heat. Instead, take advantage of get you pretty much anything, legal using Surveillance. The Agents, well,
the cramped conditions and improvised or illegal, as long as you don’t ask how are they planning on catching up with
weapons to hand, like: questions. He’s a good guy, but he Liu? Are they:
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
„„ playing cat-and-mouse with the bad

guys, trying to counter or eliminate The Jack  The Sorceress 

the watchers so Liu can escape? In this
general abilities: Athletics 12, general abilities: Aberrance 8,
case, they’re using Surveillance
Driving 5, Hand-to-Hand 14, Athletics 6, Driving 4,
„„ sprinting through the streets
Health 12, Shooting 12, Weapons 12 Hand-to-Hand 6, Health 10,
or parkouring over rooftops
hit threshold: 4 Weapons 6
with Athletics?
alertness modifier: +2 hit threshold: 4
„„ stealing a car or motorcycle
stealth modifier: +1 alertness modifier: +2
and using Driving?
damage modifier: −1 (fist, kick), stealth modifier: +2
The bad guys have a collective Surveillance
+1 (tonfa or 9mm) damage modifier: −2 (fist),
pool of 10 and an Athletics pool of 6.
armor: −1 vs. bullets −1 (knife)
The bad guys’ Lead starts at 4 (or 6 if
other powers: Vampiric Speed other powers: Control Weather
the PCs were delayed at the hotel). If the
(spend 2 Athletics or Health (spend 2 Aberrance to summon up
Lead reaches 10, then the bad guys are able
for an extra attack or +2 Hit mist, cloud, storms, etc.), Mesmerism
to abduct Liu before the Agents find her. If
Threshold for one round) (spend 2 Aberrance and roll a die;
the Lead reaches 0, then the Agents catch
banes: in indirect sunlight, he suffers on a roll of 4 or more, the target
up with Liu before the bad guys’ Special
a penalty to all attacks (raise PC must make a Stability test using
Operatives arrive.
opponent’s Hit Threshold by +2). 2 + the die roll as the Difficulty
In each round of the chase, the bad guys
Direct sunlight removes the effects to resist the sorceress’ mental
and one player character make ability tests
of the Seward Serum, dropping command), Summoning (spend 2
against Difficulty 4. If one succeeds and the
his Hand-to-Hand, Shooting, and Aberrance to call up a horde of rats)
other fails, the Lead changes by 2. If both fail
Weapons by 4, canceling his Vampiric banes: in indirect sunlight, she
or both succeed, the Lead changes by 1 in
Speed, and reducing his Hand-to- suffers a penalty to all attacks
favor of whoever rolled better. The Agents
Hand and Weapons damage by −1. (raise opponent’s Hit Threshold by
can spend suitable Investigative abilities to
+1, reduce Mesmerism difficulty
drop the Difficulty by 1 for one round.
by −1). She cannot use her
If the Lead drops to 3, then the bad
powers at all in direct sunlight.
guys panic and switch to using Athletics,
trying to physically block the PCs from
reaching Liu. More disposable goons try
tackling the Agents, or cutting them off,
or attacking them in melee.
TheThereSpecial Operatives their photosensitivity and bring the fight
into open sunlight.
are two of them. Both of them
After five rounds, if the chase is still
are still technically human. One of them
ongoing,then the Special Operatives arrive.
is a Jack — a British special forces soldier, Debriefing Liu
Ending the Chase strength and reflexes amped up on vampire
blood. The other’s a Romanian sorceress;
Once the Agents are clear of their pursuers,
they can question Olivia Liu. (They also
If the bad guys get to Lead 10, then Liu’s
she’s gifted with supernatural powers of get to refresh Athletics, Driving, Hand-
doomed. The Agents race around a corner,
mesmerism and psychic influence. Both to-Hand, Piloting, Shooting, Weapons,
and she’s gone, never to be seen again. The
are dressed in casual street clothes, so they and any three other General abilities.) She
conspiracy goons watching her melt away
look like tourists. Vampirology notices reveals the following information:
into the crowd. If the Agents never got
the way they avoid direct sunlight when „„ She’s a journalist, investigating
the clues from Liu’s hotel room, then her
they can — they’re photosensitive. corporate corruption. She was
contact Hasan Safet can tell them that Liu
The plan was for the Jack to grab Liu, contacted by a mysterious source,
was investigating a mining operation in
then for the sorceress to compel the who sent her information about the
Romania before she fled to Morocco — he
journalist into revealing her source. Now Romanian mining industry, mixed
doesn’t know what was going on there, but
that the Agents are interfering, the new in with lots of weird stuff about
it must have been something … unholy.
plan is to eliminate the Agents, then grab vampires. The intel was good, so
It’s the only lead left to the PCs, and it goes
Liu. They wait until the Agents reach the when the source asked her to check
to “The Romania Exhumation.”
narrow, shadowy alleyways of the Mellah, out a particular mining company, she
If the Agents get the Lead down to 0
then attack. The Jack intercepts the lead did so. She followed the company
before the Special Operatives show up,
Agent and starts smashing the character to a new exploratory dig in the
then they can grab Liu, Reassure her that
into the walls; the sorceress waits for one Carpathian Mountains, and it turned
they’re on her side, and run. The Special
of the Agents to draw a weapon, then tries out the mining operation was a cover
Operatives pursue the Agents — the
to use her mind-control powers to force for something else — she doesn’t
Agents’ starting Lead in this case is 6, and
that character to turn the weapon on the know what they were digging up.
they’re clear when they get to 0.
other PCs. They’ll retreat if reduced to „„ When they spotted her, the guards at
0 Health, or if the PCs take advantage of the dig site tried to shoot her. She’s
the harker intrusion n the gibraltar triangulation
been on the run ever since. She’s „„ Data Recovery (Core Clue):

had terrible nightmares every night Searching through the files sent Contacting the Source
since then, too — dreams of a pale by Liu’s source, you’re sure he or
The Source’s data packets include a way
man with red eyes, haunting her. she is based in London. Tracking
for Liu or the characters to contact the
„„ Archaeology (Core Clue): Looking down the source means “The
Source by encrypted email. Whoever the
at Liu’s photos, it looks like they’re London Connection” (p. 28).
Source is, he or she doesn’t check email
excavating the remains of a medieval „„ She doesn’t know who the bad guys
promptly, so it can take hours or days to
castle. Combine “medieval castle in pursuing her are. Hasan Safet told her
get a response. If the Agents try checking
Transylvania” with “vampires” … it that he’d seen a lot of activity in the
in after “The Marrakesh Extraction,” the
could be bad. Very bad. It appears British outpost of Gibraltar, though, so
Source responds twenty-four hours later,
they’re still searching for something, that might be worth checking out in
asking them to check the Romanian site.
so there’s still time to stop them by “The Gibraltar Triangulation” (below).
going to Romania with, say, a few
blocks of C4 explosive. Time for “The
Romania Exhumation” (p. 29).

II  the gibraltar triangulation

lead-in: TheMarrakesh Extraction is in an old WWII-era tunnel bored into „„ Archaeology (Core Clue):
lead-outs: The London Connection, the side of the rock; data cables and pipes They’re digging up something in
The Romania Exhumation run along whitewashed stone walls, and the Carpathian Mountains, using
the only light comes from dusty bulbs a mining operation as cover —
Some of the conspiracy agents
hanging from the ceiling. It’s a maze of at the site of a ruined fortress.
encountered in Marrakesh came from
twisty tunnels locked off with rusting steel That can’t be good. This leads to
Gibraltar, so it’s worth checking out. The
gates. Getting in there requires a Difficulty “The Romania Exhumation.”
main purpose of this optional scene is to
4 Infiltration test. „„ Cryptography (Core Clue):
provide extra context and background
Inside, it’s clear that the office was They’re on the trail of whoever sent
for enthusiastic players, and to provide
recently shut down (Military Science: you that data packet, trying to track
alternate clues pointing to the Romania
maybe they thought the Liu operation drew the source down. It looks like they’re
and London scenes.
too much attention); nearly everything’s getting close — you should warn your
Gibraltar is one of the few remaining
been stripped out, boxed up, and put on source. See “The London Connection.”
outposts of the British Empire, a rocky
a plane for England. The Agents might
headland off the coast of Spain that’s No Escape: If the Jack from Marrakesh is
get a glimpse of one of the handlers from
home to some thirty thousand people. still alive, then he shows up here. There’s a
Marrakesh, like Hartness, driving off to
For most of its history, Gibraltar was a clang as one of the heavy steel gates swings
the nearby Gibraltar airport. However, a
strategic asset, home to a naval base that shut and locks, and then the lights go out
thorough search of the place turns up a box
controlled access to the Mediterranean. — he can see in the dark. He stalks the
of printouts that never found their way to
While its value as a military stronghold Agents through the lightness tunnels with
the shredder.
has declined compared to its importance the intent of tearing them apart with his
in tourism and finance, it’s still home to a „„ Research: Some of these files are vampiric strength. This time, the only way
small naval squadron, an infantry regiment old — whatever this operation is, it’s to stop him is to kill him.
— and quite a lot of spies, as Gibraltar is been running for more than a century!
„„ The darkness raises the Hit Threshold
a major hub in the UK’s SIGINT (signals You do find the project’s name, though
for Hand-to-Hand or Weapons
intelligence) network. — it’s called OPERATION EDOM.
by +1, and Shooting by +2.
A 1-point Tradecraft (or 0-point if „„ Traffic Analysis: There’s a lot
„„ Forcing a locked gate open requires
the Agent is ex–British Intelligence) or of traffic about “boxes,” “assigns,”
a Difficulty 6 Athletics test.
Network spend gets a rumor that there “jacks,” and “targets.” At a guess,
is a secretive MI6 operation running a they’re using — or working with
satellite station on the Rock. The office — vampires as deniable assets.
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
iii  the london connection

lead-ins: TheMarrakesh Extraction, wish. Get what you can from him, from his corpse. Either way, if the players
The Gibraltar Triangulation, then get away before he burns you. don’t take the hint — no, not hint, the
The Romania Exhumation incredibly blatant and clear signal to run,
lead-out: The Romania Exhumation It Is the Man Himself then they’ll be trapped in the church when
As the Agents approach the church, the Edom kill team shows up.
Who is the mysterious Source in London?
Outdoor Survival spots a large bat
Call him Harker. It doesn’t matter if he’s
actually a descendant (Legacy, in NBA
circling around the spire. The area around The Kill Team
the church is relatively empty. There’s a Two black vans with tinted windows race
jargon) of the original Jonathan and Mina
single car parked just outside, in the gravel to the church. Each van contains a four-
Harker, or he’s just using that famous name
car park by the graveyard; that must be man armed response squad from Edom,
as a nom de guerre.
Harker’s. The door to the church is ajar, with orders to recover the Dossier and
It doesn’t matter because he’s going to
and light streams out of it across the stones. capture Harker and anyone else involved.
die very soon.
In contrast to the Mediterranean heat of If they cannot capture, they have orders to
Morocco and Gibraltar, there’s a chill in shoot to kill. Edom intends to disguise the
Making Contact the evening air that cuts to the bone. operation as a raid against a jihadi terrorist
The Agents can make contact with their If the Agents enter the church cell, so the local police have been warned
Source using the encrypted email in immediately, they find the corpse of a to stay out of the way.
the original packet (Data Recovery) priest. His throat has been torn open, and This is a car chase, or possibly a car chase
or by tracing his IP using intel obtained his back broken across the altar. The door punctuated by a shootout.The Agents need
from Gibraltar. Either way, the Source leading up to the bell tower is open. to get a Lead of 7 to escape into London;
introduces himself to the Agents, and If some or all of the Agents stay outside, however, Dracula’s freezing fog increases
agrees to meet them in person. Harker they see Harker emerge onto a ledge at the the Agent’s Difficulties — but not those of
claims to have obtained a dossier of vital top of the bell tower, clutching a briefcase. their pursuers — by +1.TheAgents need to
information about Operation Edom, and He looks pale, terrified, hunted. There’s drive through a thick, almost Victorian fog
believes that the Agents are better able to something behind him, a deeper darkness at high speed while being chased by armed
make use of it than he is. He tried to play in the shadows. Red eyes gleam — and guards, and possibly with a dead man still
spymaster, but after nearly getting Olivia Harker takes a step forward, into empty air. spread-eagled across the front of their car.
Liu killed, his nerve has gone. Bullshit He falls. If the Agents parked outside the A 1-point Streetwise or Urban
Detector confirms that this is a genuine church, then he smashes into the hood and Survival spend lets an Agent know about
offer — he’s lost confidence in himself, windscreen of their car, shattering the glass. a suitable place to dump the car and escape
and needs someone to take the burden of Otherwise, he smashes into the jagged (a lockup garage, an underground car
this mysterious dossier from him. gravel. Either way, he’s dead instantly. park, a derelict industrial estate). Dracula
He knows he’s being watched — he’s Another man steps out onto the ledge. won’t pursue the Agents — he has his own
kept on the move for the last week, and He’s tall, with a black moustache and agenda, and part of it involves distracting
he’s exhausted. He tells the characters ruddy features. An ugly scar blazes red on Edom with a hunt for the stolen Dossier.
to meet him at a church in Plaistow, East his forehead — almost as red as his eyes, Any Agents captured by Edom are
London — the Church of St. Joshua — which glow with an unearthly light for dead meat — if they’re lucky, they’ll be
to make the handoff. He doesn’t give the an instant. Then he’s gone, melting away rendered to an interrogation site that
Agents much time to get there, so they’ve into the sudden thick fog that descends doesn’t officially exist and never seen again.
got to make do with whatever gear they as if from everywhere and nowhere. The If they’re unlucky, well, Edom needs to
have with them (or use Preparedness). church is suddenly shrouded in icy mists. provide a lot of blood for its special assets …
Military Science or Vampirology:
„„ Architecture: It’s a Victorian
Gothic church, an unsightly mess of
Every instinct screams at you to run. Kill Team
Whatever that thing was, it’s far beyond general abilities: Athletics 8,
spires and gargoyles. Looks medieval,
you right now. Grab the briefcase and run! Driving 6, Hand-to-Hand 5,
but is only around 150 years old.
If there are Agents in the church, then Health 7, Shooting 7, Weapons 4
„„ Vampirology: You’ll cross several
Harker’s briefcase got caught on a gargoyle hit threshold: 4
rivers on the way there, not just
as he fell. They’ve got to race up the bell alertness modifier: +1
the Thames. Consecrated ground
tower, climb down to the gargoyle, grab stealth modifier: +1
surrounded by water — Harker
the briefcase, and escape. If everyone’s damage modifier: −2 (fist),
knows that vampires are after him.
outside, then Harker keeps hold of the −1 (combat knife), +0 (assault rifle)
„„ Tradecraft or Shrink: This is sloppy.
briefcase as he falls, and they can recover it armor: −1 vs. bullets
This is messy. Harker’s got a death
the harker intrusion n the london connection / the romania exhumation

copy of Dracula — the one with the purple the documents will take time,but theAgents
The Dracula Dossier title and lurid yellow binding — that’s immediately spot (core clue: Research)
Once they’re clear of their pursuers, the
covered in scribbled annotations, and which documents Harker was working on
Agents can check out the Dossier. The
several passports, as well as bundles of cash before he fled. It leads to Romania …
briefcase contains a pile of disorganized
in multiple currencies. Going through all
papers and printouts, an old first-edition

iv  the romania exhumation

lead-ins: TheMarrakesh Extraction,
The Gibraltar Triangulation,
Groundwork „„ Military Science: It looks like
mostly local muscle again — probably
Before the Agents hit the dig site,
The London Connection organized crime or hired mercs
investigation turns up some useful clues.
lead-out: The London Connection out of the Ukraine — but the guys
If a player can justify it, a different ability
in charge remind you of the Edom
The monastery at Salard was founded might give the same information. For
agents you ran into in Morocco.
by Cistercian monks in the middle of example, intercepting communications
„„ Photography: If the Agents didn’t
the 11th century, and disbanded in the with Traffic Analysis or studying people
take out the sorceress in Morocco,
13th by the local lord — with unseemly, with Human Terrain might glean the
then a telephoto lens catches a glimpse
even alarming, haste. The monastery same insights as Military Science.
of her. It looks like she’s directing the
was abandoned for some years until it
„„ Archaeology: This isn’t any sort of dig team with a dowsing rod or wand.
was buried in a landslip triggered by an
competent archaeological excavation „„ A 1-point Diagnosis or Notice
earthquake. Now, someone’s digging it up.
— they’re digging right through the spend spots a cooler box of the
The monastery site is up in the
ruins, looking for something buried sort used to transport blood
mountains, off the main roads. The Agents
beneath. They’re clearly in a hurry. products. Someone’s got about
can get there by flying into Cluj-Napoca
„„ Vampirology: The monastery twenty units of blood on standby
or Târgu Mures and then taking a car. As
was shut down suddenly, as if — that’s a lot of blood.
they have more time to prepare for this
something evil had taken hold
part of the mission, they can obtain illegal
there. Might that something still
weapons or equipment more readily than
be buried beneath the ruins?
they could in Morocco.
night’'s black agents - the harker intrusion
The Excavation whoever leaked the location of the dig (Difficulty 6) to cut the coffin open

site to Liu; if the Agents don’t warn their without being seen, then a Stability
The “mining operation” used explosive
contact, he’s doomed. See “The London test (Difficulty 6) to withstand
charges to cause a landslide, gouging a black
Connection,” p. 28. the ancient horror’s baleful gaze,
wound in the hillside. Now, they’re using
and finally Weapons or Medic
a combination of earthmoving equipment
and men with shovels to dig down further. The Blood Is the Life (Difficulty 4) to finish the monster
off. If any of these tests fail, the
Large lumps of rock (Architecture or At a suitably dramatic moment while
PCs attract unwanted attention.
Archaeology identifies them as chunks the team are observing the dig site or
of masonry, probably the remains of the sneaking around, the excavation breaks If, by some horrible mischance, the
old monastery) jut out like white bones into an underground chamber containing PCs aren’t able to stop Edom from
from the mud. Plastic sheeting protects a metal coffin. This coffin contains a awakening this vampire, then they’re in
the current excavation from the elements. slumbering vampire. Edom’s mission here for a tough fight.
Off to one side are a few portable cabins is to reawaken the vampire once they’ve
and tents. A mud track leads up the hillside taken proper precautions. The sorceress The Newly Woken Vampire
from the nearest road, but that track is demands they open it immediately, but is general abilities: Aberrance 10,
always watched by armed guards. argued down by the Edom archaeologist Hand-to-Hand 10, Health 14,
At the dig, there are around a dozen — they’ll wait until the following dawn Weapons 8
armed guards, about the same number before bringing down the blood from the hit threshold: 6
of laborers and engineers, three Edom storage container to revivify whatever’s alertness modifier: +2
officers (a translator, an archaeologist, and in the coffin. This gives the Agents a brief stealth modifier: +2
a diplomat) — and, if the Agents didn’t window to take out the monster before damage modifier: +0
take her down in Morocco, the Romanian it’s awoken. (fist) or +1 (bite)
blood sorceress, who seems to be butting Possible options: armor: −1 (tough skin)
heads with the Edom officers. Human free powers: Drain, Infravision
„„ Stealing explosives and blowing up
Terrain or Vampirology guesses other powers: Spider Climb
the coffin — Filch (Difficulty 4 once
their disagreement is over the nature of (spend 1 Aberrance to cling to a
the PCs have infiltrated the camp)
whatever they’re looking for; she seems to sheer surface), Strength (spend 2
or Preparedness (Difficulty 6) to
have an almost religious reverence for the Aberrance for a +1 damage bonus,
obtain the explosives, then Explosive
process, while they act more like a bomb smash down barriers, throw foes),
Devices (Difficulty 6) to plant them.
disposal team. Vampiric Speed (spend 2 Aberrance
„„ Poisoning the blood packs with
The Agents can sneak in with to jump in or make an extra attack)
holy water — Preparedness
Infiltration (Difficulty 6, although dreads: It takes an Aberrance
(Difficulty 6) or a Vampirology
Investigative spends can drop the test, Difficulty 6, for the vampire
spend to have the water to hand, then
Difficulty). Failing to infiltrate alerts the to approach a foe brandishing
Conceal (Difficulty 4) to spike the
guards. Use the stats for the Kill Team on a crucifix or garlic. Even if he
packs without leaving any traces.
page 28 for the guards. succeeds, the vampire must
„„ Breaking open the coffin, cutting off
Capturing and using Interrogation then make a Health test (also at
the monster’s head, and filling its
(core clue) on one of the Edom officers Difficulty 6) to do anything other
mouth with garlic — Mechanics
reveals that Edom are on the trail of than smash the object it dreads.
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   ____  ____ description You were an assassin,

Archaeology   ____  ____ until they sent you up against a man

Architecture   ____  ____ who wouldn’t die. Now, you hunt
Art History   ____  ____ the monsters, redeeming yourself by
Criminology   ____ 1  ____ destroying things that shouldn’t exist.
Diagnosis   ____  ____ Backgrounds: Wet worker

History   ____  ____ drive: Slayer
Human Terrain  ____  ____ previous patron: Best not to ask.
Languages  1
____  ____ sources of stability
   symbol Lucky silver bullet with your
  name on it
   solace Girlfriend in Paris, Natalie
Law   ____ 1  ____  safety A villa you own in Morocco
1  ____ covers
Military Science   ____
Occult Studies   1  ____ 
Research   ____  ____ 
Vampirology   ____ 1  ____  GENERAL ABILITIES
   ____  ____  Athletics   10  ____
  ____  ____  Conceal   ____  ____
network contacts Cover   5
____  ____
1  ____ 
Bullshit Detector   ____ ____  ____ Digital Intrusion   ____  ____
Bureaucracy   ____  ____  ____  ____ Diguise   4
____  ____
Cop Talk   1
____  ____  ____  ____ Driving   2
____  ____
Flattery   ____  ____  ____  ____  
Flirting   ____  ____  ____  ____  
High Society   ____  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Explosive Devices   ____  ____
Interrogation   1
____  ____  ____ Filch   ____  ____
Intimidation   2
____  ____  ____ Gambling   ____ 2  ____
Negotiation   1
____  ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand   4  ____
Reassurance   ____  ____  ____ Infiltration   ____ 8  ____
Streetwise   1
____  ____  ____ Mechanics   4  ____ ____
Tradecraft   1
____  ____  ____ Medic   ____ 4  ____
   ____  ____ Network   5  ____ ____
  ____  ____ hit threshold [ 4 ] Piloting   ____  ____
 
Astronomy   ____  ____  
Chemistry   ____  ____
specials Preparedness   ____  ____
shooting mos: Automatically succeed
Cryptography   ____  ____ Sense Trouble   ____ 4  ____
1  ____ on one Shooting test 10
____  ____
Data Recovery   ____ Shooting  
parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points with
1  ____
Electronic Surveillance  ____ Shrink   ____  ____
____  ____ a cool description of action 4
____  ____
Forensic Pathology  Surveillance   
open sesame: Open basic locks for free
Forgery   ____  ____ Weapons   4
____  ____
technothriller monologue:
     ____  ____
Refresh 3 Shooting points with a cool ____  ____
   
1  ____ description of your weapons
Notice   ____

Outdoor Survival   ____ 1  ____ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Pharmacy   ____  ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography   ____  ____
Traffic Analysis   1
____  ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival   1
____  ____
 
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   ____  ____ description You volunteered as an

Archaeology   ____  ____ aid worker in some of the most

Architecture   ____  ____ dangerous parts of the world. You
Art History   ____  ____ uncovered evidence of an unseen
Criminology   ____  ____ force that seemed to feed on human

Diagnosis   ____1  ____ misery, an international conspiracy

History   ____  ____ that promoted atrocity and suffering.
Human Terrain  1  ____
____ It has to be uncovered
Languages  1  ____
____ and destroyed.
  Backgrounds: Medic
  drive: Mystery
  previous patron: Médecins Sans
Law   ____  ____ Frontières (MSF)
Military Science   ____  ____ sources of stability
Occult Studies   ____ 1  ____  symbol A crucifix, given to you
Research   ____ 1  ____ by a missionary
Vampirology   ____ 1  ____  solace Your family, especially your GENERAL ABILITIES
  ____  ____ young niece Athletics   8  ____
  ____  ____  safety Family holiday home in Spain Conceal   ____ 4  ____
covers Cover   ____ 5  ____
Bullshit Detector   ____  ____  Digital Intrusion   ____  ____
Bureaucracy   ____ 1  ____  Diguise   ____  ____
Cop Talk  ____  ____  Driving   ____ 2  ____
Flattery   ____  ____   
Flirting   ____ 1  ____   
High Society   ____  ____ network contacts Explosive Devices   ____  ____
Interrogation   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Filch   ____  ____
Intimidation   ____  ____  ____  ____ Gambling   ____  ____
Negotiation   ____  ____  ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand   ____ 4  ____
Reassurance   ____  ____  ____  ____ Infiltration   ____ 4  ____
Streetwise   ____  ____  ____  ____ Mechanics   ____  ____
Tradecraft   ____ 1  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic   ____ 8  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Network   ____ 5  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Piloting   ____  ____
 ____  
Astronomy   ____  ____  ____  
Chemistry   ____ 2  ____  ____ Preparedness   ____ 6  ____
Cryptography   ____  ____  ____ Sense Trouble   ____ 2  ____
Data Recovery   ____  ____ Shooting  ____ 4  ____
Electronic Surveillance  ____  ____
hit threshold [ 4 ] Shrink   ____ 8  ____
Forensic Pathology  ____  ____ Surveillance    ____ 4  ____
Forgery   ____  ____ Weapons   ____ 8  ____
 
specials   ____  ____
athletics mos: Automatically
    ____  ____
1  ____ succeed on one Athletics test
Notice   ____

Outdoor Survival   ____ 1  ____ parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

2 with a cool description of action
Pharmacy   ____  ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography   ____ 1  ____ quincey morris’ bowie knife:
Throw Weapons without penalty
Traffic Analysis   ____  ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival   ____  ____
 
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   ____  ____ description You specialized in pulling

Archaeology   ____  ____ MI6 friendlies and assets out of danger.

Architecture   ____  ____ A year ago, a man bled to death in the
Art History   ____  ____ back of your car, and whispered that
Criminology   1
____  ____ there were vampires pulling the world’s
Diagnosis   ____  ____ strings. You’ve gone rogue to find out

History   ____  ____ the truth.
Human Terrain  1
____  ____ Backgrounds: Wheel Artist
Languages  1  ____ drive: Patriotism
  previous patron: MI6
  sources of stability
   symbol SIS ID card
Law   ____ 1  ____  solace A congresswoman in Washington
1  ____
Military Science   ____ you can trust
Occult Studies   ____  ____  safety Childhood home
Research   ____  ____ covers
Vampirology   ____  ____  GENERAL ABILITIES
  ____  ____  Athletics   4  ____
  ____  ____  Conceal   ____  ____
 Cover   5
____  ____
Bullshit Detector   1
____  ____  Digital Intrusion   ____  ____
Bureaucracy   1
____  ____ network contacts Diguise   ____  ____
Cop Talk  ____ 2  ____  ____  ____ Driving   10
____  ____
Flattery   1
____  ____  ____  ____  
Flirting   ____  ____  ____  ____  
High Society   1
____  ____  ____  ____ 2  ____
Explosive Devices   ____
Interrogation   ____  ____  ____  ____ Filch   ____  ____
Intimidation   ____  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Gambling   ____  ____
Negotiation   ____  ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand   2
____  ____
Reassurance   ____ 1  ____  ____ Infiltration   2
____  ____
Streetwise   2
____  ____  ____ Mechanics   8
____  ____
Tradecraft   1
____  ____  ____ Medic   4
____  ____
   ____  ____  ____ Network   5
____  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Piloting   8
____  ____
 
Astronomy   ____  ____
hit threshold [ 3 ]  
Chemistry   ____  ____ Preparedness   ____ 4  ____
Cryptography   ____  ____ Sense Trouble   8  ____
Data Recovery   ____  ____
specials Shooting  ____ 4  ____
driving mos: Automatically
1  ____
Electronic Surveillance  ____ Shrink   ____  ____
____  ____ succeed at one driving test 4
____  ____
Forensic Pathology  Surveillance   
grand theft auto: Spend
Forgery   ____  ____ Weapons   4
____  ____
1 Driving to automatically ____  ____
    
steal any standard vehicle ____  ____
   
grand theft aero: Spend 1
Notice   ____ 1  ____

Outdoor Survival   1  ____

____ Piloting to automatically steal 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
any standard boat or plane
Pharmacy   ____  ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
swiss army prep: Use Mechanics as
Photography   ____  ____
1  ____ Preparedness for home-made gadgets
Traffic Analysis   ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
gear devil: Refresh 3 Piloting or
Urban Survival   ____ 1  ____
 
Driving with a cool description 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
combat intuition: You use your Sense
 
Trouble rating, not pool, for initiative
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   1  ____
____ description You worked for the Turkish

Archaeology   ____  ____ national intelligence agency, running

Architecture   ____  ____ spies into Russia and the former Soviet
Art History   ____  ____ bloc. Four of your operatives got killed
Criminology   ____  ____ in a single night, and you realized you’d

Diagnosis   ____  ____ gotten too close to something big. You

History   ____ 1  ____ were forced out of the agency — you
Human Terrain  1  ____
____ want back in, but you need proof of the
Languages  1  ____
____ existence of a vampiric conspiracy to
  make them believe you.
  Backgrounds: Asset Handler
  drive: Restoration
Law   ____  ____ previous patron: Millî Istihbarat
1  ____
Military Science   ____ Teskilatı (MIT)
Occult Studies   ____  ____ sources of stability
Research   ____ 1  ____  symbol Your laptop
Vampirology   ____ 1  ____  solace Brother, still an agent with MIT GENERAL ABILITIES
  ____  ____  safety A hotel room in London, rented Athletics   4  ____
  ____  ____ under a false name Conceal   ____  ____
covers Cover   ____ 8  ____
2  ____ 
Bullshit Detector   ____ 8  ____
Digital Intrusion   ____
Bureaucracy   ____ 1  ____  Diguise   ____ 2  ____
Cop Talk  ____ 1  ____  Driving   ____  ____
Flattery   ____ 1  ____   
Flirting   ____ 1  ____   
High Society   ____ 1  ____ network contacts Explosive Devices   ____  ____
Interrogation   ____  ____  ____  ____ Filch   ____ 5  ____
Intimidation   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Gambling   ____ 4  ____
Negotiation   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand   ____ 6  ____
Reassurance   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Infiltration   ____ 4  ____
Streetwise   ____  ____  ____  ____ Mechanics   ____  ____
Tradecraft   ____ 1  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic   ____  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Network   ____ 10  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Piloting   ____  ____
 ____  
Astronomy   ____  ____  ____  
Chemistry   ____  ____  2  ____
____ Preparedness   ____
Cryptography   ____ 1  ____  5  ____
____ Sense Trouble   ____
Data Recovery   ____  ____ Shooting  ____ 6  ____
Electronic Surveillance  ____  ____
hit threshold [ 3 ] Shrink   ____ 8  ____
Forensic Pathology  ____  ____ 8  ____
Surveillance    ____
Forgery   ____  ____ Weapons   ____  ____
 
specials   ____  ____
surveillance mos: Automatically
    ____  ____
succeed at a Surveillance test.
Notice   ____  ____

Outdoor Survival   ____  ____

4 3 2 1
Pharmacy   ____  ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography   ____  ____
1  ____
Traffic Analysis   ____ 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival   ____  ____
 
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   ____  ____ description DCRI had a warrant to bug

Archaeology   ____  ____ a Romanian company, and you led a

Architecture   1
____  ____ team of four into their offices at night
Art History   1
____  ____ to wire the place. There was a monster
Criminology   1
____  ____ there — it killed the rest of your team
Diagnosis   ____  ____ and left you for dead. Next morning,

History   ____  ____ the offices were empty, burned, leaving
Human Terrain  1
____  ____ no proof except the scar where it bit
Languages  ____  ____ you and the corpses of your men.
  Backgrounds: Black Bagger
  drive: Revenge
  previous patron: Direction Centrale
Law   1
____  ____ du Renseignement Intériur (DCRI)
Military Science   ____  ____ sources of stability
Occult Studies   ____  ____  symbol Scar on your left hand, from
Research   ____ 1  ____ the monster’s teeth 
Vampirology   1
____  ____  solace The widow of one of your GENERAL ABILITIES
  ____  ____ fellow agents  Athletics   8  ____
  ____  ____  safety Your former home in Paris  Conceal   4  ____ ____
covers Cover   ____ 5  ____
Bullshit Detector   ____ 1  ____  Digital Intrusion   4  ____
Bureaucracy   ____  ____  Diguise   ____ 2  ____
Cop Talk   ____  ____  Driving   ____  ____
Flattery   ____  ____   
Flirting   ____  ____   
High Society   ____  ____ network contacts 2  ____
Explosive Devices   ____
Interrogation   1
____  ____  ____  ____ Filch   8  ____ ____
Intimidation   1
____  ____  ____  ____ Gambling   ____  ____
Negotiation   1
____  ____  ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand   ____ 6  ____
Reassurance   ____  ____  ____  ____ Infiltration   8  ____
Streetwise   1
____  ____  ____  ____ Mechanics   ____ 2  ____
Tradecraft   1
____  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic   ____  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Network   5
____  ____
  ____  ____  ____ Piloting   ____  ____
 ____  
Astronomy   ____  ____  ____  
Chemistry   ____  ____  ____ Preparedness   ____ 4  ____
Cryptography   ____  ____  ____ Sense Trouble   2  ____
Data Recovery   1
____  ____ Shooting  ____ 6  ____
1  ____ hit threshold [ 4 ]
Electronic Surveillance  ____ Shrink   ____  ____
Forensic Pathology  ____  ____ Surveillance    4
____  ____
Forgery   ____ 1  ____ Weapons   2
____  ____
 
specials    ____  ____
infiltration mos: Automatically
    ____  ____
1  ____ succeed on an Infiltration test
Notice   ____

Outdoor Survival   ____  ____

parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
with a cool description of action
Pharmacy   ____  ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
open sesame: Open basic locks for free
Photography   ____ 1  ____
no slipups: Spend Filch on a 2-for-
Traffic Analysis   1  ____
____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1  ____ 1 basis after rolling the die
Urban Survival   ____
 
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting   2  ____
____ description You’re a gamekeeper turned

Archaeology   ____  ____ poacher turned … well, the metaphor

Architecture   ____  ____ breaks down. You worked for Scotland
Art History   ____  ____ Yard, investigating financial crime and
Criminology   ____  ____ money laundering, until you went to

Diagnosis   ____  ____ the private sector. You knew K&B were
History   ____  ____ dodgy, but you had gambling debts and
Human Terrain  ____  ____ you were tired of losing. It was only
Languages  1  ____
____ when you were on the inside that you
  realized how dodgy K&B were — they
  were a front for something terrible,
  something with minions everywhere.
Law   ____ 1  ____ You blew up their offices in Canary
Military Science   ____  ____ Wharf and vanished into the criminal
Occult Studies   ____  ____ underworld, determined to bring them
Research   ____ 1  ____ to justice.
Vampirology   ____  ____ Backgrounds: Bagman GENERAL ABILITIES
  ____  ____ drive: Atonement Athletics   8  ____
  ____  ____ previous patron: K&B Financial Services Conceal   ____ 8  ____
sources of stability Cover   ____ 5  ____
Bullshit Detector   ____ 1  ____  symbol Your gun 8  ____
Digital Intrusion   ____
Bureaucracy   ____ 1  ____  solace The barman in the King's Arms Diguise   ____ 2  ____
Cop Talk  ____ 1  ____  safety Scotland Yard Driving   ____ 2  ____
Flattery   ____  ____ covers  
Flirting   ____ 1  ____   
High Society   ____  ____  2  ____
Explosive Devices   ____
Interrogation   ____ 1  ____  Filch   ____  ____
Intimidation   ____ 1  ____  Gambling   ____ 2  ____
Negotiation   ____ 1  ____  Hand-to-Hand   ____ 4  ____
Reassurance   ____  ____ network contacts Infiltration   ____ 2  ____
Streetwise   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Mechanics   ____  ____
Tradecraft   ____ 1  ____  ____  ____ Medic   ____  ____
  ____  ____  ____  ____ Network   ____ 6  ____
  ____  ____  ____  ____ Piloting   ____  ____
 ____  ____  
Astronomy   ____  ____ weapons/armour/gear mod  
Chemistry   ____  ____  ____ 4  ____
Preparedness   ____
Cryptography   ____ 1  ____  ____ 6  ____
Sense Trouble   ____
Data Recovery   ____ 1  ____  ____ Shooting  ____ 6  ____
1  ____ 
Electronic Surveillance  ____ ____ Shrink   ____  ____
Forensic Pathology  ____  ____  ____ 5  ____
Surveillance    ____
Forgery   ____ 1  ____  ____ Weapons   ____ 2  ____
    ____  ____
 
hit threshold [ 4 ]   ____  ____
Notice   ____ 1  ____

Outdoor Survival   ____  ____

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Pharmacy   ____  ____
specials 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
explosive devices mos: Automatically
Photography   ____  ____
succeed on one Explosive Devices test
Traffic Analysis   ____  ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points
1  ____
Urban Survival   ____
 
with a cool description of action 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
perfect holdout: Flawlessly hide
 
one small object around your body
 
  ____  ____
  ____  ____
Prophecies fail. Demons invade, living dungeons
rip towards the surface, and the Empire’s
protectors falter. The great icons who shape the
world arm for war.

So what’s it going to be, heroes? Risk everything

to forge your own epic history? Or grab the best
loot and escape into the shadows?

13th Age is a d20-rolling fantasy game of battle,

treasure, group storytelling, and heroic adventure.

For Players:
• Your character’s “one unique thing” ensures
there’s no one else like you.
• Alliances and enmities with icons such as the
Archmage, Lich King, and Prince of Shadows
give your character a place in the world’s
story, even at first level.
• Streamlined and flexible combat rules create
fast-moving, free flowing battles.
• Character backgrounds let you invent the
stories that shape your skills.

As a GM:
• Design monsters and adventures quickly.
• Surprise yourself and your players with plot
hooks from characters’ backgrounds and
unique features.
• Improve any d20-rolling game with
mechanics such as the escalation die and
incremental advance.

13th Age:
Forge heroes.
Shape the world.
Be legendary.
Get this from your friendly
local game store!
EYES OF THE Can you kill the
STONE before it kills
THIEF In 13th Age, living dungeons slither up through
the underworld and invade the surface lands.
The Stone Thief is the most ancient and cunning
of its kind; a vast monster that preys on the cities
and structures you love, swallows them, and
remakes them into more deathtrap-filled levels
inside itself. Now, it's hunting you.

In this 360-page monster, players will:

• Embark on a saga of madness, revenge and
giant monsters
• Aid or thwart the schemes of the Icons as
they battle for control of the dungeon
• Slay, loot and survive deep in the bowels of
the earth
• Destroy this age-old threat forever

GMs gain access to:

• A monstrous campaign covering the entire
Champion tier (4th to 8th level)
• Thirteen levels of peril from the dungeon’s
opening Maw to the orc hordes of the Deep
Keep, the terrors of the Pit of Undigested
Ages, and the nightmare city beyond the
Onyx Catacombs
• New monsters, new treasures, new traps, and
new factions for your 13th Age campaign

The Stone Thief

rises. Enter it,
find its secrets,
and defeat it—or
die trying.
Get this from your friendly
local game store!
The Cold War is over.
Bush’s War is winding

You were a shadowy
soldier in those fights,
trained to move through
the secret world:
deniable and deadly.
Then you got out, or
you got shut out, or you

got burned out. You didn’t come
in from the cold. Instead, you
found your own entrances into
Europe’s clandestine networks of
power and crime. You did a few
ops, and you asked even fewer
questions. Who gave you that job
in Prague? Who paid for your
silence in that Swiss account?
You told yourself it
didn’t matter.
It turned out
Night’s Black Agents brings the
to matter a lot.
GUMSHOE engine to the spy thriller
Because it
genre, combining the propulsive
turned out
paranoia of movies like Ronin
you were
and The Bourne Identity with
working for
supernatural horror straight out of
Bram Stoker. Investigation is crucial,
but it never slows down the action,
exist. What
which explodes with expanded
can they
options for bone-crunching combat,
do? Who
high-tech tradecraft, and adrenaline-
do they
fueled chases.
own? Where
This volume includes:
is safe?
You don’t ƒƒ Four distinct styles of play -
know those Burn, Dust, Mirror, and Stakes,
answers yet. So lets you set the level of betrayal,
you’d better start grit, and action in your games.
asking questions. You
ƒƒ Four different Vampire types -
have to trace the bloodsuckers’
Supernatural, Damned, Alien, and Mutant.
operations, penetrate their
networks, follow their trail, and ƒƒ New rules for Cherries, car chases, and
target their weak points. Because stats for spy tech and weaponry.
if you don’t hunt them, they will
ƒƒ A highly detailed background on settings, from
hunt you. And they will kill you.
a black-program prison in Lithuania to the
Or worse.
crumbling rooftops of Prague’s Old Town.

get this from your Updating classic Gothic terrors for the postmodern age, Night’s Black

friendly local game store Agents presents thoroughly modular monstrosity: GMs can build
their own vampires, mashup their own minions, kitbash their own

$44.95 conspiracies to suit their personal sense of style and story.

Rack silver bullets in your Glock, twist a UV bulb into your Maglite, keep
watching the mirrors… and pray you’ve got your vampire stories straight.

Two Books. One Mission.
Dracula is not a novel. It's the censored
version of Bram Stoker's after-action
report of the failed British Intelligence
attempt to recruit a vampire in 1894.
Kenneth Hite has restored the deleted
sections, inserting annotations and
clues left by three generations of MI6
analysts. This is Dracula Unredacted.
Follow those clues to The Director’s
Handbook, containing hundreds of
encounters: shady NPCs, dangerous
locations, conspiratorial nodes, and
mysterious objects. Together they
comprise The Dracula Dossier—
an epic improvised, collaborative
campaign for Night’s Black
Agents, our award-winning
vampire spy thriller RPG.
The mission: Hunt and kill
Dracula now, once and for all,
before Britain falls to
him forever.

"For spending an evening

of suspense and glimpses
from the grave, today
the instrument of choice
is Kenneth Hite’s The
Dracula Dossier."
—Dracula scholar
Hans C. de Roos

coming soon to
your friendly
local game

At Land’s Edge
13th Age is a d20 game of battle, treasure,
group storytelling and heroic adventure.
This introduction to the game includes pre- Once, you were a spy. From Moscow to
generated characters and a full adventure Melbourne, London to Lagos, you worked
for the GM and 3-6 players. behind the scenes. Black operations. Deniable
You set off with a fair wind behind you and missions. Surgical strikes. Now, you know
the blessings of the Icons lighting your way. there’s a secret behind all the secrets. You
You hoped for an easy voyage. know who’s really pulling the strings.
That was before the unnatural storm Vampires. The actual, no-kidding blood-
shipwrecked you. sucking undead.
That was before a gigantic living dungeon When you found out, they destroyed you.
rose out of the ocean and vomited a swarm Wiped out your old networks, blackened your
of monsters. name, left you broken and burned.
That was before everything went wrong. But you’re still alive. You’ve found allies, others
like you. And you’re going to kill the dead.
Now you’ve got to—quite literally—salvage
the situation. Reunite your crew, repair the In The Harker Intrusion, a mysterious tip-
ship, plumb the mysteries of this strange off sends you to Morocco. There’s a journalist
island, and escape before the living dungeon there. She knows too much, and won’t see
returns. You’re right on the precipice of the dawn unless you save her. With six
doom here, in At Land’s Edge. pregenerated player characters and a quick-
start version of the award-winning Nights
At Land’s Edge is a stand-alone adventure Black Agents’ gumshoe rules, this adventure has
but also acts as a prequel to The Eyes of everything you need to go hunting vampires...
the Stone Thief, our monstrous living
dungeon campaign.