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Question 1 of 60

Hidden lines are drawn as

A) Dashed narrow lines

B) Dashed wide lines
C) Long - Dashed double dotted wide line
D) Long - dashed dotted wide line

Question 2 of 60

Line composed of closely and evenly spaced short dashes in a drawing represents

A) Visible edges
B) Pitch circle of gears
C) Hatching
D) Hidden Edges

Question 3 of 60

The Dimension figure for Radius of a circle should be preceded by

A) R

Question 4 of 60

The Recommended method of Dimensioning a sphere with Diameter 80mm is

A) 80φS
B) S80φ
C) φ80S
D) Sφ80

Question 5 of 60

The profile of gear teeth is in the form of

A) Helix
B) spiral
C) parabola
D) involute

Question 6 of 60

The included angle of a hexagon is

A) 120°
B) 150°
C) 60°
D) 30°

Question 7 of 60

The curve generated by a point on the circumference of a circle, which rolls without slipping along another
circle is known as

A) Epicycloid
B) hypocycloid
C) Cycloid
D) Trochoid

Question 8 of 60

If an object lies in third quadrant, its position with respect to reference planes will be

A) In-front of V.P, below H.P

B) Behind V.P, Below H.P
C) Behind V.P, above H.P
D) in-front of V.P, above H.P

Question 9 of 60

When an object is cut by a section plane parallel to H.P and Perpendicular to V.P. then the sectional view of
the object is obtained in

A) front view
B) right side view
C) left side view
D) top view

Question 10 of 60

Which of the following object gives a circular section, when it is cut completely by a section plane
(irrespective of the angle of the section plane)
A) Cone
B) Sphere
C) Circular lamina
D) Cylinder

Question 11 of 60

Comparative scale is a pair of scale having a common

A) Least Count
B) Length of scale
C) Representative fraction
D) units

Question 12 of 60

In the First angle projection method, the object is kept between the

A) None
B) observer & Projection plane
C) observer
D) Projection plane

Question 13 of 60

Line of intersection between a cylinder & a cone is made up of

A) Curved lines
B) Perpendicular line
C) Straight line
D) Inclined Line

Question 14 of 60

The profile of a reflector of a head pump is

A) Hyperbola
B) Rectangular Hyperbola
C) Parabola
D) Ellipse

Question 15 of 60

The path traced by a point on a rolling circle rolling outside another circle
A) Cycloid

B) Involutes
C) Epicycloids
D) Spiral

Question 16 of 60

A line inclined to H.P and Parallel to V.P will have

A) Both H.T & V.T

B) No trace
C) V.T only
D) H.T only

Question 17 of 60

Cube is a

A) Polyhedron
B) Regular Polyhedra
C) Pyramid
D) Prism

Question 18 of 60

Method of generator is used for the development of cones.

A) True
B) False

Question 19 of 60

Isometric scale must be used while drawing isometric view of spherical object

A) True
B) False

Question 20 of 60

A tetrahedron has 4 faces, 6 Edges and 4 Corners

A) True
B) False

Question 21 of 60
When the cutting plane is inclined to the axis of a cone & parallel to one of the generators, the section is a

A) Ellipse
B) Rectangular Hyperbola
C) hyperbola
D) Parabola

Question 22 of 60

The P-V diagram of a gas or Steam is Represented by

A) Rectangular Hyperbola
B) Parabola
C) Ellipse
D) Hyperbola

Question 23 of 60

What is the size of a A2 Sheet?

A) 420 x 594
B) 420 x 337
C) 420 x 590
D) 297 x 420

Question 24 of 60

To draw the border lines, lettering a freehand sketching, which pencil is used?

A) 2H
C) none of these
D) H

Question 25 of 60

To mention the Sphere of Radius as 25mm which symbol is used?

A) SR25
B) Sphere R25
C) 25mm
D) R25

Question 26 of 60
What is the name of the shape which has the opposite sides equal & parallel, but angles are not right angles

A) Rhombus
B) Trapezoid
C) Rhomboid
D) Parallelograms

Question 27 of 60

What is the name of the shape which has no sides parallel

A) Trapezium
B) Rectangle
C) Trapezoid
D) Rhombus

Question 28 of 60

If a point is 35mm above HP & 25mm behind VP then it is in

A) 1st Quadrant
B) 4th Quadrant
C) 2nd Quadrant
D) 3rd Quadrant

Question 29 of 60

In a orthographic projection, the observer looks at the object from Distance.

A) same
B) Finite
C) None of these
D) Infinite

Question 30 of 60

When a line is to V.P, it will not have V.T

A) Tangent
B) Inclined
C) parallel
D) perpendicular

Question 31 of 60
An solid has its axis inclined to the base

A) None of these
B) Cylinderical
C) Regular
D) oblique

Question 32 of 60

A heptagon consists of sides

A) 6
B) 4
C) 9
D) 7

Question 33 of 60

If a cone is lying on its generator on HP, with the axis parallel to VP, what will be the shape of the top view of
the base?

A) triangle
B) Circle
C) Ellipse
D) Rectangle

Question 34 of 60

A hollow cylinder stands on HP with its axis inclined at 30° to HP. What is the shape of the top view of the
base of the cylinder?

A) Semi circle
B) Double Ellipse
C) Ellipse
D) Circle

Question 35 of 60

If the top view of a slant edge of the pyramid is parallel to XY, the front view of that edge will give its true

A) True
B) False

Question 36 of 60

Name the Solid having eight Triangular faces

A) Cube
B) Tetrahedran
C) Icosahedron
D) Octahedran

Question 37 of 60

An Auxiliary plane is rotated about the plane to which it is Perpendicular

A) True
B) False

Question 38 of 60

Auxiliary projections can be obtained in four Different position of Auxiliary planes

A) True
B) False

Question 39 of 60

A solid is kept with its axis parallel to both HP and VP. Name the view which will show the true shape of its

A) side view
B) Isometric view
C) top view
D) Front view

Question 40 of 60

what will be the shape of the Development of a circular hole on a curved surface

A) circle
B) Triangle
C) Ellipse
D) semi - circle

Question 41 of 60

The study of a body which is in Motion

A) Dynamics
B) Statics
C) none of these
D) Kinematics

Question 42 of 60

is made up of atoms & Molecules

A) Space
B) Matter
C) force
D) Solids

Question 43 of 60

Mention the Volume of Liquids.....

A) 10-3m3
B) m4
C) kg/m3
D) m3

Question 44 of 60

When a set of forces act simultaneously on a body, then the system is called as

A) Force system
B) Mass system
C) None of these
D) Time system

Question 45 of 60

If two couples have same magnitude, then they are called

A) Semi Equivalent Couple

B) Equivalent couple
C) Non Equivalent Couple
D) Both A & B

Question 46 of 60

The moment of Inertia of a plane area is

A) mx2
B) y2dA
C) x2dA
D) Ax2

Question 47 of 60

If the area lies principally in the 1st or 3rd quadrants, Principal moment of Inertia is

A) Neutral
B) none of these
C) Negative
D) Positive

Question 48 of 60

The Maximum moment of Inertia is known as

A) None of these
B) Major principal moment of Inertia
C) Principal moment of Inertia
D) Minor principal moment of Inertia

Question 49 of 60

Mass moment of Inertia is considered only for

A) Solid body
B) Gaseous body
C) Liquid Body
D) none of these

Question 50 of 60

When a particle moves in a plane either in a straight or in a curve is known as

A) Circular motion
B) Rotational movement
C) Plane motion
D) Moment

Question 51 of 60

When rate of change of Velocity is Negative, It is known as

A) Non-Variable Acceleration
B) Positive acceleration
C) Variable Acceleration
D) Retardation

Question 52 of 60

Value of acceleration due to gravity is

A) 11.2 km/s2
B) 9.81 m/s2
C) 9.81 km/s2
D) 11.2 m/s2

Question 53 of 60

When a motion of body is evaluated with Respect to another moving body, then the motion is said to be

A) Curvilinear motion
B) None of these
C) Rectilinear motion
D) Relative motion

Question 54 of 60

The path traced by the particle in air is known as

A) Projectile
B) Velocity
C) Trajectory
D) orbit

Question 55 of 60

is defined as the time rate at which work is done or energy is delivered.

A) Motion
B) Force
C) power
D) Energy

Question 56 of 60

The unit of Impulsive force =

A) m/s
B) kg/m3
C) mxv
D) N.sec

Question 57 of 60

The unit of linear momentum is

A) kgms-1
B) km/hr
C) m/s
D) ms-3

Question 58 of 60

When the motion of two colliding bodies is directed along the line of impact, then it is called as

A) Oblique Impact
B) Central Impact
C) Eccentric impact
D) Direct Impact

Question 59 of 60

If two surfaces, which are in contact are at rest then the force experienced by one surface is called

A) Dynamic Friction
B) Rolling Friction
C) Static Friction
D) Sliding Friction

Question 60 of 60

Max. angle between normal reaction and the resultant of the limiting friction is called as

A) Cone of Friction
B) lose of friction
C) Angle of Friction
D) Kinetic Friction