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Binding Agreement: By participating in BuckUp Inc’s BuckUp Club offered on www.GoBuckUp.com

website (which will be referred to as the BuckUp Club in this agreement), YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND
The www.GoBuckUp.com website, BuckUp mobile and iPad apps, and our mobile BuckUp site are
collectively "BuckUp Properties" and each individually is a "BuckUp Property." It is your responsibility,
prior to participating in BuckUp Club, to read these Terms & Conditions carefully to understand your rights
and obligations. If you are dissatisfied with any BuckUp’s Property, its content, or these Terms &
Conditions, you agree that your sole and exclusive remedy is to not participate in the BuckUp Club.
BuckUp: References to "BuckUp," "our," "we," or "us" may refer to BuckUp Inc. and their affiliates,
subsidiaries, and designees.
Changes: BuckUp reserves the right to make changes to any BuckUp Property and these Terms &
Conditions at any time. Each time you wish to participate in the BuckUp Club, you should review the then-
current Terms & Conditions. BuckUp may terminate BuckUp Club at any time, without notice to you.
Rights and Obligations Regarding BuckUp Club: You agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Ownership and Authority to BuckUp: You represent and warrant that you are the sole and
rightful owner of the item bearing the specifications, serial number, and model number which you
have offered for BuckUp (the "Item") and have full authority to store, trade, sell or otherwise
dispose of the Item. You further represent and warrant that (1) you have the power and authority
to enter into this agreement; (2) the Item(s) is (are) not counterfeit or stolen; and (3) the Item(s)
does (do) not violate any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.
2. Deactivate: You agree to deactivate all services to your Item(s) and remove any and all codes
(including without limitation removing user locks, passwords, and/or turn off/deactivating the “Find
My Device” feature) that may prevent BuckUp from having the ability to use, refurbish, recycle,
resell or dispose of the Item.
3. Accuracy of Information: You agree that all information you provide about the Item for BuckUp,
as well as information you have or will provide about yourself, is true, accurate, and complete.
4. Daily Cost. For each BuckUp Club transaction minimum daily cost will be of 30 days and
maximum of 60 days. For each day the item is kept after 30 days, you will only incur per day cost
including the cost for the first 30 days.
5. After 60 Days. You agree that if the BuckUp Club Unlock amount is not returned to BuckUp after
the 65th day from transaction initiation, BuckUp will gain ownership of the item(s) and the Unlock
amount will be the property of the user.
6. Lost Item. If in any case the item(s) are lost while in BuckUp Locker or in BuckUp’s possession,
BuckUp will make a payment of 15% addition to the Unlock Value to the user.
7. Limitations and Final Determinations: You acknowledge and agree that BuckUp may, in its
sole discretion, reject or limit the quantity of Items to be stored in under BuckUp Club. If BuckUp
rejects an Item(s) because you have exceeded BuckUp’s limit on the number of items that you
may BuckUp and you elect to have the Item returned to you, BuckUp reserves the right to (1)
require you to pay the return shipping costs; or (2) recycle the Item without compensation to you if
you do not respond with payment for return shipping costs within 7 days of being contacted by
BuckUp. You agree that all determinations of BuckUp with respect to BuckUp and value assigned
to the Item after its inspection are made in BuckUp’s sole discretion, will be accepted as final, and
are not negotiable.
8. Working Condition Upon Arrival: You agree that you are providing the Item to BuckUp in
working condition, and you shall be solely responsible for the arrival condition of the Item at
BuckUp's Locker. It is important that you carefully package the Item to ensure that the Item is
delivered to BuckUp without damage as those damages are your responsibility.
9. Prompt Shipment and Promotional Offers. You agree to ship the Item to the address provided
so that it arrives within 14 days of accepting the value. If the Item is not received within 14 days of
the date on which the Unlock Value was provided to you, then BuckUp has the right to revise or
withdraw the Unlock Value. In addition, any promotional offers may no longer be valid, depending
on the terms of the promotional offer, if the Item is not received by BuckUp within 14 days of the
date on which the estimate was provided to you.
10. Costs of Packaging and Shipment. BuckUp will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for
the shipment of your Item to BuckUp Locker. You agree that you are solely responsible for all
costs associated with the packaging of the Item for shipment to BuckUp Locker and, if applicable,
the shipping and handling costs to return the Item to you.
11. Loss or Damage to the Item and Its Contents. You agree that BuckUp and affiliates, will not be
responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damage to the Item. In addition, you
acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to remove all personal data (e.g., files, photos,
videos, music, etc.) from the Item (e.g., PCs, laptops, wireless phones, iPod's, MP3 players, etc.).
You agree that BuckUp and affiliates, are not responsible for the loss or destruction of the
hardware, software, files, or media containing any personal data left on or in the Item. You
understand and agree that you will not be able to recover any data or files stored within the Item.
12. Transfer of Ownership. Upon receipt and acceptance of the Item by BuckUp Locker, you hereby
agree to transfer all right to and title in the Item to BuckUp’s Locker owner, in exchange for the
Unlock Value.
13. Items Inconsistent with Provided Description. If BuckUp provides notification that your
description of the Item was inconsistent with BuckUp’s evaluation of your Item, you will be
provided with an updated Unlock value. You may elect to either Unlock your Item in exchange for
the updated Unlock Value or you may elect for the Item to be returned to you. However, if you
elect for the Item to be returned to you, BuckUp reserves the right to require payment of the
return shipping costs before returning the Item to you. If BuckUp determines that the Item has no
BuckUp value, BuckUp may recycle the Item without compensation to you or, if you elect for the
Item to be returned to you, BuckUp reserves the right to require payment of the return shipping
costs before returning the Item to you. In order to have the Item(s) returned to you, you must
promptly respond to BuckUp’s email within 5 days of being contacted. If you do not respond
within this time period, we will presume that (1) the updated Unlock Value option is elected or (2)
if the Item has no BuckUp value, then BuckUp may recycle the Item.
14. Final Transaction. No Rescission. You acknowledge and agree that the BuckUp transaction is
final and cannot be cancelled or rescinded by you after your Item is received by BuckUp, unless
BuckUp contacts you to provide notification that your description of the Item was inconsistent with
BuckUp’s evaluation of your Item.
15. Release of Liability. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby release BuckUp, and
affiliates, from and against any liability arising out of or related to the transfer of the Item,
including but not limited to any liability related to the shipment of the Item, the deletion or non-
deletion of any data or files from the Item, the evaluation and assessment of the Item (and the
corresponding BuckUp valuation) made by BuckUp, and the non-availability of the Item after it
has been accepted by BuckUp.
16. Reporting and Sharing Information. BuckUp may be required to share personal information in
response to a valid court order, subpoena, government investigation, or as otherwise required by
law. You acknowledge that BuckUp reports information regarding the BuckUp transaction,
including your personally identifiable information, to law enforcement agencies and electronic
reporting services used by law enforcement and government agencies in those jurisdictions in
which it is required by law to report, and engages in voluntary reporting of certain information in
other jurisdictions. For more information on our privacy practices, please review the BuckUp
Privacy Policy located at www.gobuckup.com/privacy. We may call or text you at the number you
provided regarding your BuckUp transaction. Calls may be live or pre-recorded and made via
automated dialing system. By providing your number, including a wireless number, I consent to
BuckUp contacting me. Voice and data rates may apply.