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SIEMENS Training 1 Distributed busbar protection 7SS652 — Intensive course 2 3 4 Siemens Power Academy @ Siemens Aa 78882 High Low impedance Exercises Setting Recommendations Dear Visitor, welcome at PTD SE in Niirnberg, Humboldtstra8e 59 (NogHss) vlormation for Visitors about environmental protection, occupational safety ‘and technical safety (UAS) 1 & Envormental Protection Representative: Jurgen Czepluch HA S72 ‘Stat of occupational HSE: Garbara Kem 913/7.22638 Behaviour in case of emergencies yeu decree adeno ofr orn coven neon posse reortinmedaty 2222 Emergency number lesen WHAT hs haan and WHERE, Incase ot uting evacuation: Calm Down! + Paseo he fei encapsulate + Pease go ote meatng pit cn is ou 80m aagonay appt ft hand side) ‘taf buldingsmalnenk Coe gush sa peste suey an tay hae! Ree e | + Posen he ratctow the prorat heresy ot este rt dag npr Sag be Youre sn ft payor muro ager oy scope nse Never se stovetos, tay coud become ap! £ Environmental protection today! ea prevent ngsig burdens cre atone rte Fem 3 iru” I vel adr moat catton etn age poor Recon