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11 March 2020

Passive - to be + V3 \ed
is am are ( he, she it, I was) We, you, they were will be

She speaks English She spoke English She will speak English
+English ​is​spoken(3) by +English ​was​spoken(3) +|English ​will be​spoken(3)
-E.is not spoken -E.was not spoken - E.will will not be spoken
?Is E.Spoken? ?Was E. spoken? ?Will E.be spoken?

Irregular​ go - went - gone

Regular​ask - asked- asked

***** advanced ( look up the table below)

1) Wordlist
2) Sentences to translate
3) Listening IELTS Listening Sample 8
Exercise 10. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя глаголы в Passive Voice.
Нам показали очень странную картину
They ​
was​were showed a very strange picture.
Тебя ищут. Иди домой.
They are looked for you.​Go home . you are looked for
Вас всех пригласят в зал и расскажут обо всех изменениях в школьной программе.
Th​you will be invited ​you​to the hall and ​tell​told about all changes in school program
Почему над ​ним​всегда смеются?
Why is everyone laughing at him? ​Active
Why is he often laughed at ​passive
Нам всем дали билеты на выставку.
We were given tickets for the exhibition
Лекции этого знаменитого профессора всегда слушают с большим вниманием.
Lectures of this professor are always listened with the great interest
Меня ждут?
They are waited for me?
Am I waited for?
Им задали три трудных вопроса.
They were asked for 3 difficult questions
За директором уже послали. Подождите немного.
It was sent after director. Wait bit
For the director already sent. Wait a little
Всех пригласили в большой зал.
They were invited all in a big hall
Эти письма просмотрены. Их можно отправлять.
This​these letters were looked. You can send these letters
На станции их встретил гид и отвез в гостиницу.
In​at the station they were met by a guide and driven to the hotel.
Эти журналы должны быть возвращены в библиотеку на следующей неделе.
This magazines should be returned ​in​to the library ​on the​next week
На наших занятиях много внимания уделяется произношению.
In our lessons a lot of attention is paid for ​pronanciet​
. Pronunciation
Иванову велели объяснить, почему он пропускает занятия.
Ivanov was told to explain why he skips lessons
Меня пригласят на ваш вечер?
Will I be invited me on your evening?
Детей оставили дома одних.
Childrens ​
was​were ​stayed​left at home alone

Упражнения. Пасив.
1. Нам показали очень странную картину.
3. Тебя ищут. Иди домой.
5. Вас всех пригласят в зал и расскажут обо всех изменениях в школьной
7. Почему над ним всегда смеются?
9. Нам всем дали билеты на выставку.
11. Лекции этого знаменитого профессора всегда слушают с большим
13. Меня ждут?
15. Им задали три трудных вопроса
17. За директором уже послали. Подождите немного.
19. Всех пригласили в большой зал.
21. Эти письма просмотрены. Их можно отправлять.
23. На станции их встретил гид и отвез в гостиницу.
25. На наших занятиях много внимания уделяется произношению.
27. Иванову велели объяснить, почему он пропускает занятия.
29. Меня пригласят на ваш вечер?
31. Детей оставили дома одних.

Переведите условные предложения всех типов.

1. Если бы у меня ​был​​отпуск​сейчас, я бы ​поехал​на озеро Байкал. (2)

2. If i had ​weekends​a vacation now, i would go to the lake Baikal
3. Я посмотрю этот фильм, если он понравится тебе. ( 1)
4. I will watch this film, if you like it
5. сли бы ты подписал документы вчера, мы бы отослали их сегодня.
6. If you signed documents yesterday, we would send it today
7. Если бы Джон не ​потерял​номер телефона, он бы ​позвонил​ей.(3/2)
8. If Jon did not loose the number, he would call her
9. Марк был бы здоровым мужчиной, если бы не курил.
10. Mark would be a healthy man, if he did not smoke
11. Если я пойду в магазин, я куплю новый телефон
12. If i go to the shop, i will buy a new phone

Delivery service - доставка

To snore - храпеть
1) test
2) Listening retell + write answers
3) Ask words ( from the last time Wordlist )

1. My friend often chat 24.interesting

2.are washing 25.was he doing
3.Is she shouting again? 26.heard
4.agree 27.After
5.lively 28.faster
6.Are they 29.lazier
7. Has he 30.best
8.going to be a teachers 31.most beautiful
9.wants 32.intelligent as
10.I’m meeting 35.big enough
11.the telephone is 36.which
12.is the concert starting 37.who
13.on 38.porch
14.felt 39.whose
15.know 40.are some

Listening​ FCE 2(2015), Test5, Part 4 “restaurant” 


What kept you

Loud(ly) громко
Load ( a lot of)
Plain and obvious
Colla coded ( data code )
T bone steak
Quiche ( киш) выглядит как пирог
Assembled in advance
Calm down
Suppose it will have to be
My word
Efficient - эффективно
Agreeable - уступчивый ( идущий на уступки)
Assembled off site - собраны заранее
24. He is disturbing others

25. He would not be happy

26. Vegetarian

27. He can’t see them

28. Additional cream

29. They pre prepared

30. Impressed

28 march 2020


1) exercises written form

2) Listening retell + test
1. Has
2. Got
3. Was speaking
4. Noticed
5. Was siting
6. Decided
7. Went
8. Said
9. Stoped
10. Passed
11. Was taking
12. Came
13. Was smiling
14. Was looking
15. Laughed

1. Sat
2. Got
3. Comes
4. Works
5. Are meeting
6. Decided
7. Didn't have
8. Came back
9. Stay
10. `s wanting

1. Where is Vadim?-he is playing ​in​tennis

2. Does he play ​in​tennis well?- No, he doesn't play ​in​tennis well
3. I don't know the ​person​​human​, who is talking ​with ​to the director
4. I ​am​​often​talk​ing​​with​to my friend about our travel in Kavkaz
5. Andrew is singing well ​now​. A. sings well
6. Listen, Ivanov is singing in the next room
7. He ​didn't​doesn’t see, I am watching him because he is reading with great interest
8. Call him now, I think he is sleeping now
9. Look at the person who is sitting near the window. This is our teacher

Не используют в continues



FCE 1, Test 1, Part 4 

70CVy5s2Ni&index=4​( British singer)
24_C_ 25_C_ 26_B_, 27_C ​A_​, 28_A_, 29_B ​C_​, 30_B_

Wordlist ( British singer)

Not ​Envious​or anything - не ​завидовали
How Did you manage - как ты смогла
Fish and chips - рыба и картошка
Surrounded by - окружена
Approached - достигнуть, дотянуться
We did play ( спектакль) in , London
They do go quiet a long way to find - они проделали долгий путь
Embarrassing​- постыдная
Turkish delight - турецкие сладости
Delighted = excited
Appears - появляется
Appeal - нравится, подходит

It is purely the fact that - явный / абсолютный

Persuade - ( персюэйд) убеждать
The best of luck - удачи

4 April 2020

1) exercise (written form)

2) Test
3) Listening ​https://ielts-up.com/listening/ielts-listening-sample-10.3.html​. Sample 3 part
3 (student and tutor discussion about the project)
4) Pick the correct answer. Take a screenshot of your answers.

Wordlist IELTS​​Sample 3 part 3 (student and tutor discussion about the project)
sophisticated device = professional
Go ahead
Guidelines = requirements
Handout was ​passed ​out
First Draft - набросок
Due to - обязательно к …. сроку
Due to the virus, all schools were shut down =because of
Due to ​later on ​in a month
Keep Revising and ​fixing it
Major requirement for passing - основное требование для сдачи
Permanent record (выписка оценок/ диплом / табель)
An Effect - эффект
To affect -влиять
Overall Grade - общая оценка
Major lesson you have learned
Simplify- упрощать
Tape run out - закончилась пленка
Stop rambling - перестать бормотать
He tend to ramble - несвязная речь
Straggling ( бороться / иметь сложность) to answer the question
It went Smooth - прошло гладко
Sophisticated recording device= professional
Spotty recording - проблемы со звуком
Explicit = obvious =очевидный
Suggest to ​come up with ​idea
Shape report доклад based on that
Vague ( вэиг) = blurry = нечеткий
11 April 2020

Get fit

I wish ​past

What is she like?- She is friendly

What does she look like?

5 wedding свадьба

you must not be tired

Turn down

For​perfect tense

Beat their team

Score a goal
Win a match
exhausted - устал утомлён ​.

today present perfect

Get married

delayed ( дилэйт) задержан

passionate about

Used to То что делали в прошлом

get on Ладить
before - past perfect

Few - 1+1+1+1+1

I would like to buy a hamburger

stop Verb + ​ing

Suggest Советовать
Mind Быть против
Succeed Преуспевать
Resist Устоять
Try - Tried


Are you thinking ( now)

Do you think ( believe I have opinion)
a​​whom кому 49 ___block​.
a​​detached house
b​​apartment d​​semi-detached house

Block of flats
Apartment block
High rise

1. a) Jack driving home from work.
b) Jack pulled young man out of the van and took him to the hospital.
2. a) He was at home and repairing his car
b) John Pattern immediately gave big kiss to his wife and took his whole family out for
a slip-up meal
3. a) When the robbers bust in people standing in queues chatting to each others.
b)Martin Webb suffered a heart attack and was taken to hospital.
1) test 1-50
2) Study words and rules above
Circle the correct answer a, b, c or d as in the example.
0 I​​run twice a week to___ fit.
a​do b​get c​go d​make
1 He wasn't___ to enter the competition.
a​so old c​much older
b​as old d​old enough
2 If I___ to the disco last Saturday, I wouldn't have met Liz.
a​didn't go c​haven't gone
b​hadn't gone d​wasn't going
3 I wish I___ a musical instrument.
a​could play c​can play
b​will play d​would play
4 A ​___
B​: She's quite slim and tall.
a​What's she like? c​What does she look like?
b​What does she like? d​How is she?
5 I___ to my best friend's wedding next week,
a ​go b​will go c​​'m going d​would go
6 Would you___ picking me up from the airport?
a​mind b​like c​want d​agree
7 You've been resting all day. You ___be tired.
a​​mustn't c​can't
b​may not d​don't have to
8 A special prize ___to the best player at yesterday's ceremony.
a​was awarded c​has awarded
b​awarded d​has been awarded
9 Could you turn ___the radio a little bit? It's too loud
a​off b​up c​off d​down
10 If I ___these documents, my boss will be really angry.
a​would lose b​will lose c​lost d​lose
11 My grandmother ___ill for two weeks. She's still not very well.
a​has been b​is c​was d​had been
12 Your new mobile is by far ___of all the phones I saw on the website.
a​as cheap c​cheap
b​cheaper d​the cheapest
13 I'm pretty sure we will ___their team easily.
a​win b​beat c​score d​support
14 Ron prefers jazz___ classical music.
a​over b​to c​than d​from
15 I'm exhausted. I___ over 500 kilometres today.
a​drive c​'ve driven
b​'m driving d​'ve been driving
16 Caroline___ married last year.
a​got b​was c​has d​is
17 The plane was ___by two hours due to bad weather conditions.
a​delayed b​cancelled c​broken d​crowded
18 He asked me what ___for a living.
a​did I do b​I did c​I'm doing d​am I doing
19 We should all stop___ the environment.
a​breaking b​wasting c​​losing d​destroying
20 She hasn't seen your brother ___Christmas.
a​before b​since c​last d​for
21 The chicken is a little too___- you've added too much pepper.
a​tender b​spicy c​crispy d​sour
22 Chris is passionate___ playing football.
a​about b​for c​of d​with
23 I ___go to parties until I was 16.
a​wasn't allowed to c​mustn't
b​didn't have to d​didn't let
24 I'm really ___.You've taken my blouse without asking again!
a​annoyed b​jealous c​frightened d​embarrassed
25 Laura told me that she wanted to wash the car___.
a​itself b​herself c​myself d​himself
26 I checked___ drawer of my desk but I couldn't find my passport.
a​a lot of b​plenty of c​​every d​all
27 Guess what? We ___the last match and now we're the champions!
a​won c​have won
b​win d​were winning
28 Clare is my___. She's the daughter of my mother's new husband.
a​niece b​cousin c​aunt d​​stepsister
29 I ___football three times a week when I was at school.
a​was playing c​used to play
b​had played d​have played
30 How do you ___on with your new boss?
a​go b​keep c​​get d​look
31 I'm sure people ___using paper money in the near future.
a​are stopping c​will stop
b​stop d​are going to stop
32 I can't buy a present for Mum___ you lend me some money.
a​unless b​if c​when d​as soon as
33 Phillip told me that he had called me several times
a​yesterday c​the day before
b​the next day d​the following day
34 I'm afraid we only have ___sugar left.
a​no b​a little c​several d​a few
35 Sandra ___pizza for lunch but it wasn't very tasty.
a​made c​has been making
b​has made d​was making
36 Your new trousers are ___to mine. They're both red.
a like b​the same c​different d​similar
37 She'd like___ as a book illustrator in the future.
a​to work b​work c​working d​will work
38 Do you know the girl ___is talking to Paul?
a​which b​whom c​who d​whose
39 I suggest___ to the theatre on Saturday.
a​to go c ​on going
b​going d​that we went
40 They ___to visit their grandmother last Saturday.
a​used to go c​went
b​had gone d​have gone
41 Tom was very upset when he ___his driving test.
a​wasted b​lost c​failed d​spoilt
42 How many cycle ___are there in your town?
a​roads b​lanes c​passes d​pavements
43 What ___about our new History teacher?
a​are you thinking c​you think
b​you thinking d​do you think
44 Robert hates ___early at the weekend.
a​get up c​gets up6⁶
b​getting up d​to get up
45 I ___quite good money in my new job.
a​win b​​earn c​pay d​do
46 That's the boy ___mother taught English in our school.
a​whom b​which c​​whose d​that
47 Look at the sky! It ___in a minute.
a​would rain c​will rain
b ​rain d​is going to rain
48 Don't worry - you ___bring any food. We've got plenty!
a​don't let c​aren't allowed to
b​mustn't d​don't have to
49 I live on the sixth floor in a big ___block.
a​detached c​flat
b​apartment d​semi-detached
50 I hope___ the project by the end of February.
a​to finish b​finishing c​finish d​that I finish

18 April 2020
a cartoons карикатуры c reviews отзывы
b news d advertisements реклама
go running
a scruffy Грязный b wavy Волнистый c bald d light
a sack мешок b pay rise Прибавка к зарплате c wages d salary

go out Встречаться c split up расходиться

b look after присматривать d fall out поругаться с друзьями

sprain растянуть b cut c bleed кровоточить d burn обжечь

a spread намазать b pour Налить c chop Порезать квадратиками d blend смешать
begged Умолять c insisted настоять
b suggested Советовать d persuaded убеждать
used to eating rice

Before - perfect

If only + past perfect

Succeed + Ving

Resist + Ving

Used to когда говорим про воспоминания из прошлого

verb verb
Verb to verb
Verb verb+ ing

I can’t Put up with the noise- мириться

turn down - отказываться

At the Bottom left side

French fries
A Pile of trays - стопка подносов

Difference 6 ( continue with the picture)

1) ​( the second part of the test)
2) study the Wordlist above ( before you do the test )

65 Political ___in newspapers are usually quite funny.

a cartoons c reviews
b news d advertisements

66 That's the restaurant ___we had a meal last month.

a which b where c that d whose

67 How often do you ___running?

a do b go c play d get

68 My grandfather hasn't got any hair - he's completely ___ .

a scruffy b wavy c bald d light

69 My ___is really good - I earn about £2,000 a month.

a sack b pay rise c wages d salary

70 Pete is my ex-boyfriend. We used to___ together.

a go out c split up
b look after d fall out

71 We live very close. She is my___-door neighbour.

a step b next c close d near

72 She ___me that she dreamt of becoming a dancer.

a asked b said c told d reported

73 It's very, very hot. Don't ___yourself!

a sprain b cut c bleed d burn

74 If I hadn't asked you out, we ___such a wonderful time on Sunday.

a wouldn't had c hadn't had
b didn't have d wouldn't have had

75 She said she ___anything like that before.

a hasn't seen c wasn't seeing
b didn't see d hadn't seen
76 If you see something strange, call the police___.
a eventually c immediately
b suddenly d unfortunately
77 My passport___! What shall I do?
a stole c was stolen
b has stolen d has been stolen
78 Could you ___the butter on one side of each slice of bread, please?
a spread b pour c chop d blend
79 He asked ___to go cycling with a group of his friends.
a if I wanted c I wanted
b did I want d if I want
80 I can't ___the point of exercising in the gym.
a look b make c see d take
81 I was cooking dinner at home when suddenly___ doorbell rang.
a a b the c- d an
82 ___ Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Andes,
a An b A c The d -
83 She ___on taking a taxi to the airport.
a begged c insisted
b suggested d persuaded
84 It would be really hard for me to live in China because I'm not used ___rice.
a to eat c eat
b to eating d that I eat
85 Andrew ___for the company for two years before I got a job there.
a had been working c worked
b was working d has been working
86 If only I ___him about the accident.
a didn't tell c wasn't told
b haven't told d hadn't told
87 It's too late now - she should ___for your advice earlier.
a has asked c have asked
b ask d asked
88 After a while, Robert succeeded ___the front door.
a to open c that he opened
b to have opened d in opening
89 It ___a surprise for you - you knew that we were coming.
a must have been c might have been
b can't have been d needn't have been
90 I lost my wallet. I ought ___it in a safe place.
a to have put b to put c to be put d that I put
91 I ___glasses since I was 15 years old.
a was wearing c am wearing
b have been wearing d wear
92 We couldn't resist ___another bar of chocolate.
a to eat b eating c eat d that we eat
93 I ___very shy when I was in primary school.
a used to be c would be
b was being d had been
94 By the end of March we ___each other for one year.
a will know c will have known
b are going to be known d are going to know
95 We were shocked to see that our house ___into the night before.
a broke c had broken
b was broken d had been broken
96 I tried ___the page but it still doesn't work.
a to reload b reload c reloading d that I reload
97 Be quiet, children! I can't ___up with that noise any more!
a stand b get c put d turn
98 This time tomorrow I ___on the beach in Majorca.
a will sunbathe c will have sunbathed
b am sunbathing d will be sunbathing
99 If you ___the job they offered you, you wouldn't need to ask me for a loan.
a hadn't turned down c don't turned down
b didn't turn down d wasn't turned down
100 The actor was reported ___a heart attack.
a to suffer c he had suffered
b that he suffered d to have suffered

Next time
present simple past simple future simple

present continuous past continuous future continuous

present perfect past perfect future perfect

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