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Shape Poems

Amy Conway

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• Your challenge is to think and express
yourself through poetry in a CREATIVE

• Today you will define what a shape poem

is and you will learn how to create one.

• You will click on the arrow at the bottom

right corner to continue each slide.
What is a Shape Poem

Before you click the arrow WRITE

down on the paper provided a prediction
to the question above.
What is a shape poem?
• takes the shape of the subject of the poem
• exp. if the poem is about a tree, it would be shaped
like a tree

• uses simple objects for the shapes

• exp. hearts, houses, animals, etc.

Do not click the arrow until you do this first – was your
prediction correct why or why not? Explain? Use the paper
Examples of Shape Poems
More Examples
More Examples From the WEB
• Ice Cream
• Ice Cream 2
• Pig
• Rocket
• Sheep
• Snowman
• Train
How do you write a shape poem?
• Think of a poem topic

• Try to pick a topic that can be supported by a shape (abstract ideas might
be harder to use)

• Draw an outline of the shape (you can keep the outline there or delete it

• Arrange your words within the shape (they can be just within the shape or
outline it)

• Work with the look of the words until you find a look you like

• Write out a final copy to turn in

How to draw a shape poem

Pitter Try putting words

in different
Pitter. Patter.
Draw your The rain falls
gently on my
shape ↑ steel roof top.
Slowly at first,
but the tempo
picks up.
Soon it will be
Add words→ a thrashing of
What to do next?

• Brainstorm ideas of what

you could write about with
your shoulder partner.

• If you have any questions,

Evaluation- What You Will Be Graded On
5 4 3 2 1

Shape Is Creative

Poem is related to

Words Spelled

Neatly done –
anyone can
read the poem
• You have learned how to create a shape poem. You saw how to
create and draw a shape poem. Here is your chance to
demonstrate what you have learned by creating a shape poem. It
can not be like any of the poems you already saw as examples.

• Here are the requirements:

• Hint: Your poem must be about the shape you draw or create.

1. You may use whatever materials you wish

2. Follow the rubric – the shape must relate to the poem.

3. Once you have created your object, you will present it to the class,
Most important of all, have fun!