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Frontend development is also known as the client-side programming because it involves work

based upon the clients’ choice of layout and buttons for the website. While the backend

development is server-side programming, totally depending upon the credibility of the backend


Yet, without a convincing and functioning frontend, the efforts contained in the backend will be

of little or no use. The converse is also true. So, both the processes must go hand in hand. While

choosing for a website development team, make sure you have proficient professionals for both

frontend and backend website development.

Frontend developer is responsible for ‘visual’ part of application. He creates interface that you

often click on. Backend developer is responsible for this ‘not visual’ part of application. If there is

need to save some information, it creates connection to DB and can-do CRUD (create, read,

update, delete) operation on records

Front End-Back end technology relates to Application layer and Presentation


Presentation layer is known as front-end layer. It comprises of user interface and user interface is

graphical that can be accessible via web browser and web application which display content and

information useful to an end user.

Similarly, this application layer is made by using web technologies for instance HTML, CSS and

JavaScript and can be also made by using frameworks and communicate with other layers by using

API calls. Application layer comprises the practical business logic that drives the core functionality

of an application written mostly in Java, .NET, C #, Python, C++, etc.

Database Layer The database / data storage system and the data access layer are part of Database

layer and examples of these systems include MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft

SQL Server, etc. and Application layer accesses data through API calls.

Presentation layer is mostly deployed to the desktop, tablets and phones either through web

browser or through web-based application utilizing a web server as well as application layer is

mostly hosted in cloud or in dedicated workstation which depend upon the complexity and

processing power required by the application. There are the different benefits of using three-layer

architecture such as speed of development, scalability, performance and availability as well as it

also helps to improve development efficiency by allowing team to focus on their core

The application layer is the contact point for all device programs that are aware of the network.

Both device implementations have nothing to do with the application layer if they are unable to

connect with the network. If we apply a web browser URL for instance Chrome, it will connect

with the application layer and send the data to another layer. Manipulation of the data is also

out in different ways.