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A global alarming Message !
Avatar, another hit box office movie by Director James Cameron, a 5 hundred million dollar movie and
James took almost 15 years to make this film. His idea was a brilliant one regarding the movie and his
work resulted him in 9 Oscar Nominees which is a great achievement for a film maker. The quality of
the work which he did was appreciate able, animations (art work) were one of its kind and very
realistic, after all 500 million dollars is a huge budget for a movie and with such a big amount a film
maker can produce outstanding results and specially James Cameron. The story of the movie is also a
legendary work. It starts right from our planet in the year of 2154. The basic overall picture of the
movie demonstrate that humans have all those things which they desire, but there resources are
decreasing day by day, and for their new resource gathering they can even travel six light years away,
from their planet to another planet called Pandora. Now question arises from here that how this thing
happened? What were those aspects which forced humans to steel or capture others resources? The
answers of these questions will be discussed in the report further. Coming back to the story we see
further that how humans manages to create a perfect clone of the Na’vis who are the people of Pandora,
their bodies are different from human bodies they are blue in color with yellow eyes and they are 10–
feet long, very strong and power full creatures and their culture and their believes are almost opposite
from the humans but still very peaceful in nature and even friendly to their own environment. Again
what are the believes and in what ways are they different from humans? Will be discussed in the report
The reason for which man came to Pandora was a rock Called Unobtanium, and this rock is said to be
extremely expensive. The entire team who went to the Pandora for the extraction of Unobtainum was
send by a COMPANY (corporation). First they tried to convince the na’vis by diplomacy with
AVATAR’S which actually were the clones of na’vis. Or in simple words first they made themselves
like na’vis and then they infiltrated in their community and then they learned their ways, their
language, their culture,
And they finally got success in winning na’vis trust. But even then they were not able to convince
na’vis that they should leave their land because underneath their home, largest reserve of unobtainum is
present and humans want that rock for themselves. Then further in the film the company forced the
na’vis to leave their place with the help of weapons or as whole ARMY. Now here one more question
arises that why army is involved? Because according to our knowledge the duty of army is to protect its
nation, not to help a company in destroying others land in order to take over their resources. Question
arises who allowed army to work for a company for doing such unfair things? Is Government involved?
These are the questions which should be asked! But who will answer such things, because who can
answer such question are the ones who are doing these things. I’ll try to answer these questions in my
report. Further things which happened in the movie is not of our concern because that deals with the
typical and routine story, a man and woman fall in love and they join their hands in saving their home
and in the end they manages to save their home and they live happily ever after and things like
that… !!!
This whole movie is basically a propaganda which is demonstrating a lot of aspects and even pushing
them into the people. Aspects like …
• Hidden messages
o Presence of Secret societies and ways
o Pushing of Gaia religion
o Mimicking the Americans way regarding War On Terror
• Socio-political issues
• Uses and abuses of technology
• The ways of Multinational companies of surviving
• Relation between military and industry
Hidden Message

Secret societies and their ways

This Movie has a lot of messages which are not clear. There are a lot of hidden messages in the
movie like, avatar bodies which are blue in color and they are grown with human DNA mixed with the
DNA of natives (Na’vi)(aliens), and the concept behind these avatars are to drive them or to control
them with humans. Now this concept which relates to driving some alien bodies is pretty known to us,
and we have heard a lot of things regarding this. Actually word alien is also used when someone wants
to talk regarding a person of a different society from its own one, or country or culture, then he simply
says that he or she is alien to me. There are a lot of controversies regarding the existence of some secret
society which are controlling the whole world and they keep everything secret and they are the people
who decides that what should be done with whom, where, and when. !! These are the people who make
the rules around the world and they serve Satan.
This thing is very common now a days, everyone is talking about these societies and their
purpose which is to decide the happenings and events of the world and they control the minds of the
public (which are alien for them) with media and net and things like that, and this thing actually mimics
the avatar bodies and their drivers which are some specially trained humans and they are trained to
control the avatars, like media is controlling the people. But this secret society thing is nothing but a
story of controversial believes which can be true to some extent.

Another perception or thing which came to my mind was that the physical appearance of avatar
NA’VI is known to us. How? If we look around are planet then we will surely find some people which
resembles na’vis and those people are American Indians and Africans, even their life style was same if
we just ignore the magical things or the concept of Eywa.
Now this thing can be taken in a sence like that James Cameron was trying to tell or show people again
that what Americans did to Africans in order to gather their rescores, all that gold and stuff. How they
infiltrated in them and how capture everything. If we can extend our thinking to a higher level then we
will be able to see that in avatar James has shown a drama which we see and observe daily in our life
and the name of the drama is WAR ON TERROR.
This drama of WAR ON TERROR can easily be smelled in the movie that just for gathering
other resources the company first tries to convince the na’vi that we need a rock which is underneath
you, step aside or leave your home and let us extract that rock or otherwise we are going to take that
rock from your land with force. And this “force” is utilized with a tag or a flag on it that we will
conquer you because you are terrorist you don’t deserve to live and your resources should be taken
from you, and you should be killed because you didn’t heard us the first time. So they announce in the
whole world that these people are the terrorist and we are going to destroy them because we are
running a program which worldwide which says “if you don’t like someone, then declare him a
terrorist and force a war on them and name that war “WAR ON TERROR”, and you can have those
things which want (money, land, oil etc).
The second hidden message I found was that James Cameron is a person who is an
environmental activist who believes that humans and "industrial society" are "causing a global climate
change" and "destroying species faster than we can classify them or even find them." In a recent
interview with Tavis Smiley on AXN a TV channel, James Cameron admitted that he made "obvious"
references in the film to Iraq, Vietnam and the American colonial period to show the fact that
humans have a terrible history of entitlement which means "take what you need from nature and people
and don't give them back."
Few days back I was watching TV when I heard some journalist on some channel saying about
the Avatar, and he was saying that “I am surprised that some people have taken note of the film's
hidden messages, mainly these things don’t happen, because the central theme of humans "destroying
Others world" because of blindness and greed.”

Gaia Hypothesis
One more message or issue call it anything which I found while watching the movie was
regarding “Eywa” which James has shown that she is Goddess of na’vis. Few years back I was
searching the net as per routine of mine, I found a Hypothesis (unproved fact) on some site about a
religion named as Gaia Religion, whose believes are that “Earth functions as one organism, with all the
systems of the Earth interacting to each other for its function”, much like our various organs in our own
body, and this whole body obeys to a Goddess which is assumed as creator and the driver of all the
system. And this same thing was shown in the movie that there is Goddess Eywa and she controls all
the creatures of Pandora.
A lot of research is going on about this Gaia religion, and it’s a quiet hot topic for some people
around the world.

Socio-political issues
The most positive approach which the viewers of the movie showed was indeed a negative one
but they succeeded in exploring that message, and that message was regarding environmental
destruction. That how humans are destroying their own environment and why they are doing such
thing? What are the reasons which forced them to destroy their environment?
Let’s give it a look that what are the reasons behind it! After hearing the word environment the
first thing which comes to a person’s mind is “trees”. Because they help us in keeping our air healthy,
and if a average person gets to know that there is no tree left on planet earth then he will definitely feel
like dying because he knows “No trees, no oxygen”. And almost we are up to this thing that we our
destroying forests, which our necessary for our planet to maintain its condition for the survival of living
things. But we are cutting trees on daily basses, the plantation of trees is also taking place but ratios of
re plantings against cutting of trees are very low. If we see around in our homes, cars, things we use,
the chair on which we sit, the bed on which we sleep every night, the instruments which we use for
sports and activities, papers on which we write and lots of other things, we use wood in them, and to
full fill the such daily requirement of the whole population of the world which is in billions, we need a
lot of wood real big amount of it. So we our cutting trees to full fill our needs, and even then we say
save the environment, plant more trees. Are we so dumb that we can’t find an alternative for wood, yes
we can, and we have found but still same story the ratios are too low. Not just trees but there are a lot
more factors which are polluting are environment and no one but we are the reason of it. And we are
doing absolutely nothing about it, except of few organizations which I’ll consider as approx 0%.
In avatar James has shown that we have become so selfish that we damn care about
environment and its precious advantages and gifts, we just know that destroy the environment and in
result you will find some resources (wood, water, etc)and then you can process them and again in
processing you produce waste and that waste again goes to your environment which is directly
polluting the environment, and after processing you make a product which worth some green($), and
then you sell the product and fill your pocket as much as you can, and then keep doing it too and even
accelerate in your work, cut more trees, generate more and more money for yourself.
We observe this thing in our daily life, but still we are not doing anything, but sometimes I think
we can’t change this picture, because we are not the one’s who’s rules and decision are appreciated or
followed. We can say just a big YES to the system, because if we going to say NO to the system then
there is no place for us. I am not saying that we are under some pressure or depression that we can’t
react to it, yes we can but it’s a fact that our reaction is not going to affect the system because its roots
are so deep and strong, that God knows who is going to change the things around.
When we talk about resources then we know that there is a big list of it for example: trees,
water, land, oil, gas, meat weather it’s of land or sea, even humans are also considered as resource, and
there are a lot others. We also know that all the humans which are in billions are using these resources,
they are divided in continents, countries, and even provinces, and they all want that they should be
using the resources as much as they can, and if they are out of their own resources then they will join
hands with few others which will offer them some of power and then they will attack on others who are
weak, less in count and they will gather up all of the resources of weak people and they wait till their
new resources finishes, and this procedure takes place again and again.
This thing happened a lot of time but the best I remember is regarding Iraq war. When we see
into whole Iraq war scenario, we are going to find that without any reason Americans struck Iraq again
using the tag of a war on terror, so no other countries can even argue on it. What they did? Expect of
killing their leader, putting people in the worst condition that they even can’t imagine off. And now on
the name of help and Americans say that they are actually helping the Iraqi people by extracting all
their oil! And that oil will be used for the benefit of the Iraq to rebuild it and now we see very huge
American organization in Iraq whose job is to extract oil from Iraq and take that oil to America for
filtering purpose or purification purpose and then utilize that oil for Iraq’s benefit which doesn’t take
place. They are taking all the oil from Iraq and using it for themselves. Same thing happened in
Kuwait, a war happened for oil over there but this time two countries were fighting for oil Iraq and
America. I think they believe that when one life is end another begins, means for example there are
total 4 apples and 2 persons and each person can eat 2 apples for his survival of 10 days, and if one
somehow manages to kill or kick out the other person then he can have all the 4 apples and he can
survive for 20 days. This is the whole story.
If we talk about water resource then the example of India and Pakistan will be indeed satisfying.
As we know India has stopped Pakistan’s water from the river side, because they are doing some so
called dam projects or they are storing the water for them but indirectly they are putting Pakistan in
trouble with water reserves. But now we know that both countries have talked about this issue and now
India is going to provide Pakistan with water of rivers, but still they tried a lot and to some extent they
accomplished in their mission, which was “put Pakistan in trouble because they are nothing but
enemies of ours.”
If we talk about land resource then we can think about our past when there was system where
kings were the rulers of the region and they were suppose to battle up for land against other kings. But
let’s focus our mind towards some closest example which is about the Sub-continent or the Golden
sparrow. I have never seen any where such a fantastic way to occupy others kingdom it was one of its
kind, this whole story is between Great Britain and sub-continent rulers and people, and what Britain
did, first they interacted with Mughals for trade purposes, they slowly entered in the sub-continent,
learned their ways, their language and whole culture, they started buying land over there, they
established colonies in sub-continent and there colonies are still here but now they are not living there,
their few colonies were in Jaranwala near Faisalabad, Hyderabad (India), and even in Raja bazaar
which is in Rawalpindi, there colonies’ houses are still there and people are living in them even today.
After establishment of their colonies, they started interfering in the matters of the nation, and with the
passage of time they grew in numbers too. Then a war started in between Britain and Mughals and then
Britain won, and they kicked the Mughals out and they ruled sub continent over a time of 100 years,
and God knows how much of the wealth, which was of Mughals, they captured. They totally changed
the hole living style or culture of the people of sub continent and even today we can observe their
influence in us. Then people of sub continent struggled 100 years and after 100 years they finally
succeeded in getting the independence from Britain.
By keeping in mind the above sub continent story we can it compare with the story of
avatar. Because we see that first the corporation entered in Pandora for some research purpose on the
Unobtainum(rock). Like British people entered in sub continent for trade purpose, then in the film the
corporation realized that in order to get best samples of the rock we have to convert ourselves into
specious who are living in Pandora, and then they made Avatar which was made with the mixture of
humans and na’vi DNAs. Means they first they made themselves like na’vis by actually looking like
them, same thing happened in sub continent when British people adopted their culture. Then in the film
we see that how they infiltrated in them and they learned their way and how they gained there trust and
one of them even mated a na’vi, again same thing happened in sub continent when British people
learned the ways and language of the people of sub continent and then they started living with them,
they made relations with them same story as it was in film. And as like army did with the Na’vi by
destroying their home tree British people destroyed the whole rule or kingdom of Mughals, then in the
film we see when they re-gained their confidence and they decided to fight back and fought for their
land in the end they gained success in kicking of the evil humans out of the Pandora. And exact thing
happened in sub continent when Mughals were defeated by Britain, people started living like salves,
but after some time they gathered there confidence, they joined hands with others of their kind for
getting independence from the Evil British people and after 100 year they succeeded in their goal and
they got their independence in 1947. Same story, same links, same events, same happenings. Like the

Uses and abuses of technology

Technology is a broad term which says that I can be useful in a positive and in a negative way,
but I can help you in just saving your time. Technology has helped mankind since he have started
exploring the world with his mind and started making such things which could help him in his journey
through life.
Technology has helped the mankind through ages from making the Pyramids to temples, from
cutting the crops to re planting it, from the extraction of oil to the extraction of gas, from establishment
of life to destroying it, and making the life of humans from haven to hell. I think technology should be
used just for the benefit of mankind and even for earth. No one has created the technology we see today
but man, but question arises in my mind that why man has used or created such technology which is
only build or made to kill a human! We see our past full of wars in which swords, spears, arrows, guns,
knives, bombs, missiles, battle ships, fighter plans, nuclear bombs and God knows what else was used
and made just to kill another man on the name of protection, revenge and safeguard. And all these
things are the results of negative use of technology. No doubt man has created such inventions which
are beneficial for mankind, and they are helping mankind in all aspects of life. Thanks to technology
today this huge world has become a global village, anyone can talk to anyone, from anyplace to any
place. There are hundreds, thousands of inventions which man has invented and each one of it is best in
its own work or purpose.
In avatar we have seen that in 2154 when earth resources were almost finished, and humans has
build such machines which were able to travel to a planet called Pandora which is 6 light year away
from earth. Now that’s the use of technology that’s how it is used in a positive way. They made such
masks with which they enabled themselves for living in such an environment which was not made for
humans, now that’s again result of some positive technology. Then looking further in the movie we see
that they found a way to mix the DNA of humans and na’vis to make a body which is same as na’vis
body, and after that they managed a away to even control those bodies through mind. Now that’s what
technology is about. But after it we also see that they humans have brought huge gunships which are
also a result of technology but in a negative sense.
I think the heading which is made for technology above sounds fine to me because if there are
uses of a thing there should be some miss uses too but if man is creating a weapon which is again a
result of (technology), just to kill another man this is abuse not miss use.
In the film, there was a scene in which army was bombing on the home tree without even
announcement. And na’vis was dying and their home tree was falling, and all those innocent children
and women, ahhhhh! This really abuse of technology. But viewers were not seeing such thing first time
that not even surprising for them because they have seen the same event in real world, if we look into
our past, at the time of WWII, we are going to find Americans, as in the film was army, and what they
did to Japanese land and people, they bombed a nuclear bomb on two country, and that same was like
the scene of destruction of home tree in the film. I think all the countries should join their hand, and
they began a war on terror against the America.
One day I was researching on new technology on the internet and I found a blog about scientist
research on phenomena which could be the most power full destruction process, mankind has ever seen
in their entire history. Its results of destruction can be so massive that its power could not be even
compared with a power which takes place when a asteroid strikes a planet. And this process is known
as “The hydrant super collider” and his own scientist admits with owner and proud-ness that “it could
create reactions, which are thousands of times more power full then the biggest hydrogen bomb.”
Question arises her are we in need of such thing? Of course not, instead he could make a medicine
which can cure disease like Aids and cancer etc. it’s pure abuse of technology.
One more research is going on in a American state, and their Air force admit that they are
secretly making “Any matter weapons” and by this they mean that they can isolate any matter and can
make a weapon out of it. This is again a great abuse of technology, and the most annoying thing behind
these all researches is that the Government is promoting all these researches, and they are paying for it

Survival of Multinational companies

Multinational companies, provides people with a lot of benefits, in the shape of services and
product, and they provide harm to people, in shape of environmental pollution and destruction, and
they even wipe outs a group of public when required, who are living on a piece of land which these
companies desires to have. Their limit can’t be described in words.
Their only aim is to generate as much of the Green ($) as they can, and for this aim which very
necessary for their survival, they can do whatever they want, they can even evolve the whole
government. Let’s take an example, to understand the potentials of a multinational company, that how
far they can go, ok for example there is a oil extraction company and it is stated in some e.g America
and the company is supporting 40% of the economy of the country and they are also providing a lot of
benefits to their army, and suddenly the company says that, we have no work to do know, and we can’t
generate money for the country now because we are out of contracts, and we do not have place from
where we can extract the oil in order generate money, and then say to the government if you want us to
work so we can contribute in the overall country’s economy, then we have a plan, and the plan is based
on capturing the other countries fields for oil extraction and will extract the oil from country which is
full of oil and they are less in power from us, then the company suggests a whole diplomatic drama,
which can help them in their aim. Then they provide the government with an idea that if you want to
overcome a country, do these things.
1) Declare them terrorists or tell the whole world that the country is in danger due to some
reason and we are going to help them.
2) Go that country first try to deal with in a diplomatic way if they understand it good, but if
they don’t, then there is third point.
3) Send your army in the targeted country and start killing those who are refusing you, and if
someone ask that why are you killing them then say they were terrorist or they were danger
to their own country.
4) Destroy those who are throwing rocks on your way, and then on the name of rehabilitation
or re making of the country, put advice in front of everyone that we will make this country
again by using the country resources for the country which in this case is oil.
5) Just apply this thing and call us in, and we will do the job from there, and in result of that
we will going to contribute 50% of overall economy and the extra 10% is a incentive for the
And government says a big yes to the whole process because they need money to run the system. And
then we all see this thing happening.
This far can a Multination company can go. And this whole story was not just a story it was a
realty which took place in country Iraq.
These multinational companies have another way to survive in the third world, and for that they
have started preparations and we see their preparations today too. We almost daily hear a fact that the
birth rate of west is decreasing day by day, and their growth rate is now less than 1.3. How did this
happen? Answer of this question is based on a game or strategy which some of the top multinational
companies played, with the public, whose overall aim was to reduce the population so less resources
could be used and for that reason they pushed the whole less birth rate thing in to the people, and
results are quiet visible today I think.
This is how they are surviving even today and this how they going to survive in the third world.

Relations between industry and military

A person having average mind and average knowledge regarding the happenings of the earth is
never going to find about the relationship between military and industry. Because its packed in way that
it is very hard to even smell about them, but existence is everywhere.
In the film there was a clear demonstration on the relationship between military and industry,
we have seen this thing in the movie that how corporation took help from the army in destroying the
home tree of natives. And how they took help from the army in accomplishing their aim.
Besides the movie we have a lot of examples which are same to the situation described in the
film. I have talked about Iraq war in my report above, and I have written there that who they came to
Iraq, and on what basis, but now I’ll tell that how they did this.
The answer to this question is hard to understand because that entire war event was raped in a
way that one was able to find that what was going behind the stage. It was just like giving some one
bomb in order to kill him raped in paper with tag of Gucci on it, that it’s a precious gift, everyone sees
that gift from outside, but when the actual receiver opens it he kill himself without letting anyone
know, that there was bomb who killed me, but people find him dead, some might say oh! Rest in peace,
some will say oh he was good person, some will be silent, but some will think that what was the cause
of his death and after analyzing all the story they will definite lay say that, it was that gift which killed
In this story bomb is the army, the raped gift is with a tag of Gucci on it, is an industry, killing
the person was the aim or goal, and the spectators which were giving comments on the death are
actually are different groups and countries who sees all process but react in several different ways.
A part from Iraq the biggest example of this relationship lies in the west Papua which lies in the
western part of island of New Guinea, situated on the north of Australia. It is one of the most
biologically diverse areas of Earth, home of the bird and believed to contain countless un discovered
species. West Papua's indigenous population consists of over 300 tribes, some of which have never
been contacted by outsiders.
The most valuable thing of Papua is its gold and coppers mine, which are considered, to be the
largest open-cut mine in the world. And people of Papua are getting nothing out of it, because their
Indonesia has made their condition worst, Papuans killed by the Indonesian army over the last forty
years vary from 100,000 to 300,000 people. Why? Because they were dreaming for their independence.
Coming towards the main issue. Why Indonesian was doing such thing to Papuans? And its
answer is that because they were getting paid for it. And who were paying them? CORPORATIONS
were paying them. And they were paying them? Because corporations were wanting to extract all the
gold and copper from Papua, and Papuans were giving a tough time to the corporations. So they paid
Indonesian army to kill them or take care of them for the corporations so they can mine all the
resources they want without any tension.
The first company which entered the Papua was US mining corporation Freeport-McMoRan,
and they set a deal with Indonesian army in 1967. And they are still in a deal today, they have given
army officials huge sums of money nearly 20 million dollars between 1998 and 2004 according to their
own figures. In the NY Times article, the company said, "Our relationships with the Indonesian
government and its security (army) are ordinary business activities."
Now that’s a great way to rape things up. There are a lot more companies which are now in
Papua. Like British Petroleum, Rio Tinto, Amoco, Union Oil, Shell, Texaco, Mobil, ESSO, Phillips,
and many other Canadian, French, South African, American, British, and Australian businesses. The
UK has also given huge quantities of Greens to Indonesian army.
I think it’s the best example to understand the relationship between military and industry.

We all know that we are using our resources very quickly not for full filling the needs of people
but to make more and more money. This Movie Avatar can be a great Alarming message to all of us; we
are in need to understand the hidden message of the film which James Cameron has stated openly, that
stop using too much of resources save them, we are not going to find any Pandora in realty, in the film
James has shown that the last option which humans were left with is to reach Pandora, The Word
Pandora comes from Greek mythology which can be defined as “box of evil things.” We are in need to
understand that if we are going to use are resources wildly then evil will be upon us, or we will be
going to lead our way of living through evil.
A lot of companies are doing this thing that they are using a lot of resources, and when time
comes to them that they are out of resources, then they join hands with evil and captures other’s
resources even with force and their results are bad.
We have to stop or we are going to lose our resources, we can change thing around by just learn
a way to "see" things. Once we can "see" things we will be compelled to make good decisions. Think
faster time is Low; the clock is ticking at the beery moment.

I hope I have explained everything; I tried my best to explain my thinking and the facts which
was questioned regarding the topic to the reader.