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Technical Documentation Technical Publications

Our experienced Technical Publicationservice team brings

together multi-domain knowledge and experience in
technical writing, Illustration, animation and translation of
technical documents.

We offer cost effective, quality documentation delivered


We also have language translation services for translating

foreign language documents to English.

Industry Document Standards

Detailing  AECMA
 ATA 100
 ATA ispec2200
 ASD simplified technical English
 AICC & SCORM standards

Manual Development Services

Manual Authoring:
 Developments of manuals for maintenance,
operation, repairs and overhaul support.

Manual detailing  Creation of Detailed Parts List (DPL) for Illustrated

Parts Catalogue (IPC) and Illustrated Parts List (IPL).
 Creation and revision of Service Bulletins Revision /
updating of existing manuals.

Technical illustrations:

 Creation of illustrations from design drawings.

 Creation of exploded view illustrations for IPC / IPL.
 Legacy or paper conversion to vector format.
 Conversion of illustrations between formats and
incorporating into manuals.
Some of publications:
 MS Word  Corel Draw  Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
 Isodraw  Adobe Illustrator  Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
 Autotrol  AutoCAD  Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
 Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC, EIPC)
 Standard Practices Manual (SPM)
 Illustrated Tools and Equipment Manual (ITEM)

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