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Ref. No.

/CU/R/19-20/ 8453 Dated: 13th April 2020

As per the Academic regulation of Chandigarh University, the Summer Term can be allowed to the
students securing ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ & ‘I’ Grades. Students can be offered maximum of two backlog theory
subjects and one backlog practical subject in the summer term. All such students who opt for summer term
must repeat the course.


It is also informed that the following categories of students can also join the Summer Term in order to
improve their grades. However, the subjects like Practical, Project, Seminar and Training etc. cannot be

1. PASSED OUT STUDENTS (i.e. Passout Batch 2018 and 2019)

3. The other students (prior to the above period as mentioned in Sr. No 1 & 2) can improve papers having
“D” Grade only.

NOTE:- In all the above cases if the student opts for improvement, then he/she shall be awarded improved
grades only.


1. All the Heads of the University Teaching Departments are requested to work out at the departmental
level about the allocation of summer term teaching load to faculty and delivery of E-content to the
2. Interested students are required to apply through CUIMS on a given Performa available on their CUIMS.
The last date to apply for Summer Term is 25th April 2020.
3. The scheduled dates for the Summer Term shall be shared on UIMS after the completion of the forms i.e.
after 25th April, 2020. All the learning resources will be provided to the students through online mode.
Students are advised to keep a regular check on UIMS.
4. Internal assessment in summer semester will be based on continuous weighted academic tasks and
students are advised to complete all the work that are allocated by the faculty in the summer term.
5. Request for the summer courses will not be entertained after 25th April, 2020 unless approved by
the competent authority under special circumstances.

Copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action
1. All the Heads of the University Teaching Departments with the request to kindly bring it to the notice of all
students of their departments.
2. All the Deans/Executive Directors/Directors Principals.
3. All the Branch Officers
4. OSDs/PA to Chancellor /Vice-Chancellor/Pro-Vice Chancellors
(For kind information of the Chancellor /Vice Chancellor / Pro-Vice Chancellors).