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  Teenage Drug Addiction

It is believed, that the most serious problems are those, which influence society.
Unfortunately, we have many of those. Teenage drug addiction, for example, is the
most discussed issue.

The problem of substance abuse is already global. And it is not surprising, as, by
the beginning of the 21st century, an estimated 185 million people under the age of
15 were consuming drugs. In fact, a lot of people, reckon that they should not be
concerned about other humans’ decisions, but it’s not like that. We, as a society,
have to understand the side effects of taking drugs at a young age, and not only.

As a matter of fact, teenage drug addiction can easily be noticed and in all
likelihood, it is possible to deal with it. First of all, it is essential to find out the
reason for such abuse. In most cases, stimulants are attractive because of the ability
to increase energy, relaxation and give a feeling of a good, elevated mood. Usually,
teenagers accept this world too dramatically, so they try to escape from stress,
misunderstandings, unshared love and so on.

The first solution to this problem is attention and love from parents. Actually, they
are the one, who are taking responsibility for their kids. The matter is, teenagers try
to replace the lack of care by different addictions. That is why, parents should
always remember, that their support is extremely important.
Secondly, there should be fewer opportunities to buy drugs. Obviously, teenagers
have almost no limitation for such products, as they can easily get them. The
government has to increase restrictions against expanding drug purchasing. For
instance, police should pay more attention to those people, who behave in a strange
way and block websites, offering services like that.

Another advice is for teachers. It is worth mentioning, that it is always easy to

notice, whether the person has emotional problems, only by the behavior. So, as
long as school workers notice strange attacks of anxiety or any kind of suspicious
details, they shouldn’t let it pass, but start solving this problem in a calm way.
Psychologists can also have preventive conversations about the danger of taking

All in all, people have to understand, that being indifferent is a murderous feature
of the character. Only if humans start caring about others, there will be a better life
for everyone. So teenage drug addiction, as one of the serious problems, has to be
solved, as it will save a lot of fates and prevent from degeneration of morality.