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Advanced Technology in Management

End Term Examination

Maximum Marks: 60
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
1) All questions are mandatory
2) Exam is open book and open internet.
a. If you are citing facts and figures from Internet, give reference of the source
at the end of the answer. Citing facts and figures without reference would be
considered plagiarism.
b. If you are citing from the slides, mention the same as (ref. Class Slides)
3) Any kind of plagiarism entails awarding zero marks to the answer

Question 1. Figure 1 depicts kWh per dollar vs. cumulative government R&D funding for
photovoltaics, total solar, wind energy, and geothermal energy, 1980–2005. Investment
dollars are cumulative over the period 1974-2005 but performance is shown only from 1980
forward as this is when the earliest cost data is available from the National Renewable
Energy Laboratory.

Figure 1
Subsequently, Technology S-curves : kWh per dollar vs. cumulative government R&D
funding for fossil fuels, 1990–2005 is depicted in Figure 2 below.
Figure 2
Pacific Gas & Electric company (US) is pondering over investing heavily on renewable source
of energy. Assuming you are in year 2006, use the technology S-curve given above to
prescribe the company whether to invest in renewable sources of energy. If your answer is
yes, than which source would you prescribe as the best choice for investment?
(Marks 10)
Question 2. What are the signs that a business model is failing and is ripe for a disruption?
Elucidate your answer in the following context – “e-Learning platforms are going to disrupt
traditional education industry”.
(Marks 10)
Question 3. Study Coursera’s strategic partners and business model from
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coursera, and describe how Coursera creates, delivers,
captures, and defends its value to customers. Capture the same with the help of Coursera’s
digital business ecosystem. Briefly explain role of each component of the ecosystem in
Coursera’s digital business model.
Do you think coursera’s business model is disruptive or is incremental?
(Marks 15)
Question 4: Tesla CEO Elon Musk had tweeted about the major markets where new Model 3
will be sold with India in the list by 2021. Refer the following article for more details –
1. https://auto.ndtv.com/tesla-cars/model-3
2. Elon Musk explains why Tesla cars may not come to India anytime soon, accessed
Speculating the tweet to be true, appraise Tesla’s timing of entry into the Indian Market.
(Marks: 15)
Question 5: Refer to the Maersk-IBM case study discussed in the class. How would you
recommend Maersk to go about choosing a partner, a collaboration mode, and governance
structure for the relationship – keeping in view that the objective of the Maersk IBM joint
venture is to make Global Trade Digitization platform an industry standard.
(Marks 10)