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Megan Hughes

April 21, 2020

Tv Pilot Paper

To me, humanity means fighting for the ones you love so my tv pilot would be based
around the letters between a Vietnam veteran and the love of his life. My target audience
will be lovers of thrillers and the unusual sightings of mythical creatures. This is the
reason that I will be pitching my story to the CW Network who is notorious for shows
such as The Flash and Supernatural. I will be using blocking and hammocking to ensure
that my pilot will reach my intended audience. My pilot will fall under sci-Fi since my
main character, the Vietnam veteran, is a vampire who is constantly trying to fill the void
and bring back his late wife. I will be using the blocking strategy by putting my pilot after
The Flash on the CW since it falls under the same genre and will attract the target
audience that is ideal for my show. An ideal circumstance would be for my pilot to be
hammocked between The Flash and Supernatural on the CW network. Since the shows
are both considered to be sci-fi programs, having three programs sandwiched together
would make sure that my program will be watched because the audience won’t want to
switch the channel in-between two shows. I believe that putting my program in-between
these two shows will also help my ratings tremendously to start off with.
The first scene starts with fading from black to what seems to be just a normal
conversation between a middle-aged man and a young girl. On the walls all around them,
you can see the blue tape and white sheets on the ground. There is also a sledgehammer
laying on the ground by a pile of paint cans and paintbrushes. As we get closer to the man
and girl you can hear a heated discussion about whether or not they should knock the wall
down completely as an attempt to bring more light into the room. While the young girl
seems like she is all for demolishing the wall, the man is almost completely against it.
Explaining to the girl that the wall has been up for years and they shouldn’t try to fix
what isn’t broken. After what seems to be hours, they came to an agreement to leave the
wall and to figure out another way to add light to the room. The young girl goes through
several different design ideas to attempt to find a compromise of leaving the wall and
adding in natural light to elevate the space. Hundreds of ideas later and the girl decides to
take matters into her own hands and knock the wall down herself as a surprise for the
older man. She grabs the sledgehammer, puts on her protective glasses and starts
swinging. Whack, whack, whack. The older man comes sprinting down the stairs into the
room and is astonished by the sight of a gaping hole in his beloved wall. Sitting at the
bottom of the wreckage of what was once a wall is a small dusty chest. Hoping that the
young girl doesn’t notice the chest, the man hurries over in an attempt to hide the
mysterious box. Despite all of his attempts to hide the box, the young girl tricks the man
into letting her hold the chest. The old man’s heart is now beating so loud that you can
practically hear it from across the room. Time seems to turn to slow motion while he sits
and watches the girl open the box that he swore no one would ever see again. The camera
pans to over the girl’s shoulder as the lid slowly opens revealing polaroid pictures and
extremely old letters which seem to have been written decades ago. The girl starts
reading the names that are addressed on the envelopes and can make out only the first
name of the sender, Lucious. “Lucious, wait do we know someone named Lucious? Why
does that name sound so familiar” asks the young girl looking up to the man. “Ummm, no
no I don’t think so. Must be someone who lived here before couldn’t be anyone we know
with letters that look that old” says the man. Little beads of sweat are forming on the
man’s face while the girl tries to decipher the name on the middle of the envelope. “Oh!
Here’s another name! Looks like Elizabeth Clark. Do we know any Clarks” asks the girl.
The man answers almost instantly, as if he knew what was coming beforehand,
“Definitely not!” “LUKE!” screams the young girl trying to stop the man from leaving.
He grabs the box and sprints out of the room.
The man’s mind is racing at this point, feelings of rage and fear overwhelm him. He
begins to question everything, how could this happen? He was always so careful to make
sure that no one would ever find this chest. If anyone reads these letters or looks too
closely at the pictures it could ruin everything he’s worked towards. Nobody has ever
come this close to finding out the truth and as much as he would love to confide in
another person, it was just too dangerous. “Lucious…Luke…it’s all too close together, I
knew I should’ve changed made it less noticeable” he mumbles under his breath. Well,
it’s only a matter of time now before the young girl finds out that Luke, who is really
Lucious, is really her great grandfather and not just the neighbor from across the street.
“Ok, think. How do we stop her from finding out the truth?” He begins to way all of his
options, “Leave town? No, then I can’t protect her. Mind control? No, no way. Well…I
mean it’s not the worst idea.” At this point, it’s surprising that she hasn’t figured it out
yet, he never ages and he’s been around for years. He’s always there to protect her and
make sure that she has everything she possibly needs that her parents couldn’t afford to
give her. Downstairs speakers start blaring music that could only be coming from the
young girl’s taste. “How is she still here after all of that!” He slowly makes his way
downstairs, where he sees the girl trying to clean up the mess she made as an attempt to
make her neighbor happier about the giant hole in his precious wall. “You really don’t
need to do that. I can take care of it if you want to head home,” he says walking up
behind her. Startled, she jumps and drops her paintbrushes slinging half-dried white paint
everywhere. “Oh my goodness! I’m so so so sorry! I didn’t mean to I am just trying to fix
the things I messed up and try to make everything better! I really didn’t mean to make
you upset, I figured you would like it once we finished it. I’m so sorry” she explains with
her words almost running all together like a waterfall. Luke stands there laughing at the
crazy state of his living room, wondering how he could ever not be in his granddaughter’s
life. “Hey, it’s ok. You’re right. I overreacted and maybe it is time for a change in this old
room. Well, we’re already started we might as well see where this wall takes us next” he
says trying to make her feel better but also attempting to keep his cool about the millions
of little white paint splatters all over the room. They pick up the sledgehammers and get
to work on demolishing the wall together. While this seems very drastic to him he can
also tell that this is bringing him closer to his granddaughter and that is something he’s
always wanted.
A week or so pasts and the young girl just cannot shake the fact that she knows the
name Lucious from somewhere but for some reason, she just can’t remember where
from. She starts digging through old photo albums and videotapes from her childhood
hoping to find some type of clue. Dozens of albums later and countless hours of
videotapes watched and she comes to the end of her parent’s collections. “Maybe, if I go
over to Luke’s house I can get the answers I need from him. He has to know something!
He’s lived in this neighborhood for forever!” Knock, knock, knock. The door swings
open with excitement, “well, well, well if it isn’t my favorite little neighbor!” It’s obvious
that he’s extremely happy to see her but doesn’t seem to realize that she really wants
answers from him. Even though she overstepped her boundaries the week before she gets
straight to the topic that hasn’t escaped her mind since the day they knocked the wall
down, Lucious and Elizabeth. “Hi, do you still have those letters or have you had any
luck trying to figure out who those people are and how those letters ended up in your
wall?” Once again sweat starts to form on Luke’s face, “wait you’re still hung up on that?
I’m sure it’s just someone trying to play a prank or just random people who used to live
here before me” he answers quickly, almost too quick. “Ok, if that’s the case then why do
I have such a pull towards the name Lucious? I hardly know anybody but I feel like I
should know who that is” she exclaims desperately. “Well, maybe it’s just a name you’ve
read in a book or it’s someone famous! I really don’t know, isn’t that crazy show network
that you’re always watching always coming up with interesting and unique names?
Maybe you’ve heard it on there?” he says trying to throw her off of his trail. He walks
into the other room while she just stands to attempt to make sense of the situation.
“There’s no way that he doesn’t know anything, he has to be hiding something from me.
That’s just not like him to be hiding something from me though, I know he’s just my
neighbor but he’s always seemed like family and family doesn’t lie…right?” she
mumbles to herself.
A few days later, she decides that she is going to steal the box from Luke’s house
because there has to be something in the box that will help her find out more. She waits
until Luke’s car is gone and every light in the house is off to make sure that she won’t be
caught. She walks around the perimeter of the house to try to find a way in, then
remembers that Luke always leaves a key under a lamp in the backyard in case he were to
lose his. The girl manages to jump the fence to the backyard and finds the key to the
door. Once inside, she now has to figure out where Luke would have the box hidden. She
runs to the closet, swings the door open and of course, there’s nothing that even looks
remotely to the mystery chest. She sprints up the stairs to Luke’s bedroom, opens every
cabinet, box and looks under the bed but still, there’s no chest insight. She then tries the
attic, of course, the spookiest part of the house by far. Climbs up the old wooden stairs
and turns on her phone light to try to see as much as possible but of course, she doesn’t
find it up there either. “Where in the world would he have put it? It has to be here
somewhere!” she whines. As a last attempt to find the chest she checks in the last
possible place, under the stairs. She noticed that there was a creaky step when she ran up
there earlier but ignored it because she didn’t think it was possible. She stops at the
creaky step and pulls the top part off to reveal the coveted chest that has been plaguing
her thoughts for weeks. This wasn’t a moment too soon because she hears the engine of
Luke’s car pull into the driveway. She grabs the box and sprints out of the backdoor right
before Luke opens the front door to walk in.
The girl makes it back home with the box in hand and starts going through the letters
and looking closer at the pictures. The letters seem to have been sent back and forth
between Lucious and Elizabeth while Lucious was off at war. They seemed to be in love
but always fighting about him needing to come home from the war because she was
getting bored. While the young girl is reading through the letters, Luke starts having
flashbacks from his time fighting the Vietnam War and all he wanted was to be back with
the love of his life. He would’ve given anything to be back in her arms but of course,
decades later this wasn’t possible. Nobody from that time could possibly still be alive or
remember who he was and what they went through. While he’s going through his
flashbacks, the young girl is suddenly remembering where she’s heard the name Lucious.
It was always in conjunction with family legends that her parents always shared with her
before bedtime. It was always her favorite, about her great-grandfather and his epic love
story with his future wife Elizabeth. “But why was Luke acting so strange towards me
finding the letters and why would he have hidden them under a staircase?”
Weeks pass by and Luke finally gets the courage to fully explain to the girl where the
letters truly came from and why he’s been acting so weird about them. But how do you
tell someone that you’re their long lost great-grandfather who just so happens to be a
vampire who will never die? So he sets out to the girl’s house across the street and starts
to explain to her what happened between him and Elizabeth. By the end of the
conversation between the two, it was obvious that Luke was extremely terrified because
now his secret is out and no one ever reacts well to the story of vampires. However, the
young girl seems to be taking the story in very well, as though she had already figured it
out herself. He then sees out of the corner of his eye that she had somehow brought the
chest home with her. The girl embraces her now great-grandfather in hopes that he will
realize that she will never leave or betray him by telling others his secret. Luke realizes
that even though his life story is seemingly far fetched, he can always rely on the love
and care of his family members. Who he has always watched over and provided for.

The moral of this program is that no matter what you can always trust that your family
will always fight for you.