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- Trinh: Today, my group will discuss about the topic: How has science changed the food we eat.

Now let's start....

- Phuc: Hi guys! Yesterday I surf Facebook and I see some posts about how has science changed
the food we eat. It's very hot!
- Trinh: That's right. It is so hot. In my opinion, I think science brings many positive changes for
our life. A cause of the science we get many benefits that help us to make our lives easier and
more convenient. Science makes food various. For example, we can make different kind of food
and different taste from one thing by using technology. In addition, using science technology is
helpful for us. Science shows us how to eat equally nutritious foods. Also science helps making a
plan for our well balanced food directly.
- Nhu: I disagree with your opinion. In order to have a variety of food, it is necessary to go
through the breeding process from many sources of genes and diving genes. It will affect our
health. Causes many inherited genetic diseases and genetics later for generations.
-Not only that, food now contains a lot of pesticides. Using too much food containing pesticides
we will kill ourselves. According to research it is one of the leading causes of cancer for us.
According to statistics, there are up to 65% of cancer in Vietnam is due to the influence of
pesticides contained in food.
- Phuc: Sorry, I don't think so! Firstly about the genetic mutation, the scientists have studied very
carefully and the negative recessive gene that affects our health is very low probability.
Secondly, pesticides are used to protect agricultural products against harmful agents. It will not
affect human health if people do not abuse it. What's more, Science also helps increase the
nutritional value of the foods we eat. Based on the analysis of nutrient content in today's food
by Dr. Khoe, the protein level in pork in 2018 is higher than in 2001. Specially, the nutrition of
the meal is one of the factors that people pay attention to.
- Phuong: I’m afraid that I can’t agree with you. I don’t know whether the nutrient in food
increase or not but the additives in it is increased greatly today. Here’s what we need to know.
Additives are used to improve the taste and appearance of food and preserve food. In addition,
food coloring is added to make the food look more delicious. Added flavors can be 100 percent
manufactured. For example, additives like citric and lactic acid can increase the flavor of food. In
fact, food additives with immediate effects may cause headache and change our energy level or
immune response or they may affect our mental concentration, our behavior, too. Those with
long-term effects can increase our risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
- Trinh: In conclusion, there are our opinions about how science has changed the food we eat.
And what do you think about this?