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Project number 3

Project Title SAMAR

Document Project Plan

Creation date 1 February 2020

Created By Kalp Shah

Client Mentor : Venu Gopal

Organization : VSC DigiTech

Brief problem statement

The task is to create a software solution that, given a class of product and the parameters can judge
and give a top 5 of the products that should be used by the user.
Team Members
The team members are :
Kalp Shah
Sumanth Balaji
Sandeep Reddy
Akash Reddy
Team Communication
The team will meet every week in person or in case of a sudden development of the project, in
person if possible, or via group chat on Whatsapp.
Development Environment
The tools used for the creation of the project are :
- Python
- Django
- SqlAlchemy
- VSCode
- PyCharm
- GitLab
Milestone Schedule

Milestone Due Date Release Deliverable?

Create draft requirements 10 Jan R1 Yes

Project Plan Page 1

Finalize requirements 21 Jan R1 Yes
Create A Scraper 10 Feb R1 Yes
Get Requirements 1 Feb - Yes
Complete Code 7 Feb - Yes
Complete Testing 8 Feb - Yes
Deployment 10 Feb - Yes
Create A Website 15 Feb R1 Yes
Get Requirements 1 Feb - Yes
Complete Code 10 Feb - Yes
Complete Testing 13 Feb - Yes
Deployment 15 Feb - Yes
Create A Chatbot 25 March R1 No
Get Requirements 15 March - No
Complete Code 23 March - No
Complete Testing 24 March - No
Deployment 25 Feb - No
Complete Website 1 April R2 Yes
Get Requirements 1 Feb - Yes
Complete Code 20 March - Yes
Complete Testing 25 March - Yes
Deployment 29 March - Yes
Create Plugin to incorporate VSC DigiTech tools 20 March R1 No
Get Requirements 10 March - No
Complete Code 15 March - No
Complete Testing 20 March - No
Deployment 20 March - No

Project Plan Page 2