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Jose Manuel P.


N.S.T.P TWO was really an amazing experience for me and my fellow students, having
that amazing opportunity to interact and communicate with different citizens to know there
struggles and issues in the barangay, and to come up with a solution to those issues is really a
great steps towards the idea of being the future leaders of our country. The picture above
shows one of my duties in the group, which is to INITIATE and handle the arrangement
materials, chairs and especially the large cover which blocks the sun that allows the projector to
be seen. Ininiative is really that one word that can describe my contribution, for the reason that i
am responsible for my actions and i always want to my job on point. Prior to that, my A1C family
has been really on hand of our tasks, each and everyone of us contributed a lot on the latter
part of achieving a job well done. On the other hand, i am proud to say that i am knowledgeable
of finding sources for having numerous number of empty bottles and shreded trash. More than
anything else, as i par-take another venture in my life and it’s in the field of serving the country,
the Philippine Military Academy. The greatest lesson that i learnes is the importance of
camaradery and team work, it really plays a big role in molding us to be the best of us. As I
enter the P.M.A soon, i’ll be proud to say that I have under-go the NSTP track. And lastly, the
happiness and good ambiance that i and my classmates shares to the community is one of the
most precious gift that we can give, for the reason that we are just sharing our knowledge but
the will to live this life, a promise that their future leaders are being shapen well and properly for
the future.
rubric for grading:

Criteria Description Above Meets Approachin Below Rating

expectation expectation g expectation
s (3) expectation s
(4) s (1)
Content The report presents an in-
depth analysis and articulate
clear connections between the
learning experiences.
Organization The development and
presentation of ideas is logical.
There is a smooth transition
from one idea to another.
Format* The report subscribes to the
required format including the
title, picture, & one-word