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Write short accounts of Muslim belief about Resurrection and the Last


“Truly He who gives life to the dead earth can surely give life to
men who are dead”.                                               
Allah has created us and He knows what is right for us and what
is wrong. Therefore Allah sent prophets and Books to guide
human beings. Muslims believe that after our death, we will be
given life again (Resurrection) and we will be accountable to God
for our good and bad deeds. Accountability starts as soon as a
person dies but the stages of the Day of Judgment are well
defined in Sura Al Qariah and Sura Al Zilzaal.
The main events
On a normal day, Allah will decide to end this world. Angel
Israfeel will blow the trumpet and the sound will create a horrible
earthquake. Human beings will be in a panic like scattered moths
and finally all will die. Mountains will become dust like carded
wool (Al Qariah).
Earth will show its treasures but it will be too late to correct
oneself. Man will be astonished at this behaviour of earth and say
what is happening to it (Al Zilzaal). 
In the second stage, all human beings will be given life again.
They will be divided into groups and they will be standing to
answer their deeds (in the plain of Arafaat) (Al Zilzaal). Proves
will be given about every good and every sin.  The smallest good
and the smallest evil will be shown. Even this earth will become
a witness in our favour or against us. There will be some kind of
balance with which Allah will even judge our intentions.  The
final judgment will be announced.
Those who will have the blessing of Allah, will be sent to
paradise. They will be happy and the result will be in their right
hand. Paradise is a place of unending bliss and pleasures. Those
who will fail the examination,will have their result in the left
hand and they will try to hide it. Hell is a place of blazing fire and
unimaginable tortures. There will be no death in both the places.

Simon commission was made in 1927. It was headed by John Simon. It was formed to
consider the situation in India. All members were British and none of them was Indian.
This thing angered many Indians who went against it. In fact in 1919 the Government
of India act stated that a commission would be formed after 10 years to look for the
situation India. It was considered as an insult to India and many parties and Indian
rose against it