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UM UGM ‘04
A : Do you think it was Danu broke Vindi’s bike?
B : ___ I’m sure he would have told you
A. If he broke it
B. Unless he had broke it
C. Becuse he had broke it
D. Unless he broke it
E. If he had broken it

2. Nita : “Will he pay all his debt?”

Dina : “yes,if he __ the inheritance
A. Got
B. Gets
C. Is got
D. Had got
E. Would get

3. If he had taken a computer course, it would have been easier for him to get a
good joob
This means that____
A. It wasn’t easy to find a good job although he had taken a computer course
B. He had taken a computer course , it wasn’t difficult to find a good job
C. Even though he’d taken a computer course , it wasn’t easy to find a good job
D. He didn’t taken a computer course, so it wasn’t easy to get a good job
E. He took a computer course so that it would be easier to find a good job

4. “If she had spare time, she would join us, means ......

A. She did not have spare time

B. She has spare time
C. She join us
D. She doesn’t have spare time
E. She didn’t join us

5. UAN ‘00
‘If I had known that you were in Bandung, I would have shown you some
interesting places.’
A. Thank you for showing me around Bandung
B. Thank you,I will really enjoy it
C. I’m sorry,I didn’t have time to write you before I left for Bandung
D. That’t good idea. I haven’t had time to go around Bandung
E. Yes,it was such an interesting trip

6. UAN ‘04
Jaya : Why are you still here? Didn’t you tell me that you would go to Jakarta
Setiadi : I would have been in Jakarta if the bus had not go an accident.
The underlined utterance means_______
A. Setiadi is in Jakarta
B. Setiadi went to Jakarta
C. The bus was safe
D. Jaya went to Jakarta
E. The bus got an accident

7. SPMB ‘04
If Angga had been chosen to play football instead of going to puncak with his
freinds on their motorbikes,he would not have got that terrible accident
From the above sentece we may conclude the now Angga is ____
A. Enjoying the holiday
B. Hospitalized
C. Very tired
D. Still at the football field
E. In puncak

8. “What would you do if you were a milinionaire?”

“____ a trip around the word
A. I will be
B. I would have
C. I would take
D. Me took
E. I took taken

9. SPMB ‘02
‘Had I known you very expecting a call, I wouldn’t have used the phone along.
A. I would like to talk on the phone
B. I was about to use the phone
C. I kept talking on the phone
D. I was waiting to use the phone
E. I stopped talking on the phone

10. STAN ’02

Mrs.Efi _____ if she had been delayed
A. Lost
B. Would lose
C. Had lost
D. Had lost
E. Would have lost

11. If I hadn’t quarreled with John , I could have gone to the party with him.
It can be concluded that ___ to the party
A. Perhaps I’II go with John
B. John promised to go with me
C. I didn’t go eith John
D. John would like to go with me
E. I went with John

12. STAN ’04

If I _____ you,I’d just go for dessert
A. Was
B. Am
C. Were
D. Had been

13. Rudi would have lost his way in London if he hadn’t been able to speak English
The above sentence means:
A. Rudy got lost because his English was poor
B. Although Rudi’s English was good,he got lost
C. As Rudi could not communicite in English , he got lost
D. In spite of his good English,Rudi did not get lost
E. Rudi did not get lost because his English was good

14. UM UGM ’04

Had he handed in the application he ___ last week.
A. Would be allowed to jaoin the interview test
B. Was being allowing to join the interview test
C. Would have been allowed to join me interview test
D. He will have been allowed to join me interview test
E. He was allowed to join the interview test

15. X : Has she already got the medicine

Y : If she had visited the doctor , she would have been given medicine
From the dialogue above we know that_____
A. The doctor visited her and gave her medicine
B. She visited the doctor , so she was given medicine
C. She didn’t visit the doctor so the wasn’t given madicine
D. Although she didn’t visit the doctor,she was given the medicine
E. She didn’t visit the doctor because the doctor had already given her medicine

16. UMPTN ‘01

‘Had the make-up class been announced earlier,more students would have
attended the lecture’
From the above sentence,we may conclude that_____
A. No students came to the make-up class
B. Many student knew about the make-up class
C. Students did not want to attend the class
D. Many students missed the make-up class
E. The make-up class was not announced

17. Sandy didn’t pass the examination because he didn’t study seriously. He ........ if he
had wanted to succeed
A. Had studied hard
B. Would study hard
C. Should have studied hard
D. Has studied hard
E. Should study hard

18. “Had he mentioned why he didn’t come to my party,I would not have been so
A. He came to my party;therefore,I was not upset
B. Since he comes to my party, he didn’t to explain anything
C. He come to my party; otherwuse , I would have been very upset
D. Althogh he come to my party,I was upset
E. I was upset because he didn’t explain why he didn’t to my party

19. He is not rich, and he can’t buy the house

This means….
A. If he were rich, he could buy the house
B. Was he rich, he could buy the house
C. If only he was rich, he could buy the house
D. If he had been rich, he could have bought the house
E. If he is rich, he can buy the house

20. “If there were traffic lights at this intersection, there wouldn’t be so many
We can conclude that____
A. The only accidents occur at this intersection
B. This is dangerous intersection
C. The traffic light often doesn’t work
D. Despite the traffic accidents happen
E. Drivers were always very careful at this intersection

21. We would not have lost our bag if we ___ it in the hotel
A. Left
B. Have left
C. Had left
D. Would leave
E. Would have left

22. Can we see the people we chat with in the internet? We could if he had a webcam.
From the conversation we can conclude that they ........... webcam.
A. don’t have
B. had
C. have
D. didn’t have
E. wouldn’t have

23. “Did Paul get his work done?”

“He ...... if his computer had not broken down.”
A. could
B. could be
C. could not
D. could have
E. couldn’t have

24. It rained very hard this morning, but mother didn’t have an umbrella with her. We
may conclude that…
A. If she had an umbrella, she did not get wet
B. If she had an umbrella, she could not get wet
C. If she has an umbrella, she will not be get wet
D. If she had an umbrella, she would not be wet
E. If she had had an umbrella, she would not have been wet

25. If someone had beaten my little sister, I …….. my father

A. Had told her to
B. Had told it to
C. Would have been told
D. Would have told
E. Would tell her to