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Delaney Lewellyn


November 12, 2019

Package 1

Identify the Project

The project I will be working on is an informational blog, dedicated to swimmers. The

blog will contain video footage of drills that are used with Kaatsu bands, bands that are placed

around both arms or legs to restrict blood circulation. These bands can replenish, strengthen, and

reduce injuries in muscles. Having these video entries and text updates in the perspective of a

swimmer, should make the drill explanations easier to understand for the swimmer and for them

to be able to see the purpose of it.

Being able to dedicate a blog for swimmers and the use of Kaatsu bands, is quite unique

on its own. I’ve seen similar videos of swimmers doing drills on online sites, such as YouTube,

but none using the bands. Being able to expand the knowledge of this type of training and the

benefits of doing it is different in its own way.

For this project to be completed, there are many component parts that must be

investigated. Some of these key parts that lead to the finished product of the project included:

designing the blog, researching, writing a business plan, figuring out the dates to film and what

equipment will be needed, what drill will be filmed, how will I explain the drill, writing and

practicing the script for the voice over in the video, and figuring out when to timed schedule and

what to write for the updates.

Analyze the Project

Having to be able to create a blog with its own identity and choosing a design that goes

with the project’s theme so the blog can stand out for viewers to see. Attaching social media

accounts to the blog can also further expand the knowledge. Going into further research about

video editing and positioning of the footage angles in a way that your explanation is clearly

understood. Finding out ways to grab more swimmers’ attention to the blog is another key point

to research. Writing a business plan will keep me and the project organized, along with

completed parts in a timely manner. Figuring out what days would be the best to film,

considering the schedules of the participating athletes, coach, and lighting from the sun and what

equipment would be needed for that scheduled time, most of the time being an above video

camera, bands, underwater video cameras, and tripod. Paying attention to what drill that will be

filled so it is easier to do the next steps and learn as musch information and the importance of it.

Explaining the drill in a way that anyone can understand what you are talking about, it is easier

since I am a swimmer and understand the struggle of miscommunication. Writing the script that

will be said in the video recording and practicing it while having someone else look it over.

Editing the video so that it is ready to be posted onto the blog but having someone examine it

beforehand. Posting updates on how the bands and drills are helping me personally and how

they are supposed to feel, should help with explaining.

Being able to share my experience and knowledge of drills with the Kaatsu bands to other

swimmers to help them improve and be able to give them a way to lessen the chances of injuries

is a huge goal of mine. Some of the challenges I will be facing are video editing in a way that

satisfies the eye, along with creating a pleasing blog. Finding more ways to get more viewers to

my blog, to expand my knowledge around to as many people as I can. I wish to expand my

knowledge of video editing, improve in my writing skills, become more time managing, and

being able to design a blog.

More area that will be needed to be researched are finding a successful video editing

software, what angles would be most beneficial to help a swimmer to understand the body

positioning, when should I switch between angles, how to gain more viewers to the blog.

Creating a resource consult page that documents all the websites I have looked through and what

information I have pulled from it along with video/picture documentation that proves that I have

been working on the project.

Identify the Alternatives

There are a few possible alternative solutions to go about what type of blog I should do to

benefit other swimmers to understand the use of drills with Kaastu bands. The first is to do an

only video-based blog, almost like a YouTube channel. I could also create a blog based merely

on text, explaining everything through words instead of visuals. The other choice is to create a

blog that consist of both video clips and text entries, so that there are two different ways of

learning the drills.