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Consumer Unit

NX2 Consumer Unit

1. General
1.1 Electric ratings: up to 100A, 230/400V, AC50/60Hz;
1.2 No. Of mounted units: 10, 14, 18;
1.3 On-load current (A): 100/1-phase; 63/3-phase;
1.4 Allowable temperature-rise of enclosure k: 40;
1.5 Protection degree: IP2XC;
1.6 Standard: IEC/EN 60439-3

2. Type Designation
N X 2-□

Number of mounted units

Design sequence number
Consumer Unit
Company code

3. Features
3.1 The product has appearance patent. In addition to
the standard mounting rail, a front panel for fixing is
supplied. The shape fixing bolts are easy for fastening
and loosening.
3.2 The interiorly mounted MCBs are in compliance with
relative IEC standards, 9mm modularized electric components are applicable, as well.
3.3 On request, various circuits combinations can be assembled; and the mounting capacity of the product units can be taken to
10~18 units.
3.4 Convenient and reliable operation, having exposed handle, and all live parts to be mounted inside the wall box.
3.5 The consumer unit is designed with internal terminal blocks for connection of neutral line and protective grounding wire.
3.6 The enclosure of the unit is made of plastic material ;

4. Overall and Mounting Dimensions

Overall and mounting Dimensions


A 122±2.5

Type A B
NX2-10 232±2.5 256±2.5
NX2-14 302±2.5 326±2.5
NX2-18 374±2.5 398±2.5

5. Ordering Information
Model Number of circuits Order Code
NX2 10 151001
NX2 14 151002
NX2 18 151003