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How to stay cyber secure while you work from Search …

April 7, 2020 / Jaya Sharma Recent Posts

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However, work from home culture has its own drawbacks. Offices are secured with strong cyber
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In a research conducted for the month of February and March, it was realized that there was a
whopping 600% increase in cyber threats related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 40% of companies  Beginner’s Complete Guide to Cloud

which enabled work from home policy for employees reported an increase in cyberattacks. Computing March 31, 2020
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 Android Security
 Anti-fraud
 Anti-phishing tool
 Cloud computing
 Compliance
 COVID-19
 Credit card fraud
 Cyber Awareness
 Cyber Security
 Data Breach
 database leak
 DDoS Attack
Following are a few simple security measures that allow employees to safely work from home.  email security
1. Provide cyber security awareness to employees  Employee Awareness

Employees must be provided with the knowledge to identify cyber-attacks such as awareness  Hacking
against phishing emails, risks associated with the use of public Wi-Fi, to ensure the security of the  Impersonation attacks
devices being used for work.  impersonation attacks
2. Secure medium of communication  IoT
 ISO 27001
 KPMonitor
 Malware less attacks
 Mobile Security
 network security
 People Risk Assessment
 Phishing
 Ransomware
 Ransoware attack
 SMShing
 SQL injection attack
 Threat Alert Button
 ThreatCop
 ThreatCop
 Uncategorized
Always use a secure medium of communication for official purposes. Make sure that security
 Vishing
protocols such as DMARC are set in your email domain to secure it against any attempt of spoofing
or abuse.
3. Deploy a phishing incident response team
In such a critical time when businesses are being hit hard, neglecting security can be an extremely
dangerous situation for any organization. Every single effort matters and each form of vulnerability
has to be taken into consideration. Since the majority of cyber attacks occur via emails. Therefore, a
Phishing Incident Response  tool is the need of the hour. A single vigilant employee can save the
entire organization. A phishing incident tool empowers employees with the capability to report
suspicious emails.
4. Deploy a VPN
Deploy a VPN for secure data transfer between the core system and work systems that employees
are using remotely. It adds on as an additional layer of security by encrypting data while travelling.
5. VDI
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows employees to work in a virtual environment as if they are
connected to company’s local network from any place, at any time and from any device that is
connected with the Internet. With VDI, data is stored on a server rather than the individual system.
Not only does it significantly lower down risks to data but also, a lesser amount of bandwidth is
required to store it.
6. Encourage employees to use cloud services
Encourage employees to use cloud services like doc, spreadsheet, etc. since this minimize the risk
to data as it is not stored locally.

7. Deploy an MDM solution

Deploying an MDM solution helps the organization in retaining control over business-related
sensitive data. The solution allows administrators to remotely lock the devices and wipe all the data
in case the device gets stolen. This prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Do you want to keep your organization secure?

We are providing a 30-day free cyber health checkup for your organization. This will consist of free
cyber security consultation and solutions including:

Cyber-attack simulation and awareness tool ThreatCop,

SaaS-based email authentication and anti-spoofing solution KDMARC,
Anti-phishing, fraud monitoring & take-down solution KPMonitor,
Phishing incident response tool TAB,
Risk detection & threat analysis and
Code risk review.

Let’s pledge to support each other in these difficult times and make sure that the human race
survives and thrives once again!

Email us at sales@kratikal.com to know more about the free cyber health checkup.

Jaya Sharma
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Abhishek Sinha says:

April 16, 2020 at 1:18 pm

Tips were good to secure and save from cyber attacks.


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