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4/6/2020 AV Linux

AV Linux

Install and Create:

AV Linux is a free shared downloadable and installable snapshot ISO image based on
Debian/GNU Linux pre-configured to be a turnkey AV content creation system pre-
configured and ready to “Install and Create”.

www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ 1/6
4/6/2020 AV Linux


Originates from 32bit and 64bit snapshots of the Debian Stable Distribution.
Custom Realtime Preempt Kernel for optimal low-latency Audio potential.
CPU governed for performance by default.
Extra tweaks for performance, meets all criteria of the included Realtime
Configuration Quick Scan.
Some special custom packaging not found in default Repositories.
Fast and Light XFCE4 Desktop Environment with attractive customizations.
falkTX’s KXStudio Repositories for up to date Audio Applications.
Extensive Audio/Video and Administrator-friendly Custom Actions.
Seamless JACK Audio/MIDI environment with PulseAudio Integration.
Robust Environment for developers: Compilers, GIT, SVN, BZR, tools and development
Mozilla builds of Firefox and Thunderbird.

Read All About It:

www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ 2/6
4/6/2020 AV Linux

Before downloading AV Linux it is essential to read it’s User Manual, Most FAQ’s and
many specific operational details including Installation are covered in it’s 130 illustrated
pages. The User Manual is also included within AV Linux and can be found in the
‘Accessories’ Menu.

AV Linux 2019 User Manual


AV Linux is developed and provided free of charge as an independent spare time project
and therefore does not come with a full time support system like larger established
Linux Distributions do. In the past a User Forum was provided but could not be
maintained adequately so it was closed but an archive with some useful information can
be found here:

AV Linux Forum Archive

A 3rd party maintained PDF (thanks Piklik!) with information about Audio and Video
hardware supported by AV Linux can be found here:

AV Linux Supported Hardware PDF

Important Info!

AV Linux uses Systemback as an installation method and therefore inherits it’s

limitations, at the current time UEFI boot is only possible with 64bit and may not work
with all UEFI computers.

Be aware the AV Linux LiveISO will also automatically mount hard drive partitions for
Read/Write Access, this is NOT malicious in nature it is simply a convenience feature to
facilitate accessing media files to demo with the Audio/Video Applications, a side
benefit is it also makes AV Linux a very useful tool for data rescue. After evaluating the

www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ 3/6
4/6/2020 AV Linux

AV Linux LiveISO  you may want to check and reset the permissions of your hard drive
partitions if you do not proceed with an install.

Download locations:

Distribution of the AV Linux ISO files would not be possible without the generous assistance of the following people:

Anahata, James Lawrie and Jeremy Jongepier.

linuxaudio.org Mirror

Bytemark Mirror

MD5 and SHA256 sums (to verify Downloads):

64bit: MD5 SHA256

32bit: MD5 SHA256

ISO Login Username and Passwords:

64bit: Username: isotester Password: avl64 Root Password: avl64admin

32bit: Username: isotester Password: avl32 Root Password: avl32admin

*It is important to note that AV Linux is not a commercial product and is maintained
simply out of the love of doing it, as a spare time project it comes with absolutely no
guarantees to see consistent or future development or to be anything other than what is
described here.

Search 

www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ 4/6
4/6/2020 AV Linux


If you have found AV Linux or the AVL Drumkits to be useful please consider making a
donation. Any amount is very much appreciated!

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4/6/2020 AV Linux

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