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Date:  24  October  2010  

  In   Kalay,   Sagaing   Division,   at   the   22nd   anniversary   of   the   establishment   of   Zomi   National  
Congress,   on   24   October   2010,   ethnic   leaders,   leaders   of   opposition   political   forces   and   democracy  
activists  signed  the  following  agreement.  

1. We   are   determined   to   continue,   under   the   unity   and   the   righteous   leadership,   the   quest   to   end  
the  dictatorship  and  to  pursue  democracy,  human  rights  and  national  reconciliation,  which  the  
people  of  Burma  want.  
2. The   2010   elections   and   results,   held   under   the   2008   constitution,   will   not   bring   any   change  
towards  democracy,  human  rights  and  national  reconciliation  for  the  people  of  Burma.    
Under  the  leadership  of  Daw  Aung  San  Suu  Kyi,  an  inclusive  dialogue  for  the  unity  of  all  ethnic  
nationalities  and  national  reconciliation  must  be  implemented.  
3. The   second   Panlong   Conference   must   be   held   to   establish   a   Federal   Union   based   on   democracy  
and  equality  for  all  ethnic  nationalities  dwelling  in  Burma,  rather  than  a  centralized  country  or  
separatist  states.  All  ethnic  nationalities  must  work  together  for  the  conference  to  occur.    
We  pledge,  as  a  unified  force,  to  ensure  the  above  mentioned  decision  becomes  a  reality.    
No.     Name     Signature  
1.   U  Tin  Oo  (Vice  Chairperson:  National  League  for  Democracy)    
2.     U  Win  Tin  (Secretary:  National  League  for  Democracy)    
3.   Nai  Ngwe  Thein  (Mon  National  League  for  Democracy)    
4.   Nai  Tun  Thein  (Mon  National  League  for  Democracy)    
5.   Saw  Harry  (Karen  National  Congress)    
6.   Sai  Shwe  Kyue  (Shan  Nationalities  League  for  Democracy)    
7.   U  Ohn  Maung  (Shwe  Taung)  (Veteran  Politician)    
8.     Thakin  Thein  Maung  (Veteran  Politician)    
9.   U  Nyunt  Thein  (Veteran  Politician)    
10.   U  Thaung  Kho  Thang  (Union  Nationalities  League  for  Democracy)    
11.   Dr.  Aung  Tin  Oo  (member  of  Secretariat:  Union  Nationalities  League    
for  Democracy)