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Pre-assembled fire-resistant
cable ducts
2 Fire-resistant cable ducts

AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts,

safe from the very start!
When fires spread to cable systems, this normally not only
produces dense smoke, but also highly toxic gases. Escape
and rescue routes can in such cases turn into deadly traps
within a few minutes, and it may become difficult, if not
impossible, for rescue teams to do their work.

AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts Added safety and reliability. University has subjected the cable
prevent such situations. They keep DIN-tested fire protection. ducts to an extensive test programme
rescue routes smoke-free and make AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts for that purpose. General building code
sure that the integrity of systems with have been tested in compliance with test certificates and expert reports
vital functions for building safety are DIN 4102, Parts 11 and 12. The official certify that AESTUVER fire-resistant
maintained even in the event of a fire. materials testing institute at the IBMB cable ducts provide a high degree of
institute of the Braunschweig Technical safety in the event of a fire.
Two versions 3

The ducts can be fitted with AESTUVER

ventilation grilles, whose function in a
fire has also been tested.

”E” ducts in compliance

with DIN 4102, Part 12.

Special sealing strips provide for the

required fire protection at joints.

Covers are put in

place, but are not ¬ Cover not fixed.
fixed, after cable

AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts ¬ The fire-resistance class E 30 – E 120

come in two different versions: design makes sure that fires cannot
¬ The fire-resistance class I 30 – I 120 spread into the cable duct. This keeps
Tight-fitting bolted design prevents cable fires from temperatures inside the duct low and
connections make
sure that individual spreading to rescue routes, and it helps prevents the risk of short circuits or
cable trays are
interconnected contain the highly toxic smoke normally power failures. ”E” ducts have to be
quickly, easily and produced as a result of such fires. provided wherever the integrity of
with adequate
resistance to tensile safety-specific systems has to be
maintained in a fire. Such systems
Cable outlets for either could be fire detection installations,
individual cables or cable
bundles have been included emergency lighting, or firefighter
in the system test.
Added safety 4

”E” ducts designed to Added safety and planning flexibility. The straight duct sections, as well
DIN 4102, Part 12, have to
AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts as the shaped parts, are mounted on
have both sides of the duct
suspended. The patented are made from water- and frost- commercially available hangers that
AESTUVER threaded-rod resistant glass-fibre reinforced light- include brackets or wall brackets.
adaptor and threaded rods
weight concrete boards. The straight AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts
meet this requirement.
duct sections and shaped parts are E 30 – E 120 are installed in the same
light, but sturdy, and their surface is manner. The need to additionally secure
abrasion resistant. This makes points of suspension is met by the
AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts an patented AESTUVER system. For cable
ideal solution in almost any situation. installation, this offers clear advan-
A wide range of shaped parts tages over conventional suspension
provides for highly flexible planning. systems using channel sections and
The perforated tray, mounted on spacer threaded rods. Once all the cables have
bars, safeguards continuous ventilation been laid, the duct covers are supplied –
inside the cable duct and allows also on a ”just-in-time basis” – and put
commercially available separator in place without being secured in their
elements to be mounted without any position.
Added safety for inspection
Added safety and ease of installation. and servicing.
AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts Since AESTUVER fire-resistant cable
are supplied in a pre-fabricated state ducts do not have their covers fixed in
and made available ”just in time” for place, additional cabling can be
installation. They can thus be fitted installed at any time. This feature also
within a short time. The system of provides for easy inspection of the
AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts system.
also allows any divergence between
plan and reality to be corrected on the
5 Subsequent installation

Approved safety for direct wall,

ceiling or underfloor installation.
Many different options are also available
for subsequent protection of existing cable

3-sided system with inspection


2-sided system 3-sided protection

Underfloor installation

AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts Advantages at a glance. ¬ Loosely fitted covers or inspection
can come as 3- or 2-sided prefabricated ¬ AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts elements permit system inspection
cable duct systems upon request. With are prefabricated from glass-fibre and subsequent cable installation at
the aid of purpose-made connectors, reinforced light-weight concrete any time.
these cable ducts can be mounted boards. ¬ The perforated system tray (mounted
directly on either walls or ceilings. ¬ AESTUVER fire-resistant boards are on longitudinal spacer bars) provides
Specially designed elements are avail- light and sturdy, water- and frost- for installation of separator elements,
able for inspection purposes. resistant. as well as continuous cable ventilation.
The 2- and 3-sided versions of ¬ Tight-fitting bolted connections allow ¬ AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts
AESTUVER fire-resistant cable ducts duct sections and shaped parts to be offer excellent solutions to even
also meet all safety standards for fire mounted quickly and easily, and with highly complicated installation
resistance classes I 30 – I 120 and E 30 – adequate resistance to tensile stress. requirements.
E 120. ¬ They are supplied ”just in time”, ready
for installation.
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