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Kebron Moges

Height of a Zero Gravity Parabolic Flight: Intermediate Algebra Project

This lab is looking at the height of a zero-gravity parabolic fight. We will examine the

parabolic path to try to determine the maximum altitude the plane reaches. After we find our

(a,b, and c) values by using the 3 by 3 system of equations, we can input them into the equation ℎ

= at^2 + bt + c to create our quadratic model. We use the equation t = - (b/2a) to find the time in

seconds which can then get placed into t in the original equation of ℎ = at^2 + bt + c. After

finding all the missing values were able to find our maximum value/height. We can clearly see

how this project can be applied to real life since were discussing the altitude that is reached by a

plane. Pilots, engineers and those working in aviation rely on math heavily. Aerodynamics is

huge in aviation and in the manufacturing of cars, boats and planes since it’s focusing on the

properties of moving air and its interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it.

This is significant since it has saved lives and made transportation quicker, safer and more

efficient. For example, were able to go very fast in our cars without flipping over and planes can

fly high for long periods of time without crashing, tipping or blowing over.

Linear programming can show you how to get the best outcome of something whether its

how to get the maximum profit or the lowest price for something. These variables can be shown

as linear relationships making it easy to observe and compare. This method can be used even in

nutrition when searching for affordable, healthy meals. The different constraints can be dietary

needs, allergies, and perhaps cultural factors or norms. These constraints give the optimization

problem a condition it must follow when determining a solution. If a business owner had this lab

done by their manager, its important the manager, who conducted the experiment completely

understand the process. The manager should be able to clearly explain the steps taken to find
Kebron Moges
those results so that its easy to find any errors. Also, this allows the business owner to see how

those results were discovered and what factors contributed.

This assignment has changed my opinion on the usefulness of math by showing how

several different methods can be used to find solutions. Each mathematical technique we learn

has a purpose and at some point they’ll be used simultaneously or in a sequence. Although this

assignment doesn’t demonstrate how we use math every day, it shows its significance in our

world. Math saves lives and helps reassure things function properly and safely. Although this

lab’s main purpose is to determine the maximum value/height of altitude and its time, this

information can be used for a number of different things like how high is too high? Is it safe to

be that high in elevation? What occurs when the plane is that high? and so on. We can predict a

variety of things and plan better because of math. Its critically important to remember the

different sections in math and the different techniques because they’ll eventually need each other

to work and find solutions.