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“Experts say the pandemic will

unleash a food security crisis not

“Some individuals and enterprises are able to see real
seen since the Great Recession”.
humans beyond those statistics, and design and
“The question is whether, as
successfully implement strategies to meaningfully 4. ¿ What are economic disruption continues, we
address those problems. One example is ATEC the problems can stave off a pandemic-related food
Biodigesters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which has for presented in my
the past three years helped hundreds of Cambodian sector?
households emerge from the health traps in and
around their kitchens.
ATEC’s solution is its “biodigester,” which converts 5. ¿ Can global
animal, green and kitchen waste into smoke-free trends such as
cooking gas and fertilizers.” blockchain,
Wharton. 2018 electronic
commerce and
artificial intelligence

1.¿What's ALIMENTART be integrated?

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project? “High-resolution satellite data and big-
PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS data analytics are revolutionizing our
ability to monitor crop development at
field level worldwide (see, for example,
2. ¿ What are the J. Dash Nature Sustain. 2, 903–904;
countries or 2019).
companies that Public–private partnerships stand to
can be references optimize the value of input and
for my project? 3. ¿ What expertise from both sectors, thereby
challenges face accelerating innovation and informatics
the sector to related to sustainable and productive.”
which my project C,B,K y K. 2020
New food trends are playing a big part in daily media coverage. belongs?
Industry, trade and restaurant businesses are reacting with
innovation. This is reflected in the food on offer: health, taste, price
and consumption are being re-evaluated.
Professor Thomas Rudolph and his team at the Institute of Retail “The Food Systems Initiative of the World Economic Forum, in
Management at the University of St.Gallen looked into the eating collaboration with McKinsey & Company, has launched a report
habits of the Swiss population. today entitled Incentivizing Food Systems Transformation.
The study describes the status quo for eating habits and the most The report details four pathways for creating the incentives needed
to transform food systems:
important trends in the food market, also indicating the gaps between
the current range of food on offer and consumer expectations.
Repurposing public investment and policies
Eating is becoming more and more important
Business model innovation
Meals at work are becoming more popular
Institutional investment
Regional products are in high demand Consumer behavioural change
Apps influencing diet WEF. 2020
Univerity of St.Gellen 2019

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Es un tema muy importante a tratar los social que invade este tema es muy interesante ya que en la actualidad gran parte de la niñez esta desprotegida
lo cual se asocia con la desnutrición, tu proyecto es muy interesante ya que esto afecta al niños entre las edades 3 a 5 años debido a la falta de alimentos
y contagio de enfermedades . Esto genera mucho campo de acción frente al tema ya que los entes internacionales apoyan económicamente a Colombia con
el fin de reconstruir el tejido social que ha sido maltratado por el conflicto colombiano.

Nuestro proyecto consiste en crear un lugar donde las personas puedan consumir alimentos de frutería y heladería a bajos costo con servicio y calidad.