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9806 Lord Court, Fairfax VA, 22032 | 703-568-4919 | ali39ob@yahoo.com | https://alisonchristineobryan.weebly.com

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very enthusiastic to be applying for a position as a music instructor at your school. This is an opportunity that
I am very excited about, and I believe that I would be a good fit for this position and for your schools. I am currently
completing my semester of student teaching which has afforded me the opportunity to teach and plan for
instrumental music ensembles at the highest level.

By May of this year I will hold a B.M. in K-12 Instrumental Music Education from James Madison University and
have utilized my degree in both practical and academic contexts. In prior field placements I was able to gain
experience working in a variety of instrumental music settings, from elementary all the way to adult education. In
these positions, I created and implemented lesson plans that were adaptable and beneficial for my students’ long-
term musical success. I am a strong advocate for fostering students’ emotional and intellectual growth through
music, and I am passionate in creating an environment in which students can learn most effectively.

Along with my current field-placement work, I have been hired as a music instructor in the past. In the Spring of
2018, I was hired by a D.C. non-profit organization known as Music for Life, which provides free music lessons and
classes for students that are underprivileged. I have also instructed middle school band students at the Central
Fairfax Band Camp for the past three years and have found a sense of ease working with students at the middle
school level. These experiences, along with my work at the James Madison University Center for Inclusive Music
Engagement, have allowed me to gain experience working with diverse student populations in a wide variety of
settings. I strongly believe that it is a teacher's duty to serve her students and recognize that every student, given
the means and opportunity, is capable of success, and I am eager to teach at a school dedicated to providing
students with challenging and meaningful learning experiences.

I would appreciate an opportunity to come in to talk with you about why I am an excellent fit for your school.
Please feel free to visit my digital portfolio or look over my resume to get to know a little more about me and who I
am as an educator. My digital portfolio can be found at alisonchristineobryan.weebly.com, and thank you in
advance for your time and consideration.


Alison O’Bryan