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Tsy B C 126/780-1/1/0 Pt.

28 July 2014


Correctional Services Industries

(Note : Distribution of this Circular is Scale C. Controlling

Officers, departmental secretaries, departmental
accountants, supplies officers and all officers dealing
with procurement should read it.)


This Circular sets out the arrangements for departments to obtain

goods and services from the Correctional Services Industries (CSI) of the
Correctional Services Department (CSD). It replaces Financial Circular
No. 2/2008 which is hereby cancelled.

2. CSI serves the dual purpose of providing full and purposeful

employment for prisoners and supplying economical goods and services to the
Government. An updated list of goods and services which CSI has the capacity to
Enclosure provide is at the Enclosure.

3. It remains the Government’s policy that, for goods and services

offered by CSI, departments should first approach CSD. Where CSD cannot or
does not provide the goods or services sought, departments may then procure
through the normal procedures prescribed in the Stores and Procurement
Regulations. Exceptions to the above are to be justified to the satisfaction of the
Controlling Officer of the procuring department.


4. The Commissioner of Correctional Services (C of CS) will recover

from departments the cost of materials and associated services, including
transportation cost and assembly cost, etc.

5. Except for paragraph 4 above, this circular applies to trading funds.

C of CS will charge trading funds in the manner as promulgated in Financial
Circular No. 3/2013.

James H. Lau Jr.

Acting Secretary for Financial Services
and the Treasury


Goods and services that departments should obtain from the

Correctional Services Industries whenever possible

1. Sign Making

Scope of manufacturing

(a) Computer aided letter cutting and graphic engraving.

(b) Printing on retro-reflective sheets, self-adhesive labels, fabric, films,
or plastic sheets.
(c) Laminating printed sheets on aluminium and other metal panels.

Examples of product

(i) Standard traffic signs, directional signs and street name plates
made of different grades of retro-reflective, florescent and
other sheetings
(ii) Indoor and outdoor signs and notices
(iii) Stickers, labels and badges
(iv) Banners and backdrops

2. Garment and Knitwear

Scope of manufacturing

(a) Sewing uniforms, linen and other products made of fabric.

(b) Knitting uniforms made of pure wool and acrylic yarns.

Examples of product

(i) Stock size winter and summer uniforms for government

departments including shirts, tunics, trousers, dresses, jackets,
gowns, coats, vests and shorts of different designs
(ii) Nylon and canvas bags of various sizes
(iii) Clothing and linen for hospitals, clinics, hostels and barracks
(iv) Work dresses, blouses, overalls and suits
(v) Various types of knitted woollen pullovers, vests and cardigans
for disciplined services and other uniformed staff
(vi) Disposable gowns and filter masks for healthcare uses

3. Shoes and Leather Items

Scope of manufacturing

(a) Making uniform leather shoes.

(b) Sewing, gluing, moulding and making various leather products.

Examples of product

(i) Leather shoes with rubber soles

(ii) Briefcases
(iii) Leather accoutrements for disciplined services including belts
and braces, holsters, handcuff pouches, radio holders, etc.
(iv) Waist belts

4. Metalwork

Scope of manufacturing

(a) Fabrication of structure through cutting, bending, drilling, welding,

riveting and paint finishing.
(b) General sheet metal work through shear cutting, folding, seaming
and paint finishing.

Examples of product

(i) Various types of crowd control barriers

(ii) Type 2 and Type 3 metal railings and associated parts
(iii) Traffic sign posts and signal poles
(iv) Standing support for signs
(v) Free standing stainless steel fences
(vi) Metal containers for rubbish bins
(vii) Metal bunks, racks, tool boxes, gates and grilles

5. Precast Concrete Products

Scope of manufacturing

Making precast concrete products by wet mix processes.

Examples of product

(i) Type K1, K2 and K3 kerbs and path edging type E1of 1M
(ii) Short Type K1 kerb of 0.3M and 0.45M lengths
(iii) Curved K1 kerbs with 3M, 6M and 9M radii
(iv) Type K5 to K14 drop crossing kerbs
(v) Tactile slabs for sight-impaired citizens
(vi) Cable tiles and channel covers

6. Fibreglass

Scope of manufacturing

Hand lay-up fibreglass products using moulds.

Examples of product

(i) Litter containers in public areas

(ii) Beds, tables and benches

7. Carpentry

Scope of manufacturing

(a) Standard panel furniture in government offices and public venues.

(b) Other non-standard furniture items or carpentry items.

Examples of product

(i) Office desks, side returns, pedestals and reading boards

(ii) Roller shutter cabinets, bookshelves, wardrobes and storage
(iii) Computer tables, conference tables and canteen tables
(iv) Book trolleys and computer desks for public libraries
(v) Panel furniture for public hospitals and schools
(vi) Shooting target frames and barricades

(vii) Notice boards and pallets

8. Lamination, Printing, Laundry and Miscellaneous Services

Scope of services

(a) Lamination of books and publications.

(b) Graphic design and computerised artwork.
(c) Printing of name cards.
(d) Making of GE envelopes and GF hard file jackets.
(e) Sorting, inserting, folding, pasting and packaging services.
(f) Washing and ironing.


(i) Lamination of library books and journals

(ii) Mail packaging of letters, forms, bulletins, etc.
(iii) Laundry services for hospitals, clinics and ambulance depots

Note: As the Director of Government Logistics is the sole authority within the
Government for all matters relating to printing and ancillary processes,
departments should contact the Government Logistics Department (GLD) for
printing services other than those listed in Item 8 above. GLD will obtain printing
services from CSI as and when appropriate.