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11:58 am, Sunday, 12/26/2010 1st, Mayan day 6 Ix/Jaguar

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So what is new this day after Christmas? What, indeed. I find myself
wanting this quiet time, again, after first rising, in which to commune
with both self and Guide or Higher Self before connecting up the the
Web, and all of those diverse energies. It can be rather hard to find
oneself - one’s clear internal voice - in the midst of that.

In this way we can have something of the mountain cave, where

we’ve spent many lifetimes seeking God. We can enjoy something of
that privacy, if we are willing to disconnect for a time. Otherwise, on
the electronic connections come so many vibrations and energies that
it becomes challenging to identify oneself. Strange day, that we live
in, with all of this cacophony of energies, yet unseen,

So, what is it like, to sit in relative silence and privacy, here, no cell
phone, the computer not connected to the Internet? I do sense the
quiet and peace. I appreciate that. Though the habit, plus something
else seems to push us into connecting right away, we don’t have to
cooperate. Even within our privacy we can practice peaceful non-
compliance with that that doesn’t resonate with the heart. Very

The bird’s water is quite frozen this morning. We had a hard freeze
last night. I set-up the small heater in the garage to keep the well
pump in action. Though the house is on city water, I’m glad that my
folks didn’t cement in the well, as instructed when connecting to the

I also have a rather fancy water purification unit, which has the
capacity to separate out the alkaline stream from the acid. Can be
very useful. I’m not quite certain how it handles the fluoride, though.
Anyway, I also use zeolyte drops for the full body detox (mine are
called Waoria). It takes out all heavy metals, among other things. I
bet it gets the fluoride as well.

Oh well. It’s only a body, living in a dream mirage, anyway. I have

more power and control over it than by using technology, which is also
part of the dream landscape. We’re not subject to that for much
longer, now, anyway. We’re rising up in consciousness and in
frequency. We’ll soon be back at Home in Higher Consciousness,
where we’ll remember our abilities, how we’re not subject to anything
at all in the mirage - except by our choice.

The wounding that goes on, or that seems to go on, by our

experiencing on earth, here - I wonder how much of that is real - how
deep it goes. When we cross back over into Light, do we have to
spend time in some deep, healing therapy to heal and cleans over the
scars we picked up, the open wounds from our living, below in the 3D
atmosphere? I wonder how real the pain actually is - how deep does it
penetrate into the soul?

I can see ever more clearly why it is that we are considered heroes for
simply incarnating, here. It is very hard, in spite of all the assistance
we’re given. To not be able to clearly perceive that assistance - well,
that can hurt. We can build-up resentments over such things. Losing
your memory doesn’t help us much, either, along these lines. We lose
conscious connection with the calm assurance that all is well when the
memory disappears.

The connection I have with my Guide, now, is so precious in the midst

of this whole 3D atmosphere. To be able to directly communicate -
even if the words are not so many we exchange - this is precious -
unspeakably so. I’m going Home.

I seem to be working on a continual self-emptying of concepts. It’s

like I somehow know that it’s the concepts that separate me from who
I really am, so I keep watching for them - being alert for any beliefs -
and dumping them out, quite intentionally. Pretty neat. I feel my
Guide is being helpful with that by pointing them out at times. Thank
you, dear Guide. I don’t have words for how precious you are,
bleeding into 3D like this. Awesome! Wonderful! Those are two.

What comes into awareness now is how, when we link up with the
Internet, being the energy beings that we are, we plug into so much.
Much of it is wonderful, but really the bulk of it is not - there are some
really negative things that flow through into you and your home
through the connections that you make.

There is a flow both ways made with every computer you link up with.
This is easy enough to see if you are using it to send an eMail, of
course. But this also happens on a much bigger, much broader scale.
All the link-ups your computer and your network make - you get
energy from that, whether you know it or whether you don’t.

The obvious thing you can watch for is what Internet sites you connect
to. You have some control over what comes over the connections.
But overall, really, you don’t. You don’t know what sorts of lightening-
quick connections and interconnections are going on in the
background of the work that you are doing there. You are subject to
that - to those energies - whether you know it or not.

Now, that is as long as you remain unconscious about this stuff.

There’s a great benefit to waking up, to realizing how we are all
energy beings, at core, and to acting on that. How? I know of a few
ways I’ll share.

One, another obvious one, is to disconnect from the net while you
sleep. Even if you leave the computer on - it’s better off, of course -
but even so, break the connection between the machine and the
Internet. That surely helps. Better yet, turn the modem off, too.
Same thing with the cell phone. Don’t let your sleep space be invaded
by the electronic soup of your days. Carve out for yourself a sacred
sleep space.

Aside from those rather obvious things, there’s an invocation I offer

whenever I’m getting ready to make the Internet connection. It goes
like this:
“As I enter here, I ask to be surrounded in the White Light, calling
upon my Spirit Warriors to shield me from all vibrations that are
not of the Highest Order, and asking that those unwelcome
energies be bounced back to their source - as is appropriate to
their evolutionary pace.

“I send my grounding cord into the below, dropping like an

anchor deep within the body of the Mother, as I hook solidly to
the Earth.

“And as I embark upon this journey, I ask that the Light Ones
guide the way, infusing the grid with the Light Strings of the

Any time at all spent looking over this marvelous invocation will show
you that it is powerful and quite complete in the actions it takes and
invokes. It came from the work of Patricia Cori in No More Secrets, No
More Lies, the third book of the Sirian Revelations trilogy. That means
it actually came from the Sirian High Council, in their work with her as
their scribe.

OMG - I am so touched. A lovely deer was just in my front lawn, there

with the birds eating sunflower seeds. Maybe she was after the wild
mushroom that grow, everywhere here. I don’t know if that’s what
the deer was doing - but she was certainly scenting the bird feeders.

That could get a bit awkward if she should want to take her share, lol.
It’s a good sturdy pole with room for six feeders. It stands up well to
the squirrels, but I don’t see it being deer-proof. Oh, my goodness.
Oh well - she left.

What a treat. She looked right at me through the window. She was
no more than 12 feet away. I enveloped her in warm Love - I’m sure
she felt it, too. I often do that with my local animals. I do love them,
so. I am so blessed by their presence in my life.

It’s maybe a bit more of a blessing to see them in winter this way, too.
What with all the autumn leaves still littering the ground, the animals
are a bit more skittish. Knowing they must make sound as they walk,
they’re more sensitive to what might be listening to and for them. I’m
so pleased by that visit.
I make calls for my local deer to be invisible when I hear the hunters
guns going off. I don’t like shooting for sport, nor do I care what
excuses are made. Killing is killing. The only one that works is solid
need - that is hunger. That is something that Nature, herself
understands. She will provide the meat through her beloved animals
when that is appropriate.

I have heard a man tell of being in such a situation, with he and his
family quite hungry, and having a large buck deer come into his rifle
sights, look at him, and just stand there. It let him sight it - just
standing there. Somehow he knew - it was a volunteer for his need.

One can’t prove such things, of course, but when living from heart one
finds what proof one needs there.

* From No More Secrets No More Lies, p. 116, Patricia Cori


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