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Activation 1 and 2

Theme: Success
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Find an everyday problem and create new product. Start your own company and launch your
• Name of Company?
• Location(s)?
• Employees?
• Product Name?
• Brand of your company?
• Distribution?
• When and Where are you rolling out the product?
• When do you plan to go public?
• What's your expected growth over the next year? Plans?New locations?Employees?
• What do expect your company's profit to be at in a year? Why?

Now your company has really expanded and you going public, but you need to sell your
product to support your growth.
• Create a slogan?
• Using your brand, who's your target audience?
• Growth over the last year? Profit? Price Point?
• Features
• Advantages
• Benefits
• Who are your competitors?
• What challenges have you faced? Distribution? Partners?