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TITLE-Rock melting technology

The ancient Hindu Temples is famous for its grand architecture and
construction. Almost all the temples are found everywhere from small
villages to metropolitan cities and these temples consist of beautiful and
majestic sculptures like forms of God and Goddess and mythical figures
such as horses, elephants, dancing damsels and musicians playing their
instruments carved on their interior and exterior walls and pillars. Some
ancient south Indian Hindu temples built between the 8th century and
the 16th century such as Vijaya Vitthala temple in Hampi, Karnataka,
Madurai Meenakshi temple , Nellaiyappar temple in Tirunelveli and
Suchindram Thanumalayan temple in Tamilnadu, and sri Padmanabha
temple, Thiruvananthapuram have in them interesting architectural
elements known as musical pillars which are made of solid granite,
basalt etc.
Musical pillars are played during the devotional chats, dance performs
and vocal music. These pillars are made up of a single piece of granite
stone or basalt and they are tuned by means of their length, diameter,
and the type of attachment with ceiling and floor. These musical pillars
are not hollow and its end are fixed and this musical pillar have the
property of sound by changing the density of the pillars by adding new
material to it in different proportion like modern day alloy. But How does
this musical pillar are constructed?
People of that region used to say that the construction of musical pillars
are made up of Rock Melting Technology. The Rock melting
technology is the process of melting a single rock and mix it with other
material to create different sounds.
This dissertation aims to present the implementation of rock melting
technology in today's architecture...
• To understand about the rock melting technology.
• To understand the process of rock melting technology.
• Identify and understand the evidence of construction musical
pillars in the ancient temples.
• Understand the implementation of the rock melting technology in
today temple design
• Understanding the ancient technology and basic need of this
• Collecting the Necessary data of ancient technology in temple
• Case Study-Book case study
Literature case study
• Implementing the present technology used in temple architecture.
Scope of this dissertation is to understands the people about this
technology and how can we use.
Limited availability of resources.
Musical Pillars and Sing rocks, M.G. Prasad and B. Rajavel
Rock Melting technology at Ramappa Temple, India - YouTube
Geologists make their own lava to prep for explosive experiments,
University at Buffalo