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By David Hawthorne, M.S., J.B., J.A.

Gemstones have long been used for their healing qualities.

The efficacy of gemstones as a part of astrological remedies is recognized by Ayurveda, the

ancient system of medicine from India. Thousands of years ago the Ayurvedic physician,
Charaka, taught that gems can be used for promoting health, wealth, and happiness. Ayurveda
physicians describe gems, herbs, and mantras as three ways to promote good health and higher
states of consciousness.

Studies of the ancient sciences and experience show that gemstones and other planetary astral
remedies are capable of providing good health, mental and spiritual happiness.

Different planets represent the various colors. The gemstones represent the rays of light
particular to different planets. The strength of the planets is improved through the influence of
concentrated rays of a particular color of a gemstone as part of astrological remedies.

Men and women use gemstones for raising the power of planets besides wearing them for
ornamental purposes.

Gems can be worn as rings or as pendants and should be put on for the first time in an
auspiciously elected time. The time should not be based on a particular day of the week, but
rather on a particular chart (horoscope) for when the gemstone is first worn as a remedy.

The gemstones are usually worn in a ring in the following fingers:

 Ruby in left ring finger

 Pearl in left little finger
 Red Coral in left/right ring finger
 Emerald in right little finger
 Yellow Sapphire in right index finger
 Diamond in right ring finger
 Blue sapphire in left middle finger

These are the gemstones that can be worn as astrological remedies, if the corresponding planet is
favorable for your birth chart. The weight recommended for all the gemstones except diamond is
between 2 to 5 carats. The recommended weight for diamond is 1 carat.

The recommendation is to strengthen the weak favorable planets in your chart to help them
protect and promote their own significations.
For example, Sun is father, Moon is mother, Jupiter is husband, Venus is wife, etc.

If a benefic planet is strong and well placed it is not necessary to strengthen it. On the other
hand, if a benefic planet is combust, afflicted, debilitated, or badly placed (in one of the
inauspicious sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses), then it is highly recommended that you strengthen
it with the corresponding gemstone.

Here are the most favorable gemstones for each rising sign:

Rising Sign Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Aries: Ruby Pearl Red Coral   Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Taurus: Ruby Pearl   Emerald     Blue Sapphire
Gemini: Ruby Pearl Red Coral Emerald Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Cancer: Ruby Pearl Red Coral Emerald   Diamond  
Leo: Ruby   Red Coral Emerald Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Virgo:   Pearl   Emerald Sapphire Diamond  
Libra: Ruby Pearl Red Coral   Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Scorpio: Ruby Pearl   Emerald Sapphire   Blue Sapphire
Sagittarius: Ruby   Red Coral Emerald Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Capricorn:   Pearl Red Coral Emerald   Diamond Blue Sapphire
Aquarius: Ruby   Red Coral   Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire
Pisces: Pearl   Red Coral Emerald Sapphire    

Note: This list may be at a variance with the recommendations of other astrologers or gemstone
dealers; and you certainly are free to follow any expert you want to. It is, however, strongly
advised that you rely on this paradigm for the most contemporary and reliable recommendations.