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tors who do not machine-gun women and :lnd which it will know to use, for it is
children in the rear, but who, outnumbered, able and wishes to show to its people that it
face the huge air force sent by Italy and '. knows how to be a: war government, a go~
Germany and, by impeding the barbarous vemment worthy of the people.
action of the el'lemy in the air, are writing The effectives of our Armv will he increa-
pages of glocy. sed by drawing on the reServes of volun-
Our entire people are shaken with· pride by teers who are now presenting themselves.
the heroic deeds of the Army, which shows Specialised workrs will be incorporated into
that its soldiers know how to carry themselves fortification bclgades; and in this way ]3.
like Spaniards IJouble barrier of cement and soldiers will
be created against which the enemies of
Spain, of the civili5edwOl'ld, and of peace,
THE WILL TO CONQUER AND THE will end by destroying themselves. Implaca--
UNITY OF OUR PEOPLE hIe action will be 'taken against the cowards,
against the feeble-hearted, and against tho~e
This heroism, this unselfishess of the Ar- who are not able to rise to the level of the
my of the Republic, are merely the reflection magnificent deeds which the Spanish people
of the entire Spanish people to cauSe the are performing. la, the . struggle against tbese
plans of our country's enemies to fail. This elements the Government will be in the lead,
is sharerl by aU honourable Spaniards, by and I myself at tbe bead of it.
all the good and industrious people of our
country, because they all know what it would
mean to be reduced to the vile condition .of INVINCIBILITY OF OUR CAUSE
colonial vassals of Italian and German fas-
cism. This is uDderstood by couDtry aDd city Let us realise that our strength is incalcu-
workers, by small industrialists, the middle lable. ,The confidence and affection of the
class, a.nd the iDteliectuals. They know that people for the Government Qll the Republic,
it Dot only meaDS oppression, ruiQ aud mise- which are shown in a: thousand ways, are not
ry, but also physical annihilation. They know enjoyed by our enemies. In their rear there
well the morders and persecutions carried out are millions of Spaniards who do not wish to
in the couDtries where fascism has imposed see theiJr country in the hands of foreigners;
itself and the voices of those who bave bUD and' in the ranks of their Anny, not only
assassiDated in tbe part 01 Spain they bave among the soldiers but also amoog their of-
taken from us resound in their ears. fieers there is growing a patriotic feeling',
The Basques know what fascism has done as well as a fervent de5ire that the Republic
to their country, where all their ~loved tra- be victorious in spite of aU difficulties, so
ditions have been cruelly trodden under foot. that it may guarantee the independence of
The Catalans are not unaware that one of Spain.
the most important aims of our enemies is We are more numerous than they, and we
the brutal elimination of the liberties which are fighting for a worthy cause, which catl-
Catalonia achieved: following the establish- not be conquered either by the steel or by
ment of the RepUblic. They can see this in the gunpowder which they are receiving from
the measures adopted in !fascist teTritory, abroad, as payment for their treason.
where it is considered a crime to ust:: the Ca- And to the people who Me! support;ng us
talan language. and giving us inspiration we of , the Govern-
This conviction on the part of our people ment ass~re and' ratify in full the declara-
of what the triumph of fascism would mean tion made to the. Cortes to the effect .that.
for them compels all Spaniards to unite firm- this is not a 60veroment of Ipacts, capitu-
ly in order to bar. its passage. The Govern- lations, orcomp10mises. The Government will
ment is continual1y receiving from all cor- ful81 firmly, without weakness or vacillation,
ners of Republican f'pain, from cities and the mission it received wben it was formed,
villages, from the fronts and: the rear, tes- namely, tbat of defending tbe indepeudence
timonies of support and wOl'ds of encourage- of Spai.n . And this it will do not only becau-
ment to continue the struggle undismayed se it wishes to honour its word, but because
until victory is achieved. These messages it is ronvinced that by persisting in the d'e-
of support are proof that Spain is mobilised fence of Spain it will achieve victory. The
fot! the war, that the Government is receiving military situation is difficult, and we do not
not only words of loyalty but active support. attempt to conceal this fact. But the difficulty
The · Spani"'h people, spurred by their dee- is, fortunately, not insuperable. We insist
pest feehng, love of independence a.re doinrr that the two foreign nations wh·.ch first pro-
everything th~y can. ' ""' voked the Spanish Civih War and whic~l
then converted it into a war of invasion are
THIS GOVERNMENT IS 'A WAR trying by all possible means within their
GOVERNMENT . reach to hasten. the end. They are in a hurry,
to put au end to the independence of Spain
These words of loyality and this active sup· because they are convinced, just as we are,
port constitute an inexhaustible reserve of that time is against them. Every day of re-
elierg:r upon which the Government will draw sistance is a day gained for Spain.

CATALONIA WILL BE ANOTHER I caused to Europe unless, as one may legi-

MADRID I timately expect, the democracies of Europe

The assurances which tbe' 60velinment gave

I decide to emerge from their hiding-place of
fears and vacill ::tions. This hope, which is
tbe Army regarding war material are not vain !
not only a hopl: of Spaill, but of the whole
ones. If there is resistance, there will be war ;
I world, cannot be frustrated in Spain. We are
material. Or, to pllt it more clearly:. if we determined' to prOlong resistal.lce. We feel
resist, we sball obtain the "icfory which we I strong and c.a lm. We ask the soldiers to be
heroic and we ask the civilian population to
desire. There must be only one order in i
everyone's mind: resist! This order is all the I be confident. Whatever trials the enemy may
more sacred in view of the fact that it is the put us to, we ask the people for ,r esistance.
mandate . Of the Spanish fathedand whiGh, in I The 'Government conserv·es intact the spirit
these moments of trial, calls to all Spaniards I in which it was born : . it remains faithful
enke, upon tbose figbtllng at the front and to the desires of the people. It intents to
tbose working tAl the rear - to resist. The achieve yictory and if, as the Government
summons is final and decisive. All our capa-
city for sacrifice must be set 001 foot. With
I is certain. the mobilisation of material re-
sources at1li moral energy. for which it calls,
much or with little material, with bread or is respolHlen to with enthusiasm, it will achie-
without bread, we must resist. The soldier ve victory. .
at the front, the worker in the workshop, the The situation is difficult, we admit. But
woman in tbe home, and the child in the fortul1ately for our cause it lis neither more
scbool must resist. Every day of resistance nor less difficult than other painful stages
causes an upset in the plans of the invaders, which were overcome. A~td the .p resent stage
which they attempt to offset by increasing will also be overcome. We shall with a co-
the violence of their air raids on open cities. llective effort rise to the difficulty and re-
They try to break the morale of the Spanish conquer the land we have lost, which is cla-
people in order to weaken their spirit and moul'ing for tbe return of its independence
to overcome the threat of delay. And 110W Catalonia will help us with her enthusiasm
they are speculating with the idea that tIle as a liberal people to achieve this reconquest.
C·.tabn people are incapable of repeating the Her nerVe centre, the proletariat 8I!1d tbe
hrave resistance of the people of ]VJaori(l. We middle classes, maintain from olden times
are convinced of the contrary. We place our the unbreakable resolution not to yield their
faith in the Catalan people whom we believe freedom to the aggreSSion of the invader. Ca-
to be capable of rivalling all the peoples of talonia has spon taneously raised the order
the earth in 11eroism in the sa111(: wav as we to resist. May the whole of loyal Spain imi-
"'ere certain of the impreg-nahility of -Mao'r id. tate her resolution and copy her. firmness.
Catalonia wishes to fulfil her destiny and May the heroism of the soldiers be answered
this destiny can be fulfilled only within an by the heroism of the workers. May the. sho-
in~e. ~nden1and ~epl!hlican_ Spain. The. very vels and the picks hellp the work entrusted
splnt 'of Catalol1la IS made up of ltberal to the rines. May the spirit of tbe ,p eople
ideals. Neither she nor her sons were · made show itself iJ.:1 an overpowering and decisive
for colonial ..}ayery. The .invading armies will manner. In short, may the will; of all, full
find her determined to put up' a united and of determination, be concellltrated energeti-
vigorous resistan'Ce. And by this resistance cally on the fronts, where the battle for vic-
Catalonia will save herself and contribute to tory is in progress. Resist, resist, and resist!
the salvation of Spain. All her material and Produce, produce, and produce! With every
moral energies are urgently demanded, but day of resistance and labour we achieve a new
they are demanded with hope. The effoct of chance of Victory. He who deserts his post is a
Catalonia willi not be lost just as no effort traitor. He wbo allows his wUI to be brokea
on the part of the Spanish people has been is a traitor. He who utters words of discoura-
lost. · We have needed the efforts of all the gement is a traitor. Now that the destinies of
Spaniards in order to make the outside world Spain are at stake,we can only have a fever
see the Spanish war in its exact setting. of heroism and passion' for . service. In the
presence of the world and in the tragic in-
'fHI: DEMOCRACIES HAVE NOT timacy of our country the Government say~
HELPED US . to aIt Spaniards; .
The democracies of Europe h~ve not desi- On with resistance to the invader! Perse~
red or have not been able to spare us suf- verance in tbe defence of our independen,e t
fering. They denied us what we needed to By reSisting and persevering we sball conquer,
suppress the insurrection, and their denial has When it rallies you to resistance, the . GO-
caused us untold losses of blood' and has had yernment knows that it is not asking a use.,.
the final result of converting this war into a less saorifice of you. Every week, 'e.very, day
war ofinvasioit which is also· aI grave menace ~'Vhicli ~e~ain ser~es to campeils~~e for .fb~
to the peace of Europe. The deception ·of the mequahty In matenal betweeJl. ourselves aluI
European democracies has caused' incalculable the- enemy. Since I spoke to YQu.arid assilted
damage . to our country. But this damage wi11 ~.:ou that the prospects regarding -an increase
be small· compared to that which will be 111 war nJatenal were fav:)Urable, the power

of thl' Rq)\lhlit-an Army ha~ inlTl'a~('(l COII- \\'hat i~ taking- plal'l' in Spain i~ not a
~i(krahlY . lla,l thi;; 110t heell ~o, the pr('sent fight of id~ologies. Our lallll i;; being ~t<linl'd
rt' ~i~tallce \\"onl(i' not lw.\·e h('('n po~sible. It with blood as the prel\l(k, which werl' it II-It
i~ ()nly in airl'l'aft that tlle rhythm ha;; not for the dforts of our peuple \\'ould be dn 'isivc.
bt.'l' n : ll' l'C 1l'rated ~uffi l' ient1v to aYoi(1 the su- of a dispntL' for the hegelllony first of EUHlpC
periority pf the enemy. Rlit om tenacity will and th-en of the world. And whatever may be
not yield :t nJ We shall also succeed in domi- ottr political :l11cl social conceptions, •.... hatcn'r
lJati"I'lg' them in the air. H\1nrlred~ and hun- Dlay be the soil which we can our fatherlatill.
dreds of young' Spani~h pilots are waiting every man who feds the pri(ic of his cOlln-
for a plant:' to be givell to them so that they try and of his race canuot but arise against
can oppose and rlef,eat Italians anrl Germans. those who, owing to the fact that they con.
sider themselves a new chosen people. wish
to submit the rest to \·assalage. Thcrefore,
THE FARCE OF NON-INTERVENTION Spain, by defending- he rself is defending the
entire world,
To tho~e fureigners who still insist on shut-
ting tht:'ir eyes to evidence, who at the begin-
ning of Non-Illten'ention denied the arrival FAITH IN VICTORY
of G,erman an(l Italian pbnes, who declared
th ey did not helieyeour exposure of the
acci,l1nulation of regular Italian and German Faith in victory, SpaHiards! Spain will not
(1idsions -- to ~vhich the Phara~saic 11ame allow herself to be oe\·oureo. Spain will not
of ~\·oluntcers. ha~ been given - who with surrenti:er. and a peopk who do not surrcn-
the gr~atL'~t hYl'ocri;;y han' coill £'(l th e ex .. ~ler cannot be conquered. Th e conduct o f Spain
pression l ) f the «unknown ~ubmarineD in 01'- lS all example for the whole world . .-\nd in
lie r to avoid obligations and compromises, ~'l1l parts it. is atrea(ly known that ·on Spaitl's
who believe that the swarms of enemy planes fate d e pel:d ~ th e fate of all th·(, free an tI peace-
"'lIich are razing our land have been SpOll . ful countrie~ ",hid. are threatene(l by the
tanecush' born of them selves, I ;;ho1l1l1 re- .!,!:reed of fa~ c is1l1 . Le t certai n countries not
commentl, if, a s they indicate, the y do n o t for,~',ct that if the battles which the Spanish
trust their own i llformation i'en' il'e~, that people are today fighting were adverse to us
they read and verify the concrete (lata on in .their final results, they woulrl 11a\'e at
the arri\'al of war material and war techni- thelr back an A,nny of a minIOn men ready
(' ::\11S fortnu b t en t{'(la,: hy our 0\\'11 '(ini~tt-~ • to attack them.
of National Defence. - ' The world is on our side, Millions of men
Let them renect whether the German ships a 1Jd W0111-cn in all cOllntries are follo\\'inO' our
which uuloaded twenty-eight centimeter guns ~ tntggl~ with anxiety. The cause of Spain
in Bilhao and which conveyed modern heavy today 11Ifiuences and moves the life of all
artillery to Pasajes to he placed along the countries which han' not h CI1 cOl\\'erted illto
Franco-Spanish frontier. and those which have a. gaol. I.et u~ all be worthy of the admira-
transported powerful material, long-range and tion shown to us, of th e confid ence every-
fixed artillerY, to Meli lIa and other places, where i 11 011.1' vi c to,\, . Let us show the world
let them renect, I repeat. whether they he- a 110ble effort to Sa'\T our countrv by haste-
lieve that this material is to be used for ning everyone of us to fulfil the posts in
fighting on the fro~lts in Aragon, the Centre, in ,\'hich we are neede d. \Vhen the y ~ee our
Levante, or Andalusia. A no: if they believe 1l:ubrea k a ble determin a tion to conq'uer, mil,
that the (~er1l1 a n techni c ia ns who a r~ coming hon~ of p'?'D pk throug-h out the world will Ill'
to settle definiteh' with their familie s have <;ti1l1ulatl'd with new arrlour to help us;.
come for s uch a long stay merely to a ssure All to the strug~le! Let us mobilise all
the triumph of the fas c ist, let lis repeat onre 0111' energies!
a g-ain: Officers of the Army: Remember that )'OU
That our struggle is not a civil war; it is are following the tradition of the heroes who
a defonce against the invasion and tyranni- in the past know how to destroy the invaders.
sation of Spain by foreigners. The error of War Commissars: You are the interpreters
those fascists who believe that their triumph in the .\rmy of the humane and just cause
would be the triumph of Franco and his Pha- which our people are defending. Continue
lanx is a grave one. No. Their triumph would vonI' brilliant record of unselfishness and
mean the offering up of generations of Spanish heroism!
~'outh ,i ll a future war, who would be sacri . Soldiers ; Continue your heroic defence of
ficed in' foreign lands on the altars of Italian the soil of Spain. Resist, resist! Your Go.
and German interests. It would mean the ini, \'ernment will give you the means to do so
quitous slavery of our people by those who, and the means to attack later and destroy
ingrained in the belief of a proud superiority the enemy.
engendered by their sheep-like servility, feel Spaniards: Confidence in triumph. Onwards!
iotheir heart of hearfs a profound contempt Long live (he Qepublic!
for a people whose greatness. nobility and Long Jive Spain!
,irtues they have nenr learned to under .
~--~ ~
Vol. U • -N •. 15 BarcelonA, April 9 • 1958


~IIUJlJl1I1II1I1II';'I'i"111 ';lldlll,IIII:,i,III,IIII,;111I11I11I111I11I1I11111I111111111111111!dlllllll'IIIIIIIII'lfl-lilllil'li,;'lillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll111111111'--'
A Cabinet meeting was held in alsu :lIinister for National Deten-_
the residence of the Prime Mi- ce, has demanded and obtained
nister with the object of handing from the Cabinet the maximum
over the portfolios to the mem-
bers of the new Government.
CABINET MEM8ERS authority to act both in punish-
it;/{ th""e who deserve to be pu-
At it" conclusion the follo- The new war Government is now composed of the following l1ts~ed ;\1HI ~n pnrging the key
wing note was handed to jour- pOSItIOns whIch are essential for
nalists :
leaders: victory, with the speed and t:u
.Now that t¥ Government has PREMIER AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, don juan Negrfn e~ergy which the gravity of the
been reorganised it addreSoSe~ LOpez, (S. P.)., CIrcumstances demands.
itself to all those Spaniards, at STATE, don julio Alvarez del Vayo, (S. P.). For the execution of all this
the front and in the reargnard, the Governltlent feels. that it is
GOVERNMENT, don Paulino Gomez Saiz, (S. P.). empowered with supreme autho-
as well as in rebel territory, who
are struggling against the armies JUSTICE, don Ramon Gonzalez Pena, (U. G. T.). rity, which it derives from the
of the invader. The Government AGRICULTURE, don Vicente Uribe, (C. P.). elements of which it is composed,
pmcJaims its absolute deter'mi- PUBLIC INSTRUCTION AND SANITATION, don Segundo i.e. from the fact that it is a true
lIation to continue the war for Blanco Gonzalez, (C. N. T.). Government of national unity ..
the independence of Spain nntil
FINANCE AND ECONOMY, don Francisco Mendez Aspe, In foreign affairs the Cabinet
it has freed all Spanish soil from has taken cognizance of the wor-
tlt",e who have attacked and in- (L. R.)
ding of a note addres"ed to the
Yaded it assisted bv the most PUBLIC WORKS, don Antonio Velao Onate, (L. R.) French and British Governments.
1110nstrou's internatiol1al conspira_ COMUNICATIONS AND TRANSPORT, don Bernardo Giner _ The Government of the Repu-
<T that the world has ever seen. de los Rios, (U. R.). blic, which is full of _confidence
In this determination, it connts LABOR, don jaime Aguade, (L. R. of C.) it; victory and inspired by the
"n its People's Army, which on idea of a Spain of the future
the Centre Front, in Estremadn- MINISTERS WITHOUT PORTFOLIO, don jose Giral, (L.
R.), and D. Manuel de Irujo, (Basque National Party). free from all foreign domination,
Ta, in Andalusia and in Levante, in greeting the combattants of
i, not only holding its positions,
the Army, the Air Force and the
with invincible firmness, but
the,e days is undeniably proving HIGH POSTS Fleet, proudly welcomes those
thousands of soldiers of the Army
il< strong "ffensive spirit by en- SUBSECRETARY OF FINANCE, don Adolfo Sixto Hontan. - of the East, who, after crossing
thnsiastically coming to the aid
of the more threatened sectors. SECRETARY· GENERAL OF THE MINISTRY FOR NATlO- - into France. demanded a post of
NAL DEFENSE, don julian Zugazagoitia (Ex-Minister honour in the lines of fire. These
...-\s regard:; Catalonia, the he- men are, for those who think only
rpi~t11 with whi;. 'h OUT soldiers are of Government of the previous Government.
fjo"htit1O' (111 the Eastern Front is of Sa\·il1g- the111~el\"c~, all example
a t"sig-n ·~.f their iron-like tenacity, of patriotism which should streng-
an(l the German and Italian ar-
HAVE BEEN MADE: we are ,lcfending-; while for those
mic;, deceiyed by the easy suc- abroad, who feign ignorance of
~.'esse.s of their f1Tst advances, the real, state of opinion of the
hayc as \'(. 't lIO ilka of what ble STATE, don Quero Molares
AVIATION, don Carlos Nunez Mazas Spanish people, they are a de-
war f"r the freelkm of Catalonia lItonstration which equals any ple-
will be like. MARINE, don Alfonso jativa biscite.
1t relll:till~ for Catalonia to 1110- ARMY, don Antonio Cordon The Government of the Repu-
y,", the w~ ,rl(l wlth an ill1JlCtUS PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, don Puig Elias blic, confident of thc enthusiasti,-
which will halt thc cllClll\- alld collaboration of the entire Spa-
rut a stop to the fasl'i:-;t ;ltroci- DIRECTOR GENERAL OF PROPAGANDA, donjavierBueno
t1c~. th.e mass ~·xL--c1l"tioll:-'., the
nish people, does not plutlJ.!e illto
a mass "f words, but immediately
h"mhing (If the d\'ilian popula- ::illlllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUlltlHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIJlIItitltlllIllIl!III!III1Ji!ll!IIIIItIJIIIJIIIIIIJlJllllllllllllllllllltllIIUIIIIIIIII 1'1:1111111111::

tilll: atHI the rl'g-1111e of slavery

set to work and beg-ins from tlli"
which l11akl's l1H'll into pawns; nHanellt to work as a \\·ar Go-
ali l'l1l'nlY which lIas so Pl1tragL'(l Spanish fccling-s by the foreign lItcn rcsoh-ed at all costs to win VErnment.»
«totalitarian 11lcthods of war» and the war, thc Goyernmcnt at ta-
which hopes to make this g-lorious day's meeting" has decided not
Catalon;a a victim of its frenzicd (mly to bring about a rcconccn-
hate. tration of tlte Nation's foraos,
Iu order to rise to the leye] of but also to make the entire
the heroi,tIl of our troops and to \wigh,t" of RcpubJican law ran
assure thelll that none uf their sa- pitilessly and instanbtwuusly on
crifices will be in yain an(l that the traitors a 11<1 on the cowards.
tht'Y shall he kd to yictury by The Prilllt.' :'Ifilli6tcr who 16 J


MAC PAPS Londres, 25. - I.a revista COIl-
servadora N atiClflal Review comen-
When I ashd Capt. D iaz to give ta en su nfuncro de febrero, que
me his liie story, he , Illikd and scaba de pnblicarse, la incautac16n
said it was unimportant. This time alemana de los recursos mi~r<lS
Capt. D iaz wa s wrong-. The lives de la Espana rebelde en los ter-
of all anti-fascists arc important minos siguientes;
in these decisive days, especially .Los a1emanes no han derra-
those who have proved thl'lllsdv,' s charlo sus esfuenos ; no apoyan aI
capable of leader ship where the general Franco mas que en benefi-
struggle has sha rpen,'d to war. cio propio. Todo 10 que dicen acer-
Ricardo Diaz is small , but toug)1. ca de la • derrota del bolchevismo '.
He was born into a iam ily where es sOlo para COnvenL'CI' a los ton-
the cause of the working class \\'as tos de aqui y de otros sitios . AIe-
alreadv a tradition. Diaz "ntered mania ha visto en d6nde estaba
into liis tradition and never iound su suerte, y la aprovechado. Si la
a rea SOli to turn aside . Jnea rly guerra contini.a, basta puede tener
days he came up against that op- colonias, pues esta profundamente
position to those who stand ttp for arraigada l'n los territorios espa-
the rights of the worke rs which iioles de I'Itramar, y , aunque d
all 01 us have encounten'd in one general no desee d esprenderse de
lorm or another. These experiences estos territorios, puede, como Fe-
toughen a man', but at the same lipe y, verse obligado a hacerlo.•
time they make him more human .
Diaz has learned the valu,' 01 good
• ••
comradeship; his toughness is not Hav, por 10 menos, cuatro
the hard brutality of th e man who o chico organizaciones alemanas,
fights only for himself. Diaz greets m~y acth'as y podHosas, que tra-
you with an unaffected air of bal an para asegurar el control de
welcome that Illakes you feel he 105 mas import antes yacimientos
likes you as much as you like him . rle mineral de hierro en la Espa.
His first year s were spent in iia rebelde v en el !\Iarrueeos es-
Africa . His lather worked as a pallo!. -
mason in Tangier, and occupied La r .."ista rulade qne la Compa-
his spare time with political work. rua principal paree" ser la • Isma •
Young Ricardo followed suit, and cuyo personal t <icnico dirigente
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . .-• • • • • ia: • • • ci:c:i cst:\. constituido por eXp<'rtos qui-
before long was serving on a Com-
mittee of Action, which, as its micos e inrlustriales exp.. rimenta.
name sugge sts, continually and could also speak to the Moor in the wa r won quickly and their dos que hablan espanol.
mevitably collided with the opposit- their own language when the priso- 1I",(e rial retllrned. Ii that is the
iton. As a result Ricardo had seve- ners starten coming in. These were cas" . he went on, our first and all , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +"""r"T"TT

ral prison sentences to his credit the days when the 1\I00rs crept up -illl[l,)rtant duty is to make our
before the Civil War broke out , at night and used their knives ; lines il11pngnable in the face of all
.,nd was well acquainted with the
f .. scist mentality.
When he heard that military
they where al so the days when the
Moors fell in hundreds in front of
our machine guns, while Madrid
fresh fa sci st diorts- in other
words. 10 jorl i!\' alld stalld firlll.
Franco',. ,treng-th will break on our
rebellion had broken out in Spain, stood triumphanti" untaken. s(}1id rcs ist:t ncc, and hi s maste rs'
In course of tin-,e Diaz was senl wishes will "ro\'C impossible to
Comrades . \\'t' arc .in the mid , \. <If
he sailed for Barcelona and enli sted
In the militia. His unit marched up to the Officers' School of the ('arry out. l.L':t!l\\'hile his temp- lies in our pOWCf to res ist. Traim·<1 It"
to the Huesca Iront, armed mainly Internationals, and after workin~ orar\' successes i:,tYe d Olle u s one
tauks UI1(\ a\'i atiou, are plowing th" Ii
with sticks. \Ve who know the through the course went on to joill ;:ood turn. They have a waken those
RepUblican Army as it is today the new Mac Pap Battalion at the demc nts inthe rearguanl \\'ho were harharo us rult: of fascism on the g rnt
\\'oud imagine that with out rifles training ca mp. H e ca me up with £till sleeping. F rom now Oil we Catalollia will nc\'er all ow it,df t
this battalion to join the X V Bri - thall see better coordination a ill I a
gade and went illto action at Fuell - faster rate of work. Strengthened a re lIlohilizi ng at a feverish pace to c(
tes, after which he received Lieute- in the rear and forti fi ed in the (k l'elldl'ncl' .
nant's rank. front, we shall weaken the power The :-'p<1l1i , h people kno\\' wh al
In the action at Teruel in of the fascist drive, and finallv
January he was (lne of th ree of- turn it until we pre'S forwaril kn(J\\ th at b y capitulatillg t" th e " lI'
fi cer s of our Brigade who recei n 'd (,urselves ane! hasten the day of would Iw gi\'i llg themselves ttp t ') Ih,
the special hOllour o f being prolllo - yictorv. Italy; th.) would he sacrificing til' '
ted on the field, under recom- "Alie! then , " r a,k ed. "\\'ha t do jurisdictional r ights and th(·ir laLJgl1 "~
mendation fWIIl :>.Iodesto, com- you plan to do when the wa r has
manding the Fiftl! Army Corps. Leen w on ?" oppressors ; they, \\'I, "!.1 h '"e th" 1! ;', '
H is compa ny occupied the danger- Thi s time Capt. Diaz laughed tion's riches for social l'11fI "'ses ' ! "
(, U S position Oil the Battalion's outright. H e , aid that he was far Already our men at til '. fro ,' "
flank. There arc men in that too hus\' to think ahout \\'hat he rifl ; , tI('\\' ~'annons and mOf(' cIJ." ' I'
cc mpany who state that they owe woul(1 ;10 a It('r the wa r. He had httt a \'ast improyement has take1
their lives to Diaz and two or a "noyia" ill :\ fricl. He would
three others, who at great r isk to marry her and return to ~pa ill .to w, The greater the resistance showt
themse},'c, took up a posit ion i rom cOtltinul' working: for tilt ' ~pani sh he had for our soi<liers.
which they were a ble to protect P' 01'1<-. ThHe woul<l ' till I... lIlu ch The untlli stakeable motto today
nohody could hold a pos ition, let th e with<lra wal of this group with to do. :\10re thant tha hI' could
alone advance . The miiitia advan- effective co vering' fire. ~lIh~ (> ­ Ih lt say_ a nd FO RTIFY ON THE SPOT.
CC(\. Capt. Dia ? states that ihe l'ucntly in the attack nil .\I a!:tva ~l'\'l' lIte e n months ago ~Ia(1rid f.
I icft'nrling troop ~ were m en 0 i the Di az\ comptlny wa s ~ell'c h'd 10 ot!" l)
('i\·il Guard, an,l at the first a p- fo r ward as (l(h-<lnc(' Kllard he c:tll"'l' ein).; 1]( l\\' Hut this hra\'e people !ll,t
['roach o f op[I(lnellt s who rlearl y it wa ~ c(l n ~ id ('rt'd a n lO"; lHor ia ll y the .. it y. hut dro\'{' ah('ad to intli.,t H
meant bu s in(' ~:-, they ran a way . One r('alia blc unit. :\t Ihe prt':'-l.."lI t tilll e
hill held out. an,l -thl'll the 'm ilitia Capt. Di a z i:-- acti n g rfllll tll:t nder ilajara . ll'll!ll Ihe JJadrileiio.\' ro llid ,/, /
\\ ere stumpe!!. until the Durruti of the ~I::d 'a p, \\hik \Iajl> " :-; Illilh n ow . .l/adrid u;a.) sac'ed 1101 b\' il II U I
Column C3me up wit!1 rifles and b ;! wav_
~ t (Jrm('d th<.· po :;ili nn. I ask ed him io r hi . . . csl i ll1 :lte II I firm ddalllil/(l l i o /l /l O( (0 lei liteIII t " "
i)i;,? left Ar a~.o n an ,1 was sent the prl':iC'nt milita ry .. itnat iotl. ] It' The fascists arc frantic ally tl\
"own to Madrid. when' he joined stllil e(l aga in and ~a id la' \\" :t :-i IlO
the newly-formed 14th Jmernatio- [' ropll<'t ; but it 1.,(.k c,1 III hilll as if tlttt st LJ ot he allO\\'l'd to takc' a tlot II l'!
"al Rri~a<le . Hi s fluent command Franco w a..; ll1ak in;.!" a hi ;:! l'u..; h the l{epuhlic oi ~p a ill , atld the ' " , d
1' 1- French \ \:t :; :1 \l ~(' ful talent unde r ()rd er ~ frolll hi ~ Illa :' t (' r~ ill
; ' ~~ 11)1l;! tt l!' F n "llch "l'CilUl1tCf'rs . lIe G e rmany and Italy. wh u w;l11te,l \\'hnk ci\'iliz!:d \\!lfJd . RE~I~'J''' '.' ! j'

HE SHIELDED ME ... " l.as socieda:ks.espaiiolas r("si:
Attache,l to the British Battal- .plan of Brooklyn, N. Y., mortally dentes en Tampa (Estado de Flo-
rida. - Estados l'nidos de AJIll'-
ion when we wcnt into action at wounded. rica): hall redact ado 1;lllimportallt,·
Fuel1l<"s de Ebro last October were Turning- ..if the stn·tcher on to manlfiesto, que suscrlben eI C"lItro
two American comradc:-'. SanlKa- the ground, I recei \'cd ,mother bu- Espaiiol. el Centro Asturiano, los
plan alld another (whos~ name I net in the arm. but' it was slight. Cahalleros LealeS de America \"
Aedon (;allego. -
never Knew), whose great courage Fortunately it dirl not penetrate the «Xuestra Patria esta in\"adida
in \"olunteering to get me to sa fety limb: it just grazed through the por tropas extranjeras - afir1113 d
when I was badly wounded cost fleshy part. manifiesto - , de 10 que son imicos
them their lives. Realising that my As J era wI cd alon,: the ground, y verdaderos responsables los trai-
dores a Espana, los tascistas, los
con,lition was bad. Lieutenant F. attempting to make the tnnch rebEldes al legiti1110 Gobierno cle
:\Iorris frol1l \Vales and another ,.gain. I reached Sam Kapl~n, who la RepUblica .•
English comrade de~ide,l they ;,y this time was bleeding profu- Mas adelante, entre otras cosas
wouM place Ille on a stretcher, and sely i rmll thc nose and mouth. el manifiesto dice : '
Esta misma organizacion posee « No es posible que haya vaeila-
with the assistance of the two With what may have been his last ci6n algun3" en la actuacion de los
el monopolio de la exportaci6n del hreath, he told me, in a forced
Alnericans, who wefe to act as re- espanoles de America: la indite-
mi~a1 de hierro del Marruecos
espaDol. Los agentes alemanes tra- lays, make a dash for' the am1>u- whisper. to get my head close down rencia seria tan criminal eomo d
bajan de acuerdo con los abastece- lance which was located in a S\111- near his chest, as another bulle' apoyar a quienes, excusandose en
dares germanos de material de falscs pretextos, pretenden haeer
ken road some 400 metres from thl" wouldn't make any difference to de nuest~a Patria u.n pais para.slls
guerra - aviones, ametrailadoras, him any more hut night ki!l me.
trench. explotactoncs co1olUalcS. Los "spa-
rieles y armamento de todas dases
- a los rebeldes, y como ni unos 'Ve started from tho amlltllall- \Vith his 0I1't1 hody he sieldedme noles de America que, al abando-
ni otros tienen dinero para pagarse ceo hut we had hardy heg-un to 1110- from harm. nar el suelo patrio, 10 hicimos ell
busca de amblentes donde nuestros
mutuamente, ban finlladO un am- YC when suddenly we \\Tre llll't hy .-\s Ion:' as r lin' and breathe, estu(fzos pudieran tradudrse ,'n
plio acuerdo de clcar;)lC, a fin de r will carryon the fight for which
liquidar sus deudas y crediti)s. a burst of lllachit1l' gUll iire frotH mej oras de nuestras vidas, nega-
Los ingleses ban sido recientemente the fascist lines. TIll" only thing- Sam Kaplan lived and died. And I nanles nu~-stras eondiciones de
antorizados para procurarse una that coul,l he done then w,,, for will alll'ays rememher this Ameri- hombres de trabajo, d.. hom brs
pequeiia cantidad de mineral de amanits de la libertad, si no acu-
thc stretcher-hearns to tak<' me to can comrade whose great courage, diesemos a ponernos al lado d ..l
hierro, merced a la intervencion
del general Franco, y a asegurarse a patch of ground where I would nen as he lay there dying-, made it pueblo del eual salimos un dia.
divisas extranjeras; pero, sepa- he comparatively safc froll1 their p():-i~ible fur me to carryon, and to Hoy, ante los hechos comproba-
moslo 0 no, el control de todos los fire, and this was accordingly done. \I'hite these words. dos, 5610 pueden persistir en el en-
cargamentos de mineral de hierro gano aquellos cegados por odio 10
But almost immediately ti,e two JOHN PATTERSON por la ittconscien<'ia que no quiert'n
esta sometida a la aprobaciol1 de
la compaiiia • Isma., que posee American comrades fell, one killed "n. I. Company British Battalion aeeptar tales he('hos .•
hi manifiesto ha('t' seguidamente
el monopolio de estee outrirrht, and the other. Sam Ka- I .;th. Briga,le.
un lIamamiento a la union de tod05
los espanoles resident("s en Ame-
riea. para prestar ayuda al puehlo
,'spanol ill\" adido por e1 fascis1l10

NOT PASS! int,'rnacional.

St· sabe que son ya lllueltas las
'Iltidades y partieulares espanok,
que han correspondido COil S\I ""
Titical days. The future of our victory tusiasta adhesion al manifi('sto de
las soci .. dacles hispanas d<" Tampa
ttlt1 infantry aided by corps of artillery, y que este lIamamit'llto ha desper-
11 lields of free Spain and posting thEir ta,\o yiYa simpatfa incluso en los
seetores m,;s aleja<\os de la eon-
IJcl they occupy. tienda ('spallola.
) Ill' dominated by fascism. Its p(:ople
me to the defense of Hlt'ir national in-
: would mean to lose the war. They DEL MAYOR A TTLEE A LOS
aughts of the invading army, the;' SOLDADOS DE LA COMPA-
"olonization schemes of Germany and NIA QUE UEVA SU NOMBRE
alltonomus regions, their tradItions,
fleedom to their former landlords and HI mayor C. R ..'-ttlee, jete de
\. >ocial legislation, the t1S" of the na- la oposidon parlamentaria bri-
1 Hlture, liberty and lire itself.
tanka, que tan inequivocamentl'"
ha demostra<lo su simpatia a Ia
"Teceived more war material: tle\\' causa rqmhlicalla "spallola, ha
ll! This is of l'Clur:.;e not adequate a~ <lirigido Hci('ntemente al capitan
1,1" ('. ~Iore - much Illorc-- i" on the de la cOlllpania ,~Iajor Attlee ",
'lYa<ien;, the Illorl' (",[UiPIIll"lIt <,'all de las I:rigadas Internadonales,
una carta ,·n la que se declara
compladdo sobremanera por haber
nust be: RESIST AT ,\1.1, COSTS Id,lo la m~·!'('i6n especial que d,'
t::-;a eOtUpa111a se hace en la orden
dvl, <lia por su notable actuacion
cd the same difllcult days \\"(' are fa- "n la hatalla de Teruel.
.\nttriornltnte, (,'1 lllayor .-\ttlel~.
ty crushed tile cnemy at th, .~ate" "f cell oca:-.ibn (1(' su dsit:l a la E~­
<Indy defeat to the Italian" at (;t1ada- p:llla republkana, en d pasado di-
rit:1l1hre, habia hecho IJ('gar SII
I those Izard days we call <llId Ill/I st do saludo entusiasta a las Brigadas
/c', bitt by desperate !/"csistallcc 1I11d <I I ntenwcionales, y t'll especial al
l)atal1i>lll)rit~inil'o, 111ostr{uulnse or-
glll1oso dd prestigio qUl' habian
r, Ilreak our lines of resi"tance. Thc\" sabiclo gallar SllS t'ol11patriotas l'll
la lueha por la Iih\"rtad y la i'h],.-
'1' forwar<l. Too much is at "take: -_. pendenda tit' Espaiia, y pro1Jll'-
,,,,\nd liherties of the pl'Clpl,'" OJ the til'ndoles dar teStil11onio lil']' ;I SII
fl'grcso a IngJatl'rra, (It- l'tWntn t·U
i E\'ERY OPKCE OF STRE,,(;TH! Iltll'stra patria Iphia yisto.


Above is shown the stage 01 the Massey Hall meeting In Toronto" stage was a huge banner carrying paintings 01 Mackenzie and
Canada, at which the first anniversary 0' the 15th Inte(national Papineau, while the lour laree portral" were those 01 Nello
Brigade In Spain _was celebrated_ Draped across the back 01 the Makela, Joe Dallet, Bob Kerr and Ed Ceell-Smlth,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . __ • ________ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • u • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Sn down the ro:ul Wl" luarched , hit one with a tin of hull v in a with the c"ct'ption of young Sau-
;IIH I wh i.:ll \n' C:UlIl' in :-.it.::ht oi th e sandbag- and nerybody in Ilttl.1ch a dIe/.. Unl,l,,' had t .. ,wiiu the Ell .... Lincoln-Washington Bottalion,
April, 1938
hrid~t.: Wl' IIh:-.l'f\' cd a ho<ly of 1lH,.'1l contributed to the frec fight. ,rhat and Cinish~d on the road naked .
about fift\· strollg' on til .... ~icll' of with fists U1HI fcd flyillg an" gUll , ;'ut nC\"l·rtheless O. K. The 1"0111:1-
the n,;,,\.· I halkd the hun and a-poppiug' it was real lin-Iy . inde r o f liS arc still arguing wh ich
detailed a pa trol oi six to g'~ ahead We all managed to get :",'ay. (Ii U ~ heat Jl':'sc OW l' Il S' recurd . lIear Folks at home:
and find nut wh o thcy we're. I told , • • u • • • • • • • • • • • • ..., • • • • • • • • __ . . . . . . . __ • • • • • • • .;;.·. -
"oung Luis Sanchel;1 tn g'fI with I went Jut this mornla',
ihc patrol to do the talking- (h~ (lId shells was a.la/li,u',
was our Spani~h 1'1I1itil:31 .\tlju· Wisllin' and a ·lallia'
tant). The patrol IIInH'd ahead When I went out this moral a',
~ I owly, too slow, in iact. ior III.'"
liking. so I " 'a lkcd up aftt'r tht;n!. I'm war onr here
followed lIy Bohby \\"a lkt"r. J ut"
Norman and Harry Dobsoll. A lon~ ways Irom home,
\Vhen we got in line with thi" O,'er here in Spanish country
group about fOil ' :,'"n of thcm t"a- Hut I don ', leel alone.
111 ( ' onto the road with riCks p"in .
t t'd at us, !-'houti11g' JI ~ 'allos arria folks o\'er here don't treat me
ha!" Tllt..'y th ~lI lined 1I ~ np :lull
l'o tart(:c1 fri:-:.kill:! 1 1-~ for g'lIIlS. \\"hi. '-ike " 'hite lolks used 10 do,
1 ~ thi~ w a~ .~()il1g' I!ll, 0 1H.: of th e m When I was home Ihey Iruted me
\\"a ~ (klll;tndillg' tll11I h.:Y , wat\.· 11\: ~ Just like they trealin' yon,
t ' lt l pi ;.:. ll,l~.
Tlll'fl' We Wl'rt' , stood up reach· I don't think thin~s'll ever
illg" inl" the ,kyo when I happel1l'd II~ like that again:
t(, ralch 13ilh! IY \Yalkf: r' ~ eye. No ceder un solo palmo de terreno I done mel up with lolkl
-- \\' hat ;tn' the,'. Sa lll, iascists ?,
~ ;,id I:n!tl,y . I l1o(ld ed. al enemigo, Defender bien cada posicion Who'll 6ght for me
!.ike I'm lighlin' now lor Spain.
:.( l. K. -- Ill' '~:hi, p('n·(1. "Y('s "' ,
::-.t1d. "il-( It ~n .
1 conquistada. Mantener fuertes nuestras li-
Tll<-n wha1ll! Hobb,"" {i,l el"", ' neas. Fortificar, fortificar, fortificar. Es el. gran Salud,
;,t,',l the "hin of the nca re,t iasci"
:, 11<1 then the fnn ~tal"kd, T ki cked deber del soldado, mandos y comisarios. Johnny
.he 1C'g':=: from Hnde r flIlC , Dohson LANGSTON HUGHES
Vol." - No. t6 Barcelo... April 13 - tlJJ8


f('n ~L'
of :\atiollal Dc-
<':olil pletely rl'c()l1 !">i tn.
.. -----_ ..•....••.•..•
ted the C ~ lIcral Staff of (h ~ .-\ r· VOLUNTEERS
Illy of the E~st.
Cl:IH:ral I)ou Scba:o' tian l 'uza:-:. RECRUITED
is n u lonp:er in c01ll11l:l1Hl of the
_-\rmy of the East, but is re pb- 111 yil'W Id th e l11itiati\"(.' of l'I,:r -
tain }u,l iLl'al parti.:s a nd ha.k
ced hy Lt,-Col. 01>11 Illall I'~ rea.
Hnioll urg-an!zatiol1s tp el. ·oU. ..~'
Eliu unlo l'a~tilloJ COI111l1i~~nr of thl' recruiting of \,olu nt.·ers, UH.'
th e Army 01 the East, i, repla- ~[jllis t cr of Xational nefcll~c ill
('c(l by DOH Igna', io )lallt u'{m.
thl" C nelte, publis hed '''' unler
The Chid of Staff of th~ . \1'111\', dated .\pril 1, 1938, layill;,! d (I \\'ll
Lt.-CoL Ju,"ier Linares, i~ repla- {'II IHlition:; for the cnl1stmetlt (Of
ced b:' :lIajor non _-I.nicet<l Car- \·(11tl11kers.
yajal. Tltc'" must he betw""" thl' a >',"
The Defe ll'c' :.\Iillis trY', 1I0te uf II :l.nd 45 and not ill c h 1<kc(';l1
states: . tIll' lvvic.s alrend." called up 1""1"

.The tronps of the Arm:' of m ilitary sC'rvi ce. They 11111St. w!)-
t " \·~T. nuJt.'rLlke t u !'UTC in t ih
the East an' her"h,' Ili "ide<1 ill- .\1"1ll\" Hntil the war is (In·r.
to two lIlaill s"ctors. The N o rtll- Elilisting- 111ay he (lull \. :" 111 pla-
ern Sector will be colllll1 anllccl by ces when:: th( re is no ofticial llIi .
1.t,-Col. Don Ja der Linares, an,] litar~' f c pr('sC'ilt:1t i\'C', th rc 'll g ll tlt o..:
the So uthefll SlTtO,. Ity Lt ,-Col. jill'a 1 ~(\1111cipal COll1H: i1.
DOll Antonio Conloll (,illce this
note wa:-=. issued, Lt .-Col. Conlon
has b e~ 1I gh'en the post of I -nder-
o.:(.'cr(: ta n" of \\-:1. 1" in th e ll .::! W !,!"O.
\"enllIH:llt). The l'o11l1nisar of th l.' of the Spanish \\'ar. Approachin g
Northl'l1 Sector will he 0011 :,\1 a-
uncI ~\l ol il1a ~ l atetl , all<i tIl\.' LOIl1-
JOHN LITTLE BRINGS tht.' to \,'n, they firove right inlo
i) lll' IIf those al'e nfnt...· <lrti1k,·, ·
111 i:-;~ ar of the ~()l1t l 1t: rl1
0011 Joaquin :\l111I..· ll!~rO~ Jitlll'-
GREETINGS OF u. s. YOUTH barrag('~ that ,"' 1..'(' 111 t o ho x up ;t
1I1oyitlg' hody wht'f('\'cr it gOt·s .
(Continued on pa~. 5 )
nez .• Hrill ;,:: itlg" wit h lJilll thl' g-n,,:d ill .!.!·s :t lHi solidarih' of tho11Salld:-;
' Villi th ese t.' IJaI1 ~l''', a nti with of yul lllg' :\lIl l".' r ic:lli s . Johl1 I.itth.', :\. Y. Stall." EX('l: lIlin~' Sec re tary
th e steady arrinl.l atHi acctlluula- of the y , C . I " , arr i\·t:d ill :--lpaitl b:'.t wl·:" k for ,an t..'xtl'll(1c(l \' isit
tinll of morc and better mate- llnril]g \\'hich h e hopes to spend as 1l1u rh tillle \\'ith th . . . 1111..'11 of th(' FASCIST BOMBS
rial of war rIf ~ll kit"]" tlt(- Fift(:'cllth Brig-:ul c as l1j~ 11lany self·impo'c(l johs will p e rtl1it .
C o mmand i:-; <: xpcdt.'ci to s trc ll ,:!- 1.ittle c ntc.·r l'd Spaill 011 .\prjl 2, h}'il1 ~!" jng' \\'ith him a s l1ip11lt.·l1t Kill 10,000 KIDS
1:h01 111aterialh~ thc :'.itnatinll 0 11 of I .000,000 ~\ l11 Cri l ':l1l cigards a nd t\ '11 1m g.-t.. c rat c:-; of }ll"l':'. (lllal
all froll ts \Viti,in llt" "~ry lIear Jlal'ka .Q"c~ for the . \l1l(~ril' ;JllS ill the Bri g'~Hk .- t~llg-ihlt., l~ :,,\PfL':-;siOll~ BEHIND LINES
fntnre . of tlh ' aforL'Ilh.:utiolicci gn.·(.:tillg::. :111(1 :-;c>lid :l ,.it~, H (' plalls to ,~'d Th l , follu\\'ill~' .statisti cs :--h vw
;1 11 th l ' illfor1l1 :.tit'1i l1 ('('L~~n T\' 10 i iI"; l1 1\.' l 'Olltil1110H:-, ~·' )11I111lIUi \.'a ti pll
thc' llltl11bcr of ;,hildren who ha ve
ht...·twel·ll l h and our frielld~ :\t'h011lC , and to repo r t h;H'k to the Fri e llc1~ fa llen vi ctims to fascist bomhard_
of the J.ili('oll1~ 011 wll :1t i:-: 1IHI . :. t 11L'l'(k<1 1)~' tltl" 111 1..'11. Th(, ~hiJl- ments from .Ttll., · :936 t o thl' ,'nIl
1I1l'l1l (If eig-are ts , ll1cidllltally. i~ :1 ,!.rift of tll\: Xnt io n a l E X,:Cuti\'l' "f :.\larch J938:
Soldiers: Continue your C""ll"ill'e of th e Y. C. L .
You wii11 pl o bah1y haYl' aln'nd,'" ~(Tl\ a11d ;-;' p O kCl1 wit h l'olllr:Hh \latlritl (city ) 1 ",St ,
heroic defense of the Soil 1.ittle h\" the tim\.· thi :-, 11111111K'ft· f)f Ti ,e l'O/IfIIII'cr rl..·al'lh·s t11(.' 1)1"1_ J~iln~·.11J11a J,()] O
of Spain, Resist, resist! Your g-:uic, .\11(1, if a l1 g-O(':-; \\'ell, yo u wi ll n bn 11 <1\'(' re-re in'c1 th at ]1\'1'- YnlclI ('ia 4 10
~ollat p:H'k ngl' . .-\s for tIll' ('igar\.· t~. (' \'c ryhnd y, indtuljll g' COHn.uk .\ st11r1:1:-' 1 ,214 2 ,f)()()
Government will give you 1.it tle, i:-. 1l10y illg 1ll01111 tal lls 111 the ('ffort to :-;pcL'(1 thc lll to thl' I'lllz katli IXl I J "16,::
the means to do so, and the h ri ga<1l. - a11 (1 :\t the "am . .: ti111 (, 11O}llll j.!: for tIl(: hl':-;t . (;lIadala j<!r:l anti
Six \Y('('k ~ i ~ the , .l'ri nd qf ti1l1(, .101111 l.itlk plan s to r l'lI1aill ~radrid Provil1-
means to attack later and wi th Ib -_.- a1l<1 jl1dgill~ from 11 is fir:'.t w('i.'k, tll t.. · entire ~ t ny will l"-'=" J ,SiC) 2 , (,.jC)
destroy the enemy, be a (TO\n1el[" o ne, IlL' h a .. .;. alrl',hly '('til :l.ll<l illtt.: ryic\\·('(l lllL'1ll1wr:-: SantatHler ann
Spaniards : Confidence in of the J. S. {'.; 11(' hn s hC'l'l1 " 'i tll tlll' E1E!"li ' h- speak111g- (,Oll1 ra(k~ Pro\·iH C'f:" 1, 2 .~ I "I , ,~"kil
in () lI l" o f the 11(' \\' T. n. lJo:-, pit nls 110t f :"1 1' fr01l1 flarcc1 lr ll1l :l. :tnd h I..' .1:1<'n and Pr(l\'itl-
triumph , Onwards! lln:-:. hl'(,ll up to thl..' T.c r id :l front, \"i:-;itillg" tht' C:1. lllp(':-:i ll(l:-; with '~' , cc , .. ~ 11 ,,5,:;
Long live the Republic! \'I,..'ra1 ClIhal1-.\1l1('ricatl l'(l1lIrn(1e:'. . l' i II ,I a d Real ,
It \\,;t:-; ; )J] h is trip to L ..·rid a thnt h e .~·ot hj ~ first first· h all!l t;t~t .., enen m ann ..\ 1-
Long live Spain! • •-.-. - .;..·-.,;_ • • • • _ -• • •~.,;·• • • • w • • • • • w .. _ • • • ·__ • • • =·__ •••
ha('l.·b.:'· PJ'( ,\"ill -
l"\.'S 2,O J 1 l,q;.+
Dr. JUAN NEGRIN C:lrt.a llllli a lcxt.'1l1 -
CANNONS AND PLANES FOR SPAIN! cling Harcdr,n :l ') I/;·i;- 2 ,-l7.:!
(s•• pogo 3) T fll:11 l iI, ~llq 15 , .~.!n

Pll ,\ pl'il 1 th e }linistl"\' of N'a '
IJ ~artfclt thanks w~ r~ ,'xpr~,.<ed tii )11<11 fh'fcl1se i ~~ l1ed th e roll \)-
\<' Ih,' I','opl" of England by the
~I'a lli sh People's Front for their willg note :
-·t fOtl,t!; syulpat hy t o the L oyal «'fhn'l' days ag-o the troops \·1
,':til'" in a m essage s igned by 7 a ili\'i.si o l1 of tht: ,: \nl1 Y of th\.~
1",lit;",,1 and tmd~ union organi - E:ist ('r()~scd the Frcnch frutlticr
l.,lti (.lb n'n'n tlv . The luessage is
<i,';II,'>I hy tlu; followin~ parties t u H\'oid bl'ill g- l Ol1t off by the
alld Tra.k l ' nion bodi".: R epu- c l1 c tny,
Idi,all {'nion Party, Left Repu- »The Frellch authoritie:-:. \\'i~.hl.:(l
bli .'an I'arty , Socialist Party, Com-
mUlI i st Pa rt\" , Ceneral U nion of to kTH !\\' the att itude of cal'l l o lle
\I ',,,kl'Ts, "ational Confedcration ,,[ thc soldiers w ith reg-an i ttl thL'
or Labor, a nd the Iberian Anar- ~h l1ggl e \\-'hirh w (.' arl.: l'arrying
chi s t Federation , u ll i1\ !'-ill.li ll. I II t,nit..'r that the y
Th,' message follows :
Th,' Spanish People 's 1'ront , Ihe :-,ht> uld l.:Xlll·l':-::' th ei r opinions
symbol of Spanish Democracy , \\ illt l 'I 'lllplL'tl' freedul1I the sul-
w ish to t('stily to the people of diu's \\'\: I'L' s('p;.uatcll frum their
Fnglano the ir gratitude for the offker.:o:.
I ,,'mewlous inte rest th,'" are t a-
king in our cause, 'III'; Spanish • Without any discus:;ioll allli
I''''pl,, 's Front know ""ry well with g-rcat e llthnslasllI 4.200 sol-
: hat the sYlllpathy sho\\n to th(>m elier " :tn;ItHtl1ced their decision to
1,\' thl' people of England is little by cTlld struggles ha\'e throughout waited so many centuries to put
l'tlllt1llltC fighting fur the Spani~h
',1 11" opentng the eyes of the world history proved themseh 'es sym,h ols an end t o their wretched coudition ,
, " an unders tanding of the real of our ddlisation, should not The people of Englancl did not I<'"puhlil' amI tiedan'c\ thelllseh'es
" ,. 'aning of our stru~le and of the d earlv un.it-rstand why the Spa- wait so long and for that reason l"k:,irol1 :-: flf rt'ttlrning- to rejoin
' ''"I''lIse r esl'0nsibihty the demo- nish izepublic, which tock upon they are to, day in the vanguard th" HL'J ,"blicall ,\nny at the ear-
,(t i,' lIations ha"e taken upon itself the tas k of transforming our of ciyilzation, Faithfu I to their
traditions, the English people lIlI - Ji ('st pt!.s~ibk m omc nt. Only 120
" ""'Sth'e, by the way in whichthey ('oulltry hy \:1\\'£ul nlt'thoc\s, is SIlS-
",\ ,' ahan(loned us, The people of taining tl,; s strllggle, whit-h \I"as .Ierstand us, encourage lL~ anel , as lIiel1 eXll1'l'~sed their desire to fl'-
1I~I"nd, lik<- aJ1oth~r peoples, art' begun hy people who wish.,. I to far as pos.~ibl e , support us, And Inain ill France ur to g-II t (, H:-bel
" '" , of blalll(', It is snfficient for preyent Spain frol H attailJ1ng a this encouragement, \\'hich for us territory .
" _ to kilO\\" that '\'l' ha\'e beell higher standard of Ii"ing ,111,1 is an induL't'ment, is proof of the
"' " I)('rl ." nll(it-r5too,1 hy the mass \I"hidl has since b een cOIl\'l'rtnl fact that \\'e a re fighting for jus- «fllll s , 97 per [t.'·ul of m o n: tll llll
,I I he Fllglish people lor our fmth into a war of invasion, tic(', that we are sacrificing OUT-
sel\'es for the triumph of Democra, 4. (,X)() soldiers ....'ho, on (r{' ssing lire
' i : h~: stn.'ngtlwlll:d ului for o ur Spain was a country wht:'rl' l11i-
' f husiast11 to inen:ase . "'e aYe ",rv a lone thri\'ed, _-loll our sold - cy and that " 'l' a re ,crying a desire j ro llUo' ';.I. 'ere l1l,rlf·riail y (,xc mpt
\ ' l'Y\' ~ ·()1lI 't' Ylll'(1. as is ou1y logical , iers have l'xperienced the terrible for frl'l'dOln , Our rt·spect for these frolH all)' obligatiol1 tu figltt for
with th' olll"Oll1e 01 our struggle, cruelty of the condition in which id.'als is sha red 110t ol1ly by the tI, t", I~ef"tblic. dIos e to ,<l lllilllt[,
Hut W (: .If" l' \ ' l ' n HIOre concerned th('y '''('fe held, F or the Inajo:'i~y peopk of Euglalld , but hy th" peo-
I.' Iltllil tI, e;r duly, ancl ollly .\

that th., 1)(:01'1." shoul.1 uphold our oi them , fadng d eath at the front ples of thc whOle world ,
cause, althou!:ll we' fl'gret that , for is far 1t-ss of a m a rhnklll than (Continued on Pale 6) pl'r ccnt ch use to e\'ade this cl uty . •
" " to rious diffil' uIt ;,.,; , they canllot thdr fOTlut'r way of 1i\Ting. It \\'a~ -
h.'lp us in the nect:s," LfY ,It-gre,,, hankr to \\'in work in order to Jj y('
\\" , desire victon' and Wl' sh all Ih all it is to win position~ ill a BELGIAN WORKERS DEMON-
st ruggle for this, i!ut we ",i,l1 o ll r hatth-, The only crime of the Spa- NEWS BRIEFS STRATE TO RAISE BLOCKADE
triumph to ha\'(, the support 01 th>: nish Repnhlic was that it wished OF SPAIN
frE''' p<.>oplcs and the ap£roval , , ":'pain to .. ('ase bdllg a leudal stat e OF :\ t \'arious l1l~cti ngs uf 1Illl'Jl1-
th.. democratic masses , fherdorl' al. '; 10 attai n s t a nd a rds of justin' plo)'ed workers, and in the !Juri-
till' support of the people of Ell' which "th,'r peopit-s ,'njoy, This THE WEEK l in!;" distriet, ill the region "I th"
gland is more than comfortlllg to the peopl," of Ell,t:lancl achi~\"t,c1 ce nter, :n the Int:t :~ l-\\'tlrk('r's tf.:.ci,.
us and strengthens our unbending t~enturi('.s agp and ~o (~i(l th~ pU'>- TRADE UNION DELEGATIOlil !:Ili"n at 1.:I\'al, anel at th" cua l
<let.'T1l1ination to ('onql1er. In vIew pIt, of I ' rance at llU: ~ "lIl' ,)t tl1('11' CALLS FOR END OF EMBARGO IPilles of VieiIk-lIIarihag<" the
of thE' fad that we "ish to R evolution. But t \-en in l.rJc:r l ·.· \\'orkcr~ hfl\,L' passed resolutiPlIs
,'onqner and because. we de,in' achi,'"e such a noble "end we did ! (J~" ){ J~ . .\ (ic1t'g-at·ioll I'l'- tlclIlallllill:,!' .the rais ing flf the
that tomorrow our \,Iclory may not fl'sort to \'iole11l'e, It was our "pre.::-:l'Jlti a ~ . . ! IL I ~l' lh ' ral COl1l1cil hloc kadc :1gail1~t the Spani =-- h g-n_
"""III hrotherhood, confidence and
friendship \)('tw{'t:n ourselves and
enemies who resorted to \'iolenee , of Tra<\e Uniolls nsileJl 1."... 1 Ha,
lifa" to d~lllanel the lifting- Ul ll' "
\lnllll(,lIt ,
{'l1abk to defeat us, thev had to
"II peopfes, the support of theSt' ha\'~ recourse to other nations and emb:LrlfO of arms e"portatioll to FRF.NCH YOUTH DEMAN 0
]>.:oples to,day forms a "ompro- preferred to sell their country rat- ]{qlllhl;ca n Spain. OPENING OF PYRENEES
lIIise which hinds us as strongly her than to tolerate the fact tha t it Lord Halifax, whose pro-Hit- The La~' R~publican Youth, the
as moral ties ,which for \IS are of should be made more liveable, ler t~Il(I·ndt" s ar~ w. II known COllllllllnist -Yollth of thc Paris
the greatest valm', There is only Ol1e crime, if all)" of explain"d to them in detail the R<'gioll, thl' Radical ,",,"th amI
It is surprising that the old na- \\'hich the Spanish people Illay be point of \' i<,w of thl' Bri'is'l (:0- th ,' ,,,,"th Sports ,\,,~,!Ciati,,"
tions, whkh by Jor,,,, of hard and accu""d, !'iamely, tbat of hnving \ e rllmel1t. haw ",'nt a joint telegram to the
.....•........................................ WALES MINERS THREATEN
Prcmier, worded ns follows:
c\Ve strongly urge the Govern-
,"ent to open the P v renccs froll-
"FASCIST HEROES" GENERAL STRIKE FOR SPAIN til'r within 24 b()urs~ in orller to
,,:t,'c the Spanish Rep"hlic, De-
•1 wa~ \\'alkill~ along the road thtl~c litU\.! g-rl'l1:Hlc hl)111 h:-: at 11Il' , 1\ lllllllher of \\'ak" 'J'l'a,k 1I1oerney, ar,d \Vorld PeaCl.....
bcyfl nd Tllrtosa», th l · rcIl1g-cc with Lllt'kih', th",' all land ... l wild, 1 r HlOll kacler~ have :ltllHlI.llH'C(l
his ar1ll in an airplanc splint told atl(t r-g-ot oilly a ff.' w frag'lIll'l1b Ihat they will "all a gC1lcral "trik~ MONUMENT TO BLASCO IBAfilEZ
us, c\\'h~11 the.: fa~ci:"ot plancs (,.'n11l(; of shrap.ne1. Finally 1 la y PCI'- of all Ihe mines in \\'ales if the Thv LU111111ittl'l'C nf C'(ll1n(';llor~
over, I st:trktl 10 l'lln toward the it'd l)' ~hll, cXJlCctillg l'wry mo- British CO\·\.'rJl1nel1t tloe:->n't ~oon a 11<1 Tl.'pre~l.'tJtati\'c.s from the \'a-
the ficl .I, hut belol'c 1 couM mak~ 11' <,nt would he lll\' la,(. Th at sa- Qbal1dotl its policy of cnu11-in- r;ol1,S political and lradl' tlllillll
it 1 fl'll il :o:.ha1'p pain in tny arm, \ 'l'(l 111 '.: . Thinking', l'\'irlf.' lIth' , tl'rn.'uti01u towanl the Spal1ish f'l J.,!"a ni zatiol1$ of th l' town of Hur~
an,l I fdl dO\\,ll, It hurt, not as that I was elm,I, thl' plane "; I'~,.I (;OYl' T11111l' l1l. Th l , Executive ,il'sOt (Pm\'illl'c "f Valcllci::),
1l11I (' h " " 1l0\\', hut still it hmt, 1 orr, COllll"il of 11", \Valcs Fc,lcralioll which \Va!" {'t1tnl~tl'd with l'n'(,-
t 11 1'11,,,.. d 111\' head to look - and olleroic batth-, that was., he has pas,,',1 a resolntinli in which ting' a IllUI111111l·lIt til thl' Spanish
tlu 'n' wcr~' thrl'(: platH,:s. Two of ,,,,ded . • ,\ fasci,t plane with ma- it ,Il'clarl':' Ih:lt. it is neCl' ,,~ary 1lllvelist, Virellk Blasco Ibanez,
Ih'lII ,\'('1': high up, "ne pretty chillc g1111S ;l1Hl lxnnh' grctladc~. tp felld illlllj("'ni:!te aiel to thl.: h:t~ e<Jmpklt'.l ib work,
I"w , '!'hc latter cvidentlv saw me ag-ainst a singk, ul1annerl lnan. R('Pllh1;(,0l1l (~O\·CTlIt1I f.' l1t. so a!{ Jt lias h,','n ,k"i,I('(1 I,,' the
111C1\' i , lK.T<lIl'st' it rL-tt1n~H:d Rg'ain !'io\\, I know what ~[\ls~.,li1li to permit it to hllY the ne~e"an' RUl'ja,,,t mnllil'ip,,1 allthorities tn
and :l;.,!ail1 t" thl' npcn field where 111l.'allS ",hl' l1 1H~' ll1akl's SIH'<.'Cht·~ \\'ar Ill:tterial to ,kfcn<: Ilcl'scif illallj!l,,"ah' the munument oa
t \\', l" 1,"lI e, <,,,posed, and threw ahout Fas('t~tn's her(l(' ... .. a llrl (,T11sh fascism. ,\rril J Ith,


sion in battk is the most ('Jimin,,1
flf oH.·nces. It is hcttt'r to make a
decish-l' although il1corr('('t (kd-
sion and this is usually, hy the
way , less costly from holh th,'
stratl'gic, military and hllm"n
l)Cillts of "it'\\', than llukcision .
The inckcisi,·c conlluander will
withdraw troops from the position
which appears to him an ul1tenahk
one ·or one which 111av beccllle un-
tl'nahle in th " futurc· when " deci,
sive conl1uan<ler wculd haH' t"ken
definite steps in "d,·"nce to so
constrllct his dden,,("s ".5 to make
the decision inevitahle that he d.,
fencl until on rwhelming odds for-
ced an orderly :.md well organised
withdrawal in successive 1)osi+ions.
The ~.e('ond object lesson of this
recent · defeat was already contai-
ned in a pre\"ions article di!:cussing
Certa;n <ldiuik Illilitan· fadors • The organisation of the groWId _,
have been discussed in ii.,'e pre, and it is belieyed necessary to refer
vions articles in ,The YolWIteer again to this article to recall to the
for Liberty. by the present author. minds of the re2ders the f::ct that ('an reSWIle the offensh'e "nel if to both attack and defence, the
However, it is felt that this time, all modem armies, inducting thc properly conducted with \"igor, problem of organisation terrain
the lessonS indicatcd in the five Red Arm\' of the Soviet l'nion cletermination and careful prepa- will not be of so great a difficulty.
articles have not vet been tho- are tending more and more toward ration, can deal decish'e blows, Clearly, these two factors, first
roughly grasped; mid it is well, at defcnce and depth . This means compelling the enemy to withdraw that officers must he trained and
this juncture, to repeat some part that a Brigade would prohably to Ins original position if the coun- know their job thoroughly and se-
of the prcvious articles with cer, ha,'e a minimum of four de· ter-attack is properly carried for- ondly, that both officers amd men
tain modifications. fence lines organised in advance ward. know in all its detail the principal
Our recent actions have been with, in every case, alternati,'e , There is no copy-book formula elements of the organisation of
discnssed at great length by many lines of defence already .prepared f or the organisation of a positon. terrain, with these two important
competent comrades, but it is for occupation in the event of the The article referring to this su\), points carefully borne in nnnd and
necessarv to understand basically, necessity of a withdrawal. ject written before was intendecl carried out in practice. I· No pa-
from a 'purely military point of Troops forccd to withdraw do not merely as a guide. The study of saran., can confidently becom.,
view, the cause of the loss of Te- break and rWI. They withdraw fortifications as such is our great- our slogan. But in order to fulfil
ruel, Belchitc and other territory step by step from cne organised test need at this moment and this this slogan, the slogan « What the
and Positions. position to the next, thns m2king statement is an over-simplification soldkr takes with the bayonet he
These losses were due to anum· the enemy fight to gain ntW objec , of facts. " ·e are now at the stage held , with the spade .) must be
ber of factors. such as terrific ene- tives 11Iltil that mcment come,; of.··t .:aining of the Spanish Repu- thoroughly understood and put
my superiority in war material when the attack loses its force and blican Army in whIch a greater into practice. Offi cers who do not
(which is now surely being Over· breaks down in sheer inertia. At understanding of the organisa, understand the significance of this
come), etc, We want to discuss two this point a well organi~d ddencc tion 2nd ddence of the ground, slogan nor its practical applica-
factors here; These are not the which has previonsly taken into both in the attack and in defence, tions shemld be considered crimi·
primary factors or causes, but me· consideration notes on position for is J?Ossible, and if the slogan with nall.v negligent in their eluties.
rely two important ones: the organization of thc ground whIch this article is headed is
and preparation of cOlllter,attacks understcod in its proper relaticn Major Allan Johnson
1. What might be called • thc
human factor _, that is, the factor
of undeveloped commanders of
units in the defensive positions
before the towns of Teruel and
Belchite. In order to WIderstand
why this factor is important, it is
necessary to outline some impor. Thruughout the whole of j.lmn- TOULOUSE: 3,000 in great 1110nstrated at th e factory gates.
tant qualities necessary for the ce during the pa,t two weeks demonstration , LA ROCHELLE: Several
slIccessful command of units in there have been Humer"l\"; de- BORDE.-\,UX: After a meetin g thousands demand aid to Spain.
battle. An able comnl2.nd(·r should nlOnstrations detnanding- tllt.! rai- organized by the People, Front. VAR: 1,000 ~·oung peasants
he abk-to grasp a situation rapidly, sing of the I)lockacle of the Spn- sc\·C'rnl thousall<l dCllHHlstratc(l CkmOl1>,tratetl ag,"nst th e hloeka·

he ,;hculH be ahle to make simple nish Republic: through the streets, demanding- cle.
and sound tactical plans anrl ex- LYONS: Many thous:!n,ls "f the- ()J'ENING OF THE FRO:\"-
Pf<"S them concisely, he shonld be Socialists, Communists. l~alhcals TIER.
able to nrc ali thc infomlation he and Traae Unionists. at a l'It-C- I.E BOURGET AIR PORT :
rce,·ins, he should have knowledge Thruuxhuut France the 111fJ\'C-
ting called by Lhe Lyons-Valencc \\'orkl'rs and office staff of tlli, 111ent for aid to Spain gmws in
of the ground on which his unit Committee of Aid, stressed thc g-n.'at air port issued a ~tnt(,lneT1t
is operating, ht, shculd havc a impetus and intensity, l11Hlcr thc
dcmand for the aholition of Nun, 01 , man,ling- the OPE::-':ING Or: ~ 'oga lls: Hai St? tlrr 11locJwde. a 1 tel
good knowledge of how to dispo,e Intervention. )Great t-nthusias11l TIlE FRONTIER.
his troops ancl to the IY. st pO>sihle C.,I1.WIIS alld Plall cs lor SPain I
grected the decision to scnd a te- ·\'·BERVILLlERS: 5,000 de·
utility. he should I,,: druing mul leg-ram to Leon Hium an,1 Paul mon,tratccl at the call of the Tra_
able to tlo tnrything witheut BancoUJ. The slogan of the mee· de "n:on (O:lIl1litt< e of Action.
raf.hnus, and finally, he shoulcl ting was CANNONS AND PLA- NICE: 3.500 attend mecting in
have cl< t(rmination anc\ ph,·,ical NES FOR SPAIN! fa,·or of Repuhlican Spain. THANKS and SAlUD
fitness . Two fadors which' haye N,\RBON);E: 1,500 pe(~)le cle, HI.ERTOT A J R C R .\ F T to the
not betn ,t"teel in this list Imt are monstrated. Their slogans wer<': \\'ORJ.;S: Workers .Icclared that JOHN 8ROWN 8A TTERY
pre.ent by infef('nc~ are 1 hat thc OPEN THE FRONTIER! CAN, tla·y wou)lI give up the 40-11ou1' for the excellent and gen-
commandH must I,., tact icalh' com· NO);S Al\D PLANES FOR week nJlf.l w (lrk <111 hour's o\"('rti~ erous support given in the
petent ancl have a thorough ·know, SPAI);! 111 e }I ~ r da\" IF THE GOVERN,
call fa· financiol aid by the
ledge of arms and the mdhods of C,\I.AIS: "'ork ers demonstra- ~lE:\T \\'11.1. smm ~L\TERIAr.
their lise, ancl must dearly under- 1<-(1 for lhe ()PENI~" OF THE TO REI'I"BLIC:\N SPAIN. This battery, chiefly English,
stand the hask principks of war. FJW~TIER. l ' I.ICIl\': Outsid e tile Citro~n speaking, though few in
\rithout th~ iactors stated ahove I.E I/.-\ VRE: Harbor workers \\"f lr k ~ the workers ,]cmollstratvd
numbers in comparison with
or with thc lack of one or two rna, ,1cmonstrate<i. Again, the slogan and :-;(:11t a l1<:1cgatioll to LeotI
jor factors among these, the com- Blnm with a resulution CON- other English-speoking units,
was C\ -"-NONS ,\Nr~ i'LA :\"TIS hal responded with the sum
mandtT will ol/dollsl)' lack ~on· FOR SPAIN! j)E\INING THE NON,j:\"TER-
fid"nce . The lack of confidence CANNES : n"... demonstrated f"r VE:\T!ON POLICY. of 1000 pesetas,
will lead to indecision and indeci· aid to Spain. (,0T ().\IRES : 4,000 workers de-


m_: Por Cesar Orquin (Lincoln Battalion)
Vna manana fna del m es de
enero . .. Caia ]a nieve, cuyos finos
y hla nquisimo:-. copos, cataLan a
su en sorliecedor rnidu con el ZUII I-
bido de la metralla, y forman do UII
PUBLISHED BY THE WAR COMMISSARIAT surtidor de pol va y hUlllo.
HU(' stro s soldado!' al dcrretir sc 50- L a, tres milicianos se 'sa cudell
OF THE INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES hre sus hOlllhros. la ti erra que les cayo encillla . y
For correspondence, use the following address: VOLUNTEER FOR LIBERTY T ran'luilidad... S,',lode \'ez en Que fue el {mico pcrjuici o que
, ua nd" , " ala l"1 I("jano trona r del a qu ell a explosion les produjo .
S. R. I. 555-E PLAZA ALTOZANO ALBACETE ('a n till , dirigido a las seg undas Ii- ~(' d isponian a reanudar ~ u ill -
llcas ; CJ UIlO que o t ro di sparo, he- tCITnm pida discusi on. Y (lu iclI sahc
VOL. II - flo. 16 aARcnONA APRIL 13 -1938 cho ({Jntra al g{1fl descuidado que 51, a ca usa de su ccg-ue ra , IIcgas('n
habia asolllado la cahaa mas <Ie 10 a lIeva I' a cabo las amenaza s pro fe -
BARCELONA S ilcncio . .. EI scco tableteo <Ie
una a metralladora 10 internllnpe
con ' us ca r cajadas fri as y sa rdo -
ndas. cua ndo la ,·oz de un solclu !o
cncOligo les hace <letc ne rse.
" i Roja s !--dijo la Iejana \·OZ- .
<Os ha gustado el "popinazo" , ..
A Transformed City nicas. quc acompaiian a las raragas
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hres cambia ron sus mirada s en-
tre si. i Hahian comprendiclo '
Barcelona today is a transfor . Vna trinchera ... en un Teco d o, y Pell sa ron que aquel obu s no tr. .
eWe want no shirkers! ,\11 di sf ruta ndo del pohre sol, cuyos
Rled cily. able· bodied men to the Iront!» r: ia como objetivo dcterminado car-
rayos apenas si podian filtrarse a net. Jha disparanclo cnntra "I C ll(" -
The holiday spirit, which once Great signs are hung Iroll1
tra \"C~s de los densos nubarr0nes que l!' il1:' lIl1ido. A.quella palahra. " Ro-
prompted a visitor in Ihe early house to house across the wide ccIJri an la celeste bO\·eda. _;e hallan
dan 01 the war to compare it Jas . pronunClalia por la \ 'Oz del
and the narrow streets. They ask · t re~ milicianos; eada uno tienc en parapdo enemigo. Jes dio a cntcn.
wiih Cone,' Island, is gone. The the sa me questions, and point to su s man?s e~ portavoz de su partido der Cjlle era n hennanos; los tres
whole cit)~ has hitched up its the same answers. y organl zac lOn.
pa nt. and tightened its belt. eran obreros; eran prolctarios .. .
In the factoties, the women . Sen.tados. inter umpi do el subl ime
Tbe lascist threat to Catalonia cr y out that they too can carry
has ..... kened the people to their sllenclo que los rodeaba pa r los d is-
arms . When told that it is for par~s que a inten'alos irregula res
danll" - and it has also arou · the men, they go Irom machine se Olan , traza ron con las pun las de
sed Ihem to action . 10 machine, telling the men to w s ba yonetas sobre la tcnue y
EHry day, throughout the ci , join lip, telling them what their
tv, gronp~ 01 young men apply olanca capa de n.eve que cub r ia el
duty is . Few men can resist their suelo de la trinchera, cada uno una
reg81.rly 10 the recruiting sta. pleading --' and fewer still can
tio.s. Every union, every polit o IEt ra. i EI bello anagrama, estanda r-
withstand their scorn against the te de nuestra lucha! i U . H. P.!
ieal organizalion, has called lor s hirkers.
nlunleers to join up. The slo.
g.n ~ is :
«Stem the lascist tide, and turn
The women, the youth. the men of
a ll parties and trade unions, .....................
'----_ .. _--_.

speak at lightning street mee ·

tbelr advance into a decisive de . tings . They have one keynote: CUlllcllta uno; contcsta otro ; in- TWO FARMERS KILLED
le.t !. ter pela eI tercero. Del comenta r io
lou see posters, small lealiets « EVERY A.BLE BODIED MA.!'i pa sa n a la conycrsacion animada ; SAVING ALL CATTLE
I. the streets. Even'one reads TO THE DEFE:-iSE OF HIS ,ie esta a la acalorada di scusion.
t"~m . They tell you:' COU~TRY. rVERY !\L\:-i T O en soc iali sta, un comuni sta y un FOR LOYALIST SPAIN
is there a soldier in your ho . :onarqui , la . T res hombres que de -
III who hasn ' t yet Joined up?
,h , . hasn ' t he?»
je(s there an able· bodied man
TH E FRO:'l'T!»
And while the recruiting goe s
on, the 'actories hum , produc .
i ienden una ca usa, y que descuidan
:-- ll mi s illll po r las di ferencia s de
i "eo lo~ i a . Ha lIegado la discusion
The ~[i nis t ry of Ag Ti culturc rc.
ct:n tl y issued a note pra is in g t he
heroic actio" of two e mploy es of
in ~' our lactory? Why isn't he tion is speeded. The same is " un punto a lg ido; se han la nzado the G enera l Admini s tra tion of
.i the Iront?» true of all Calalonia toda\" . As i n ~ l1lt os , amenazas, L i y~stoc k --- F ra ncisco San J 0..<;6
l How man v men are there on in Madrid more than a year ago, De pronto. ell la leja nia, se o)"c Rev uelta a lHI Ma nue l Iglesias.
,/our block (neighborhood, orga - th .. slogan is linding its way {·i rllnc() d i~ paro del canon enem i- T hese tw •. men well t righ t 11»
nization, club) who can bea. into the hearts and marrow and ~ o . Silb" el ob6 s estridente sobr e to the fring ' ;.,e during the reo
"rms against lascism? Make them hone of the Catalonian people: ,'u s cabezas, yendo a explota r a ce nt retreat on the .-\ragon fron t
Join up I» THEY SHA.LL XOT PA.SS! corta di sta ncia de elias, adornando in or der to direct the work of
,• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .....,....... • • • '. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ijJ:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .
('\'a cuating the livestock. After
a ll the livestock had been safelv
removed, the\" both fell victim s t;,

The Ch ief Command of the R,,· t h~ order t o preD" r" for act ion . thl" r eb..·l comllland committed the
publican F leet (IinTt ,·.1 till" nava l Bo th fle<:t s ('(uitillllt.-cl o n t hd r s eriou s Llctical {:rror o f p a ss ing OUT
ba t t k w hi ch t ook " lac" in th ... \\'ay, aI 1(~ llo~~li llg 1Il ()Tl~ h UP JX:ll(: d ti rs t lint.' of (kstro\'~rs, which Wen.'
Nlrh' lII o rlli l1g of :\I ~ I Tdl f " 10 lui , fo r a \\·hlll" . I hen t l\(· Rqml>h .. an p rot ccti ng ti lt, c~rui Sl' rs L i iJt' rlad
h.'s 'frolll Ca ho l'a l n~. fr O lll th·: ('o lll1l1 u ntl ~an ' th... o nit:r , })\" it-· all< 1 .H iu dc .\" Ii 'lr.; on th(; side t o
('r1 tiS(:r which is sn ll},u li,'alh· lI a~ I ~phon ,· . t o pr<:pa r(" for act i on~ a n(1 port . a t a d is tance of less tha n
II It·d f.i k r",,/. (r('(flt for this '::pll"1l - l' \'('ry 0 11(' jllTllp<'(1 to hi s p ost. , ,000 n\("t<:rs. Intense a r t iller y fi re
,Ii ,l Rq mhlican yid o ry is ,111(' d n n The tll"X 'l orekr fr Oll l t he I. ihl' rtad f rolll tIl(' H. epuhlican crUi S(:TS f(' -
L ui!; C , ,k l ' l,J ('ta , the C O lll lll :l1JI it- r wus to l'll;t l1 g l' direc ti on . and t he Ix ll",\ t he Clgression . Hock ds Iigh-
o j t l,, · (lc-d. a1l<\ hi s C"1J( ral :-;taff . sh ip ~ \n.'rl' arrangt'd in formation t "d the hridges of th, · ships. Th,'
I. a 1<' :-;aturcla\' night. \I a n ·h 5, I' CI T lJaUl(" 'fh .. · ,1estrOVt: TS .I,';" w hez Rep" b lican (kstroycrs d id lIot
t ht c rtti :-' VTS j Ih.'ril!d and .11t:ll dc:: IJ tlrcai.-;tt'R lfi, .1 ntl (lltfra, and I~(' ­ hreak their formation.
S,i,;, ,:. an,l two small fll',·t s of punto in a straight-line fOfInatio n T he artillerv fire ceased SOOIl .
(It,~tT () \"l ' r ~ ht:wk,l out towunl Sl'a. p ro t l"ct ed the I.lbtr/ad and the The first torPedoes whizzed by.
:\ t 1 2· -I (J, when the two cruisers .lIi"dez Xu"ez to pon ; the d ~s­ In loading the new shell-guns the
and t he fle ..t of c1<:stroYc'rs were tro),( rs (; 1'((vinu and I , aza ~a to men counted seconds and thirds
s"me ; i miles to the sOuth east 'ta r Lcnrd . o f seconds . About four mill utes
o f the ' l, lanci of [biza, th" w.ttch About two in the morning. wh(;11 la t er there was an enormous ex-
(,n the f. lbr r/a d sighterl thrc" fas- the· Loyali st f1cet \\ as SO Ill" 70 plosion . T Il(' Republi call art iller y
..i st ~ h jl"'" : t a d istalln ' of 3,0')0 mi l, s from Caho P a los. til,· fas· was silelle,,1 hy the orli,'r to stop
II1('t(' r<.: , hl -ad (-d in til(' n ppositl' (Ii· d ~ t ... hi ps Wc,: T(' ~i ghtt'd again on fi ri llg . TIl(' t.orpedos o f the d es-
,,·ctioll . Th~ c1inTtion Ihd lt s d ti,,' til<' high ,,·a. ill th,· 'follm dllg o r· t roy..·rs IIi.. \ m ad e t hl'ir hit. F olio ·
first two boat s W l ' Tl' Iig hte.l . (h'r ' the Bolt'arcs, (' a unri(l\ , a lld willg thl" ""plosio n a gr~at blaze
The' (It:~ t T () \'(' r Sli ur.)l l':; {(ayr(fi.;~ tht·n tht: er n'PYa, Th<" I.. 'nginc..' lig ht s i1 hllllilla t" d the Sl"~lIe. The fas·
tl'!:ui la l11wllt,(1 two torpetio(:s ' ~ i ll ' d the fla/ra res gav~ thl" signa l t o d s t tTuiser Allll iraute Cervera could One of Spaln 's many Loyal workers.
re the sh it IS \\'l'Te ('o millunicating put on 5 pC(;(\. the intenti on heing he seell near the burning ship, its It was men like hil,ll,lNho performed
bv Iight"d signa". in the code ot t o cross the Republicall lilll" t o silh ou d t e cutting off some of the
o ur :\avy, th,'y were ubdously fas- p(,rt . But this skilful llla n oeuv re flames from view. The ftag ship the deed rderred "fli in the story
eist ships. Tll<-v were giving til" ,Iic\ not prove of great value. for Ca nat;as sailed away at full speerl. directly Jlbove -

'II 11111)111111111111"'11111,111"11111"11'11111111111111111IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI'IIIIIIIoIIIIIOlII>llllllllllll.II!IIIII'1,I'


)Iorning comes with another day, TO REDOUBLE EFFORTS
.\nd \,ou hedr the whole world sa,·:
<<I wonder what's happening in old Spain?
«I .. onder if this battle is in "ain?» TO GET ARMS... ·FOR SPAIN
.\ resclution ,,(hln s.,,,1 ,:1'0 tll .. l)le tlllr effll'r!> in the fig;ht lu
The world IIIl1st know it's a hallie for Freedom
And au end to Fascism, troublesome, Youth of Spain. by the Tenth get arms fur your p<'oph-. To
,\lId the workers who light wilh all their might ::-<ational Conference of the Yonng intellsify onT work to ~l'lld food.
COlUmunist League of Gre:lt Bri- milk and 1lJ~'dical ~lll,plil':-;, to
Will gain a victory for all that's right,
tain pledges ,to relloublc on~' ef.. strcllgt1lt:l1 stIll further Ollr sup-
Lives are sacrificed for this cause forts in the fight to get arllls port for the g-lorion:-> inb:rnatiO-
With no opportunity for to pause; for yonI' peoJ;>lc .• The entire re- 'wl nrigarle; to work a" IIn'cr
,\11 eyes are set, sight to the Front solution, which ,,·ill he acted l)cfore to hring down the hated
.\nd guns a'roaring with a grunt. npon at the conference on ,\pril Briti.",h NatlOllal COYl"rJ111lCl1t,
J6, 17 and JR, folh",''': friell<1 of Fasci"n,
It's a grullt of freedom these guns roar, This 10th :\ati"nal ConfcrencG The forces of the delllocratie
With a hit right into lascism's core - of the Y0t111g L'o111111nUlst League youth througho'llt the worl,l arc
Seeking lor victory, nol lor Spain alone, senlis its wannest fraternal g-l'ec- with yon ill your magnificent
But victory for all the lolks back home, ting's to yon anrl thron~h YOll "trnggk.
to th~ youth of Spain tn vonr \\'c- confide11th, dcclare that the
Spain must be aided in tbis fight heroic struggle ngalllst FaSc1:-it1l.
To bury lascism out of sight.
Ye workers 01 the world must aid
"-e record \yith regret Ihe pas-
sing of 1uallY of your hra,-eg(j
mighty Repnhfican Anny, the
hackho11l' of "'hich i" formc(\ hy
the members of the U11iten So-
For in the luture, ye will be repaid! son" on the battl<efie1(l" of spain. cialist YOl1th, hacked 11p by the
JIMMIE l\lacLE.\N \YhiJe 'we dEenly ngrd your prog-ressiv(' T;eople throug-hout
loss, which is also our~, at the the World WIlli guarantee that
:=i I . I •• , r; 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111: ~ ~ , : : ' 'It' 'I'" 1111111111' 1111111111111111111111111111111111 i II i ! 1111 ; I, II ~ 1til' , 11111111111111 ~ ~al11c tillle a lJeep fcding- of pri- the final victorv' is yours and·
de well" "1' within "" that We that 'lpai'l hewlI1"s the cDE.-\TH-
he-long to an international a~so­

" LUCKY STRIKE S" ciation of youth that proollces

"uch heroes. \Ve are proull to
be with you in YOl1r glorious
~ ...... , .............. ,

~truggle to save Spain from Fa-

(I'DI' (;ermilll Hernill1dcz en la atmosfera viciada por el hu- (Continued from page t)
mo de este tabaco y del opio, los SCiSll1.
.-\nton. Jefe llel Scrvicio Fortunately the auto got throlwh
yapores del champagne y las ena- \Ve s€lHl onr heartkst congra-
de Iniormaciones.) without mishap. Rut the drh':'er
jt:naciones de Ia cocaina, en algunos tulation:; to von on the lna~l1i­
"Golpe de sucrte" se llamaria si ficent part you have played i'l was so knocked out hy the or(leal
,enoriales edificios de Burgos y that he s~ggested they sleep' on
fuera tra<iucido al castellano el Salamanca -Roma-Berlin- y fue- huiltiing" up the ll1ighty lt1Yl11Ci-
110mbre del tahaco americano que ble Rellublica11 Army a11d the the' road that night. Everyone.
ra 10 suficiente para que en -nues-
hasta haec poco, deSCOtl')c1amOS tu- l111ih' of the, whole ot'the Youth 0ubi<1c of the dri\'cr, was in "
tra rctaguardia, sin tanto cnearear- hurry to g-et back - and John
dos los trabajadores espanoles, de- I;;. se hiciera la unidacL of Spain. We <lcc1are that this
hido a que nuestros recursos eco- mig;1tty army of the people, com- ,o1cved the problem hy \'l>luntec·
Pero, si el .. Luqui" hablara, no l'ing to take the wheel, which he
n/mlicos no nos permitian el Iujo :-,610 nos contaria co:-;as siniestras, biued with the ul1ity you have
de sahorear este aromatico tahaco, forged on thp battlefields of :-'pain, dirl, bringiug the party hack at
c"paces de hacer mella ell el opti- ,t a. 111
y teniamos que conformanlOs con mismo de los debiles' anti fascistas qre the guarantees t1,at final ,-ic-
la popular cajetilla de a real -que t,,·,,: for the fcrces of democracy .• The .\meri['a11 people arc not
y poner en g-uardia a los mas fuer- in allY \va,- lo:-;ill::! track of \\'hat
para nuestros puIl110nes en muchas tes, no; ya que el que en ]a Espana O\T" Fascism is assured.
()casiones tenia peores efectos que .SAVE SPA TN - SAVE PF;.\- ic; h:1l)fH:niilg- here'-in Spain)), John
leal se fum a tic-l1e la ~agrada mi-
d cloro--. Y ha sido preciso la fra- CE». Thi" is the kcy-note of all is finn in dc·daring-. .On the
sian de proclamar mu)' alto de que ('ontrary, they are 'Y"0rking-- harder
ternidad y solidarirlarl internacio- las palabras de Marx: PROLET A- our acth-ity to assist your peo.
Ilal --que entre los trabajadores ple. than thev eyer hm'e work ell tn
de1l11undo entero despert6 Ia suhle- We p1cllge ourselves to redou- bring- about ,a change in fa,:or of
UN IDOS, han sido oidas y escu-
"acion de los lJue en Espana iu- -if ••• -•• -• • • -,,'.---y •••••-, ~h(' Spanish people. The Amcri-
chadas pOl' tonos los trabajadores oj • . . .
('an l)cople ha,'e conlC to flIt.? rea-
111aban "Luquis"-. para que cesara del C niverso: es 1a prueba de la
de ser el tahaco americano 0 sus fraternal solidaridad de puehlos de l,rnnuce Una bocanada de humo de lization that if fascism is to he ne-
rivales. Camels [) Habano. el tra- diferente Iengua y separados pOI' c,te tahacD podemos yer: que en Ia feated, the first place where it
dicional tabaco de cabaret 0 ter- l1:cha que sostenemos contra el fas- l11USt be defeated is in it:-; illya~ion
los mares. que. yiendo el peligro
tulia, y pasara a ser TABACO ~uc ,e ciernc sobre el lIlundo se
cismo mundiaI, no estamos solos: of Spain .•
POPULAR. preparan a no ser sorprendidos que la solidaridan internacional es In France too, he hclien", tll,·
Hasta e1 19 de julio, en Espana un hech6: y la fraternidad uni\'er- gTowth of popular sentiment for
COlllO 10 fuintos en Espana. Es
c! tabaco, que es objeto de mi tema, c()lllprado can 1a perra gorda que ;.al, una realidad. En estas condi, Spain is re,'eale<l in such slngan..:.
solo 10 fumaban artistas prostitui- ciones, con toda seguridad, con los 'IS the French people haye re,
se cotiza cada trabajador - y que
das, militares de uniforme, yieio y :l 10 mejor les cuesta el negarJe el
l'ull1lones Ilenos de humo de tahaco cently usel\ in their oountrywitl<,
~asta; senoritos COil titulos, incul- Lucky, podremos gritar: "No pa- ("lenionstrations: Cannons atl(i'
L'inc () una g-olosina a su hijo-- a
tos y en fermizos, y los granrles se- sar':m" "okey", j pasaremos! Planes for Spain! .
sabiendas de que negarle un mimo
lores de las finanzas y la politica. hoy e5 asegurarle un manana feliz. r • • • • • • • • • • .. ...,........... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~
En una palabra: s6Io 10 fUl11aba Ia j Que transforl11acion ha suhido en
.lta aristocracia. Espana la misi6n del tabaco "Lu-
Si en a(:nella epoca, el "Luqui" qui'" D~ su triste celebridad, con
hubiera sido un aliado del pueblo nuestra guerra ha pasado a ser po-
l' huhiese hablano. cuillltas cosas pular, y a tran's de Ia cortina que
no hubiera dicho. cscunrinando co-
mo escudrifiaha los mas escondido:; , ................ y ...................,....,..,

recobecos del pecho de los que el

19 de julio se suiddaron al suble- BARCElONA THRILLED
ya"e. Que de cosas no hubicra di- BY AIR DEMONSTRATION
rho de aquella serie (ll' rcciprocas
zancadillas e intrigas hip()crital11en- A few of our new air squadrons
te disimuladas de las tertulias don- flew over Barcelona on Saturda\',
de se reuntan '=;0 para ynlcar un April 9 and thrilled the popula<
nlinisterio flue ~:J)lo tenia IS car- tion for almost an hour, Thou·.
teras. Tambien nos hubiese hablado sands, gathered in the s!feets,
de los fantasticos cidculos que se on the house<tops, balconies and
laria don Alejandro Lerroux con from windows, cheered loudly
5U extraperlo: y sohre todo nos and applauded enthUSiastically.
hubiera dicho los miles de espanoles Others waved tbeir hats or hand.
que pensahan asesinar los milita- kerchiefs in wild delight, The
res traidores y sus naturales alia- squadrons, consisting of heavy
<ios: clero v terratenientes. A_un bombers, bl-planes, and chasers,
mas, puede 'que si todavia habla- speeded at a low altitude In per.
ran, nos dijeran 10 que se tram" fect formation,

lET T E R 5' A V ION

We sat· aroWld. restlllg, camped
nose: A-speck of blood, <Juickly
FROM on the roadside. It was just after
the food had come up. and all of
wiped away, anMhen I let It clot.
In a few 4ays the scab was gone.
us, scattered over the wide mea- and I .was congratulated: ,You're

HOME dow and along the side of the hill,

were digging furiously into our
stew of rice and. onions. and the
still good enough for HoijywQl)d
when ,You· get ba<:k t, a French-
. man told me. I answered with
A Volunteer's Motber almost invisible · flakes of carne. their most popular word,' Merdel.
Writes from tbe U,·S, . Most of us had barely swallowea A hell of a. way to treat men at
our first mouthful when the whistle rest. we thought. But our biggest
Deare..;t ~on - Yesterday, when blew - the fascist .avion was co" scare CBnle a few days later. We
, came home, there was a Idter ruing over. We spread out, ducked · were mar~hing down the road,
fronl von. to S .... , written all behind rocks, lay flat against the maybe thirty kilometers. from our
L"hristinas Day. terrace-stones, stretched out Wl- first camping ground '7" those of
\"our jov over tI,e victory of der clumps of stWlted pines against us who were left ,· \Ve were dog-
,'(:rue1 is ·great amI inspiring - the steep slope of the hill. In a tired - no rest for tluee days. The
it is the kind of joy one fee!_ minute - but it seemed longer - real fireworks had begun tluee
whL'n O1le know~whnt he H" our anti-aircraft opened up from nights ago.
righting for. Of course 1 realize all directions. We watched the pIa- . Well, we marched, or straggled
l,ow VOII 10 list feel nO!\\· · aftcr nes mthe sky. high up. Evidently along the road, when we first
g:i"ing up 'fente! and Re1chite -~ they weren't after us this time. heard the roar. Then they came
I feef jllst as banly. ~at I do ments for their men. bnt ·the After the crack of our· anti-atr over the hill ~ twenty, thirty.
\\"nnt to tell · you IS tIns: police had locked the people in- guns the shells whistled . tluough forty - seventy of them. We
Tn 1<}o5 we were fighting in si.de. a.nn of conllle the police the air. and after a second, we saw Couldn't:start running fast enough.
the fonndr RII'sia, fightin~. on won, but. they had ·some .casual- the white puff of smoke appear Those on the left side of the road
barricades. People w~re. killed ties. . where the shell burst. In a few mi- were 1ud<.y the fields sloped down
_ .·and ,ye won 11 constttutlon - I went over the n.e xt day an<1 nutes there were forty·four white .and away. On our side rose minia-
.'lnd that did· not last long. It the place was like an armed camp puffs in the sky - we counted all ture dirt..and-rock cliffs, twenty
alI ell(leli" with massacres :,nd 'and the brntality of the polil:e of them - but the three bl.acl: feet high .• Here's where we really
··(.actionarv pU11islUllents agamst had been · terrible. It was like planes seemed to sail on serenely. get it t. we thought.
those wl,o were in th" fight. Rllt the Spanish Iniliti,. ,·eis.us Fran- witouehed. We cursed the planes Then we saw the peasaq.t leading.
we· who fOllght at .that time co's crack troops in the early and the anti-air and the kitchen, his mattress-laden · burrO. He was
knew, and were convt11ced, that days of the war. which had brought the Iness up at walking along ealmly. We shouted
the fight was a jllst o~le, atlll . (from a, member of tbe such a time. to him to run - are you dead? are
therefore we were not <h,hcarte. Lal10nr Party in a mi.- Soon they were gone from sight, .. you blind!! He turned his eyes u~
nell or disappointed. 011 the ('on· ning district o,Englatfd). and the whistle blew again, and ward. and continued· leading his
trary we were resolye l) to carry We dipped our tin spoons into the animal calmly. He smiled a little,
Tbey're with UI back home., rice-stew ·a gain. !twas cold. bilt put his opened hand to his mouth.
on the fiO"ht to a finisl!. .. A1Id
now VOII "see that instea<i· of a 1 want y'on·.; lnd the other boYs tasted better than the first mouth- and shouted one ,word:
• Nuestra!! t
l>lbod" Rllssia (as it .was Itll?er to know that ·we .. are with von ful.
n hundredner cent, so kecp' up Before we were through eating 'Ve locked again. Sure enough,
the Czar) the $O'\'let Ut\l~n the avionwas up again. This time they were ours:
nmon!! all oppressed cOlin tries your spirit.-
(from a girl-friend in six of them, and soon we saw six Seventy of . them!! .
shnds proud and free. . New, York). more following. and then a tail- • There's many more over there t
TI,p' same will be the caSe wl~h group of three. Again they passed the peasant shouted. pointing be-
t.he fiO"ht against fascism ill SDa~n The people of this cOllntry are us by. again our anti.airopened yond the nearest hill.
and the rest of the world. Ch1l1
"n. m\' hoy. and tell tl,;: to al!
'Hili-fascist all right, I'm sl.ITe.
Any chauce remark to ptol'!'6;lh~
up. again they escaped. But ' this We breathed a sigh of relief, al
of us. If 'the plane motors hadn',
tHne we saw them shoot downward
tl,p re~i of the fi!!htcrs w,th \'011 : ,'en' \'ariell w .• 'ks of life that I behind the nearest hill, heard their been overhead you could haYe
)fllrh loye to yon anll your ha,:e 111ade about fasci~ln ~how machine-guns going full-blast. Stra- heard that great collective exha-
co~n tn (Le~. that th",' hate it. fing the road, we thought. Only af- ling of breath and wondered what
Your kn'illg' mother, -(fron';· a mother in Eng- terward we found out they were it was.
land). strafing the people, the streets and Our own ayion had arrived!!
l\finiature Madrid In Eo!1land Nazis on the screell houses in Gandesa. They were We reformed our ranks, and mar-
sore; they had dropped their ched - not straggled - up the
n,· the wa\'. the c"lIedi"n for La"t \\"c't:k I saw the .-\.nti·Nazi bombs, but had evidently miscal- hot road. W. T.
Sl'>nin ,\,1".11 (~l1qt1in.' ahll1 1 t, at. ~ll1ac;;. film fc;lturcI\ in the .March of culated. Most of the eggs had lan- ft • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

"'eali~e(l 6 . T ...". 1)0\111(1:-; T WIsh we Tim<' ,. It was so brutal ami terri- ded in the empty football field.
/:ouhl do it ('\'(,h' week . hut th" fying- that it left me sick, grim with troops disguised as volun-
So they strafed the town, ·and its teers.but also with a tremendous
<:o1\iery manager lInes n.ot allow alltl ddermi'led to pnnch the head women and kids.
U~ to statui' on 11i~ prclnls("s, nn.n quantity of war material which
off of a fascist who applauded
,"v(" ha"e to. t!ct a police 11('rtll1t vociferously in front of me while
They came oYer about a dozen increases a hWldredfold the da-
times -that day - only twice did mage and injury to our indepen-
to ~tanll in the stred.. A11 toM r hissed and booell in violent they strafe our meadow, our road,
'n0 ha\'e collected nearly ICJ P<1s. dence. In the international rObbery.
counterpoint agaiust this Italian our side of the hill. No bombs, orga,nised by fascism it is not
1\'~ 110t a !'Ccor" hy an~' ml'ans, heel. I 1"0l1hin't help but pro\'oke only their machine huns spitting.
b\~t an,"\\"n\~ it's n 11:111 111 Franco'::,
Spain's tum to be the 'booty. They
" dlalknge, which made him We were lucky. One casualty - are attacking Spain with the same
("'offill ..-, . . sneak ont or the theatre so sha- our third assistant ·cook got one greed with which they attacked
Lahour is really on the mO~'e 1lldully, dill' to the tre rondol1s in his shoulder. The other time, Ethiopia and later Austria. With
I,cn'. Th,'re 11111st h",·,> bel".' m"- gathering of Antifascists who a group of us were caught on the equal savagel:Y they will to-inor-
lions of resollltions sent ,n by ,how~d tht ir r<"entm"nt to road as they swooped low. We roW attack other weak countries
rank alHI file organisation, to Nazi methods by a profonnd si· dncked into a culvert. and our only in the hope that the tum of the
Labollr Headquarters deman"ing lence. mishap callie When a splinter of more powerful cOWltries will comet
some real aetion ot!] hehalf of 10- (from a friend in the rock. chipped by their strafing, Spain is merely an episode in wha.
~'alist Spain... . States) . caught Ille at the bridge of my is being prepared, and a foretaste
The H.arworth 11('11 ••• hno ~ ta~­ ••......•.......••••••••.•.....•.•....• . ..... of what threatens the \l'orld in the
tc of what fascism 11lCan:o' ill Ell~ future.
!..!1all(1... Jlarworth 1:0' a 1I1ining-
tOI\·n 12 mil"" fr01l1 here , '"111 I
episode and can be made to repre·
"'"cnt oyer sen.·ral ti1l1e~ (luring (continued from Page 2) The people of England place sent the definite barrier which
the stTllg'g-le, it wa:, like a n1ini- their trust in our struggle and will put a stop once and for all
ahm: )';I"rid. One night the 1'0- \\'e do not ,\"ish to say a single long for our victory. And we shall to this criminal aggression. All the
Ike milled a dalll·e hall fnll of word regarding the difference of fight until we achieve that victory lives of Spanish democrats are su·
miners with the e:","lIse that the), understanlling between the people which is so indispensable for us, bordinated to this goal. There is
were going to arre·.t .one of the of EnglallIl and their (;o\'ernment. so advalltageous for the perma- not a single spruuard who will not
men. It was all a hlg blui! ~o On this point our respect is abso· nent interests of England and so proudly offer his life for the peace
cal1~e a fight.- th .·.\" slIcceeded III lute, and it is enough for us that ·necessary for the pe,::e of the of EuroP<' and of the whole world .
s('l'arati nl<\" the women from the the difference exists. Time will tell world. Happe., what may and howe"er
\lien anel then there ""'" a bat tic who wlderstood this problem with \\'e are now undergoing a yery difficult the situation may become
myal. TIll" po1iI'\: Imll r<"inforr<-- most foresight. If We are to say grave stage in the fight for our for us, We are determined to fight.
Jlwnts o.utsit1e ann{.->c.l with duh:-; anything we can say, because it is country. Italy and Germany are Our responsibility obliges us to
and th e mill~rs fought with the permissible, that We arc more in- attempting to defeat us in a deci- and we are encouraged in our
(umitnH', which they tore to pie- terested in not disappointi!'g the sive manner and haye launehed an struggle by the people of England,
c~s The 'l1incr~' wi,"cs, went to English people tban in not disap- Wllllasked attack to crush us. to whom we express our deepest
tht: l"il,ema Hall tf' g"et ,..·info.r("l" pointing their Goyernment. They are not only attacking us gratitude.

VOL. II - Special Supplement No. 17 Barcelona - April 18, 1958


(T 1{e following is the radio spe~ch delivered by thaf the analysis I am about to make of the po-
Dr. Juan Negrin, Pr~w:e MmfSter of tlze. Spa- sition of oar fronts will serve even more to
nish Republic, on Aprzl I6, I938). strengthen the will to make our rear a.nd
our Army execute the orders they recelVe.
without vacilation .
Spaniards: For more than a month the enemy has been
The Govenlment, in obedience to its moral carry-iner out a violent offensive on the Eas-
doctrine 110t to hide the truth, however bitter tern fr~nt, an offensive which has received
it may be, address€';; the country and informs more backing abroad than any other. an of-
it that, by at {:'ramatic push, the invaders fensive characterized principally, as I pojuted
who are destroying onr fath criand - Ita- out in a former speech, by the haste which
lians, Moor, and Germans - have :-;ucceeded is weighing upon our opponents, becau~e
in reachit;g the Mediterranean. they know that time is against them.
The Governmcnt -is therefore going to use In the first moments the attacks ()£ the
me as its mouthpiece to explain to the people Italian forces and Moorish hordes, helped by
the military situation, to analyse its causes German technicians and abundant German
and to indicate the duties which this situa~ and Italian war material, broke our fronts:
tion imposes on all Spaniards. Had it not been for the Spanish habit of,
Of the causes, which have given rise to this delaying every urgent task until the critical
situation, those which depend on us ate being moment, the effects of the enemy attack, as
corrected with the speed and decision which far as the territory they gained is concerned,
the circumstances demand. Because I must might perhaps have heen less. But the fact
110t hide 1irOl11 the people - to do so would is that these first resullts encouraged the
be unjust and the.r'efore shameful - the part enemies of Spain . A large part of the inter-
which we must play at the present stage. We national< press, with very pious intentions,
have not acted' in the rear with the rhythm began to sound' the funeral march of the
which the situation demanded . Months, weeks, Republic and of the Spanish people.
days, and hours have been lost at moments
when a minute is equivalE!nt to the destiny
of years. Today when rhythm and firmness THE ORDER TO RESIST
in the adoption of opportune measures have Our position was, undoubtedly, extremely
risen to the levEl of our desire grave, but the Government
to win the war, I can 2.JJd gave the order: resist. I ap-
must dEclare to the Spanish pealEd to the people to mo-
people that slownESS has bEen bilize all their energies. And
our worst cnlllly. with marvellaus heroism. with
an enthusiasm \Yhich can be
felt ouly in Spain, our AmI):
OUR OPPONENTS KNOW resisted, barred the way ot
THAT TIME IS AGAINST , the enemy, and energetically
THEM counter-attacked in yarien=,
What is the situation now? sectors. In Catalonia-, as \nlS
The cnd Ence with which buund to happen, the glorious
the Spanish people nceive my exploit of immortal Madrid
words EntitlEs me to believe was repeated. It was repeattd

even in the grotesque details of the foreign · the enemies of our fatherland shall be dawn-
f!"ess which once announced' the faH of Ma- trodden and utterly destroyed .
drid and now, that is, two weeks ago announ-
ced the entry of the Italian troops into Tor- THE COMPLETE AUTHORITY OF THE
The enemy has been held' back on the
Tortosa front; it h as been held back on the In the political field the military situa-
bank of the River Segre. Their aims have tion imposes ciuties on all of us, which can-
been frustrated precisely in those sectors not be set aside. The Government of the Re-
where they had the greatest interest in achi- public is the Government of all Spain and
ving their objectives. They wanted to reach will exercise its authority, as hitherto, on all
Barcelona within a space of two weeks. But territory which is not held by the invader.
on Catalan soil they have met with an un- Today the Government needs more support
breakablel human wall. The Italian press and than ever; it must be obeyed with greater
the press of the invaders have had to desist discipline than ever. lts voice, which is the
trom their cries of triumph to the point of voice of all Spaniards, must be responded to
.confessing that our soldiers. the Spanish sol- with immediate action.
(liers, are defending inch by inch with ex- All activities therefore must revolve ex-
traordinary enthusiasm the beloved soil of clusively arourid the Government or around
their fatherland. the authority delegated by it. In the face
This has been possibl~ as a result of the of all the slanders and 1ies, our people are .
enthusiasm and energy with whi"h the peo- giving a magnificent example (0 alH the
ple' have responded to the appeal of their Go- people, of the world. Conscious of the role
vernm ent. And in this space of twenty days which history h:}s allotted them, they are ft11-
elements have been brou.g-ht together which. :ij11ing it as Spaniards have always been able
\vhen they are still better employed, will to fulfil it at decisive moments. Nobody has
permit us to overcome all difficulties and to been able to hide the truth. Foreigners "i-
prepare the way for our victory. siting us have been able to see for them-
selves that Spain has never had a Govern-
MANY OF OUR RF.SOUR.CES ARE STILL ment which could count on the support of
UNUSED the people to such an extend as this Govern-
ment can. Never was there such order in our
After being held up in their advance 011
Catalon ia , the enemy has succeeded in attai-
ning objectives farther south, the gravity of
which must not be concealed. But they will
not hold them for long. We have not yet
brought into full play all ou.r inexhaustible
resonrces, resources which have so far ena-
bled u s to withstand the offensive and' even
to coun ter-attack in places where the enemy
was most anxious to advance.
The Government is consecrating itself to
this task with the greatest energy, so as to
be able to USe all its resources rapidly and ef-
ficiently . The situation is, in my opinion, less
grave than it was two weeks. We have to-
day more material than at the beginning of
the offensive, and we shall have still Ul :>re.
Our Ar,"1Y. the AJrmy wnich was able +:::,
hold· up the Italian diVISIons and Moori ;-,h
forces on Catalan soil at a moment when they
considered themseTI\'es vict!orious, can and
wil be extraordinarily improved both in qua..
lityand forces.
With faith in victory, with enthusiasm and
discipline, we shall free the lands whjch
have just been takon from us by the inva-
ders in the space of some days or weeks,
and open the path of the rest of Spain to
our Army, the. Army of Independence.
Let all our soldiers take as a stimulous and
as an example the heroic conciuct of those
who fO\1ght at Lerida and on the fronts of
the much coveted Tortosa . An the units of
our Army must be shock forces. Before them