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Read the text below, and choose the correct answer to questions 1-15.
In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the USA. It was a difficult period,
not only for ~he States, but also for the rest of the world, because of the economic depression.
Immediately after the end of World War I, in Britain and the United States, the industry
experienced a boom, a period which is also known as "the Roaring Twenties~ The 1920s are
associated with easy credit, leading to rising consumption and prosperity. They also meant
more equality for women in the world of work. As for American business, the outlook was
highly promising.
One of the most catastrophic months for the economy worldwide was October 1929,
when the US stock market was seriously affected by the "Great Crash~ as it is called. The
temporary economic boom came to a standstill, the stock market and prices fell and
everybody panicked. Consequently, by 1932 the unemployment rate rose to 12 million.
Postwar Germany went through extreme deprivation, because it was compelled to pay
onerous reparations to the Allies. The war had seriously affected the industrial capacity of
the country. Unemployment, inflation and political and social instability were some of the
factors leading to the growth of the germinal Nazi party. Germans did not trust their old
leaders anymore, and they all saluted the arrival of a messiah-like figure, somebody who
would help them out of the economic turmoil. The Nazi leader promised them new jobs, and,
after the elections, he kept his word. He provided jobs in the expanding army, in munitions
factories, in the party itself.
The main reason why Roosevelt was elected was the "New Dear: his promise and solution
to help America out of the doldrums of the economic crisis. He adopted the principles
supported by a British economist named Keynes, focusing all the spending capacities of the
federal government on providing jobs, welfare and agricultural support to the millions of
Americans fighting poverty. The innovative policies that he advocated convinced the people
to elect him President for four terms. Before the outbreak of World War II, Roosevelt had
succeeded in pulling the nation out of the Depression.
1. Choose a good title for this paragraph:
a. "The Post War Era" b. "The Roaring Twenties"
c. "The Great Crash" d. "The New Deal"
2. The 1920s are known as the "Roaring Twenties" because . . . . -
a. the American society was prospering socially and economically
b. everyone celebrated the end of World War I
c. everybody had a job
d. women were fighting for equal rights with men

3. Roosevelt was elected President when ....
a. the Americans needed support from the federal governm ent
b. 12 million people didn't have a job
c. the US was in deep depression
d. all of the above
4. What does the "Great Crash" refer to?
a. the unemployment rate b. a fall in the stock market
c. the end of World War I d. the Great Depression
5. After the end of World War I, Germany ....
a. had difficulty paying reparations
b. was very optimistic about the future
c. experienced inflation, unemployment and prosperi ty
d. none of the above
6. One can infer from the text that the author of the text .. . .
a. doesn't think Roosevelt's "New Deal" was a good idea
b. considers that Hitler and Roosevelt had a similar appeal to the masses
c. thinks that the Depression could have been avoided if people had worked more
d. Keynes interfered in the internal affairs of the US
7. In the writer's opinion, Roosevelt and Hitler were successful leaders because .. ..
a. depression was badly affecting their nations
b. the economic policies their countries needed had to be innovative
c. they were dynamic leaders
d. all of the above
8. The Nazi leader is compared to .. . .
a. the ancient leaders of Germany b. an officer
c. Jesus d. Napoleon
9. The "New Deal" Roosevelt talked about advocated .. . .
a. federal aid to agriculture and farmers
b. assistance for the poor and the unemployed
c. federal investments to create jobs
d. all of the above
10. Roosevelt was US president for ... .
a. sixteen years b. four years
c. ten years d. not mention ed in the text
11. The Great Depression has never been forgotten because of the ... everyone experienced.
a. poverty- stricken b. unemplo yed
c. distress d. hardship s
12. The ... in America n industry ended as a result of the Great Crash in the stock market.
• a. boom b. happiness
c. noise d. consump tion
13. A country in the ... of revolution and social turmoil will not accept external interference.
a. edge b. point
c. enmities d. throes

. he Great Depression, a lot of unemployed people suffered t
pgt b ex reme ... .
4 our ·mination
1 . deprivation
l · 3 discr d •
• d·stocation . disposal
C, l
the war, the Germans had to ... to the Allies.
15• pJte~ve reasons b. make returns
a, gffer prizes d. pay compensation

="• ,.;;t:M'Ylt fiT:,;\'~'fl)

rt• QJ.(N-Y,1.1,!~~1' tv':D'GABUJtA
,,A.£~ : , . ' .• . .
:D'Cf ,-:
, ' , ~ I ;;

choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences 16_20 .

16 You w1
·n have to let them ... that he ....
. d
· to know/already arnve b. know/has already arrived
a. knowing/already arrived d. knew/has already arrived
Never ... so many people at the opening ceremony of a sports competition.
· a. have there been b. there have been
,. has there been d. there has been
18. 'Ibis is the ... car of the two.
a. cheapest b. most cheap
,. most cheap d. cheaper
19. They .... Now they have to wait for the others to arrive.
a. didn't have to hurry b. needn't have hurried
c. needn't hurried d. mustn't have hurried
20.... his brother, John likes painting.
a. Unlike b. Dislike
c. Not like d. Unlikely

Each of the sentences from 21 to 25 contains one error. Identify the incorrect
word of the four underlined.
21. The sea-chantey,
a type of folk music, not only described the pleasures of stations' life
a b
ashore, also but the hard conditions of the life aboard ship.
C d
22, Nest b ild· .
u mg 1s more commonly among birds than among mammals.
a b c d
•The Awakenmg,· a novel by Kate Chopin, shocke d rea d ers an d cause a storm of cntlc1sm.
.. .

a b c d
way was officially opened, although much more work needed be done to complete 1t. .
25,lf a b c d .
edecided to have a holiday · wh ere there were much
in a beautiful place in the mountains -
str a b c d

Questions 26 to 30 contain a word derived from the word in capitals at the e
of the line. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
26. Their baby is very lucky, because the ... is next to their house. NURSE
a. nursery b. nursing
c. nursistry d. nursedom
27. We will soon receive official information on acquiring and retaining Canadian ....
a. citizenry b. citizening CITIZEN
c. citizenship d. citizenism
28. The ... of people moving to the countryside is constantly increasing. PERCENT
a. percenter b. percentor
c. percentage d. percents
29. The young ... is deeply honored to receive the Award for the Scientific Breakthrough of
~~ ffi~
a. physicalman b. physicologist
c. physicolog d. physicist
30. Few ... are professionals, making a living writing novels and other fiction. NOVEL
a. novelists b. novellers
c. novelist d. noveler

For questions 31 to 35, choose the correct option to replace the underlined word
in the sentence.
31. I think nobody could have imagined how mean she turned out to be.
a. vain b. miserly
c. dishonest d. coward
32. All the nobles were faithful to the new King.
a. grateful a. loyal
b. good c. kind
33. There must have been something fishy going on, because everybody left just like that.
a. suspicious b. unclear
c. exciting d. terrible
34. It's a wonder he actually managed to win the race.
a. It's surprising b. It's clear
c. It's a shame d. It's wonderful
35. The family looks very happy in their new house. It seems that they will stay here for good.
a. for the time being b. for a period of time
c. forever d. for some time

1his is aletter of application for a position ofengineer
in the Research Department
of a multinational corporation. Choose the option that
is most suitable in context.
36. ... ,
a. Dearest Sirs,
b. Dear Mr. and Mrs.,
c. Dear Sir, d. Dear ladies,
37. I am writing to express my interest in the posit
ion that is currently available in your
multinational corporation. I have read the advertisement
... in your Research Department
a. an experienced engineer working b. that an experienced engineer to work
c. for an experienced engineer worked d. for a young engineer to work
38. I have not only acquired a lot of experience in the
field of engineering, but I ... abroad.
a. had attending a large number of training sessions
and seminars
b. attended a large number of training sessions and semi
c. have attended a large number of training sessions
and seminars
d. attending a large number of training sessions and semi
39. ... for ine to improve my foreign language skills
a. These was a great occasion b. It has been great an occasion
c. Them being a great occasion d. This was a great occasion
40. I should mention the fact ....
a. that I speak English fluent and German the same
b. of me to speak fluent English and German
c. that I speak fluent English and German
d. if I speak fluent English and German
41. Enclosed you will find a copy of my CV ...
about my professional experience to date.
a. that will further give you informations
b. which will give you further information
c. whose information you will find
d. with informations for you
42 . ... , I will be ready to provide you with any
other details.
a. Except for the CV b. In addition to the CV
c. Apart to the CV d. According to the CV
43 . ... , I hope to be given the advantage of an
a. For ending b. At fimshmg
c. For finally d. Finally
44. ... hearing from you soon.
a. Look to forward b. I look forward to
c. Look forwarding to d. Forwardly looking to
45 . ... ,
a. With faith in you, b. With faithful,
c. Yours faithfully, d. Your faithful,
Dan Smith


Choose the one correct answer a, b, c or d.
According to statistics, one hectare of rainforest is destroyed every second. This rate of
destruction, which is alarmingly high, leads to serious consequences for the environment. For
example, scientists estimate that 137 species of plants, insects or animals become extinct every
day due to wood exploitation. On the other hand, logging provides jobs, which means profii
taxes for the government and local communities and cheap products for all kinds for consumers.
This is the main reason why the government is reluctant to restrict or control deforestation.
·Most of the forestry production from Canada goes towards making pulp and paper.
Canada provides 34% of the world's wood pulp production and 49% of its newsprint paper.
Recently, agriculturalists and environmentalists came up with a possible alternative way of
producing paper: a plant called hemp.
People from different cultures have cultivated hemp for thousands of years. Hemp
produces fiber. A lot of things are made from it: paper, fuel, oils, textiles, food, and rope. As
scientists suggest, people should revive the cultivation of hemp for the production of pulp and
paper. In their opinion, the amount of paper produced from hemp, using cultivated land, can
be four times larger than the amount of paper produced from trees, and environmentalists
strongly affirm that the cultivation of hemp on a large scale could diminish the pressure on
Canada's forests.
I. The main idea of the first paragraph is that ....
a. only some plants become extinct every day
b. the government is reluctant to control logging
c. logging is destroying the rainforests
d. governments and local communities financially benefit from logging
2. The main idea of the third paragraph is that ....
a. hemp is used for many purposes
b. hemp cultivation will reduce Canada's wood production
c. hemp has been cultivated for a long time all over the world
d. it is a good idea to make paper from hemp instead of trees

The Snow Melting Process on Kilimanjaro

According to a new study, ancient snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro from Tanzania
could disappear in about twenty years. About eleven thousand years ago, during a wet
period, huge ice layers formed on the African mountain. But in recent years, because of
rising temperatures, the ice on top of the mountain started melting. Scientists apparently
found that the ice surface on Mount Kilimanjaro has diminished from about twelve square
~!~meters in nineteen-twelve to about two square kilometers today. This means that the
A l.B'1 ., f. d . . b . hh
percentage o ice re uctlon 1s a out an e1g t . The conclusion of the scientists is that by two·
thousand-twenty all the ice will have disappeared if the current melting rate stays the same.
Mount Kilimanjaro is known to be the highest mountain in Africa, with a height of
almost five-thousand-nine-hundred meters. The mountain top is covered with snow. 1he
mountain rises above a large surface of flat land, called the savannah.

Around twenty-thousand people vi 't h
T: . s1 t e fam
vered top. The anzaman government fear ous mountain ever ea . .
co ding to a decline in the economy The d s that the ice melting proc~t ~lltoffisee its snow-
}ea h fl f th · ecreasing ic h s wt a ect tourism
water whic ows rom e mountain into som . e as already reduced the v I f,
e rivers of Tanz . o ume o
What is the exact 1ocation of Mount Kil' . ania.
3, imanJaro?
a. Ango1a b. Kenya ·
c. Tanzania
4. Why is the cause
. .
of the ice melting pro
ll cess.
? d. Congo
a. increasmg air po ution b .
c. increasing tourism d. ~ncreas~ng temperatures
. . increasing water pollution
5. Approximately how many tourists visit Mount Kil. .
a. twenty:thousand b imanJaro every year?
c. eighteen-thousand d• twelve-thous
. h and
· eig ty-thousand
6. Mount Kilimanjaro is considered to be the hi hest . .
a. Africa b. Asia g mountam of which continent?
c. Europe d. Australia
7. Toe top part of the mountain is covered in ....
a. water b. clouds
c. snow
s. According. .to the Tanzanian government what will affiect tourism? d. flat land

a. the nsmg temperatures
b. the amount of water flowing from the mountain
c. the pollution
d. the melting ice
9. The main idea of the first paragraph is that ....
a. the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro will be gone in twenty years
b. dur~ng a wet period, huge layers of ice formed on Mount Kilimanjaro
c. the ice on Mount Kilimanjaro has shrunk to about two square kilometers today
d. the snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro will melt

Horse gunners celebrate 50 years as King's Troop

When The King's Troop, the Royal Horse Artillery, celebrated its golden jubilee in
Regent's Park, London echoed to the sound of galloping hooves and horse-drawn artillery.
Everything happened on April 30 in the presence of the Queen. After the riders, their mounts
and their field guns passed her in review order, Her Majesty inspected six of the Troop's gun
detachments. In Regent's Park the Troop offered an amazing display of horsemanship, riding
at a Walk, then at a trot and finally at a gallop in front of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
~n_til 1947, they were named The Riding Troop, but 50 years ago when King George VI
ViSited" the barracks, he simply crossed out the word "Ridinf in the visitors' book _and
Wrote The King's» In dd·t· to ceremonial duties, The Kings Troop plays a very senous
lllili' . a I ion h h
tary role, being a rapid deployment group. The 190 soldiers and orses, toget er w1'th th e
~O~ted bands of the Blues and Royals and the Life Guards, troop_ed through the Hyd~" fi~cf
or Inspection by the Commander of the Household Division, MaJ. Gen. Ian Mackay-Dick.
IO. Wb
en was the golden anniversary celebrated bYthe Royal .
Horse Artillery?
d A ril 25
a. A.pril 15 b. April 30 c. Apnl 20 . p

11. How many kinds of horse riding does the Troop show?
a.one b.two c.three d. four
12. Half a century ago, the barracks were visited by ....
a. King George VI b. Her Majesty, The Queen
c. Maj. Gen. Ian Mackay-Dick d. King George V
13. What is the military role assigned to The King's Troop?
a. to provide horse support to the Army b. to provide the ceremonial equipment
c. to feed the horses d. to provide a rapid deployment group
14. How many soldiers and horses participated in the golden jubilee ceremo
a. 240 b. 200 c. 190 d. 180
15. The main idea of the text is that ....
a. The King's Troop celebrated its golden jubilee in the presence of the King on April 30
b. The King's Troop celebrated its golden jubilee in the presence of the Queen on April 30
c. The King's Troop celebrated its golden jubilee in the presence of the King on April 20
d. The King's Troop celebrated its golden jubilee in the presence of the Queen on April 20

Choose the one correct answer a, b, c or d.

16. She ... that beautiful evening dress if she had enough money.
a. will buy b. would buy
c. bought d. would buyed
17. My sick sister was ... all week.
a. at the home b. in the home
c. in home d. at home
18. Paul ... for 30 minutes and he's very tired now.
a. is jogging b. was jogging
c. has been jogging d. had been jogging
19. This is an old picture of my grandmother when she ....
a. had short hair . b. had short hairs
c. has short hair d. has short hairs
20. I wish I ... something more interesting, but this is all I can think of right now.
a. could say b. can say
c. should say d. will say
21. ... help you with your heavy bag?
a. Do you want that I b. Shall I
c. Will I b. Would you like that
22. When ... , tell him to call me as soon as possible.
a. David will arrive b. David arrive
c. is David arriving d. David arrives
23. Her son is ....
a. as old as yours b. so old as yours
c. as old as your one b. so old as your one
think we've met before. You are taking me for ....
24. 1don't
a. someone other b. other person
,. someone else d. some other
... she hadn't been invited.
25. She came to her ex fiance's engagement party,
a. in case b. even
c. in spite of b. although
26. Of all the dresses in the store, it was this one that really . . . my eye.
a. grasped b. snatched
c. caught b. seized
27, I was really looking forward to watching the new fashion show and I could hardly wait
until the ... day came.
a. grand b. big c. major d. huge
28. Could you ... this difficult exercise to me again?
a. talk b. excuse c. tell d. explain
29. Sarah is not good ... chemistry.
a. at b. by c. on d. for
30. James was reluctant to ... the subject because he thought I wouldn't want to talk about it.
a. raise b. originate c. advance d. provoke
31. The benefits of being able to experience the whole movie from the comfort of your
smooth bed are very ....
a. subtle b. demonstrative
c. attractive d. excessive
32. ... Thomas to buy some milk and cereals! We don't have any left.
a. Make b. Remember c. Remind d. Mention
33. BASIC ... for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
a. stands b. represents c. means d. makes
34. Infectious diseases are those which are caused by an invasion of the body ... organisms
from outside.
a. by b. with c. through d. within
35. She thinks about nothing but buying expensive perfumes. She's completely ... to it.
a. overcome b. addicted c. ascribed d. tempted

Choose the one correct answer a, b, c or d.

36. Choose the most appropriate question to make an informal request.
a. Richard, would you help me to move th,is _heavy table?
b. Richard, can you help me to move this heavy table?
c. Richard, do you mind helping me with this heavy table?
b. Richard, could you, please, help me with this heavy table?
37• Which of the following is the most appropriate way to make a complaint?
a. The book I ordered by mail is not what I wanted. Take it back!
b. This is not the book I wanted. I will call the police if you don't take it back!
c. I am afraid this is not the book that I wanted. Could I send
it back to you?
d. I am very upset for the book you sent by mail. You must have
it back!
38. Choose the most appropriate line to begin a formal letter
a. My darling, b. Dear Sally,
c. Dear Lady, d. Dear Sir/Madam,
39. Choose the most appropriate line to make a formal
a. Do you feel like going to the football match tonight?
b. Do you want to go to the football match tonight?
c. I was wondering if you would like to go to the football matc
h tonight.
d. Let's go to the football match tonight.
40. Which is the best way to end an application?
a. I hope that my qualifications and skills will recommend me
for this position.
b. I need this job and I hope you will choose me.
c. I think I have the best qualifications and skills of all, so I am
confident I will be chosen.
d. I am qualified and skilled for this position, so I think I will
be chosen.
41. Which is the most logical sentence?
a. Cole would tell the truth if he weren't in your shoes.
b. Cole wouldn't tell the truth if he were in your shoes.
c. Cole wouldn't tell the truth if he weren't in your shoes.
d. Cole would tell the truth if he weren't in your shoes.
42. Which is the correct address?
a. Avenue Fifth, 20, New York, U.S.A. b. Fifth Avenue, no. 20, New York, U.S.A.
c. 20, Fifth Avenue, New York, U.S.A. d. No. 20, Fifth Avenue, in New York, U.S.A.
43. Which is the correct narration?
a. When I had been a ten-year-old boy, I had two lovely pupp
ies in my house; they were
like my only friends.
b. When I was a ten-year-old boy, I had two lovely puppies in
my house; they were like
· my only friends.
c. When I was a ten-year-old boy, I had two lovely puppies in
my house; they had been
like my only friends.
d. When I was a ten-year-old boy, I had had two lovely puppies
in my house; they were
like my only friends.
44. Which is the correct sentence?
a. To get about 20 minutes it takes only me to work by car.
b. To work it only to get me takes by car about 20 minutes.
c. Only me takes about 20 minutes to get it by car to work.
d. It only takes me about 20 minutes to get to work by car.
45. Which is the most logical sentence?
a. Because I was jogging in the street, a dog bit me.
b. But I was jogging in the street, a dog bit me.
c. Despite I was jogging in the street, a dog bit me.
d. As I was jogging in the park, a dog bit me.