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Hello there!

At Business Bridges, we help you build loyalty and trust with reality-
based marketing.

We empower great ideas and believe that great content comes from great
people, just like you!

We can help you cut through the noise, find your audience and deliver your
brand story at it's best. We are dedicated to authentic brand stories and
use journalistic methods to create the largest possible value for both your
budget and your audience.

Have a look through this proposal, love it

and we can get rolling!

The proposal is written by Ntegeka Isaac founder and director of Business

Bridges Uganda. Contact me at client@businessbridges.xyz.

I am in my internship year for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the

University of East London.

We hope you are ensuring the highest safety standards to safeguard your
health during these trying times. Many business gurus are predicting bad
business fortunes for people in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. I
beg to differ. True people's habits and preferences may change which will
affect some businesses but only those which will not change. For instance
online shopping has picked up, if your business is not fully workable online
then you may miss out on some sales. For instance, if you relied on walk
through customers, it is possible even after Covid-19 that many people will
restrain their movements for some more months avoiding ultra social areas
like downtown. Such people surprisingly are the ones who have purchasing

Regardless to say, as an entrepreneur, you possess the enviable

quality of being an action taker and so I believe you will be able to
adopt appropriately and finish the year with record financial

Marketing has changed so much in recent years. You don't need to spend
piles of shillings on billboards, newspapers and music trucks to reach
thousands. Not only were those methods expensive but also not
measurable. However with your own digital marketing strategy, you can
always analyse, measure and see which channels, campaigns or adverts
are causing engagements, inquiries and ultimately sales for your business.
So in this proposal I want to highlight the following.

• How to use creative social media channels like Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, Snapchat to reach new people, engage with
customers and run adverts.
• How to make your website give you a return on investment
through being a persuasion sales machine, a database collector and
analytics tool instead of being a boring old brochure accessible
on the internet.
• How to have multiple sales channels to serve your customers
wherever they could be. For instance you can sell through your shop,
Jumia, your website, Facebook shop, Google shopping etc.
The Whole Picture

Basically, the philosophy that we want to implement for you is

highlighted below

First of all this is only an illustration of the kind of strategy that we shall
brainstorm together with you and we shall implement as a marketing
system for your business.

There are three vital stages: Reaching people, Converting them into
buyers, turning the buyers into repeat customers and advocates for your

For starters, we shall be looking at setting up and fine-tuning your

business across various online platforms as already mentioned such as
Facebook, Instagram, a website, jumia market place and any other channel
that would be appropriate. Setting up is one thing, maintaining is an
altogether different thing. As a business person, your objective is to make
sales, but Google and Facebook are interested in keeping people on their
platforms. As such they will only reward accounts that create content that
keeps people busy on the platform. In exchange, their algorithms will
show your business to more people. But how do the artificial
intelligence know that some types of content are good quality? They
measure engagements such as likes, comments and clicks on social media
posts as well as website pages. So we shall be creating for you daily
content for social media channels in the form of pictures, videos and text
that is professionally written and designed to captivate people to take
interest in your business. This is achieved by our team that has a
copywriter as well as graphics and video editor. The aim is not only to tell
about what you have to sell but also to educate people how to use your
product, give them various ideas of the home design trends to implement,
get people's feedback, to feature buyers on your social media pages etc.
To get many people to relate with your brand.

But then, let us be honest. Stats prove that on average only 3% of the
people who will see your offers or your products will buy them. On average
27% may not buy immediately due to one reason or another such
as lack of money at that moment or probably because they don’t know how
to use the product or service. For instance, for a marketing agency like
ours, after the initial contact with our potential clients, we seek to educate
them about the advantages and necessity of our service. Once people
appreciate, they are able to trust us with their work. In a similar case, you
really want to use social media and your website or even YouTube to
educate people about the different ways their homes or living spaces could
look better thanks to GoodGlass Uganda, about the different decor accents
people can experiment with, there are so many ideas that can be
implemented. And many strategies such as automatic Facebook
messenger messages or email messages that can be set up to notify
people about new discounts, new designs or any interesting campaign that
we shall be thinking off. In the long run, someone who never bought
something initially would be compelled to buy. So many combinations of
offers and tactics that take people's initial buying objectives away can be
made. I realise Good Glass is a very creative brand in terms of recycling
glass, conservation etc.

A professionally executed online process goes a long way in positioning

you as a reputable and reliable industry leader in your business
which will give you a massive advantage over your competitors(although I
think your business is too cool to have competitors) who do not have a
clear strategy but are only trying whatever comes to their heads.
While you interact daily with your ever increasing online audience, you are
getting a valuable asset that cannot be measured in monetary terms.
Data! This is data in terms of customers names, genders, ages,
occupations, buying behaviours, emails, phone numbers. Systematically
collecting the above data on social media and email allows you to reach the
customers with new offers which means more sales. Analysing the buying
behaviours and things like occupations, gender etc gives you a better
direction of where to improve, what works best etc. Think of a company like
Facebook, they collect our info, interests that they use to give each
individual a customisable experience but also while selling
appropriate advert space. In your case, you will be showing appropriate
offers to the right customers. For instance if someone is a man, you only
show him men's products, if a woman purchased a product for her husband
before, you can be able to show more similar products starting from upsells
on your website.

As you have noticed, 2020 marketing is very interlinked with almost the
whole business process. As such in case you choose to outsource your
marketing to us, we shall constantly be touch and making many
suggestions about what to implement. It does not end there, customers
especially those who purchased have to be constantly engaged to increase
their lifetime value to your business. Treating them right coupled
with the right marketing communications makes them happy but most
importantly it makes them indirectly brand ambassadors by giving you free
referrals. The referrals can be direct and deliberated by us for instance a
discount code to give a friend and any other creative thing or the referral
can be non-premeditated(which is even sweeter) such as a customer
tagging your active Instagram or Facebook in their photos thereby giving
you exposure to almost their whole world.

The entire experience that we shall design for you will be fully
encompassing covering all steps of the customer journey,
retention and so on. By the way, this requires a really long meeting with

We are so intentional, direct in our approach. We are the first stand

alone direct marketing agency (that we know of) in Uganda. As such we
“directly market” each and every item that you sell individually. We
shall always be creating a mini-strategy for every product that you sell with
every detail from customer acquisition, conversion, retention and
I am not quite familiar with your business’ model yet to say that I know what
you sell. However I wanted to demonstrate the kind of strategy that I will be
implementing through the various channels. This is a simple approach
that can be used for selling a wine holder. (Again, this is quickly


1.1 Identifying the target market – It is not only a lovely home piece but it
can also work as a gift. It is hard to target those who want to buy for home
use on social media adverts. But being easily locatable on Google search
and social media allows people to see the wine holder. Those planning to
take a gift on a wedding and sort of express interest to attend the event on
Facebook. Facebook advertising can allow you to reach such people with
your offers and suggestions. You can target only people planning to attend
weddings on a given weekend and suggest the amazing wine holder as a
gift option to take to the newly weds.

1.2 Crafting the right message and the media – Many things are
involved in the process of presenting a winning advert; nice pictures or
videos(videos are most preferred), good graphics, really persuasive words
and most importantly right keyword research and placements. It is a
complete process that we carry out to optimise your advertising and earn
you the best returns.


2.1 Lead capturing system – Remember the Data as an asset concept. It

is expedient for you to have a data capturing system. Of course, social
networks will provide you with the details but, it has a limit because
platforms like Instagram and Facebook don't belong to you. So we shall
always be synchronising the data between the various platforms and the
database that must be embedded in the website. Of course, when
someone purchases, they give up their data easily but when someone only
shows interest, it requires creative ways to ask them for information. For
instance, a free pdf book that has gift ideas for weddings can be made and
given away freely on the website (this can serve any occasion really, we
duplicate the concept to suit the likely query someone may search for). Of
course only those who are interested in gifting will request for the bait.
When they request it, they will have to part with an email, name, gender
and phone number to be able to access the information.

2.2 Lead nurturing system – For those who express interest above and
are captured in our marketing system, many of them have to be nurtured
into making the purchase. Again this can be done in many ways, risk
reversal is among the methods. If someone refuses to purchase because of
price or some sort of fears, a money back guarantee averts that objection
(and this is not dangerous if your product or service is fantastic). Making
the sales process flexible can also improve on conversions for instance,
offering multiple payment options and even cash-on-delivery! Btw, people
buy some things with emotion and then justify their actions with logic later.
As such you want to erase any obvious objections at the point of sale. Look
at this product description page for one of the business we market for ( It is
my personal business btw) https://treasurebox-gifts.store/products/sound-
activated-tshirt-spiral-pattern You will see the sales page has social proof,
a bit of urgency and even a way to lower the price. These are actions that I
use to erase objections

2.3 Lead conversion system – I might have put the vital parts of this in
the previous part. But a promise of a unique and prestigious experience
coupled with a flexible payment method and good risk reversal can be a
good incentive for someone to release money in a scenario where they
might have had other options lingering in the mind.


3.1 Delivering a unique experience – This is all upto you.

3.2 Increasing the lifetime value – Ideally you want a customer to buy an
item from you, get hooked and they keep returning over and over again.
Only the customers who have a special attachment to your business will do
this. This has to be deliberately planned in that even if another similar
business opened for business on the ground floor, the customers would still
climb up to you if you were on the 20th floor. Also you don’t want customers
reaching you by accident where someone just enters your door by luck.
You want to eliminate luck and chart your own destiny. That is why it is vital
to create customers for life. For a your unique business, this is easily
achievable, once someone buys anything, you could offer customisation
options or even a thank you card containing an offer like a free wine of their
choice to use in the wine holder (assuming you sell it at a high mark up to
cater for this). You always wanna give them an offer that is irresistible.

3.3 Orchestrating referrals – I am sure you dream of having a business

where customers are indirectly marketing staff, look at KFC. When it was
new in Uganda, there was that buzz about it. It was cool to be there. We
kept on telling everybody else and soon we were all there. True your
business is not like KFC but you can use some of these principles to
position your business for people to unconsciously become your promoters.
This is something that is unique to each business and the ideas chere
come better after understanding you properly.

The above process is how we believe successful brands should be built. It

is the blueprint of whatever we do; We scale your business online with the
following services as part of our full marketing package.

• Designing Marketing graphics and promotional videos for social

• Social Media Management
• Social Media Marketing
• Website and E-mail marketing
• Pay per Click adverts.
• Search Engine Optimization.
• Creating Content like posts and blog articles. The words and images
used mean everything. Designing it in a voice that represents you
needs skill.

Here's exactly how we work!

• Before we start, we shall discuss in details all your needs,
expectations and target.
• Before each month, I shall get in touch with you for a 2 hour strategy
session (in person/video call) to review the last month and to plan the
next month
• Various concept for a 2-week or 4-week social media, PPC or any
sort of campaign aimed at promoting whatever you want to promote
at a time.
• Example social media posts, blog post, designed videos and
graphics written, designed & mocked up for your approval
• An online proposal for each coming month's online content for your
• The approved graphics are then posted to your social media pages
every single day of the month whereas for the website it can be twice
or thrice a week.
• Plus, a weekly call from me to check we’re on track.

In that monthly planning meeting, we will discuss points

such as:
• Review the previous month
• The target audience
• What is happening in your business during the next month
• What new areas can we promote?
• Nail down objectives and highlights
• Plan the next month's special offers and talking points

What you have read is not even a fraction of what we shall be doing to
grow your business. We shall discuss that in detail with you. During the
month of April, 2020, if you agree to outsource your marketing efforts to us,
our website designer will be glad to freely design for you a fully functional,
modern and dynamic e-commerce website equipped with all the
functionalities we would love to implement for FREE. We know you are not
working due to the current situation as such we shall provide most of our
services for FREE for all new clients until June 5th. Plus, once you start
paying for our service, you only pay at the end of the month when the work
is done. We have a dedicated team that will always do your work on time.

On your part we expect at least a contractual commitment for 10 months as

we build, grow and increase the profitability of your business through our
marketing efforts. Also we expect you to be ambitious and able to position
yourself as an industry leader in your sector. I mean, we only earn if you
grow. If you keep constant then we are not compatible. We gauge this in
our initial meeting.
The marketing fee is negotiable. But it is never less than $50 each month.
However, we believe we don’t deserve your money if we don’t increase
your profitability. (We know you are already profitable) and neither do we
want you to lose out on our amazing services because of the PRICE.

In conclusion by outsourcing your marketing to us, you get;

• A dedicated team of ambitious marketers with programming, graphics

design, copywriting as well as interest in what they do
• A free fully functional e-commerce website with capabilities to receive
VISA, MasterCard and mobile money payments. (Even
cryptocurrency if you like) All straight to your bank account. This is
worth shs.750000. Website is hosted for the first one year. Although
it is free, you have to buy your domain after seeing and loving what
we have done (less than 50k). We design and do the hosting for free.
• An indirect PR team.
• An influencer program where we select individuals to flaunt your
products online. All for free!

To work with us or For any questions or inquiries please email


I am just starting out in marketing and so I honestly don’t have field

experience on my own as such I have offered an almost free trial for you to
gauge me over the first months. However I have worked on marketing
projects though under other people. Aside from school, I did content
creation for Brand Uganda UK accessible at https://brandugandauk.com as
well as https://kimediaworld.com

Furthermore, I run my own party supply shop for young children's items. It
is new. It is located at Acacia Place. It is called the Treasure Box and it’s
website which is made by myself is https://treasurebox-gifts.store/

Proposal by:

Ntegeka Isaac



Founder and Director of Business Bridges Uganda.

Regus Centre, 4th Floor Acacia Mall.

Kampala, Uganda.