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Reliance Trends:

 Reliance Trends Follow it’s punch line “Sirf Dekhne me

Mehenga” that’s why it has a great customer base in today’s
competitive market.
 It keeps it’s product for every segment of customer, the
range of product and price range is too good and affordable
to each and every class of customer.
 Reliance Trends is offering a homogenous mix of private label
of brands across men’s, women’s and children’s category to
fulfil every customer’s requirements.

Stores Operating Parameters - Customer Transactions

• Customer Conversion Ratio
Number of Transactions
= ------------------------------- * 100
This reflects retailer’s ability to turn potential customers
into buyers.
• Transactions per hour
No. of transactions
= -----------------------------------
No. of hours
This helps retailers to keep track of the no. of transactions
they are carrying out per hour , day ,week or season

Average Ticket Size

Total sale
= -------------------
Total no. of Bills

Sl. IDEA Score
No Description L on a Justification Eg.
g Score
. Score scale
1 Market Relevance 10 10 10 Market is completely relevant for Peter England RED

It's a good property located 500 mtr away from main market. Main market is crowded with local u
2 Proposed Location 10 8 8
this market and Bata is going to open right Opp to the property. Heritag efrsh is opp to this proper

3 Quality of Adjacencies 10 7 8 Opp to Heritage Fresh, local automobile store & Upcoming Bata, Left side - Local Tiles Store, Right

Store Dimensions
4 Frontage/Height/Impac 8 8 8 We will get 17 Ft Frontage

5 Visibility 8 7 10 Visible from a distance

6 Ease of Access 8 7 10 Easily accessible from the road, Situated on the Highway.
Ease of getting
7 8 7 10 franchisee is available, Texdon Clothing
8 Footfall potential 10 8 8 Heritage opposite to the property helps in generating footfall and store recognition. Bata store on

9 Compliance 8 8 8 NA

Future Concern
10 (Mall/Flyover/Traffic 0 0 0 No future concern in this market.

Market Sizing  
Establish Prosperity Indicators  
Retail Presence  
Relevant Sector Footwear Retail, Watches, Textiles
Surrogate Sector Automobiles, Banks, Industries
Clarity Of Markets  
Catchment Visual Maps - What are the key Catchments in this town
Heat Map- Aggregatioin of Retail Formats
Other Sources of Engagement Temples
Lions/ Rotary/ Clubs - Denote Investors Fraternity
Educational Instituions/ Industry
FESTIVALS/ Seasonlity
Interaction Over the Call/ Friends/ Family

Look at PPT – Dicusssion 18th April

Look at Dream Distribution

Look at Presentation slides – 43, 44 for Consumer Persona

rising incomes, aspiring middle class population and democratisation of fashion aided by easy access to
digital medium for the masses.

These towns
have a high propensity to spend, are witnessing urbanisation and have an increasing aspiration to use branded
products. The exposure to digital has greatly changed the aspirations and expectations of consumers in these
markets. These markets will also see rise of high grade retail space, driving entry of numerous brands trying to
address the needs of brand seeking consumers in better quality shopping space.
Rising affluence and increasing global exposure have led to growth in premium international brands business
in India.
Typical metros have 25% entry products, whereas, this format (PE Red) has 70% entry price products