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Grades 1 to 12 Daily
Lesson Log Teaching Dates and Time AUG-27- 30-2019 Quarter SECOND
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the objectives, necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional
lessons, exercises and remedial activities may be done for developing content knowledge and competencies. These are assessed using Formative Assessment strategies. Valuing
I. OBJECTIVES objectives support the learning of content and competencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning the lessons. Weekly objectives shall be derived from the
curriculum guides.
A. Content Standard Demonstrate understanding of/on:
11. Fundamentals of plating
B. Performance Standard 1. Students can plate appetizers showing understanding and proficiency in the elements of food presentation
C. Learning Competencies/Objectives .. LO 3. Present a range 1. Requests are done 4. Materials and tools 4. Materials and tools
Write the LC code for each. of appetizers as per are substituted and are substituted and
3.1 identify the company’s standard provided for provided for
fundamental of plating operating unavailable ones unavailable ones
3.2 identify the
Procedures (SOP). without without
accompaniments of
appetizers sacrificing cost and sacrificing cost and
3.3 present appetizers quality of quality of
attractively work work
3.4 observe sanitary
practices in presenting

II. CONTENT Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to teach. In the CG, the content can be tackled in a week or two.
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages 4-5 12-13 12-13 12-13
2. Learner’s Material pages 75-77 14-20 14-20 14-20
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Material from
Learning Resource (LR) Portal
B. Other Learning Resources
These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the activities appropriately so that students will learn well. Always be guided by demonstration of
learning by the students which you can infer from formative assessment activities. Sustain learning systematically by providing students with multiple ways to
learn new things, practice their learning, question their learning processes, and draw conclusions about what they learned in relation to their life experiences and
previous knowledge. Indicate the time allotment for each step.
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Saan ako belong? Showing project What are the tools do Make a simple
presenting the new lesson. Pictures samples of proposal. you need in requisition form.
appetizers would be accomplishing the
shown to the class as project
they will identify what
classification does it
B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson We eat with our eyes This lesson will enable In this lesson you will This lesson will
first. The saying would you to identify describe the enable you to identify
be given justification materials and tools materials and tools materials and tools
together with applicable to a specific according to their applicable to a
students. job in carpentry. description specific job in
. per job requirement carpentry.
in carpentry. .

C. Presenting Examples/ instances of the Yucky or Yummy? An List of tools and Describing the tools Fill up sample form in
new lesson activity checking materials in carpentry and materials used in requesting tools and
students perspectives carpentry works equipment
towards plating.

D. Discussing new concepts and The concept of plating The learners identified The learners check Checking the sample
practicing new skills #1 would be given tools materials for job tools materials for requisition form.
discussion requirements job requirements

A,. Balance
B. Portion
C. Arrangement to
E. Discussing new concepts and Is food Identifying tools and Enumerating and Checking the sample
practicing new skills #2 presentation/plating in equipment for job classifying Tool and requisition form.
general a must in evry requirements. materials according
food business? Why? to its function as per
job requirements.

. Developing mastery Written test Group activity “Saan Written test Written test Written test
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3) Performance test ako Nagkamali?” Performance test Performance test Performance test
would be given to the
G. Finding practical applications of Give sample experiences Why it is important to Why it is important Why it is important to
concepts and skills in daily living where you have use appropriate tools to use appropriate use appropriate tools
practiced/experience good and materials for tools and materials and materials for
plating. How does it affect specific job for specific job specific job
your food experience?

Making generalizations and abstractions Why are these Why do we need to Why do we need to Why do we need to
about the lesson element should be study the different tools study the different study the different
taken in consideration and materials used in tools and materials tools and materials
when it comes to food carpentry used in carpentry used in carpentry

I. Evaluating learning A five item quiz would Let the learners answer Let the learners Let the learners
be given to the class. the activity in their answer the activity in answer the activity in
notebook after finish their notebook after their notebook after
the activity allow them finish the activity finish the activity
to have a discussion on allow them to have a allow them to have a
their answer take note discussion on their discussion on their
the misconception and answer take note the answer take note the
clarify them in the misconception and misconception and
discussion clarify them in the clarify them in the
discussion discussion

J. Additional activities for application or 1. What is food Have learners draw the Have learners draw Have learners draw
remediation Preservation? different tools and the different tools the different tools and
2. How do you store materials used in and materials used in materials used in
foods at home? carpentry and identify carpentry and carpentry and identify
the uses of them identify the uses of the uses of them
3. What can be the them
result of improper
storage of food?
VI. REFLECTION Lead the learner in accomplishing different task. Provide insight on the question the learners find difficult.
A. No.of learners who earned 80% on
the formative assessment
B. No.of learners who require additional
activities for remediation.
C. Did the remedial lessons work? No.of
learners who have caught up with the
D. No.of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategiesworked well?Why did these
F. What difficulties did I encounter which
my principal or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover which I wish
to share with other teachers?
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