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Using Prepositional Phrases in a Sentence

1. Identifying Prepositions

What are examples of prepositions?

at between along by since across

on among over near before to
in against beneath far after
for toward around up behind
from through below down about

2. What is a prepositional phrase?

It is a preposition + a noun / pronoun (objective case)

a. Pronouns in the Objective Case

me us
you (singular) you (plural)
him / her / it them

b. Nouns

Concrete noun (person, place, or Abstract noun (“things” we feel as

thing) well as concepts but cannot see as
a single object with our eyes)
table justice
mother hope
Disneyland happiness
dog joy
phone sadness

c. Let’s put the preposition(s) together with (their) object(s) known as a

prepositional phrase:

around the from me at my desk along the road

about him since yesterday for the clerk between him
and me
across the street by noon against them to school

Class’ examples:

for my dad for the world for the teacher toward you
near us between him by us onto the car
and me
between them by her through the before it

My examples:
to the bus against the wall toward the cloud beneath the jet
inside the cup over the rainbow across the lake between jobs
on the roof to the car among the along the coast

3. How do you use a prepositional phrase in a sentence?

Prepositional phrase in a sentence

You may use it at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence:

1. The man ​across the street ​needs help.

2. We noticed a bug ​inside the cup​.
3. On Saturday​, we will go rock climbing.
4. The kids all walked ​to school.