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B o l e t í n Issue No. 125 / 21 December 2010

I The Law Against Domestic Violence:

n Timor-Leste, the Office of the Secretary of
State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI) chose
as the theme, “The Law Against Domestic Vio-
lence: Protecting Me, Protecting My Family” for
its 2010 campaign on the Elimination of Violence
Protecting Me, Protecting My Family
against Women (25 November to 10 December).
The theme commemorates the landmark adop- and understanding of the Law Against Domestic
tion of this legislation which, for the first time, Violence and the problem of violence against
clearly defines domestic violence as a public women in general. Targeting local community
crime and provides for emergency medical, legal, leaders and school teachers, activities included
psycho-social and shelter support for victims of a series of trainings, discussions and seminars
domestic violence and their families. organised by SEPI in collaboration with district
On 23 November, SEPI unveiled a billboard high- administrators, gender focal points and civil soci-
lighting this year’s 16-day campaign theme in ety organizations such as Fokupers and the Alola
the Rosa Muki Memorial Garden in Dili. The for- Foundation.
» UNMIT Photo/ Sandra Magno
mal opening followed in Baucau on 25 Novem- UNFPA, the United Nations Fund for Women
ber, where activities included traditional dances (UNIFEM) and the United Nations Integrated Mis- One aim of the programme is to strengthen and
and musical performances to honour the lives of sion in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) assisted SEPI. Span- support existing referral networks of support ser-
Timorese women. Copies of the Law Against Do- ish Cooperation (AECID) three-year $1.3 million vices and to extend these services to the districts.
mestic Violence in Tetum were also distributed. joint programme on Supporting Gender Equal- The Joint Programme also supports trainings in
Keynote speakers included Mrs. Maria P. de Jesus, ity and Women’s Rights in Timor-Leste is helping areas of gender-based violence investigations for
Vice President of the Parliament, Mrs. Idelta M. NGOs like Fokupers, PRADET Timor Lorosa’e and members of the Vulnerable Persons Unit of the
Rodrigues, Secretary of State for the Promotion of Judicial Systems Monitoring Programme (JSMP) PNTL and in legislation for lawyers and judiciary.
Equality, and Mr. Pornchai Suchitta, Representa- to provide emergency medical assistance and fo- The 16-day campaign was formally closed by
tive of the United Nations Population Fund (UN- rensic examination, trauma counselling and shel- representatives of the Office of the Provedor in a
FPA) in Timor-Leste.
ter plus information on legal services to victims ceremony in Suai on 10 December, International
Some 29 events were organised in 13 districts of domestic violence, sexual assault and child Human Rights Day.
during the campaign to create greater awareness abuse with.

Speak up, “Let us each be a human rights defender.”

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
stop iscrimination will indeed filter down and reach the people.

he Universal Human Rights Declaration Challenges remain for example universal access
states that all human beings have rights to primary education, basic health care, adequate
including free speech and thoughts. On food, water, housing and sanitation. More efforts
10 December, representatives from the Human are needed to bring those involved in crimes and
Rights Office and Provedoria dos Direitos human rights violations to account, including
Humanos e Justiça (PDHJ) together with local members of the PNTL and F-FDTL.
youth of Suai, Covalima district, collectively
called for an end to all discrimination. With Human rights defenders who work to end
» UNMIT Photo/ Martine Perret discrimination are being placed in the spotlight
poems, theatre presentations and songs, the

youth expressed their desire for the protection of worldwide in the year to come, in particular the
he people of Timor-Leste gathered to many unsung heroes who work at the grassroot
human rights in Timor-Leste.
celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the level. One of them is Joaozito dos Santos of the
Provedor Sebastião Ximenes presented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Disabled People’s Organization “Raes Hadomi
PDHJ 2010 Human Rights prize to the PNTL on 10 December under the theme “Speak up Timor Oan”. Film footage of his work in Timor-
commander Marco Siqueira Nunes in Manufahi. – Stop Discrimination”. Events organized by Leste to advocate for the rights of persons with
Manufahi is the district of Timor-Leste that had people from all walks of life – from the President, disabilities was shown in Geneva and around the
fewest complaints about police on human rights Parliament, the Provedor for Human Rights
violations this year. world on 10 December.
and Justice to civil society - livened up the
celebration of International Human Rights Day In Timor-Leste, the President praised the
throughout the country. Timor-Leste has made work of six individuals and organizations by
much progress in human rights. The Timor- decorating them with the third Sergio Vieira de
Leste Constitution guarantees all rights and Mello Human Rights Award. The UN extends
freedoms, and the majority of the international congratulations to the recipients: Ms. Simone
human rights treaties have been signed. In 2010, Barbosa de Assis of Casa Vida, a shelter for victims
important laws came into force like the long- of domestic and sexual violence, the NGOs HIAM
awaited Domestic Violence Law. The Provedoria Health, Hope Family Community, the Primary
expanded its work to the regions, and the School and Kindergarten “Maria Auxiliadora”,
newly opened Anti-Corruption Commission Orphanage Santa Bakhita and Ms. Soraya Vieira
has pledged to ensure that the State budget Nepomuceno.
» UNMIT Photo/ Lidia Powirska

Commemoration of International Anti-Corruption And swearing-in A new soap opera for Timor-Leste
for CAC staff and investigators
ruption is not the responsibility of this Commis-
sion, Ministry of Public and Provedor Inspector
General only but of everyone. We all must work
together to prevent and combat corruption. We
need to work with integrity and professionalism
to make Timor Leste corruption free.” In order
for the country to progress towards prosperity,
he said it was essential for Timorese children to
have access to education, transport, better road
network and electricity. It is a big challenge that
needs to be overcome with unity and optimal
management of resources that would benefit all
» UNMIT Photo/ Bernardino Soares citizens.

n Dili to commemorate the International Finn Reske-Nielsen, Deputy SRSG congratulated
Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December, the the newly sworn in staff of CAC and observed that
Commission of Anti-Corruption (CAC) held the Commission’s credibility will depend on the
two events. A national seminar titled, “Our work of its staff. He noted that combating corrup-
Commitment to Fighting Corruption” was tion is a difficult task but that it can be achieved
organized at the Convention Centre at Mercado with integrity, transparency and responsibility.
Municipal, Dili, in coordination with the Office He also called upon other institutions, civil soci-
of the President, the Office of the President of ety and citizens to support the Commission in its
the National Parliament and the Office of Prime

fight against corruption.
Minister. In Mubana sub-district of Liquica hile working for camp management and
district, CAC staff and investigators were sworn
in the same day at a special ceremony under the
International Day of Persons community reintegration of Internally
Displaced Persons (IDP), IOM noted that
theme “What can I do to prevent and combat
with Disabilities the root causes of the 2006 crisis were not being
addressed at the level of community dialogue.
Addressing the gathering, CAC Commissioner Although the immediate danger had passed, ma-
Adérito de Jesus Soares said: “Combating cor- jor issues leading to instability – land disputes,
youth engagement, demographic shift, popula-
tion pressures, conflict mediation, factionalism
Celebrating the spirit of – were still in evidence, with little healthy discus-
volunteerism in Timor Leste sion about them in Timorese society.
As a result, IOM developed a proposal for an
educational soap opera to generate dialogue
and promote understanding about this sensitive
» UNMIT Photo/ Bernardino Soares subject. The story theme revolves around two or-

phaned brothers who migrate to the city in search
he theme for this year’s International Day
of their future, but find their new neighbourhood
of Persons with Disabilities commemorated
on 3 December was “Keeping the promise: in turmoil following the recent return of IDPs. As
mainstreaming disability in the Millennium characters struggle to improve their lives, each
Development Goals”. The Secretary General seeks to make some good choices while others
noted that battles against poverty, disease make unwise. By the end, it will become clear that
and discrimination will not be won without the true quiet “heroes” of the show are the people
» UNMIT Photo/ Cesaltino B. Ximenes
laws, policies and programmes that empower who can put themselves in other people’s shoes

those with disabilities. They should be both or who make the effort to build bridges between
nternational Volunteers Day 2010 on 5 beneficiaries and valued agents of change in the opposing parties.
December focused on the young adults and five-year push to achieve the goals by 2015.
adolescents which form the major part of The telenovela consists of 20 30-minute episodes
Timor Leste population. It was commemorated in
Dili, Baucau and Oecussi with activities ranging
World AIDS Day for broadcast backed by DVD distribution. There
is also an associated radio version. There are four

from educational games and tree planting to art thematic segments, each focusing on a different
he global
competition. scenario – IDP return and reintegration; Elections
theme for
Josephine Calag, a United Nations Volunteer this year’s and politics; History and reconciliation; and Vio-
(UNV) from the Philipines working as a training World AIDS Day lence and non-violent solutions.
officer in UNMIT said: “When you volunteer you marked on 1 De- “Suku Hali” is on air every Friday at 18:30 hours
go beyond what is required in a normal job. The cember was “Uni- and is repeated on Sundays at 17:30 hours on
sincerity that goes with volunteering fosters a versal Access and TVTL. Launched in October this year, the series
strong connection with the people who you Human Rights”. continue until mid-February 2011. European
are trying to help. This attitude starts with your
» www.lightsforrights.org The national Union funded US$ 434,000 project is implement-
friends and family and then extends globally.” theme  was “Peo- ed by IOM Timor Leste.
At present, there are some 150 UNV’s working ple infected with HIV/AIDS are also my friends.”
Timor Leste is just starting
Listen to Futuru Nabilan
both for the UN and many volunteer programmes
run by other organizations in Timor Leste. Since to work towards the global
2004, many Timorese nationals have also served goal of eliminating the trans-
UNMIT’s regular radio programme every Saturday at 5:30pm
as International UNV in countries such as Afghan- mission of HIV from mother
to child. World AIDS Day and Sunday at 6:00pm on RTL and 15 community radios
istan, Burundi, Haiti and Liberia.
draws together people from
The Secretary General in his message stressed the around the world to raise
significance of volunteerism. He said it promotes awareness on HIV/AIDS and UNMIT’s regular TV programme every two weeks on Monday
mutual respect, solidarity and reciprocity while demonstrate international at 7:30pm on TVTL
bringing individuals and societies together. solidarity.