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GRAVELY Home'n- Garden Oprayer Lawn, Garden, Tree, and Shrub Protection 15 Gallon Capacity Win the Battle against Insect Pests with This GRAVELY Home’n- Garden Sprayer! SELF PROPELLED AND MANEUVERABLE The Sprayer Tractor with only four bol for fast and easy a OPTIONAL Boow ATTACHMENT ‘An optional boom att a fertit any Uses Not only dovs the ez handle the routine Double - Acting, Positive Displacement Pump - Designed to handle 1 heavy duty ball bearing — permanently lubricated and sealed. 2. crosshead and cylinder cover cast integral — straight line plun- ger action — lenger cup life — all bearings shielded from spray materials. 3. self-oiling link pin and eross- head bearings with extra oil cavity. 4 stainless steel crosshead pin. 5 corrosion-proof chrome plated crosshead guide. 6 brass cylinder body chrome lining — not effected by corrosive of spray material — longer life. 7 replaceable bronze valve seats. 8 stainless steel valves, valve 195, valve ret 9 oil and chemical resistant “o ring gaskets 10 steel crankshaft — hardened, ground and polished for maxi- ity — liberal bearing long life. 11 extra large, precision sleeve bearings — special type to retain lubricant — replaceable, 12 one, easily accessible lubri- — all other bearings lubricated permanently. large, built-in ait Abrasive and Corrosive Spray Materials ‘The heart of any sprayer is pump. The pump used on the Gi ly Home's garden Sprayer + nationally famous Myers Du-all Spray pump. This is a double acting, post fivedisplacement pump that delivers ample capacity at all pressures. All Working parts are enclosed and fully protected, require a minimum of These pumps are not limited to Ineffective sprays! ‘They will handle abrasive and corrosive sprays with. out damage! Beige Saw Spray Hose with 6300" 6 4, "splash Help yourself to Power Spraying - Order direct from your Gravely Dealer or from Gravely Tractors, Parts list, complete instructions furnished with vach anit, You for your money with a Gravely Homem-garden Sprayer! (Gravely P. T.0, Required). For Prices, consult Price List Order from your Gravely Representative, or: GRAVELY TRACTORS. INC. Manufactucers DUNBAR. WEST VIRGINIA Printed in United States of America April, 1957