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Name : Khairana Alifa Syafariah

NIM : C1AA18059

Class : 2A/S1 keperawatan

11. It’s very exciting place!

1. Word Power Adjectives

1. Beautiful....... (Ugly)
2. Cheap...........(Expensive)
3. Clean............(Polluted)
4. Interesting.....(Boring)
5. Quiet............(Noisy)
6. Relaxing.......(Stressful)
7. Safe.............(Dangerous)
8. Spacious......(Crowded)

2. Grammar Focus
Adverbs before adjectives
1. What’s Seoul like?
Is it an interesting place? ...... (Yes. It has amazing shopping, and the
people are pretty friendly.)
2. Do you like your hometown?
Why or why not? ........ (Not really. It’s to small, and it’s really boring.
That’s why I moved away.)
3. What’s Sydney like?
I’ve never been there. ....... (Oh really? It's beautiful and very clean. It
has a great harbor and beautiful beaches)
4. Have you ever been to Sao Paolo? ..... (Yes, I have. It's an extremely
large and crowsed place, but i love it. It has excellent restaurants.)
5. What’s the weather like in Chicago? ....... (It's really nice in the
summer, but it's too cold for me in the winter.

3. Grammar Focus
1. Taipei is very nice and everyone is extremely friendly.
2. The streets are crowded though t’s easy to get around.
3. The weather is very nice however summers get pretty hot.
4. Shopping is great but you have to bargain in the markets.
5. It’s an amazing city and I love to go there.

4. Writing
Gili Trawangan situated on the northwest coast of Lombok is an exciting
place for tourists to visit. Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three smaller
or gilded islands found northwest of Lombok. The Gili Trawangan also
holds the only gilding above sea level significance. At two kilometers.
Long and two kilometers wide. Gili Trawangan is often visited by foreign
tourists because there is a landscape of nature under the sea, a clean beach,
a sunrise and sunset, close to Bali Island, and no motor vehicles. I
recommended to foreign tourists looking for peace and a natural sea view
to visit Gili Trawangan.

5. Grammar Focus
Modal verbs can and should
1. A: I should decide where to go on my vacation.
B: You should go to india. it's my favorite place to visit.
2. A: I'm planning to go to bogota next year. when do you think i should
B: You can go anytime. The wheater is nice almost all year.
3. A: Should I rent a car when I arrive in Cairo? what do you
B: No, you can definetely use the subway. it's fast and efficient.
4. A: Where should I get some nice jewelry in Bangkok?
B: You shouldn't miss the weekend market. it's the best place to
5. A: what can I see from the eiffel tower?
B: you can see all of paris, but in bad weather, you can't see anything.

12. It’s really works!

1. Snapshot

• A headache

• A backache

• Sore Muscles

• A stomachache

• A cold

• A cough

• The flu

• Insomnia ✔

- What do you do for the health problems you checked?

I drink a hot water before sleep and try to get much sleep eventho it’s hard

- How many times have you been sick in the past years?

Not much, I don’t get sick easily

2. Grammar focus

Adjective + infinite; noun + infinitive

A. Look at these health problems. Choose several pieces of good advice for
each problem
Problem Advice
1. A sore throat a. Take some vitamin C
2. A cough b. Put some ointment on it
3. A backache c. Drinks lot of liquids
4. A fever d. Go to bed and rest
5. A toothache e. Put a heating pad on it
6. A bad headache f. Put it under cold water
7. A burn g. Take some aspirin
8. The flu h. See the dentist
i. See a doctor
j. Get some medicine

3. Word Power Containers

A. Use The Words In The List to complete these expressions

Bag Jar

Bottle Pack

Box Stick

Can Tube

1. A tube of toothpaste
2. A bottle of aspirin
3. A box of bandages
4. A can of shaving cream
5. A pack of tissues
6. A jar of face cream
7. A bag of cough drops
8. A stick of deodorant

4. Grammar Focus

Modal verbs can, could, may for request; suggestions

1. A: Can I help you?

B: Yes. May I have something for itchy eyes?
A: Sure. You could try a bottle of eyedrops.
2. A: What do you suggest for sore muscles?
B: Why don't you try this ointment? It's excellent.
A: OK. I’ll take it.
3. A: Could I have a box of bandages, please?
B: Here you are.
A: And what do you suggest for insomnia?
B: You should try this herbal tea. It's very relaxing.
A: OK.Thanks.