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Which are the different integrated marketing tools been used by the brand?

Chanel is a world wide iconic brand, that has been around for a century.  Chanel itself is fashion,
and the brand represents everything fashion stands for. Chanel continues to reinforce the concept
of ageless clothing that has inspired many contemporary designer's for their ready-to-wear
collections today. The house of Chanel has numerous successes that have changed the fashion
industry especially through the company's promotional strategy and competitive advantage’s.

In terms of attention and promotion, Chanel has a very strong advertising campaign that draws a
target market of ages between 16- 80 years old.

In most of Chanel's advertisements in magazines or billboards the brand usually has one or double
pages with very simple design. 

Chanel pushes product articles in magazines for consumer's to desire the products compared to the
competitor's other options.

Chanel encourages fashion magazines to publicise about their products, whether it be about a
recent fashion show or a description about a new fragrance.

In most fashion magazines such as Vogue, Chanel products are often featured on models.

This is another form of Chanel's  marketing  concept  without  being featured as a  typical
Chanel has t.v advertisements and other variations of videos on YouTube, Chanel.com, and the Chanel blog.

Mostly the advertisements shown on television or on the internet is for Chanel's fragrance and cosmetics

These short films express what Chanel is conveying to the buyer about the product and why they must need

Chanel's advertisements for sample  products  are another factor in their sales promotion. Chanel offers
samples to consumers for cosmetics and fragrances, which can be offered in department stores or Chanel

This strategy is offered to communicate to a different target which is referred to as masstige, for those who
cannot afford Chanel products.

Chanel's communication department is very important to the company as a whole. They use communications
to perform as a tool to the public audience and to fashion industry. Chanel corresponds to the public through
fashion shows. These fashions show are usually highly anticipated and draw much attention. Many famous
celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers, magazine editors, and other prestigious people of the fashion world
attend the Chanel fashion shows.  Head fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld has always had strong public
relations with media and famous clients which draws more and more interest to the brand. Karl Lagerfeld has
influenced much of the fashion industry today and has effectively transformed the entire marketing strategy
for the greater of Chanel. As Coco Chanel was once famously quoted "Fashion is not something that exists in
dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and what is
Describe the inbound marketing and traditional marketing for the brands

Chanel is a widely well-known brand which has an extreme brand loyalty factor associated with it. For
promotions, it usually places ads for its products in high-end fashion magazines like Marie Claire,
Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle etc.

Chanel also does point of sale marketing by employing classy store layouts and creative use of
mannequins to lure the customers into their boutiques.

It also employs supermodels and Hollywood actors to do modelling for their brand and gets a lot of
promotion through the fame of the models, who also in turn benefit from the brand equity of Chanel
thus creating a brand synergy between them.

Chanel also gets a lot of publicity when renowned celebrities wear its Haute Couture or carry its bag on
the red carpets of coveted award shows and film festivals garnering the eyeballs of fashion magazine
journalists and critics who then acknowledge the brand and product through various channels like
magazines, blogposts, newspapers and television shows as well.
Chanel uses a mixed promotional strategy and advertises its luxury products via different routes.
The business operates through in store sales, on-line sales, advertising, billboards and public

Chanel promotes their product range through fashion shows and merchandise demonstrations.
Between 5 & 6 fashions shows are held each year in the fashion capitals of the world; Paris, New
York and London.

Chanel chose to advertise in expensive magazines that cater towards their target market,
influential buyers. Magazines such as “Marie Claire” are influential to their market base, which
include professionals. Publishing advertisements in this type of magazine is purposefully

The driving force behind the Chanel product lines has permanently remained exclusivity and so its
advertisements imitate its individual internal views.  Celebrated brand ambassadors are selected to
encapsulate the brand image.  

Various models and actors have been used to promote products. Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley,
Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Stewart, and more recently Lily Depp.  
By utilising high profile figures in their advertising campaigns they have immortalised the brand
name that symbolises the heritage, lineage and the mastering in providing luxurious products.
What is the role of Social networking sites?

Chanel has topped a luxury brands report based on social mentions and intensity of consumer
sentiment, with the French fashion house coming up most frequently from 80 countries and 700
million social media posts across luxury, watches and commerce.

Chanel moved to the number one spot on the ranking of the top 45 luxury brands in Netbase’s second
annual Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands, replacing Louis Vuitton which dropped to 7th spot.

Based on brand conversations on social networks, review sites, blogs, forums and news sites
worldwide between September 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015, Chanel had an increase of 152 percent
in mentions, which helped them jump from third to the top spot in the ranking.
The biggest increase in the ranking was eBay, which jumped from 27th to fifth place with an increase
of 896 percent in mentions.

The report also saw an increase of 75 percent in the overall luxury conversation year-on-year and
social chatter more than doubled for the top 15 luxury brands. Similar to the previous year, French and
Italian heritage brands continued to capture the conversation, accounting for 57 percent of mentions,
while the remainder of the list includes 32 percent for brands based in the US, and 11 percent for
Asian-based luxury brands.

Chanel dominates luxury social media conversations, according to NetBase report

There was also a rise in e-tailer mentions, with brands including eBay, Amazon, Easy, Net-a-Porter and
Alibaba being listed in the ranking, and accounting for 10 percent of brand mentions.
Crafting a luxury video strategy
Without dissecting the entire rationale behind Chanel’s mammoth social following, one clear,
overriding truth is that the brand’s commitment to video has not been faint-hearted.

Chanel video activity

Chanel has posted more videos and generated more than 300 million views on both YouTube and
Facebook, more than any other industry leaders. Its social video strategy is, unsurprisingly, one
supported by paid promotion – which does not necessarily translate into a bigger following.
However, Chanel’s content seems to be transforming more viewers into a faithful audience.
On YouTube, with more than 860,000 subscribers, Chanel is far ahead of other luxury brands by
applying what YouTubers have known for a long time. Posting more content, more regularly is the
best way to increase the subscriber base.
Multi-platform and multi-purpose content

Fact: Chanel posts regularly and consistently, cross-platform. This market leader has also mastered the art of
re-purposing the content for full effectiveness.
To a large extent, Chanel is also differentiating and optimizing the type of content it posts across platforms.
In line with the platform’s declared video-first strategy, 60 percent of the brand’s Facebook posts were
While you can argue that most brands post the same content everywhere, Chanel has become an expert in
the art of crafting content, solely for the platform in which it sits, such as this post for Instagram.

Kristen Stewart video in a Chanel Instagram post. Image credit: Chanel

Your Observations

Chanel, despite being a century-old brand, has radically modernised its brand status through social
and has ultimately become a master of online video. Its content is naturally of high production
value and content strategy has been carefully crafted and centred around video.

The type of content it seeds is that of which they are confident their audience will love and share
with enthused interest.

Chanel’s expertise in digital communication manages to reinvigorate the brand at each step of
seasonal campaign implementation mixed with techie and surprising ad hoc initiatives.
The fashion house always stays true to its core values and the personality of its historic founder,
Gabriele (“Coco”).

ALTHOUGH IT IS one of the most prestigious brands in the world, Chanel's efforts to dominate not
just the luxury retail and apparel sector but also social media demonstrates a true power brand in