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Iconography (objects): costume

changes will be scene in every

BTEC FD VIDEO PRODUCTION: Identity scene to distinguish who they
are trying to be Lighting (colours):The lighting will be
natural lighting apart from the starting
A drama is a relatable genre so scene in which the mirror lights will light
Narrative (storyline) A boy and his friend are
the setting and locations are to the dark room to show isolation.
stuck in there teens trying to discover who they
be relatable for the audience.
want to be. They jump between groups to find
who they are. They then split as people start to The rest will be filmed in the same
call them out for being fake. This then leaves location on the balcony with natural
him with a very hard decision of who he wants lighting coming in. The lighting will be
to be, after his friends left him lowkey as it will show him going through
This fits in with the drama genre, it is some a darker time in finding himself.
what realistic meaning its easier for people to
understand and fits the age group Theme: school, friendships,
appropriately. The message will be that its ok to finding yourself
need time to find yourself just do it in the right Drama is the genre as it fits the
way. journey of school and growing up
Conventions being, emotion
exploring relationships, climax,
resolution, characters audience
relate to internal/external conflict
Characters: I will be playing James the 16
year old school boy who has best mate
Barry they are both trying to discover
themselves . They both change who they
are to find who they are. As best mates they Typography for title
are very similar in interest and goals. I Environment (setting): The environment will all be
picked these characters as I feel they are Ive used this font as used to create a recognisable setting for the
two regular boys growing up which fits I feel it highlights audience as it will be a school like environment as
appropriately. the feel of finding this is where you find yourself. The starting scene
something as the it will be a dark room with only the mirror lights
has gaps that need shining to highlight the character showing him by
filling, This dramatic himself in his thoughts.
font helps fit the
genre ?