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We are the EMBA students of North South University doing a survey for the partial
fulfillment of        course that involves different HR practices. It
will take only few minutes of your time. Your response would be of great help in
accomplishing the study. However, this information is only for academic purpose and will
not be disclosed elsewhere. We heartily thank you for your cooperation.

For the following questions, PLEASE tick (¥) your answer according to the degree of your
agreement.               !   
"       #

Position: ______________

Job duration: ________ Gender: _______ Total number of employee s: _____

$ % & '&  

*&  +
Y ± 
(() , -  .  

((() /&%   %- 
*& - % 
Y Secondary
Y Higher Secondary
Y Bachelor¶s
Y Master¶s

(0) u 1   %

*&- 1   %++++++++ 
Y |
Y |
Y | |
Y |±
0) 2    .  
2   .  & 3   +
Y Service oriented
Y Product oriented

0()     & 
Y Married
Y Unmarried

0(() A %  -  .   
u-   &%   % &   .    4 


% 5 

2 %  6&    " !  

Motivating skills are effectively practice
to enhance the effectiveness of all

Organization¶s mission is presenting its

missions properly for team effectiveness

The top management has proving

leadership skill

The organization believes in team work.

Do you think your organization prioritized

Creativity development for employee

My company follows a system of proper

delegation in workplace

Do you think your organization has

consensus decision making skill?

There is a practice of open system

development in although our organization

c "
% 23

$&       " !  

The top level management put enough
emphasize on problem identification
Strategic thinking for the organization is
uptodate and innovative
The management takes right decision at
the right place at the right time
The management concern enough for
continuous innovativeness to serve the
customer better
Planning program and actions been
implemented successfully

% 2- 

 & &%    " !  
Organization has set up quality control
effectively to achieve its objectives
The organization has profit consciousness
Organization is careful about the
sensitivity of the customer needs
The results are managed by quantitative
In this organization all employees has
sufficient technical expertise

% 7& 

c      " !  

The employees get fair treatment from the

Our organization maintain proper use of

personnel policy
Most of the employees have Group
membership skill properly
Our organization has proper integrity
among all the employees

c !
% 78c/ &  )

/  6 91%-   " !  
The way my boss handles his subordinates

The competence of my supervisor in making


The chance to tell people what to do

The freedom to use my own judgment

The praise I get for doing a good job

The chance to work alone on the job

The chance to do things for other people

My pay and the amount of work I do

VDS: means I am very dissatisfied with this aspect of my job=|
DS: means I am dissatisfied with this aspect of my job=±
N: means I can¶t decide whether I am satisfied or not with this aspect of my job=
S: means I am satisfied with this aspect of my job=
VS: means I am very satisfied with this aspect of my job=

% 1

A c   %  " !  

The quality of product or services of our
organization is good.

In our organization there is a regular

practice of continuous development of new
products, services and solutions
Our customers or clients are satisfied
Our organization is able to attract essential
Our company has sufficient production
There is satisfactory growth in sales
Our organization is profitable
Our organization¶s market share is