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Sunday Sundays @ Hennepin


January 9, 16, 23, 11:00 AM
and Potluck
Sager Brown
Nineteen HAUMC members
and friends leave this week
to serve at UMCOR Sager
SCIENCE AND Meetings are free and
The mainline churches in the Western World are Sunday, January 23, 2011 at RELIGION newcomers always welcome!
declining, concludes author Lloyd Geering, because Brown (USB) and in the
5:00 PM, you are invited to ROUNDTABLE Questions? Contact Kristian:
they are “all out of step” with the modern secular Baldwin, LA community.
a potluck meal (bring a dish ckclauser@gmail.com. On
world. This is not so much a result of the renegade Two more will join them a If you’re interested in how
to share, the entree will be
Christmas Season January 2, 2011 behavior of the secular world as the failure of the week later. This represents science and religion can be January 27, 2011 we’ll be
provided). At that time we
church to take the next steps in its path of faith. Hennepin's 14th annual trip discuss Don Browning’s
Upcoming Holiday Closings will review the ministries of
to USB. Although many indi-
partners in the quest for
Please join Bob Janssen, leader, in this challenging the past year, note milestones, truth, this book club may be book: Reviving Christian
The church building and offices will be and enlightening conversation. and look forward to the new
viduals return year after year,
closed tomorrow, Monday, January 3, in several new people join the for you. Our gatherings,
year with the election of The New
observance of the New Year’s Day holiday. Sabbatical Report church officers and ratifying
group each year -- to date 75 usually on the 4th Thursday
January 30, 11:00 AM different individuals. of the month at 7:00 Conversation
The church will also be closed Monday, the church operating budget.
Bruce Robbins will report on the places, people PM, are marked with great on Spirituality,
All church members have Little Kids
January 17 for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. and insights he experienced on his four month Theology, and
vote. Please join us! questions, lively discussions,
sabbatical. Big Fun Psychology.
** Sunday, January 2 ** occasional debates, frequent
GOD IN AMERICA Young Adults A night for families to come laughter, and yummy treats!
One Service at 10:00 AM JAN. 23/30, FEB. 6/13/20/27, 11:00 AM (20’s/30’s) connect with others without
in the Sanctuary Since the days when the Puritan “city on a hill”
beckoned on the horizon of the New World,
religious faith and belief have forged America’s
Cross Country
Ski Gathering
any preparation needed! A
meal is provided from 5:30
— 6:15 pm, and then there
ideals, molded its identity and shaped its sense of 1:30 pm on Jan. 16, gather are kid and adult activities
40 Below Community
mission at home and abroad. Led by Dennis Behl Games and Dinner Meals
at church and carpool to until 7:15. January 12 Sarah Night @ Chatterbox
& Bill Mate, this PBS series contains six episodes. Theodore Wirth Park for Longacre, owner of Blooma Tonight, Dennis Koch will
THE ORIGIN OF SATAN cross country skiing.(Rent Yoga Studios is coming to do Join us for a fun evening of prepare a roast beef dinner
FEBRUARY 6 & 13, 11:00 AM skis/poles/boots for $11 and yoga with the kids (and any food and games on Thursday, with mashed potatoes and
Who is Satan? How did he become the embodiment of a ski pass is $8.) Afterward adults who want to tag along) January 20 from 6:00—8:30 gravy. I know our guests
evil in the New Testament? Rexi Warner leads us in go out for coffee/cocoa/cider. while the adults enjoy a time PM. The Chatterbox Pub (in
will love it! What is our
this DVD series by bestselling author and scholar Please sign up so we know of meditation with Sally Linden Hills) has a variety
wish for 2011? That all of
Elaine Pagels you are coming! Register at Johnson. Sign up (contact the of board games and a great
our guests would not need
Stewardship Update the front desk of the church front desk 612-871-5303) by menu that has something
us. The reality is different.
In the midst of Christmas, New Year’s celebrations Many Voices worship or email Leah@haumc.org. Friday, January 7. Cost is for everyone. Laid back
Thank you, everyone, for
and other social events, have you remembered your $20/family or $7/person. All atmosphere, kids welcome!
in the Style of Iona Invite your friends and your generosity in support
financial stewardship card? As of December, 28th are welcome! Feel free to invite others!
neighbors! of our neighbors.
459 households have returned theirs. We need to The Iona Community, an ecumenical Christian
New Bible Study Free, Heated The Chatterbox Pub is at:
4501 France Ave South,
hear from at least 650 of our households. How gathering of people, has a commitment to the belief
that “worship is all that we are and all that we do, Coming Soon! Parking! Minneapolis.
about you? We want to hear from everyone. Pledge
cards are available at HennepinChurch.org (under
the “Giving” menu choose “Pledging”) or at church.
both inside and outside the church, with no division
into the sacred and the secular.” This style of worship
gathers in many traditions, including the Celtic, aims
Starting on January 27, an
eight-week Bible study will
be offered Thursdays from
It’s Cold! It’s Snowy! So why
not park in the Walker Art
Center Ramp Sundays until
HennepinChurch.Org to be fully present to God, who is fully present to us
– in our neighbor, in the political and social activity 6-7:30 PM. Snacks provided,
12:30 PM? Free parking Barefoot Zone: Communion
bring your dinner if you like.
(with a coupon from the Walking the Deacons
New Life Adventures of the world around us and in the very center and ushers, thanks to the Spiritual Path
Friday, January 7 at Noon soul of our being. (We can also have Jimmy Our thanks to those who are
Trustees) and your car will A new book
“Hennepin Goes Electronic” Beginning January 9, our 11:00 AM Many Voices John’s deliver sandwiches if serving as our Communion
be warm and dry after c o l l e c t i n g
Sometimes we see signs of the digital revolution service will begin worshipping in the style of Iona. enough people want them). Deacons at our 10:00 AM
services. What's more, there Sally’s daily
in the bright and changing new street sign or in Music, scripture, prayers and time for reflection will We’ll be exploring the book service today: Larry Duncan,
is no looking for a parking blog writings
projections on new screens in the sanctuary. But be drawn from this rich tradition. Each week time of Acts together and talking Bob Janssen, Suzanne
space — 700 open spaces is published!
these are only glimpses of the digital changes will be spent in contemplation as to how the about what it means for our Janssen, Sally Johnson,
for you! When you choose The price is
happening at Hennepin. Staff members Sherman scriptures inform our daily lives and our work in the lives today. This will be led
world for peace and justice. The service will be to park at the Walker, you $14.00. You can order at Gabe Kemper, John
Bausch and Daniel Pederson will update us on all by Leah Rosso. Email her at
planned and led by those in the community. make Hennepin a more k i r k h o u s e . c o m / B o o k s / Kemper, Bill Mathis, Becky
that is taking place. Please call the church office Leah@haumc.org or call the

Communion will be offered on the 2nd and 4th inviting place by providing Barefoot-Zone at 1-888-696- Monson, Sandra Moulton,
to sign-up by Wednesday, Jan. 5th 612-871-5303. front desk (612-871-5303) if
Sundays of the month. easy parking for a new- 1828, or get forms at the Bruce Robbins, Leah Rosso,
you want to sign up. All are
If you would like to be on the team that plans and comer or a person with reception desk. All proceeds and Tom Wright.
leads worship, contact Sally Johnson: Sally@haumc.org. mobility limitations. Thanks! go to Hennepin Foundation
Scholarship fund.

Weekly Classes/Activities Donate! Volunteer!
Thursday Bible Study We will take a January Hunger Offering: There are 6
Needed: Coffee Mugs Calendar of Events MONDAY, JANUARY 3
~ Church Building Closed~
We need gently used coffee mugs for Sunday, January 2, 2011
two-week break, Dec. 23 and 30. families, including 12 our new Sunday @ 5 Worship Service.
children that live in
The group will resume on Thursday, Please brings your mugs to the church 8:30 - 9:00 Holy Communion Border Chapel 8:30 AM Library Committee
January 6, 2011. Gandhi Handicapped office. Thank you!
Rehabilitation Ashram 8:30 - 12:00 Coffee Fellowship Carlson Hall 11:30 AM Dignity Center Planning
Men’s Bible Fellowship. At 7:00 on in Jaipur, India. The 9:45 - 12:30 Nursery / Child Care Rooms 101 & 103 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5
Friday mornings a group of men
gather for bible study, conversation
adults, who work when
they can find a job,
Rekindling the Fire: 10:00 - 11:00 ONE Combined Worship Service Sanctuary 9:00 AM Dignity Center Advocates
9:30 AM Knotty Quilters
and fellowship. All men are invited
to attend this lively discussion.
have great difficulty meeting their
food allowance of $54 a month/
Examining the Stories 10:45 - 11:45 Library Committee
11:00 - 12:00 Breakfast at Hennepin
Longfellow Room
Social Hall
1:00 PM
5:30 PM
Job Support Group: January 10 & 24,
7-8:30 PM. This group is for people
family, which must also cover their
medicine needs. You can help these That Have Shaped Us 4:45 - 6:30 Community Meals Social Hall 6:00 PM
7:00 PM
UMW Potluck
Susanna Wesley Circle
who are worried about their current
brave, needy people by donating to No doubt you had a particular 7:00 PM Senior High Girls’ Book Club
our Hunger Offering. Please give as scripture story you claimed as a child-
job or transitioning to a new career.
The facilitator, Leslie Philmon, has
generously as you can each week. hood favorite. David and Goliath? Noah CALENDAR EVENTS, BUILDING SCHEDULING THURSDAY, JANUARY 6
Because of your gifts these friends and the Ark? Jonah and the Whale? 11:00 AM Thursday Bible Study
over 16 years experience as a career
coach. Note: The group will meet on
will have adequate food. These stories hold great power and GROUP MEETINGS IN THE NEW YEAR 1:30 PM Prayer Shawl Ministry
the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Volunteer at the Dignity Center: visual drama, but what do they mean to 3:00 PM Labyrinth
Looking for a meaningful volunteer our faith today? How can we look at Now is a great time to contact Jodi Gustafson with your 6:00 PM Shared Ministries
Kjerringsleppets: Women’s Book opportunity? The Dignity Center has these ancient stories in new ways? How 7:00 PM Lydia Circle
Group. On Wednesday, January 5: lots of options: volunteer to be an group meeting times, and special event and space requests.
do we rekindle the fire that holds a FRIDAY, JANUARY 7
Still Alice by Lisa Genova. February advocate or hospitality person one We start the new year with a blank slate, and it would be
message that transcends time? Or are 7:00 AM Men’s Bible Fellowship
2: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings morning per week in the daily helpful if you confirm (or re-confirm) your intentions. Jodi
these stories simply flights of the 9:00 AM Dignity Center Advocates
by Maya Angelou (meet with Senior program; volunteer as a lawyer
High Girls’ book club). Contact Sally through the Volunteer Lawyer
imagination best left to the past? can be reached at 612-435-1325 or Jodi@haumc.org. 10:00 AM Alanon
During the long season of Epiphany Thank you for your help. This keeps things running 12:00 PM Life Adventures Luncheon
for info: Sally@haumc.org. Network legal clinic one Monday,
this year that spans the months of
The Science & Faith Roundtable: If Wednesday, or Friday morning per smoothly for everyone! SUNDAY, JANUARY 9
January, February and the first week of
month. Volunteer opportunities can Regular Worship Schedule Resumes:
you’re interested in how science March, we will explore this theme and
be tailored to your interests and
and religion can be partners in the
time availability. Contact Mary many of the scriptures and doctrines HAPPY NEW YEAR! Worship at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 and 11:00 AM
quest for truth, this group may be that have defined Christian life. We and a new service at 5:00 PM
Martin at Mary@haumc.org or 612-
for you! January 27, 2011: Reviving 435-1337 with questions. will ask ourselves difficult questions
Christian Humanism: The New
Conversation on Spirituality, Theology
and Psychology by Don Browning.
Sager Brown Trip: Nineteen Hennepin
members and friends leave in January
to serve in the Disaster Relief Depot at
about them and allow them to challenge
us in new ways. As author Madeline
L’Engle once said: “Not all scriptures
Breakfast at Hennepin
Resumes Today
at 11:00 AM
Merry Christmas Hennepin…

PASTORAL CARE: Please notify the

Sager Brown in Baldwin, LA. We will are factual but they all hold truth.”
and church office if you, a family member
In Days To Come... recognize this group in the 10:00 AM In these cold, winter months leading Join your friends in the lower or an other church member are experi-

Great Joy!
worship today as we wish them God
Speed and safe travels.
us toward Lent, come and gather as a
Hennepin community as we do the
level Social Hall this fall for our
Sunday breakfast. Cost is $5 per
Blessed New Year encing an illness, a hospitalization, or
another need for pastoral care.
work of Rekindling the Fire.
person, or $12 per family/ CONGREGATIONAL JOYS AND CONCERNS

Now Accepting PayPal journey. We support spiritual formation
household. A great way to see old
friends and make new ones.
Gratitude for your Giving
and Continued Support
At the end of November, the Operating
Budget Income Received in each of
are posted each week in the Pastoral
Care section on the kiosk in Carlson
Hall. Greeting cards for members in
need of cheer are available to sign at
Sunday @ 5: Breakfast will resume today
If you wish to make a gift or donation using principles of the twelve-step the past three years has amounted to: the reception desk near the East Entry.
a spiritual at 11:00 AM (with the single
to Hennepin Church, please note we recovery tradition, sharing our stories 2010—87% of Budget Thank You PACEM SINGERS are available to sing
gathering of hope and healing. Leslie Ball will worship service at 10:00 AM). 2009—84% of Budget For your
have another way to facilitate that. to Hennepin members and friends
You may make your gift online, safely of recovery provide music and members of the 2008—83% of Budget Support! bringing comfort of favorite hymns
Hennepin clergy will rotate as fellow
Sunday Jan. 2
through PayPal. Just go to our new Starts January 9, 2011 Sunday Spire Deadline and songs to your surroundings.
celebrants. Doors open at 4:30 PM One Worship Service
church website: HennepinChurch.org Sundays @ 5 is an inclusive, informal, serving coffee and tea. Gathering Please email all information to DOWNTOWN GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP:
and then choose “Giving” in the Sanctuary at 10 AM
holistic gathering welcoming all begins at 5:00 PM. All are welcome! Spire@haumc.org by 10:00 AM www.mplsgriefsupport.com. Saturday
from the top menu. seekers wherever they are on their (8:30 AM Communion will mornings Jan. 1—April 30, 2011 at St.
on Monday for the following Olaf Catholic Church, 215 South 8th
be available this week)
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church Sunday Spire, or drop off at the Street, Minneapolis. Jan. 8: a personal
511 Groveland Avenue | Minneapolis, MN 55403 | 612.871.5303 | HennepinChurch.org church, attn: Daniel Pederson. story “Mother Loss.”
Koinonia Retreat Center | 7768 Pilger Ave. NE | South Haven, MN 55382 | 888-801-7746

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