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Vote for Sandra Klassen

11th Congressional District National Bernie Delegate

Not Me. Us.
Who I am:
As a leftwing grassroots and Democratic Party leader in Virginia for two decades, I’ve served on
the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) State Central Committee, the 8th and 11th District
Democratic Committees, as Chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee’s National
Affairs Committee (NAC), and as a volunteer and advisor to elected officials and campaigns for
state, local, and national office. I’ve also served and chaired numerous Democratic Party
resolutions committees to draft and fight for progressive policy positions.

Among my efforts to inform and mobilize progressive action, I’ve organized and moderated
progressive policy forums focusing on such issues as the Citizens United decision, the American
Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and economic inequality. In 2017, I organized
a progressive gubernatorial forum with primary candidates Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello.

For Bernie’s two presidential runs, in addition to regular campaign volunteer tasks, I served as a
liaison, negotiator and advisor among the campaigns, DPVA, and Virginia supporters and helped
guide the statewide delegate process. I was privileged to chair Sen. Sanders’ 2016 state and
Democratic National Convention delegations, and am honored to have been appointed a Bernie
2020 Virginia Campaign Co-Chair.

My DPVA 2016 Convention Resolutions Committee efforts were instrumental in producing and

passing the most progressive resolutions package (platform) in Virginia Democratic Party
history, including an official convention endorsement of Medicare-for-All. Most recently, I
drafted and shepherded to DPVA ratification resolutions endorsing the Virginia Green New Deal
and Repeal of Virginia’s Right-to-Laws.

Since organizing Senator Sanders’ first presidential candidate visit to Virginia to keynote a
policy forum in July 2015, I’ve worked continuously to advance his political revolution. (please
view the forum here.) Toward that goal, I helped found, develop and chair Our Revolution
Northern Virginia (ORNOVA) into an effective and influential grassroots organization.

Having worked for change from within the Democratic Party for many years before, after
Bernie's campaign catalyzed a progressive surge, I've been recruiting newly engaged activists
into the Party to help facilitate the change we must achieve.

Additionally, outreach to underrepresented communities has always been a critical goal for me. 
Among other efforts, I enlisted leadership, and assisted the launch of Northern Virginia Latinos
for Bernie Sanders, and helped engage Arab-American community support for Sanders. I’m also
a founding member of the DPVA disability caucus, and meet a disability affirmative action goal
for national delegates.

Professionally, I led an international higher education association and UNESCO NGO

representing over 100 countries with the mission to improve the teaching profession globally.

Why I am running for National Bernie Delegate:

Senator Sanders is the first presidential candidate who represents the principles of equal
opportunity and justice for which I've worked all my life, as an international higher education
leader working to improve educational quality and access worldwide, and as a lonely liberal
working within the democratic party striving to push left.

Bernie understands the necessity for fundamental, systemic, institutional change to combat the
financial and corporate elites who have captured the political process and shaped policies that
foster flagrant income inequality and a predatory system that ignores the needs of everyday
working Americans.

If you elect and honor me as your 2020 National Delegate, I’ll continue fighting as
a leftwing leader outside and inside the Democratic National Convention and the Democratic
Party representing NotMe.Us to advance Bernie’s movement, challenge neoliberal oligarchic
forces, and demand policy reforms that realign legislative priorities to benefit all, not just the
powerful and privileged.