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Lyman Chen

SAG-AFTRA/Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Height: 6’ 0’’ Rain Management Group Ken Park Talent
Weight: 230 lbs. Dalip Sethi / Rob Wolken Ken Park
Eye Color: Brown 11162 La Grange Avenue 100 Church Street, Suite 800
Hair Color: Black Los Angeles, CA 90025 New York, NY 10007
E-mail: lyman@lymanchen.com dsethi@rainla.com kenparktalent@gmail.com
Website: www.lymanchen.com Phone: (310) 954-9520 Phone: (212) 566-8672
Bull Co-Star Dennis Smith, CBS Studios
neXt, FOX Recurring Co-Star Tim Hunter, 20th Century Fox
Love Life, HBO Co-Star Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, HBO
Tommy, CBS Co-Star Kate Dennis, CBS Studios
Dispatches From Elsewhere, AMC Co-Star Michael Trim, Scott Rudin Productions
High Maintenance, HBO Recurring Co-Star Katja Blitchfeld, Janky Clown Prod.
Little America, Apple Co-Star Tze Chun, Universal Television
Servant, Apple, M. Night Shyamalan Co-Star John Dahl, Blinding Edge
Mr. Mercedes, Audience, DIRECTV Recurring Co-Star Jack Bender, Sonar, DirecTV Audience
The Resident, FOX Co-Star David Crabtree, Fuqua Films
Mr. Robot, USA Network Recurring Co-Star Sam Esmail, Universal Cable Productions
A.P.B , FOX Co-Star Eriq LaSalle, Fox Television Studios
MacGyver, CBS Co-Star Stephen Herek, 101 Street Television
Gypsy, Netflix Co-Star Sam Taylor-Johnson, Universal
Rush Hour, CBS Recurring Guest Star John Putch, Warner Brothers
The Blacklist, NBC Co-Star Michael Watkins, Sony Pictures
The Messengers, The CW Co-Star Eriq LaSalle, CBS TV Studios
Blue Bloods, CBS Co-Star David Barrett, CBS TV Studios
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX Co-Star Matt Shakman, Bluebush Productions
Memphis Beat, TNT Co-Star Michael Katleman, Delta Blues Prod.
Three Rivers, CBS Co-Star Rick Bota, CBS Productions
Eastwick, ABC Co-Star Michael Katleman, Bonanza Prod.
Mercy, NBC Co-Star Andrew Bernstein, Berman Braun Prod.
Dark Waters Supporting Todd Haynes, Participant Media
Lucky Grandma Supporting Sasie Sealy,Tribeca/AT&T Untold Stories
Staged Killer Supporting Christopher Ray, Deinstitutionalize Films
The Upside Supporting Neil Burger, The Weinstein Company
The Comedian Supporting Taylor Hackford, Cinelou Films
How to Get Girls Supporting Zach Fox/Omri Dorani, Nancy Glass
The Audition Supporting Martin Scorsese, RatPac Productions
Sharknado 2: The Second One Supporting Anthony C. Ferrante, The Asylum, SyFy
Premium Rush Supporting David Koepp, Columbia Pictures
Safe Supporting Boaz Yakin, Lionsgate
The Happening Supporting M. Night Shyamalan, 20th Century Fox
Tenure Supporting Mike Million, Blowtorch Entertainment
Made For Each Other Supporting Daryl Goldberg, Modercine & IFC Films
The Departed Supporting Martin Scorsese, Warner Brothers
Special Skills:
Fluent Cantonese Chinese and Proficient Mandarin Chinese, can perform with Asian accents, Finance Degree (BS – University
of Delaware), Former Wall Street Financial Analyst (J.P. Morgan), Salesperson, Broker/Owner (Real Estate), Tennis (4.0
USTA Rating), Softball, Golf (16 Handicap), Snow-Skiing (Advanced), Table Tennis, Gaming (Poker, Craps, Blackjack)
https://vimeo.com/310963573 Performing with American English
https://vimeo.com/310718109 Performing with English with Asian Accent
https://vimeo.com/310719032 Performing with Chinese Dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese)
https://vimeo.com/311024154 Reel with all aspects of skill sets