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The Luck of Ms.

There was a girl named Bethany. Bethany was a
very talented girl. She was a professional
pianist; a professional basketball player and
she was a cancer survivor. On one morning,
she got dressed and went to school. Her
parents would drop her off every day with a
goodbye kiss and a bright smile. “Hey
Bethany!! How are you? It’s good to see you
smile”, said Bethany’s best friend, Angelica.
“Good. I know. I feel happy that everything is
well, and I am slowly starting to feel better”,
Bethany replied. A few seconds later, me, Bethany, and Angelica saw
the principal running from side to side as if something bad happened.
Our principal, Ms. West, is the worst principal that I have ever seen.
She looks and sounds like a crazy clown. She always complains about
her daughter, Briana, who has not done her bad. Sometimes I think to
myself, how does Briana get used to Ms. West. One time, we had an
off-leash dog come into our school. We did not know where it came
from, but it sure did look aggressive. When Ms. West came out of her
office, she saw the dog and gave the poor dog a treat. Well, turned out
that the treat was not just a snack that had a great smell. It was also a
drug. From there on, the ambulance came and took the dog to the
hospital. We did not hear anything from that dog ever since. Nobody
did not know that Ms. West had a drug with her the whole time. “Can I
get your attention please?”, said Ms. West. She did not seem right to
me. The students all went near her and the talking slowly started to
stop. “Has anyone heard of the new Pandemic?”, Ms. West said. The
students did not really understand what she meant by new Pandemic.
When I checked the news, I saw that there was a new pandemic called
Coronavirus. It was created in a laboratory. I did not think that the
Coronavirus would spread quickly. I thought it would not lead people
into a bad condition. “School is now closed.
Please call your parents and go home. We
are closed for the rest of the school year.
Sadly, there will not be a grad night for the
Class of 2021. I am so sorry. Now, excuse
me, I need to call my doctor. See you next
year!!”, said Ms. West, in sober. Everyone
went home. I stayed at school for another hour or two. During those
hours, the ambulance arrived at my school. I went closer to see who
the patient was. It was Ms. West. I went up to the doctors and asked
them what happened. “The patient seems to have the Cholera. If the
patient stays in the hospital for another week or two, she will have the
Coronavirus. So, it would be better to check her out early”, said the
doctor. “Ok. Thank you!”’ I said as they closed the ambulance vehicle
doors. I did not know how to react to all this. I called Bethany and
Angelica to tell them about the depressing story behind Ms. West. We
all decided to meet up and talk about our plan to save Ms. West. “So,
what do you think we should do?”, said Angelica in a curious mood.
While Bethany and Angelica were talking it out, I was thinking silently
and quietly until I came up with a brilliant plan. “I think I have a plan”, I
said speaking out loud. After we all agreed on the plan, we went after
Ms. West. Before going to the hospital, we dressed up and acted as
doctors. Dressing up as doctors will make the other doctors and nurses
think that we are all one of them. “Hello there! Can I please check the
Check-In binder? I have a patient here that needs my help”, I said,
while Bethany and Angelica were waiting in front of the entrance. “Yes
of course doctor”, said the lady who was working in the Front Desk
assuming that I was a doctor. We did whatever we had to do. Then, we
found Ms. West, dressed her up, and took her out of here. However,
Bethany did not feel good. We were feeling very worried. So, we called
the doctors and told them to help us out. We left and quickly changed
back into our clothes and went back to Bethany. Her parents came and
they both felt so sad. A few hours later, Bethany had the Coronavirus
and because of it, Bethany had to rest in peace. She whispered in my
ear saying “Can you do me a favor? Can you go and save the people
who are in the need of help? Be their hero. I also want you to take care
of my parents. Can you do that?”, she said in tears. “I will do whatever
you want me to do. I will go and save people and be a hero, just like
you are. I love you so much. Rest in peace my beautiful bestie”, I said
with a sad mood.

A Few Weeks Later………………

“Dr. Johnson we have a patient in the need of a help. I think we need to

do the operation as fast as we can. We have no time! Where is the
surgeon?!”, I said, working and helping out a patient with a stroke.
After Bethany’s death, I have started working as a doctor for 5 weeks. I
am getting used to this job and I have been sending money to
Bethany’s parents. From there on, I have been accomplishing and
doing Bethany’s commands….and I always will.