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5% of the LOAN amount was deposited

loans up to Tk 15,000 the weekly savings was Tk 5

loans of Tk 100,000, the weekly saving was Tk 50 personal savings account

fulfilled the loan repayment schedule free to withdraw money at any point of time

Interest of 8.5% p.a.

individual liability system
2.5% of the loan was deposited BASIC LOAN
1A. individual liability system the loans could be provided to all the members of the group
could not be withdrawn for 3 years

After 3 years, the amount could be withdrawn, IF the minimum balance was Tk 2,000
special savings account 3A. SAVING ACCOUNT
Interest of 8.5% p.a.
Individual loan ceiling could rise by 10%
Some amount was used to buy the shares of Grameen Bank. 1B. first basic loan provided to the new members : Tk 5,000 on time payment
All Members ceiling could further increase by another 10%
All the members were required to hold at least one share of Grameen Bank

could not withdraw any amount from their savings accounts personal savings account
re-borrow the money that was repaid during that period
obligatory savings of 5% of loan were deposited special savings account
1C. The term of the loan 3 months to 36 months loans with a duration more than 12 months after 26 weeks regular attendance in weekly meetings
borrowed more than Tk 8,000 FLEXI LOAN re-borrow the money double the amount repaid
total repayment without missing any installment were fulfilled
deposit Tk 50 a month for a period of five years or ten years Pension Savings account

Payments could be postponed maximum of three months

50% of the balance of the loan and accrued interest was provisioned at the end of
the financial year

1. reduce the installment amount 100% of the balance of the loan and accrued interest was provisioned at the end of
2A. borrower opted for a flexi-loan year two
2. increase the repayment duration 2 Under the flexi-loan scheme
BAD DEBT, When the loan did not get repaid in three years
3 value of the flexi-loan could not be more than the value of the basic loan

1 failed to repay ten consecutive installment

2C. eligible for a flexi-loan did not pay installment for ten consecutive weeks
2. did not pay pension savings installments for four consecutive months
not able to pay the amount in six months
Willing Defaulters
2B. Defaulters. did not opt for the flexi-loan

RESULT : 100% provision was made for the amount (unpaid principal +interest) After a period of one year, the amount was written off

Unwilling Defaulters borrowers failed to repay the loan in spite of opting for several flexi-loans